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How would you like to have the detail of the entire plant at your finger tips—in condensed form, ready for immediate reference? Would you not consider yourself a bigger man mentally than you are now? Would you not be more valuable to your employer?

We are all "up against it" some time or other—it is the wise man who prepares himself for emergencies. You are prepared for any emergency if you have in your library, shop or office, our big, 7 volume edition

Cyclopedia of Mechanical Engineering

Including Modern Shop Practice

containing 2,992 pages, size 7 x 10, with over 2,000 illustrations, diagrams, plates, formulas, etc Substantially Bound in half red morocco; titles stamped on backs in 23 karat gold.

The Cyclopedia is an authoritative reference work, adequate to meet the demands of the most advanced workman and technically trained expert, also adapted to the needs of the beginner and self-taught, practical man. It covers the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering and Modern Shop Practice thoroughly and gives the fullest instructions on the latest application of new and advanced ideas. The language is clear and simple; the treatment concise yet full; and the arrangement of matter convenient, so as to carry the reader forward by easy stages. Examples for practice and series of test questions are inserted at frequent intervals, combining the advantages of a text-book and a reference work. To acquaint the public with the practical character of the Home Study Courses of the American School of Correspondence, from which the Cyclopedia was compiled, we make this special:

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Id without deposit—wt will send
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books to you, express prepaid, for fire days' FREE so id $2.00 within fire days and $2.00 a month aati to send for them at oaf expense. Regular price $30.00.

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For a short time we will Include as a monthly :upplement. for one year, the TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE. This Is a regular $L50 monthly, fall of Twentieth Century scientific facts, written In popular form. Also contains the Latest discussion* on timely topics invention, discovery. Industry, etc



Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.

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About Typewriters

IUSED to peddle typewriters in person and while I found a few people who would pay 9100.00, I found a lot more who would not. I could not sell for less and pay my hotel bills, railroad fares and make enough profit for myself and for the branch office from which I worked.

I concluded to save the expense and present a cutprice proposition through the magazines, reaching millions of people, where 1 personally could call on but a few.

I figured that by arranging very small monthly payments, the typewriter would earn its own way and that thousands of people could have one without being anything out of pocket.

This Syndicate was organized and an unlimited cash capital supplied with which to buy typewriters from the makers at close to factory cost.

While I know that the typewriters I recommend are the best typewriters made, I want the customer to learn that himself by actual examination and test. I therefore ship on approval, without advance payment and without obligation of any kind.

1 ship typewriters on this plan all over this continent, so you see I must send a gtxxi typewriter— I must make the lowest price and the best terms, otherwise, I would lose the transportation charges.

My price is so low and my terms so easy that thousands of people now own typewriters that would not have considered buying at the regular pricedoctors, ministers, lawyers, writers, and thousands of young people who, keeping in toucli with the times, realizing that a typewriter is a necessity to everyone who corresponds. The purchasing agents of big corporations send me their orders because they cannot duplicate my price. Banks and merchants take advantage of the immense saving. I do business everywhere—in the largest cities in the smallest towns—even on the farms.

My plan is rapidly making universal typewriting a reality. Thousands of people who were wasting their money renting second-hand typewriters are now using that rental money to buy their own machines-—saving instead of spending.

I want to send you my booklet. "About Typewriters."even if you are not now in the market. You will find it wonderfully interesting—nothing like it has ever been published before in the history of this industry. With the book I will send you a life-size picture in colors of one of the leading standard, visible typewriters, together with a detailed description and full information regarding my proposition. Do not hesitate to ask for it. even if you only want to compare my price with others. Do it today. You. might not see my advertisement again.

People in the typewriter business pronounce my plan sensational and claim that it is impossible to sell standard typewriters at my price. 1 know that some people send their orders to me in a hurry, thinking that I will have to raise the price soon. However that may be. you can have the book for the asking—it's free.

Typewriters Distributing Syndicate

159BM North State St. Chicago, 111.

Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.

Here is the

Standard Reference

Work on Electricity

and we want you to examine it absolutely free of charge in your own home or office. Read our Liberal Selling Plan — it tells how we will send you the great six-volume

Cyclopedia of

Applied Electricity

upon receipt of the coupon and allow you to examine it free of charge.

We have confidence in this great cyclopedia; we know that it is the reliable authority on electricity. It is compiled from the instruction papers of the American School of Correspondence, written hy thirty of the world's greatest electrical experts. We want you to endorse our claims and for this reason we make you this free offer.

If you want to be an expert—an authority on everything electrical, you need a work that covers every phase of electrical engineering—a work that will tell you what you want to know in plain english and in simple technical terms and formulas. That is just what you have in thi cyclopedia. These books cover every branch of electricity thoroughly, exhaustively, from the elements of electricity to the design and construction of power and central stations. Read "Important Subjects Covered," and then mail the coupon. The six volumes contain 2,8% pages, 7x10 inches in size; 2,000 special illustrations, photographs, plates, diagrams, tables, etc., beautifully bound in half morocco; titles stamped in 23-karat gold.

This Is Our Liberal Selling Plan

Upon receipt of the coupon the books will be sent you, express prepaid, for 5 days* free examination. If you decide to keep the books, send us your initial payment of $2.00 within five days and T w $2.00 every month until you have paid the special price of $18.80. The regular price is S36.00. i-u' If, after thoroughly examining the books, you do not see your way clear to keep them, notify us and we will send for them at our expense. Send the coupon today. *• s- °* c



Types of Dynamos and Motors; Elevators; Direct-Current Motors; Electrical
Measurements; Electric Lighting; Electric Railways; Alternating Current
Machinery, etc.; Electric Welding; Mercury.Vapor Converter; Manage
ment of Dynamos and Motors; Power Stations; Central-Station En<
gineering; Central-Station Design; Storage Batteries; Power Trans
mission; Electric Wiring; Electric Telegraph; Wireles Telegraphy;
Telephony; Automatic Telephone; Wireless Telephony, etc

witbin 5 days and t2 00 an umll I have paid »I8.80 (or books and magazine, or notify you and bold the books subject to your order. Tale Dot to pass until fully paid.

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Fire Fighting and Telephoning

Both Need Team Work, Modern Tools
and an Ever Ready Plant, Everywhere

Twenty men with twenty buckets can put out a small fire if each man works by himself.

If twenty men form a line and pass the buckets from hand to hand, they can put out a larger fire. But the same twenty men on the brakes of a "hand tub" can force a continuous stream of water through a pipe so fast that the bucket brigade seems futile by comparison.

The modern firefighter has gone away beyond the "hand tub." Mechanics build a steam fire engine, miners dig coal to feed it, workmen build reservoirs and lay pipes so that each nozzleman and engineer is worth a score of the oldfashioned firefighters.

The big tasks of today require not only team work but also modern tools and a vast system of supply and distribution.

The Bell telephone system is an example of co-operation between 75,000 stockholders, 120,000 employees and six million subscribers.

But to team work is added an up-to-date plant. Years of time and hundreds of millions of money have been put into the tools of the trade; into the building of a nation-wide network of lines; into the training of men and the working out of methods. The result is the Bell system of today—a union of men, money and machinery, to provide universal telephone service for ninety million people.

American Telephone And Telegraph Company And Associated Companies .

One Policy One System Universal Service

Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.

Magnetism in Salesmanship

The Wonderful Part Suggestion Plays in Making a Salesman

Successful salesmanship depends upon suggestion— the impression made by the one who sells upon the mind of the one who buys.

Magnetism is simply suggestion. The one who masters it knows the science of driving home an argument and has every advantage in the world over him who makes his talk and trusts to luck.

Every man, woman or child is a salesman. We sell our time, our talents, our merchandise, the products of our brain. The foundation of success in life is salesmanship. To know how to sell is, therefore, one of the most important things in the world—no one can afford to neglect it. The man who gets $30 a week and is worth $50 is a poor salesman it's not the fault of his employer. If he was a good salesman he would get all he was worth or more.

If you want to know the close relationship that magnetism, which is nothing in the world but suggestion in its most positive and powerful form, bears to salesmanship, send your name to the New York Institute of Science. Dept. 16. Rochester. N. ¥., and ask for the book. "The Philosophy of Personal Influence.1' It will reveal many of the wonders of suggestion and tell you how you can master it at your own home quickly. The book is absolutely free if you write for it today.

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127 Fulton St., New York Chicago San Francisco St. Louis Montreal

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