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"There's a Reason"



Poitum Cereal Company, Limited
Battle Creek, Mich., U. S. A.

Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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IT is usually the labor of years to get a few representatives for a piano, because piano dealers cannot be talked into changing their lines. They have connections running back in many cases almost a lifetime. So when the New Scale Lyon & Healy Piano was placed on the market it was said that if it were taken on by forty or fifty dealers in two years it would be doing very well. But 238 dealers, which is to say

238 Judges of Pianos

secured the agency in less than two years. Nothing approaching this record has ever been made in the history of the piano trade. Two hundred and thirty-eight dealers, in two hundred and thirtyeight cities and towns, when one-fifth that number would have been considered a success!

Here's'the Reason

The Lyon & Healy Piano is pure in tone; it bears a world-known name; and it it sold from $350 up. There is nothing like it. Be sure to see it and hear it before deciding. Beautiful analytical catalog free. Write today.


27-61 E.Adams Street, Chicago

Agencies in Germany and Rassia US)

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OR naught stirs the blood like the crackle of the blaze When the smoke of your fire hangs low. And the moon hides her head in the mid-summer haze And the yellow flames climb and grow; For a charm is in the touch of the camp-fire's rays That sets congenial hearts aglow.

Camping Song.

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