Becoming a Millionaire in Real Estate: How to Go from Broke to Millions in Real Estate with Or Without Money

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I LOVE MEL, 2016 M11 10 - 110 pages

Becoming a Millionnaire in Real Estate acts as a guru for you while you set out to make money in the real estate market. You're at the right place if you need to make big bucks without waiting for huge capital

This book not only helps you in navigating the world of real estate, but will shape your entire mindset of financing and earning capitals from scratch. It introduces you to the low-risk, high-yield real estate investment machine that will bring in fast cash and big profits. By mastering the techniques given in this book, you can multiply your wealth and minimize your risks of failure and loss. Most importantly, this book will be just the source you need in order to build and maintain a strong investment portfolio.

The best part is: This little informational key here, if used correctly, will take you to a door which will make you go from broke to millions! You heard this right; the pages below contain expert analysis and tips of building a mountain of dollars, even when you have no money to start with.

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Uebert Angel is the founder of and the senior lecturer at Osborn Institute Of Theology As the founder of Osborn, Angel has created an online Theology school for students of all economic backgrounds and advocated for OIT courses to be available to a global audience. He has broadened the Institutes international reach, raised the profile of the accredited courses, embraced sustainability, launched the online learning partnership, and promoted collaboration across academic disciplines and administrative units as he guided the Institution through its creation, accreditation, and launch. Citizen and resident of the UK, Angel went on to attend Salford University in Greater Manchester. He received two degrees in Finance, achieving student of the year on campus. He is the author of eight books, including best-seller "Prayer Banks." His most recent book, "Good News," and top sellers "Supernatural Power of the Believer" and "Gods Medicine." Angel is a UN peace ambassador and public figure, having close relationships with many heads of state and world leaders. Uebert Angel is married to Bebe Angel and they have four children. To find out more about Uebert Angel, visit the Uebert Angel website and follow Uebert Angel on Twitter for his latest updates.

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