Roman Britain

Front Cover
Batsford, 2005 M07 29 - 144 pages

After the invasion in AD 43 by the Emperor Claudius, the Romans occupied Britain for four centuries – but what exactly did this ‘occupation’ mean to the island’s inhabitants? In this classic work – widely recommended on reading lists everywhere – eminent archaeologist Martin Millett examines the latest archaeological and historical sources to help us to understand the cultural, social and economic effects of 400 years of Roman rule.

He discusses:

• British life before the Romans • The impact of the Roman conquest • How Celtic art and culture evolved under Roman influence • Exciting excavations of recent years and what they tell us • Religion and ritual in Roman Britain • The ultimate decline of Roman power

Using over 100 photographs, plans and drawings, many never published together before, Professor Millet breaks away from the traditional historical narrative to explore the central themes of life in Roman Britain.

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