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/"\NE of Japan's principal industries is ^ that of silk culture, and this is certainly well represented at the White City. By means of models, photographs, and charts every process of sericulture from sweeping the egg-cards to the removing of the woven fabric from the loom is minutely shown. What is claiming no little admiration in this section is the wonderfully realistic representation of Fuji-yama, the sacred mountain of Japan, built up of hundreds of thousands of silk cocoons. As the model is 180 feet in length and towers some 18 feet in height it will be seen that it is a no mean attempt to reproduce this famous mountain.



^~V\*E of the most curious of American archaeological riddles awaits solution in Northern New Mexico, a few miles from the Indian Pueblo of Taos. Large, rounded cobblestones are unusually abundant for a locality so far from the river, and the cobblestones are distributed with a system and regularity that makes it certain that they were placed by human hands. They are arranged, for the most part, in rectangles, with here and there a circle, covering an area not less than twenty-five square miles in extent.

It is plain that these were the foundation stones of an adobe city, but nowhere else in America have ruins been found of any prehistoric city at all approximating this in size. How long ago it flourished, or by what sort of people it was inhabited, is a point upon which the myths and traditions of the Southwestern tribes are silent. The Pueblo of Taos is known to have occupied its present site for at least four hundred years.



1 IFE-SAVING cars that are expected to prevent the loss of hundreds of lives annually in the coal mines of the United States, were put in operation November 1 by the new federal Bureau of Mines. The cars, six in number, will occupy stations in the centers of the principal coal mining regions.


Special coach owned by the United States Bureau of Mines and used in mining districts for emergency, rescue and hospital work. It is fitted with all hospital arrangements.


l_I ERE is reproduced a photograph of a miniature and complete fire brigade which has just been placed on service in a fire station in one of London's suburbs—Beckenham. The miniature fire fighter is a 12 horse-power auto tricycle with two seats and completely equipped with scaling ladders, extinguishers, fire hose, hand pumps and all the accessories necessary for first aid. It can travel 40 miles an hour and already has done splendid service.


A DESCRIPTION and plan of a new ■* seventy-acre shipyard near NewCast le-on-Tyne are on file in the bureau of manufactures. In clearing land and making the river frontage, $2,500,000 will be spent before the works are begun.


Small emergency motor fire apparatus used in Beckenham, a suburb of London, England.

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Lighting Gas By Pistol. Ingenious arrangement of flint and steel for use of housekeepers.


""THE story is told of an old lady who saved matches by keeping the gas burning all the time, and yet ridiculous as this may sound, the millions of matches manufactured each year by the numerous match factories in this country, bear silent witness to the fact that it is no small item of expense in American life. In order to eliminate the necessity of carrying the match a versatile inventor has revived the flint and steel of our grandfather's day and placed it upon the market in a new and unique form. The lighter looks like a pistol and is so constructed that when a trigger is pulled a steel bar, having its surface roughened, issues for a short distance from the muzzle and in doing so passes across a piece of flint. This produces a shower of sparks sufficient to light any gas jet.


LAUNCHING OF THE OLYMPIC, WORLD'S GREATEST STEAMSHIP. Tliis vessel represents all dial is newest, best, fastest and most luxurious, as well as biggest, in ocean greyhounds. She is 860 feet lung and of 48,000 tons burden.

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EXPERIMENTS made at the United States government's plant testing gardens at Fort Brown, Texas, in growing the Japanese tallow tree have proved so successful that many of these trees have been distributed among the farmers of the lower Rio Grande Valley section and considerable attention is being devoted to their cultivation. It is stated that the nuts of these trees contain an oil which is used in the manufacture of a high grade of varnish and that the product is in great demand in this country. The climate and soil of the extreme southern portion of Texas where the trees are being grown seems splendidly adapted to them. The trees, of ornamental appearance, are of quick growth.


Where Kings Are Measured. Column in Roskilde Cathedral, near Copenhagen, where the height of many sovereigns is registered.


TINY MODEL OF A TROLLEY CAR. Made by Lester L. Kneeland of Lynn, Mass. It is perfect in mechanism but not even big enough

to hold "little son."

BUILDING A CONCRETE BRIDGE IN A DAY. Remarkable scene on the Pennsylvania, where a bridge was built in a day at York, Pa., without delaying trains.

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DROBABLY never before in the history of railroading has a permanent bridge been erected as quickly as that, recently built by the Pennsylvania Company in the suburbs of York, Pa. It is built of nine large slabs of reinforced concrete, which after being molded to exact dimensions were placed alongside the railroad, convenient to the bridge that was to be replaced. At the appointed time two immense steam cranes, mounted on cars, tore up one-half of the old bridge bodily, tracks, spans and all, and deposited it on the solid ground. One by one the great blocks of concrete were lifted into place, but so rapidly was the work accomplished that in thirty minutes after the first half of the old bridge was removed the new section was there to take its place, with track all- laid ready for the passage of trains.

The other half of the bridge was replaced in much the same manner, and the entire structure was completed in a single day and not a single train delayed on account of the work, and the bridge is located on one of the busiest sections of the road, trains following one another very frequently.

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