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So many volumes have been devoted to accounts of the history and descriptions of the physical features of Cuba, that an adequate excuse could hardly be found for an addition to them. On the other hand, the more important considerations of the Island's natural resources, industrial development and present condition of its people, have had but scanty attention at the hands of writers.

During the past decade there has been a great increase in American emigration to Cuba and in the investment of American money there, with the result that the interest of our people in the country, which was formerly of an abstract character, has become practical and specific. There exists in the United States a wide-spread desire for information regarding the progress, prospects and present-day conditions of Cuba, which it has been my chief design to supply.

In the following pages the history and geography of the country have been sketched with special reference to their essential influence upon its development. Aside from this necessary introduction to an understanding of Cuban affairs, I have given my attention mainly to the established and prospective industries of the Island and to the fields offered by them to American capital and American settlers. Forbes Lindsay.

Santiago De Cuba, August, 1911.


A Curan Coubtship (See pagt 9t) . . FrontUpitct

Map Of Cura 1

River Scene, Isle Of Pines 9

The Famous Palms Of Camaouey 7

A Street In Santiago De Cura 10

"Over Thirty Species Of Palm Are Found In The

Island" 12

President's Palace, Harana 18

Bayamo 98

The Prado, Harana • 36

The Water - Front, Harana 46

Mountain Road In The Province Of Orients . . 52 View Of Baire, Near Bayamo, From The Cuban

Trenches 66

Street Scene, Santiago De Cura 75

Morro Castle From Central Park, Harana ... 83

Country Homes Of Wealthy Curans .... 89 "Her World Is Contained In The Town Of Which She

Is Resident" 96

Young Cane - Field, With Banana Grove In The DisTance 100

A Narrow Street, Harana 109

A Curan Milkman 114

Sugar - Cane Ready For Cutting 129

An Ideal Road For The Motorist 124

An Avenue Of Palms 128


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