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Loraine Lindsay - 64 pages
 "Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom."  Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Vol. 1 We all have equal time in a day which we use to do our daily tasks. We choose what to do. We have the freedom of choice, we do some things by making decisions with our instincts and sometimes, schedules and other factors. But, most times it feels like one can't make the right decisions, or do the right things; they think their decisions are always bad and not satisfying. The mind tend to listen or copy others and their logical way of doing things instead of relying on their innate senses that says "it’s this is wrong," or "this is right." To have common sense is to know that if you put your hand in the fire, for instance, you will get burnt and hence you do not do so..It is only common sense. Too many people, not minding their own problems, focus instead on other people’s problems or good fortune thus they do not show their common sense. The lack of common sense here may trigger negative emotions such as greed and envy because they do not focus on themselves but on others..  

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About the author

One thing that Loraine Lindsay could not satisfy is her intense passion for writing. Since she was a child, Loraine found her voice in writing by putting down the thoughts, ideas, and contemplations that she couldn’t say in words but wanted someone to hear. While writing started as a spark for Loraine, today, it is a flame that glows bright, and the radiance that’s felt between the lines of her literary works. The difference between now and when she began writing is that today, she boldly writes about the fierce, interpersonal conflicts that hold people back from achieving their dreams rather than express her deep thoughts.

Her debut book, Giving Up is Never an Option: The Only Person to Break You is You, was released in 2020. In the book that is based on a real-life story, Loraine allows her readers to experience the life of the main character momentarily and takes them vividly through the self-doubt, pain, and a gazillion challenges that eventually spur the character’s success. Loraine communicates a remarkably powerful message through this book and encouragement about believing in oneself and not giving up on your dreams and desires.

Her second book, Lead With Compassion, is a must-have for anyone seeking to nurture their leadership skills and succeed as a leader in any industry, whether a parent, a supervisor, manager, CEO, etc. Loraine draws inspiration from love, life, her incredibly strong passion for helping others to achieve their purpose in life, and the misconstrued assumptions she has seen people make continually.

Growing up, Loraine remembers witnessing how people struggled to adapt to their environment both mentally and physically. These experiences stirred in her, a desire to become a conduit of change and empower people to live more fulfilling and productive lives, which is clear in her current book. Besides writing, Loraine enjoys reading a good book while resting, dancing to some enthralling music, traveling to different destinations, and researching.

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