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Stirs the Nation!

The Whole Country Applauds the "Penny Purchase Plan"


From a thousand different directions comes a Typewriter, and you have an overwhelming total mighty chorus of approval, voicing the popular- of tangible reasons for its wonderful success. ity of The Oliver Typewriter “17 Cents a Day'' Purchase Plan.

A Business Builder The liberal terms of this offer bring the benefits

The Oliver Typewriter is a powerful creative of the best modern typewriter within easy reach of all. The simple, convenient "Penny Plan" has

force in business-a veritable wealth producer. assumed national importance.

Its use multiplies business opportunities, widens It opened the floodgates of demand and has

business influence, promotes business success. almost engulfed us with orders.

Thus the aggressive merchant or manufacturer Individuals, firms and corporations-all classes

can reach out for more business with trade-win. of people are taking advantage of the attractive

ning letters and price lists By means of a “mailplan and endorsing the great idea which led us

ing list''—and The Oliver Typewriter-you can to take this radical step

annex new trade territory. To make typewriting the universal medium of

Get this greatest of business aids—for 17 Cents written communication!

a Day. Keep it busy. It will make your busi

ness grow. Speeds Universal Typewriting

Aids Professional Men The trend of events is toward the general adoption of beautiful, legible, speedy typewriting To the professional man the typewriter is an in place of slow, laborious,

indispensable assistant. illegible handwriting.

Clergymen, Physicians, The great business inter

Journalists, Writers, Archiests are a unit in using type

tects, Engineers and Pubwriters.

lic Accountants have learned It is just as important to

Typewricer to depend on the typewriter. the general public to substiThe Standard Visible Writer

You can master The Oliver tute typewriting for long

Typewriter in a few minhand." For every private citizen's personal af- utes' practice. It will pay big daily dividends fairs are his business.

of satisfaction on the small investment of 17 Cents Our popular "Penny Plan" speeds the day of a Day. Universal Typewriting.

A Stepping-Stone to Success A Mechanical Marvel

For young people, The Oliver Typewriter is a The Oliver Typewriter is unlike all others. stepping-stone to good positions and an advance1 With several hundred less parts than ordinary ment in business life. typewriters, its efficiency is proportionately The ability to operate a typewriter counts for greater.

more than letters of recommendation. : Add to such basic advantages the many time. Start now, when you can own The Oliver saving conveniences found only on The Oliver Typewriter for pennies.

Join the National Association of Penny Savers!

Every purchaser of The Oliver Typewriter for 17 Cents a Day is made an Honorary Member of the National Association of Penny Savers. A small first payment LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL brings the magnificent new Oli

ver Typewriter, the regular $100

Then save 17 Cents a Day and pay

680 Oliver Typewriter Bldg., Chicago monthly. The Oliver Typewriter Gentlemen: - Please send your Catalog and full details of "17 Cents a Art Catalog and details of "17. Day" Purchase Plan sent on request, Cents-a-Day' offer on The Oliver by coupon or letter.

Address Sales Department

Name ..........
The Oliver Typewriter Co.

Address ...
680 Oliver Typewriter Bldg.


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