Stonehenge: The Story So Far

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Historic England, 2017 - 281 pages
Massive, enduring, iconic--Stonehenge is perhaps the world's most famous prehistoric monument. It has been an object of curiosity for centuries, the subject of endless investigation and source of a thousand theories.
In this book, archaeologist Julian Richards sets out to tell Stonehenge's fascinating story up to the present archaeological moment. Starting with a clear explanation of the structures of earth and stone that the monument is composed of, Richards then charts the ways that Stonehenge has been viewed, explored, and explained since medieval times, from its role in the folklore of giants, wizards, and druids, to its use for lavish burials of the elite and their gold, to its importance in the birth of modern archaeology. Tackling the big historical questions--who built Stonehenge, how, and why?--Richards takes a practical and critical look at the current theories and invites us in to the minds and world of our prehistoric ancestors. As the foundations for our understanding of Stonehenge's origins and development, the excavations of the twentieth century are also reexamined in detail, as Richards weighs triumphant recoveries against disastrous destructions.
Taking stock of new excavations in the wider landscape and at Stonehenge itself, and packed with diagrams, archival images, and stunning contemporary photography, this edition tells the ongoing story of Stonehenge.

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About the author (2017)

Julian Richards is a British author, television and radio presenter, and archaeologist with more than 30 years experience of fieldwork and publication.

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