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Nothing Much "I DON'T know whether I ought to recognize him here in the city or not. Our acquaintance at the seashore was very slight."

"You promised to marry him, didn't you?”

"Yes, but that was all.”—Louisville Courier

“Yes.” “I would like to see some, please," was the unusual request. The clerk dazedly handed out a large sheet of the two-cent variety, which the young woman carefully examined. Pointing to one near the center, she

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HIS FIRST AEROPLANE the air at the Los Angeles aviation meet

and has been experimenting with flying IT is hard for "grown-ups” to realize machines ever since. You and I were

that to our children the art of flying is trying to construct a top schooner or a accepted quite as a matter of course, just coaster at that age but none of us ever as we accepted roller skating or swim- dreamed of building monoplanes. The ming. This photograph shows a child of generation to which this small chap bethe twentieth century, a six-year-old, at longs will probably perfect the new sciwork on his first airship, a monoplane ence, simply because they will regard with propeller in front. The youngster flying as a matter of fact instead of as watched the aviators skimming through a startling novelty.






NEW AID TO FIGHT FIRE man cannot get in long enough to chop a

hole in the floor so as to set in the pipe. THE illustration on the next page When the pipe is set down in the hole it

shows the unusual construction and is in a position which sends an inch and a use of a deluge water pipe for putting out quarter stream directly up to the side of fires in basements, elevator shafts and the opening, driving away the heat and under roofs of buildings.

smoke. The operator by turning the Basement fires are said to be the most wheel in his right hand a quarter of turn difficult fires that a fire chief has to changes the pipe from one position to contend with. The fire may be 100 or another in less than a second, covering more feet from the front of the building about 300 feet and all the ceiling. and impossible to reach from windows If conditions are such that a man canor deadlights. It is very seldom so bad on the first floor that a


This is a tusk of a "king" walrus, presented by citizens of Fairbanks. Alaska. It is 2% feet long

and 10 inches in circumference. It is embossed in gold.

employed to break the deadlights, to hook the pipe to them, so that if the wall looks bad the men can leave the pipe and still have a powerful stream in any direction they wish to leave it.


A HURRICANE which also did great

damage along the Atlantic seaboard of the United States flooded the streets of Havana, making boats the only safe method of transportation. People were rescued from their houses by patrol wagons and then, when this became impossible, in boats. The financial loss in

Havana alone as a result of this flood New Aid to Fight FIRE.

was more than one million dollars. The An unusual type of deluge pipe.

coal docks were wrecked, customs houses

and wharves flooded and lighters and not get in on the first floor to chop a hole barges sunk in the harbor and val he can break the basement windows and household effects in houses in the subget the pipe through.

merged districts ruined. For several days The amount of water from an inch communication by Havana with the inand a quarter nozzle, with 150 pounds terior was cut off so great was the flood of pressure behind it makes this the and the destroyed telegraph and telecoolest part of the building, as it drives phone system. While the damage to away the heat and smoke. A half turn property in Havana was so great forof the wheel on top will send this power- tunately only two lives were lost, two ful stream over 150 feet either way. men being drowned in the harbor. Each pipe has a set of spikes to hold it The group in the picture seem to be to the floor in case it is desirable to use posing as contentedly as if standing on 200 pounds pressure. A set of hooks are dry land.



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GUAYULE SHRUBS IN TEXAS to the long list of plants, which, formerly,

men did their best to destroy, but later SINCE the discovery was made that the

found them to be of great commercial w guayule shrub contains ingredients from which a high grade of crude rubber may be manufactured, the industry of gathering and baling the shrubs has become very important in the upper Rio Grande border region of Texas where it grows in more or less profusion. This desert shrub was considered more than worthless a few years ago. The ranchmen despised it because it was unfit as forage for their cattle, and it was a menace to the raisers of sheep and goats for the reason that these animals would eat the branches of the shrub and die from indigestible balls of rubber that formed in their stomachs. It grows only upon the poorest land, being found chiefly upon the limestone ridges. With the establishment of a rubber factory at Marathon, Texas, in the heart of the guayule shrub territory, a large demand for the shrub was created. Many men are employed in cutting, baling and hauling the shrub to the factory. Large shipments of the shrub are also made to other factories. Land that was formerly non-productive, even of grass, is now

REMOVING A Snake's FANGS. bringing bringing in a handsome revenue from the

a handsome revenue 10m me The photograph depicts a physician engaged upon the shrub which it produces.

delicate operation of extracting poison from the fangs

of a snake. This operation is, of course, one The discovery of the virtues of the

ally can only be performed-and then with guayule shrub is merely another addition

great care-by an expert.


fraught with considerable danger, and natur

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