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Page 26 - The forest problem is in many ways the most vital internal problem in the United States. The more closely this statement is examined the more evident its truth becomes. In the arid region of the West, agriculture depends first of all upon the available water supply. In such a region forest protection alone can maintain the stream flow necessary for irrigation, and can prevent the great and destructive floods so ruinous to communities farther down the same streams that head in the arid regions.
Page 25 - You must convince the people of the truth — and it is the truth — that the success of home makers depends in the long run upon the wisdom with which the nation takes care of its forests.
Page 77 - I move that the rules be suspended and that the secretary be instructed to cast the vote of the association for Mr.
Page 77 - I move you that the rules be suspended and the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for Mr.
Page 80 - The PRESIDENT. The question is upon the adoption of the report of the committee, except so far as it relates to the State of Virginia.
Page 82 - ... mysterious galleries in the bosom of the rock itself, half-way up, or lie so close on the line of the sea, as to be lost sight of amongst the hulls of the vessels around. The promontory consists of a vast rock, rising from twelve hundred to fourteen hundred feet above the sea; is about three miles in length, and from one-half to three-quarters of a mile in width, and is joined to the mainland by a low sandy isthmus, about a mile and a half in length. On the north side, fronting the isthmus, the...
Page 21 - Although reported by no other observers, Mr. Savage's long experience as a collector and observer of bird migrations makes this record appear an authentic one." The species was reported in Bruner's list as a Nebraska bird on the authority of a specimen shot supposedly near Omaha, but it has since developed that the bird may have been secured either in Iowa or Missouri (Rev. Bds. Neb., 21-22). Family PHALACROCORACID^E. Cormorants. A single species of this family is found in Iowa. The Cormorants are...
Page 11 - Bibio, which feed on the roots of grasses, etc., etc. Birds, like all other animals, feed upon that food which is most readily obtained, hence the insectivorous kinds destroy those insects which are most numerous — the injurious species.
Page 59 - ... limited to a migration from its summer home in British America to the United States, where it remains during the winter, returning in the spring. . . . Individuals have been known to occur in northern Illinois, but are seldom seen south of latitude 40" (Bird Migr. in Miss. Val., 188485, p. 129). It has been taken three times in the state, twice at Omaha, once by IS Trostler, December 15, 1895, and again by FJ Breese, and at Dakota City by Wallace Bruner (Rev. Bds. Neb., P- 59)Genus SPHYRAPICUS...
Page 117 - Is there any further business to be brought before the meeting? If not, a motion to adjourn is in order. (On motion the meeting adjourned.) FIRST DAY — EVENING SESSION.

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