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spirit. The first thing we know we will have a land owner who will always be referred to as 'So and So, a prosperous farmer of the High Creek neighborhood.'”

Europe has tackled the tenant farmer problem with success. Denmark not many years ago was tenant ridden to such an extent that the government finally was compelled to act. Agricultural schools were es- "WE MUST EDUCATE THE FARMER AND WE MUST BEGIN AT THE tablished, public funds were

BEGINNING — THE CHILDREN." used to expropriate lands and sell them to the tenants on easy do not yet cover the field. Our seed and terms. Sixty-five per cent. of the popu- soil trains, our dairy trains, our 'pork lation lived on farms and a large majority chop specials,' our farmers' institutes and of them were tenants. Now only one farm our extension lectures are bringing fine in ten is rented and every acre of land results but they do not go deep enough. under cultivation produces an annual sur- They do not reach the men we most deplus of products worth $9. There are sire to reach—the tenant farmer and the twenty-nine agricultural colleges and shiftless farmer. The tenant farmer 6,000 students. Ireland is undergoing feels himself more or less of an outlander the same transformation through the ex- in the community or he is prejudiced propriation of large estate and the sale of against new fangled notions, as are a the land to the tenants on easy terms. large proportion of the "shiftless” farmGreat Britain and Germany, France and ers. We must get into his home, we must other countries are struggling with the educate his wife and children. He must problem.

be taught his part of the work, the wife “Denmark,” President Waters said, hers. We must teach her domestic econ"is becoming the most prosperous coun- omy, sewing, cooking, hygiene and the try in Europe, and that is due to the

proper rearing of the children. The work of its agricultural colleges. The children are the hope of the farm and value of the work our own agricultural the farmer is the foundation of all our colleges are doing is incalculable, but we prosperity.

"It must be remembered that the majority of farm children never get as far as the college, many never pass the high school and some never reach beyond the rudiments of education. Especially is this true of the tenant farmer's children, many of whom, under the conditions as they now exist, will become tenant farmers in their turn. We must begin with these children in the primary grades to teach them that there is something more to agri

culture than scratching of






R. A. D. McWHORTER, before it. In one case two persons were the inventor of a street-car picked up at the same time, without infender having a record of jury, except for a few bruises of no saving the lives of fifty-seven importance.

people in the four years of So successful has the fender proved its existence, refuses to take out a patent as a life-saver that a number of other upon his invention, preferring to let Southern cities have adopted it and it is humanity reap the benefit.

now being tested with a view to adopThe fender was first adopted by the tion by the New York Street Railway Memphis Street Railway Company after systems. nearly every other form of fender upon No royalty is asked by the inventor if the market had been tried and in most a city desires to equip its cars with his cases found wanting in certain important fender. In order to protect the inven

It consists of a cradle-like tion, however, from falling into unarrangement underneath the car in front scrupulous hands the Memphis Street of its wheels. This in turn is connected Railway Company have taken a patent to a trigger-like attachment located upon the device but will cheerfully furdirectly underneath the front end of the nish plans and specifications to any other car.

roads wishing to adopt it. Any object eight inches or more in

The annual death harvest of persons height and causing a pressure of five caught beneath the wheels of street cars pounds upon the trigger will trip the is too large not to receive the most cradle, allowing it to be dropped upon earnest attention on the part of the authe rails and to pick up whatever is thorities.

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V coast. But how much

E want the trade through spend ten millions of cold, hard dollars

on its port-San Pedro. She has already It is almost a slogan of voted a bond issue of three millions, and

Uncle Sam has spent three millions more

in building a record breaking breakwater they mean of what they say is shown in for her. Oakland has two and a half the figures on the records of capital- millions ready to put into wharves and ization back of the new engineering docks and dredging, and has more than enterprises they are pushing to make ten times that amount to spend when her their port facilities adequate to take plans are ripe. San Francisco has taken care of big slices of the expected the limit off-or hasn't put one on, her business. Los Angeles is planning to appropriations and is spending millions

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and getting more ready to spend at a Every harbor on the Pacific Coast is rapid rate. Portland and Seattle are the largest in the world and has more making no noise about what they intend miles of water frontage than any other, to do but they, too, have plans—and big if the assertions of the folks in each

seaport are taken at their face value.





Millions on millions of dollars have been appropriated for commercial shelters and yet these westerners are not satisfied. Now they see the Panama Canal opening and its wealth of commerce ebbing and flowing from one ocean to another and they are planning to accommodate it and incidently grab their share of the benefits. There isn't a seaport on the western coast that is not preparing to handle the shipping of the world within its harbor as soon as the big ditch is completed.

True some of these harbors need little fixing so far as natural advantages

concerned, but vast sums of money must be spent in docking and handling facilities. In all, it is estimated that at least one hundred millions of dollars

GRAIN SHIPS ALONG TACOMA'S WATER FRONT. will be · spent on Pacific

Tacoma's harbor is so deep that the docks are built parallel with Coast harbors before the

the shore line, canal is ready for ships. The greater

part of this enormous water frontage. He's an expert on this amount is available already, having been subject and the railroads are not going voted in bond issues. So great is the to have his pet schemes in their grip if western enthusiasm over the future that he can help it. Besides the railroads are as soon as the money now ready is spent, not enthusiastic over the Panama Canal other sums likely will be raised for more opening, as it means competition and improvements.

cheaper freight rates. But that's just Instead of leaving the important ques- what the westerner has been fighting for, tion of water frontage to private con- for years, and now is his chance to get cerns, the cities and states have taken a even. And he's going to do it with a hand in the game and although corpora- vengeance. He's tired of having his cost tions have made, and are making, ex- of living boosted for the benefit of the tensive improvements, the majority of eastern corporations. He's going to show the undertakings are backed by the Wall Street just how well and how thorpublic's money and controlled by public oughly he can whip it if he tries. officials. The cities have seen the folly The westerner sees in the Panama of allowing their natural resources to Canal a means by which he can throw fall into the hands of the corporations, off the yoke of railroad control and beand municipal docks and warehouses are sides become a factor in the commerce the big issues in almost every political of the world. In the words of one of campaign.

these western enthusiasts: Railroads have spent fortunes in at- "With the opening of the Panama tempting to stem this tide of western Canal the history of man passes to its enthusiasm for municipally owned ship- final phase. The Occidental half of the ping facilities but without avail. You world meets in the Pacific Ocean the can't tell the westerner anything about other, and hitherto ignored half-the

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