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N wireless telegraphy either elec- shown by Fig. 1 a speaking trumpet tricity or rays of light connect the receives the sonorous vibrations and carmicrophone of the transmitting sta- ries them to the vibrating membrane of tion to the telephone of the receiving a manometric capsule 80 millimeters in station.

diameter through which a stream of Ruhmur invented wireless telephony acetylene flows. The movements of the by luminous rays. At the focus of vibrating walls modify the rapidity of the a parabolic mirror installed at the current of gas; consequently the flame transmitting station he placed the posi- of the acetylene burner, placed at a little tive carbon of an arc lamp, the lat- distance, presents variations of intensity ter forming part of the primary of a in harmony with the vibrations of the transformator, the secondary of which voice. The parabolic mirror, at the comprises a battery of accumulators and focus of which is placed the burner, the microphone. When one speaks before sends a ray of light parallel to the mirror the microphone the secondary current of the receiving station. At the receivvaries in intensity and modifies by induc- ing station this parabolic mirror like the tion the primary current, consequently preceding one collects the luminous rays the brilliancy of the arc lamp changes rendered vibratory by the voice, concenevery instant, and the luminous reflective trates them on a selenium cell placed at rays, varying in intensity, are concen- its focus attached to an accumulator and trated at the focus of a parabolic mirror to a telephone. Thus the variations of placed at the receiving station. These the luminous intensity of light is transdifferences of brilliancy modify the elec- lated on the selenium receiver by corretric resistance of a conductor of selenium sponding variations in the resistance of which is connected with an accumulator the selenium cell, and in the current and a telephone reproducing the words which flows through the telephone. pronounced at the transmitting station. Unfortunately even with these latest The German inventor imprisoned the improvements by M. Ancel, communicacylinder in a glass bottle deprived of air, tions by wireless telephony can be made as its electric resistance diminishes in the only when the stations are visible the open air.

one to the other. They will, however, Wireless telephonic machines recently render useful services as models of invented by L. Ancel work on the same demonstration in the course of physics principle. At the transmitting post in the laboratory.

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Could Locate the Fluid "How do you find the chicken soup tonight, Mr. Newcomb?" inquired the boarding house landlady.

"I have no difficulty in finding the soup, Mrs. Hasher," he replied, "but I am inclined to think the chicken will be able to prove an alibi."

The Greater Tragedy The man whose daughter had just been

ad just been united to the husband of her choice looked a little sad.

"I tell you, squire,” he said to one of the wedding guests, a man of his own age, and himself the father of a number of unmarried girls, "I tell you, it is a solemn thing for us when our daughters marry and go away."

The squire assented, not altogether heartily.

"I suppose it is,” he conceded; "but I tell you, it is more solemn when they don't.”— Youth's Companion.

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His New Password "I want to change my password," said the man who had for two years rented a safetydeposit box.

"Very well,” replied the man in charge. "What is the old one?"

"Gladys." "And what do you wish the new one to be?" “Mabel. Gladys has gone to Reno." Judge.

Not As Easy As He Thought A TRAMP went to a farmhouse, and sitting down in the front yard began to eat the grass.

The housewife's heart went out to him: "Poor man, you must indeed be hungry. Come around to the back."

The tramp beamed and winked at the hired inan.

"There," said the housewife, when the tramp hove in sight, pointing to a circle of green grass, "try that: you will find that grass so much longer.”Everybody's.

No Frenzied Financier "Do you assimilate your food, aunty?”.

“No, I doesn't, sah. I buys it open an' honest, sah.”Baltimore American.


A Bad Egg "He always was a bad egg, but nobody seemed to notice it while he was rich."

"Yes, he was all right until he was broke.”—

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The Hint That Failed VISITOR (waiting an invitation to lunch)“Two o'clock! I fear I'm keeping you from your dinner.”

Hostess—“No; but I fear we are keeping you from yours!"—Meggendorfer Blaetter.

Ladies First Two miners were returning from a lecture at the village Institute, when one of them after a thoughtful pause remarked:

"Say Bill, I don't see the necessity of bringing chaps from the East to teach us about manners in the home. We ain't so bad as that fellow made out."

"Of course we ain't," replied Bill.

"Not by a long shot," went on the first. "I never swears before my wife -

"No more do I," put in Bill. “I always says ‘Ladies first'—that's me."

Looking Ahead "My dear," says the husband, as his wife comes to join him for a walk, attired in her hobble skirt, basket hat, and other things of the present mode, “I want you to come to the photographer's and have your picture made just as you are."

"Why, do you like me so well in this costume?" she beams.

"Well, my idea is that two years from now I can show you the picture, and you will say the things about it that I would like to say about your appearance just now."-Life.

She Knew Doctor—“Well, Mrs. Jones, did you test your husband's temperature, as I told you?"

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A Noble Spirit “Oh, I guess not."

"I guess yes! 'Cause he's swallowed two o' HUSBAND — “You are quite comfortable, them already.”—Catholic Standard and Times. dear?"

WIFE_“Yes, love."
“The cushions are easy and soft?”

"Yes, darling.”
His Money's Worth

"You don't feel any jolts?"

"No, sweetest.” "SIXTANE shilluns a da' did they charrge me "And there is no draft on my lamb, is for my room at the hotel in Lunnon !" roared there?” Sandy, indignantly, on his return to Croburgh “No, my ownest own." Burghs from a sight-seeing expedition.

“Then change seats with me."-Ideas. "Ou, aye, it wasna cheap," agreed his father ; "but ye must 'a' had a gey fine time seein' the sichts." "Sein' the sichts!" roared Sandy. “I didna

A Clever Ruse see a sicht a' the time I was in Lunnon, Mon, mon, ye dinna suppose I was going to be stuck WIFE—“Please match this piece of silk for that much for a room, an' then no get the me before you come home.” proper use o't!”Tit-Bits.

HUSBAND—“At the counter where the sweet little blonde works? The one with the soulful eyes and— ”

WIFE—"No. You're too tired to shop for A Hint

me when your day's work is done, dear. On

second thought, I won't bother you.”Detroit He—“Do you think that your father would News. offer me personal violence if I were to ask him for you?"

SHE-"No, but I think he will if you don't pretty soon.”The Watchman.

Imprudent "Say, old man, did I ever tell you about the awful fright I got on my wedding day?".

"S-s-s-h, no man should speak that way


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