Old World Encounters: Cross-cultural Contacts and Exchanges in Pre-modern Times

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Oxford University Press, 1993 - 220 pages
This innovative book examines cross-cultural encounters before 1492, focusing in particular on the major cross-cultural influences that transformed Asia and Europe during this period: the ancient silk roads that linked China with the Roman Empire, the spread of the world religions, and the Mongol Empire of the thirteenth century. The author's goal throughout the work is to examine the conditions--political, social, economic, or cultural--that enable one culture to influence, mix with, or suppress another. On the basis of its global analysis, the book identifies several distinctive pattern of conversion, conflict, and compromise that emerged from cross-cultural encounters. In doing so, it elucidates that larger historical context of encounters between Europeans and other peoples in modern times. _Old World Encounters_ is ideal for students of world geography, religion, and civilizations.

About the author (1993)

Jerry H. Bentley is at University of Hawaii.

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