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ducted beneath the railroad right of way at a depth of 140 feet. Ore pockets of mammoth dimensions were mined out, leaving vast, gloomy caverns, the crust of earth between the drifts and the railroad tracks above being, in some instances, so thin that there was possibility of the ground caving, and, at intervals, several disastrous cave-ins actually resulted, the track being left sagging like a limp string across the dizzy opening of the shadowy pit. Where the ground caved in thousands of cubic yards of dirt were dumped in and eventually the yawning opening was filled, but in the mammoth caverns yet untouched and which, it would seem, could not be reached without shooting in the surface earth, there was a lurking danger that threatened at any moment to leave the track suspended in a most disastrous position indeed in n. id-air.



How the gun is run up uu two grooved lines to its place on the car.

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There is a certain amountof quality risk, in buying any article of tempered steel that is not protected by a guarantee. In the case of Keen Kutter Tools, the manufacturer assumes all risk instead of the purchaser.

Wherever you see tools or cutlery marked


you know they have been thoroughly tested and pronounced perfect. If imperfections should develope in quality of steel, temper, adjustment, balance; or, should the character of their work be unsatisfactory—your dealer will refund the money without question.

That is the meaning of the K.*<*r> Kutter Trademark.

That is the reason it give absolute protection to the buyer.

That is why Keen Kutter Too11 ha\ e been the Standard of America for over forty years.

If not at your dealer's, write u ■


i and New York. V.S.A.

Your Dealer

has saws, axes, hammers, planes, bits, gimlets, chisels, — everything in fact for shop or bench; and also pocket knives, razors, shears, and table and kitchen cutlery— all backed by the Keen Kutter guarantee, which means satisfaction or money back.

"The Recollection of Quality Remains Long After the Price is Forgotten."

—E. C. Simmons Trademark Registered.

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"V^OUR hands will thank you for introduc-
ing them to Pummo Soap.
Pummo is composed of pure vegetable
oils, glycerine and the finest Italian pumice.

Pummo has not only all the cleansing qual-
ities of the best toilet soaps, but it does more
—removes grease, grime, paint, oil, ink and
other stains from the hands in a way which
soap alone will not do.

The soap and pumice remove the dirt and stains like magic; the glycerine softens and soothes the skin.

As an effective and instantaneous cleanser Pummo stands in a class by itself.

The price of Pummo Soap is 5C— at druggists and grocers.

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World's Debt ttT^

Throwing Death
off the Trail

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Win Profit and Prestige

as Local Agent for New Printype Oliver Typewriter
—the Latest Wonder in Typewriterdom

On top of all the innovations that have given The Oliver Typewriter such amazing success and sales, we have placed the crowning improvement— PRINTYPE! The Oliver Typewriter now typewrites print.

To the first acceptable man in each locality where we have no local agent, we offer the exclusive agency for The Oliver Typewriter, which carries with it absolute control of all sales of Printype Oliver Typewriters in the territory assigned.

Think of the money-making possibilities of an agency which enables you to step into a man s office and say: "I represent the only typewriter in the world that successfully typewrites print."

Overwhelming Public Demand for Printype

Printype, the beautiful new type face, unobtrusively introduced to the public by The Oliver Typewriter Company a year ago, is today the reigning favorite in Typewriterdom.

The beauty—the individuality—of Printype has turned the heads of some of the greatest business executives of the country.





The Standard Visible Writer

If you have not had the pleasure of an introduction to Printype ask for a copy of our pamphlet—

"A Revolution in Typewriter Type"

Printype is an adaptation for the typewriter, of the regular book type universally used on printing presses.

An old friend in a captivating new dress—the last word in typewriter type-style. It is twice as artistic and easy to read as the old-style, sharp, thin outline letters and numerals used on all other typewriters.

Although The Printype Oliver Typewriter is worth a premium, we placed the complete machine on the market at the regular catalog price.

The effect was electrical. Inquiries came thick and fast. Demands for demonstrations kept our Local Agencies working at high tension. Sales jumped. Public appreciation of the innovation was so impressively shown in actual orders that today one-third of our total output of Oliver Typewriters are "Printypes."

Belongs Exclusively to the Oliver

The Oliver Typewriter Company originated "Printype." We control it. The Oliver Type

JP>f«A imn/>v A nnltfntinn Applications should be mailed promptly, as the territory is being assigned JXM*" nBKll%-y StppUCUIlun vprv rapidly. Interesting literature, including the "Printype Book" and 'The Opportunity Book." together with complete information regarding Local Agency Plan, will be sent by first mail.

writer is the only writing machine in the world that successfully typewrites print.

This triumph in typewriter type, added to the numerous other exclusive features of The Oliver Typewriter, greatly increases the value of our Local Agency Franchise. It puts our great Sales Organization still farther in the lead.

It's Your Supreme Opportunity

We distribute Oliver Typewriters through a world-wide Agency System. Each Local Agent is given exclusive control of all sales of new Oliver Typewriters in the territory assigned, during the entire life of the arrangement. The demand for demonstrations of The Printype Oliver Typewriter necessitates a heavy increase in our force of Local Agents.

Every city, every town, every village must be quickly assigned, so that the vast number of inquiries that are pouring into the General Offices may have prompt, personal attention. This is undoubtedly the greatest business opportunity of your life. Ask for the details of our Exclusive Agency Proposition. Get posted on the profitpossibilities. Remember that a Local Agency Contract is an exclusive Franchise that entitles you to all the profit on every sale made in the specified territory.

"17 Cents a Day" Booms Sales

As local agent for The Oliver Typewriter you can offer the liberal, attractive terms of "17 Cents a Day." You can accept any make of old machine your customer may own, to apply on the small first payment

We do not surround our Local Agents with annoying rules and restrictions. In the territory assigned them, they arc given full control. Loyal, efficient service wins gener* ous recognition. Exceptional ability is rewarded by promotion to more important positions in the Oliver Organization.

Whether you can give your entire time to the work or only an hour or two a day. you cannot afford to miss this wonderful money-making opportunity.


Address Agency Department

The Oliver Typewriter Company, 293 Oliver Typewriter Building, Chicago

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