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/'r\ Good Bye, Corns I ) No Wait-No Pain


Just listen to this. There is a little plaster which

holds a bit of soft wax—a wondrous invention called B&B wax. This little plaster is applied in a jiffy, and the pain of the corn stops instantly.

But that isn't all. That bit of soft B&B wax gently loosens the corn. In two days the corn comes out. No pain, no soreness, no inconvenience — no feeling whatever. The callous simply separates itself from the toe, and the trouble ends.

Five million corns annually are removed in this way — removed by Blue-jay plasters. Get a package — end yours, too. Don't temporize with corns.

A In the picture Is the soft B&B wax. It loosens the com.
B protects the corn, stopping the pain at once.
C wraps around the toe. It is narrowed to be comfortable.
D is rubber adhesive to fasten the plaster on.

15c and 25c per package

Blue-jay Corn Plasters

Also Blue-jay Bunion Piasters. All Druggists Sell and Guarantee Them.

If not convinced, ask for sample—free. (28) Bauer & Black, Chicago and New York, Makers of Surgical Dressings, etc

Small Power at Small Cost

This famous one-horse power, hopper-cooled I H C gasoline engine when belted to a pump jack will supply all the water needed on an ordinary suburban country home, or farm. It will also operate the cream separator, grindstone, bone cutter, saw, washing machine, etc. And in the shop, it operates the lathe, drill, presses, emery wheels, grinders, and other small 1 machines. This little worker is surprisingly powerful for its size and operates at very small f^jf cost. Equipped with governor, etc., same as our large engine.

Wait till you get the facts about all

I H C Gasoline

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3 in One is a clear oil compound and is absolutely the only successful magneto lubricant. It is so light that the best watchmakers, scientific instrument concerns, speedometer manufacturers recommend it and use it. Yet it is just heavy enough to make the magneto run perfectly—without fault or falter. It can't harden, gum, dry out, collect grit, burn or smoke under any conditions or any speed. It polishes auto body and prevents rust on all the metal parts.

Automobile size, 8 oz., 50c. At garages, supply dealers' and all good stores. Or—send for FREE SAMPLE. Let us stand the expense of PROVING its worth.


Broadway, NEW YORK

It's a Pleasure to Fix Things Up About the House—If Tools Are Sharp

Ask your dealer for Carborundum sharpening stones—the most remarkable sharpening agent ever discovered. If your dealer hasn't them, send direct.

No. 107G—Round combination stone for carpenters . . $1.00

No. 108G—Oblong combination stone 1.25

No. 108G—Oblong combination stone in aluminum box . 2.75

No. 191G—Scythe and grass hook stone 25

No. 114G—Sportsman's pocket stone in soft leather case . .75
No. 149G—Pocket stone in card-board case 15



aWhat School?

I ^nTverels 0i\lj0i\e Best School for Each Boy Or Girl

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HE selection of a school—the best school, is an Important matter, and as difficult as it is important. The best school for one is not the best school for another. It is a serious question of requirements and qualifications. Each good school offers special advantages. If students of different <

ments, capabilities and purposes ci school, the problem of education would be i

The Educational Aid Society, ns one of its activities, maintains n y which supplies, without charge, catalogues of all schools and reliable information concerning! toe

advantages of various institutions and their comparative cost.

How to Select the Right School

Write to the Society, stating your requirements as follows: Kind of school desired: preference as to location, (city or state); religious denomination preferred; boarding or day school: expense limit for school year; name of prospective student; age: previous education; course of study desired; purpose in taking the course.—whether to prepare for a profession or only as an accomplishment; when enrollment will be made. Any special requirements should be stated fully. Immediately, upon receipt of this information, catalogues of schools which offer the advantages desired will be forwarded to your address.

a copy of

Free Book

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If you send ten cents with your letter to cover cost of maili the latest edition of the American College Sc Private f B 252-page book containing information regarding all colleges and private schools in the United States, will be sent you. This book also contains suggestions for those who seek counsel in deciding upon their life work; ung men and women of limited means may obtain an education in the school ion of the way in which the advantages of the best schools may be hud at ble to those of inferior institutions. The price of this book in library bind

by which ambitiov
'choice, and an explan
rates, or on terms equally favoi

ing is $2.00. It has been adopted by the leading libraries of the country as a reference book, the standard
of its kind.

1625-1675 Fint National Bank BuSMins. CHICAGO

School Information Bureau, Educational Aid Society,

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Midsummer dulnessl Too bis a surplus of
machine! in stock I Hence this special, slashing
cut into our "already-below-ust'' regular prices.
Until September 1st you can buy some of our

Factory Rebuilt Typewriters
For as Little as $25

Standard Makes—sold under our Trademark and
Guarantee as to material, construction, and service ',
equal in protective strength to the original maker s
guarantee. These 'TsetoryRnh
represent $100 worth of Typewriter
efficiency at a saving of 50% to 75%
— if you buy now.
Write for illustrated catalogue and
address of nearest branch store.
MS Broadway, New York




Send us one new subscription tr> Technical World
Magazine at $1.50. and we will send you. entirely free, an
Accident Insurance Policy in a reliahlo Oompan>, which
will entitle you

For Lorn of Life to IJ.OJ0.00

For Lo»» of Both Even to l.UU.CO

For Low of Bnt h Hands to 1.000.00

For Lous of Both Feet to l.UOO.OO

For Loss of One Hand and One Foot to 1.000 00

For Lose of One Hand to 250 00

For Losa of One Foot to SO 00

For Loas of One Eye to 100.00

The subscription most be a new one, never before
on our books. This offer is limited, so send at once.


58th St. and Drexel Ave., Chicago, III.. 11. S. A.

I ■

Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.


Know All About Your Auto

No matter how fine the car you own, or drive, or manufacture; no matter how thoroughly it is equipped, your outfit is not complete unless you own the new

Cyclopedia of

Automobile Engineering

Four large, handsome volumes bound :n half morocco, 1200 illustrations, full page plates, diagrams, etc.. 1500 pages, 7x10 inches, crammed with interesting and very necessary information concerning automobiles, aeroplanes, and motor boats; knowledge that you've got to get some way or other before you can thoroughly understand or enjoy the automobile "game."


VOL. I—GASOLINE AUTOMOBILES. Running Gear, Power. Operation. Repair. AUTOMOBILE MECHANISMS. Carbureters. Starting Devices. Clutches. Gears, Brake*.

VOL, II—STEAM AUTOMOBILES: Flash Boiler, Hnefnes.Operation and Repair COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. Selection Delivery Trucks. Upkeep, Mileage. Capacity. TYPES: Selection, Price, Demonstration. Speed.

VOL. ID—ELECTRIC AUTOMOBILES: Battery. Motor. Transmission. Control, Tires, Capacity, Driving. Elements of Electricity. Electric Current. AUTOMOBILE DRIVING: Starting and Stopping, dear Changing, Use ol Spark and Throttle, Care of Car. Road Repairs.

VOL IV— AERIAL NAVIGATION: Dirigible Balloons, Aeroplanes, Airship Motors. CAS AND Oil ENGINES: Ignition. Testing. Motor Cycles: Construction, Operation. Motor Boats: Types, Engines, I nstallation.

Read This Free Examination Offer

You can examine these books for five days in your own home or office, free of all cost. Don't risk missing this offer by stopping to think it over now. Order now and doyour careful thinking with the books before you. That costs nothing. Mail the coupon.

Here's Our Liberal Selling Plan

If you like the books after examination, send us $2.00; then $2.00 a month until the special price of $12.80 is paid. If they are not satisfactory, advise us and we will have the books returned at our expense. Order promptly, and we will include for one vear, as a monthly supplement, the TECHNICAL \VORLD MAGAZINE, a regular $1.50 monthly, full of interesting scientific topics written in popular form.



FREE EXAMINATION COUPON American School of Correspondence:

Please send set Cyclopedia ol Automobile Engineering lor 5 days' free examination: also Technical World for 1 year. I will send $2.00 within 5 days and |2.00 a month until I have paid $12.90; or notify you and hold the books subject to your order. Title not to pass until fully paid. T.W. R .11

Nam it




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Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.

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