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the earth by the Master Builders, to be the Corner Stones of the New Dynasty; to be held in reverent care by the nationalities of summerlands; to be held as the one seed of the noblest government ever projected by celestial forces; to be known as that acorn-life whose vastness would fill the hemispheres with light and power. A bonfire was enkindled. The fierce wraths of the demoniac power became visible. The entire sweeping away of the people was spoken of in the motherland as being the inevitable result of the contests. A battalion of celestials, armed with weapons indestructible, was marshaled upon the lands. A host were the foes, yet the arm of justice prevailed and the new government was established. The order was established by the most profound lights of that age. The home fires were kept burning, and pleaders for the oppressed were often sacrificed in their earth career, but immortal fame attendeth their lives to all generations of power. A banyan tree became visible to all mentalities, and the olden passed in review of many minds. A new Christ dispensation all did say; the home of the friendless was inaugurated, and yet oppressions did come in many ways. Many laws were expounded, were called good, yet the whole would not bear the light of the celestial spheres. The many lives, moved by gold of the earth, were lost to honor. Tend the door now, ye who are here, for the forces of the new. Stand ready to assist in the formulating of a new Declaration of Independence, to stand as related to the most righteous loves of the past and present, yet holding those forms as insufficient to effect changes which constitute the birth of the new. An order is observed in the coming of those whose hands are assisted in forming the new. The new in its glory though invisible is here! The Northmen come first, the olden prophets, the sages, the holy children of love in their simple garments. Their forms present the appearance of celestial loves who guard the portals of the new,— who stand and admit no force on whose foreheads are not written, ‘Light is Visible. Bounteousness seen in their open palms.

“Enoch cometh first to the chair and holdeth open the sealed life of the deliberations, the cost of many an age of labor — the forerunner of those costly sacrifices which are ever lain on the altar of the new. A people of heart will exhume buried treasures, will answer to calls of the new, will exchange greetings with all nationalities, will pass in at the open door, and so shall the balancing forces come into the air of the earth lands. Bestowal of benefits will the laws make unto all peoples. The ancient order doth connect the old and the new. Roman senators stand and exchange greetings with the founders of the present governmental forces. The noble leaders of the ages past are here to welcome the advent of the White Banner. The denseness of the earth did become so allied to the ignorances and superstitions of all ages, the honor of the Love Dispensation was lost. Did not the redeeming power present the form of one national banner of the chastest white ? This royal white flag stands as a monument forever and ever, indestructible as the granite rock, and will give unto all a balancing power. Paine is here now, and on his brow a radiance from this White Banner, for he hath labored and wept in silence - yet with tears of joy in the knowledge that accomplishment would be known.

“ The dear Elder Brother smote the rock and out came the healthful water which filled the nations' lives with floods of health. On the seashore stood the disciples of his life, and the nets they did draw in were for the morning hour, ere the dulcet notes of the harp were heard calling all together to witness the presentation of the Nations' own Banner of White. . . . Dost know, our chosen people will govern the lands of America on days to come."

“ The earth of man shall be deluged.

The sons of flesh that are thereon shall die,
And judgment shall be pronounced aloud,
Yea, even the righteous also shall be on trial;
They shall be weighed in the balances of God;
And the splendors of the beautiful one of heaven
Shall enfold them round within its circle.

O mortal, who art immortal;
Thou who in clay partakest of the Eternal,
Is thy soul of force to pierce the dark ?
Cans't thou read the hidden ?
Those things which I have seen on high;
Those things which I have unveiled -
Are to the slaves of earth a riddle,
Dark as the voices of the stars."

- Enoch.



“War is the concentration of all crimes.”Channing.

War is a denial of human brotherhood, and justice is in no respect promoted by it."-Senator Sumner.

When in California, popular with the soldiers, a regiment of that State voted him their chaplain. On visiting them at their “Camp Donney,” noticing the machinery of battle, he courteously declined, convicted in his own conscience that a commission of this kind would make him an accomplice of bloodshed. Returning home, he found the very air charged with war. Everything centered here, to crush the rebellion. Though a lover of his country, patriotic, the idea of shedding a brother's blood shocked his love of peace. Long he pondered upon his duty, and came to the sober conclusion that he must go, - a clerk under Capt. D. Y. Kilgore. He wished to see life in all its phases, and administer comfort to the sick, wounded, and dying soldiers. The following extracts from his letters tell the story of his experiences and moral impressions of war:

“ BRIDGEPORT, ALA., DEC. 7, 1863. I can only write to-night from the text, ‘And in hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torment!'. There are over twenty thousand soldiers encamped here now, all in cloth tents. I am now writing in a tent, with the top of a valise for a writing-desk. The soldiers are on half-rations. It is almost impossible to get food for so many. Destruction lines the wagon-roads. The weather is warm and beautiful. Bluebirds sing in the morning. How homesick I have been! ... I went to work the next day after my arrival, copying papers,

drawing orders, issuing forage, etc., etc. It is perfectly earthly and worldly. I look into no book; see no Banner of Light, nor Herald, nor Northern paper of any description. ... Soldiers and officers gamble and drink horridly. ... I saw four thousand of the rebels that Gen. Grant took in one squad, and talked with a number of them. They looked dirty, ragged, and homesick. Poor brothers! How strange my life-experiences ! Poor prodigal I, from John's and Aaron's house, spiritually speaking. Say nothing to my wife about the hardships and exposures before me.”

NASHVILLE, TENN., Jan. 14, 1864. "Oh, 'tis sweet to be alone! Never did I so long for solitude. The eternal bustle of business, of jarrings, antagonisms, swearing, cheating, that so prevail, make me sick in soul. My body is wearing away under the pressure. I feel it, know it. Either I must leave, or my bones will whiten under an Alabama sun. .. Tell Powhattan to help his ‘Preach.' ... Oh, the deceit and hypocrisy of certain spirits who promise officers great positions! They purport to be Washington, Jackson, Clay, controlling a young medium here. They are lying spirits. Refuse to hear them. How intensely I love and appreciate Brother Nite for his honesty! He came to me, not a god, or a Franklin, or a Washington; but simply plain Aaron Nite,- once a poor coach-driver in England. Now he is an angel, and I would gladly sit at his feet for instruction. . . . Rebel soldiers, erring yet sincere, lie frozen to death on our hands. A poor woman was frozen,- is dead. The dead carcasses of mules are lying over the graves of our soldiers. Only those that have seen have any idea of this war."

“BRIDGEPORT, ALA., Jan, 21, 1864. “ Last evening, about 9 o'clock, I returned from Chattanooga in a private car, with Bishop Simpson, Gen. Howard, Gen. Cook, Col. Donaldson, and several chaplains. ... I went up the Tennessee River, in charge of some commissary stores, by order of Capt. Kilgore. Capt. Jett, a

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