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\7ANADIUM, first discovered in 1801, * is a mineral which in late years has been applied with remarkable results in the steel industry. The reason it was not used sooner in the manufacturing arts was because of its scarcity. Large and exceptionally rich deposits of vanadium ores were discovered in the Peruvian Andes several years ago. It is to this source that vanadium steels hold their present commercial status.

Scientists in the employ of the French government first settled the question, "Does vanadium improve the quality of steel?" They proved that the addition of a small percentage of vanadium— never above three-quarters of one per cent—gives to steel a remarkable increase in strength without impairing its

ductility—a result that cannot be secured from any other element used in the composition of steel. Carbon, for example, increases the strength up to a certain point but causes brittleness, and even fails to strengthen when employed in large amounts, the result of further additions producing ordinary pig iron.

Pittsburg manufacturers who have used vanadium in their steel products report extraordinary results. It is claimed that a two years' test of vanadium against ordinary steel shows an actual saving of $761.59 on a single item—a flue cutter weighing three ounces. In one year, 1,049 carbon steel cutters were used to cut 145,444 flues. In the next year 60 vanadium steel cutters cut 152,578 flues. The average number of tubes cut with the carbon steel tool was 139; the average for the vanadium steel, 2.244. The cost of the carbon steel cutter per hundred flues was $.54 compared with one and six-tenths cents per hundred, with the vanadium steel tool.


THE GIRLS' BOB-SLED CREW. Winter sport at Huntington. Long Island.



WHEN it comes to "washing up" at the end
of the day, ordinary toilet soap is not suffi-
cient to take off the grease and grime.

Pummo Soap is made of vegetable oils, gly-
cerine and the finest Italian pumice. Unlike
other pumice soaps, Pummo produces no feeling
of irritation—that's because the pumice in Pummo
is fine Italian pumice and feels just like flour.
Pummo erases grime and stains like magic; it
removes dead cuticle and softens calloused places.
Pummo keeps the hands soft and white. A bath
with Pummo refreshes and invigorates. Pummo
is a friend to tired, aching feet.

Pummo Soap is simply indispensible to mechanics and other workers who have need of a soap that will remove dirt, grease, grime and stains more thoroughly and quickly than ordinary toilet soap.

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That Way

to Comfort

If you have been hurt on

Coffee Lane.

"There's a Reason"



Poitum Cereal Company, Limited
Battle Creek, Mich., U. S. A.

Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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IT is usually the labor of years to get a few representatives for a piano, because piano dealers cannot be talked into changing their lines. They have connections running back in many cases almost a lifetime. So when the New Scale Lyon & Healy Piano was placed on the market it was said that if it were taken on by forty or fifty dealers in two years it would be doing very well. But 238 dealers, which is to say

238 Judges of Pianos

secured the agency in less than two years. Nothing approaching this record has ever been made in the history of the piano trade. Two hundred and thirty-eight dealers, in two hundred and thirtyeight cities and towns, when one-fifth that number would have been considered a success!

Here's'the Reason

The Lyon & Healy Piano is pure in tone; it bears a world-known name; and it it sold from $350 up. There is nothing like it. Be sure to see it and hear it before deciding. Beautiful analytical catalog free. Write today.


27-61 E.Adams Street, Chicago

Agencies in Germany and Rassia US)

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