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A Clever Invention Of A Clever American.
A. L. W'ilaman and iiis auto-sled.

to be put into the ears as the noise caused
by the exploding gas was tremendous.



A BOUT four miles from Ware, in
Herefordshire, England, may be
seen a stone, depicted here, marking the
spot where the first English balloon fell
or landed.

It bears the following odd inscription: "Let Posterity Know And Knowing be Astonished That On the 15th Day of September 1784 Vincent Lunardi of Lucca in Tuscanny The 1st Aerial Traveller in Britain Mounting From the Artillery Ground in London and Traversing the Regions of the Air For Two Hours And Fifteen Minutes In this spot Revisited the Earth On this Rude Monument For Ages be Recorded That Wonderous Enterprise Successfully Achieved By power of Chemistry And the Fortitude of Man That Improvement in Science Whith The Great Author of all Knowledge Patronizing by His Providence The Invention of Mankind Hath Graciously Permitted To Their Bcnedit And To His Own Eternal Glory."

A Sled Similar To A

Bicycle. It is propelled by a rod near the center.

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Where The First English Balloon Fell.

The Strange Way In
Which Cocoa Pods
Grow On The
They project from the
trunk in odd pro-

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f~\N this page is shown a photograph of a new type of oil derrick recently put into use in some of the oil fields of the eastern states. This rig is found to be fully as serviceable as the old standard plank rig and can be built at a fraction of the cost of the old style derrick. In fact to the scarcity and high price of lumber is due the introduction of this modern type of rig. The derrick shown in the picture is in operation in the Pennsylvania oil fields and is 61 feet high. The legs, spliced near the center, are held together by clamps, having been put together on the ground and raised with the drilling machine.

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The Etrich Monoplane On The Earth.
It seems to rest like a huge bird.

Electric Compass With Recorder. Connected For Use.

as Nature only can. An ingenious feature of the instrument is the circuit changer, which automatically throws the instrument on a set of batteries if the dynamo current for any reason should give out, and again switches the dynamo current in when it is again in operation. Each chart lasts 31 days and the time and date is printed thereon, the time being graduated to five minute spaces, so that it is the easiest thing in the world for any one acquainted with the work to ascertain whenever it may be so desired, the time down to the fraction of a

The Negro As He Is Today.

so designed as to produce a continuous record of the direction of the ship with relation to time; so that the direction in which a ship was moving at any hour and minute can be determined at a glance by the officers in charge at any time thereafter from an inspection of the records produced.

The clock movement which controls the chart in the recording mechanism allows it to pass by the recording point 2l/z inches every hour. The clock is wound by electricity automatically and requires no attention whatever on the part of any human being, the mechanical laws of

Nature carrying out the essential work the Southern Negro In Ante-bellum Days


Thai Clean fi


is not possible for
the mechanic, who
dailv comes in contact
with grease and
grime, with the use
of ordinary toilet soap.

Pummo is a hand soap1
composed of vegetable oils,
the finest Italian pumice and
glycerine. It takes out grease,
grime and stains like magic.

The old fashioned way to
rub a bit of ordinary pumice
over the hands after soap had
been used, in order to re-
move stains and spots which
soap alone would not efface. In Pummo, the soap and pumice
are combined so that only one operation is necessary, in-
stead of two as formerly.

The glycerine in Pummo is also a valuable feature.
It soothes and heals and keeps the skin soft and white.

5c is all it will cost you to try Pummo Soap, and one trial will prove its excllence and efficacy.

If your dealer does not have Pummo in stock, write us, giving his name, and we will send you a free sample by return

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The successful man doesn't guess —he knows because he takes the trouble to find out.

When he is a bit "out of fix" he says, "Something may be wrong with my food."

Then he proceeds to know by a ten days' trial—leaving off greasy meats, pasty, sticky and starchy half-cooked cereals, white bread and pastry, and adopting a plain, nourishing diet.

Many men who really know use the following breakfast: Some fruit, a saucer of Grape-Nuts and cream, soft-boiled eggs, some nice crisp toast, and a cup of Postum — nothing more.

The result is certain gain toward health.

"There's a Reason"

Get the famous little book, "The Road to Wellville," in packages of


Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Postum Cereal Company, Limited
Battle Creek. Mich.. U. S. A.

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