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Trained Men Wanted

Every year thousands of good jobs are seeking trained men through the daily press. You won't have to look for a good job if you have the necessary training to fill one — the job will look for you — the "Help Wanted" columns in every daily paper prove this.

The American School of Correspondence offers every ambi-
tious man a chance to make more money and get a better job.

Every man has "got it in him" to make good. Lack of time is no excuse. An hour a day spent now will be worth ten hours a little later on. A better job, a better man, a pleasanter home, and a future full of prosperity— all these and more will be yours for a few hours a week and a few cents a day spent now—before you're too old and your ambition is gone.

Check the coupon and send it to us now. Tell us what you want to be —what your ambitions are, then tell us what you are doing now. We'll be glad to advise and help you. There is no obligation attached to this. We'll tell you frankly just what we can do, the rest is "up to you."

The American School is an educational institution. No agents, representatives or collectors are employed. If you send us the coupon, we'll not bother you by sending an agent. All of our business will be carried on privately by correspendence.

American School of Correspondence



American School of Correspondence. Chicago, U. S. A.

I'leaw send me vour Hulleiin and advise me how I ran quality for the position marked "X." T YV. 8-11



.Building Contractor

.Structural Engineer

.CMI i -,.-,„.. .

. Klrclrleal Engineer

. Klee. Liirhl A PniterSupt.

. MaMer Mechanic

.Strain Engineer

Sanitary Engineer

Kcclawalion Engineer

, Eire In-. Engineer
.Telephone Eipert
.Moving Picture Op'r

, .Stenographer
,c Aeronntant
CertTd Public Aee'at


. .Runlaeaa Manager
■ College Preparatory




Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.

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Pea mud buckwheat sizes of hard and soft coal and cheapest Black will yield in the Underfeed as much heat aa highest price coal in other heaters. The difference in coal cost is yours. Smoke and gases—wasted in other plants—must pasa through the flames in the Underfeed and are consumed; more saving. The

few ashes are removed by shaking the grate FwrmmsVnd*H**& Depict j
bar as in ordinary furnaces and boilers.

Write for YOUR copy of Underfeed Furnace
Booklet or Special Boiler Catalog. Use the coupon.
We'll be glad to send a lot of fac-simile testi-
monials. Heating Plans of our Engineering Corps
are FREE. Name local dealer with whom you
prefer to deal.


Sck-williamson CO.

Furnace Dealers, Plumbers

297 W. Fifth St, CINCINNATI, O.

Dealers—Write TODAY for Our Sales Jf Ier-To-YOU.

Send Goupon 7o2oy end Learn fiotr to



Coal Bill.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Fill in. cut out and mail TODAY.

^WILLIAMSON CO, 297 W. fifth Street,

I would like to know more about how to cut down the cost of mf Coal Bills from ISO* to M%%. Rend me—FREE—


(Indicate bj X Booklet rou dciirc)





Name dealer with whom To. prefer to deal.

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