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to become Local Agents for the Oliver Typewriter Our present force of over 15,000 agents over the world by giving unparalleled must be heavily reinforced immediately in service. order to take care of the tremendous in

No other typewriter has ever been able crease in business which the popularity of

to overtake its speed. With several hunthe Oliver Typewriter has created.

dred less parts than other standard typeWe want an agent at every point in the writers, it has the advantage of startling United States where a postoffice is located simplicity, and almost unlimited endurance. -a man on the ground-to represent the It writes in sight. It rules horizontal or Oliver Typewriter and give practical perpendicular lines. It makes as high as demonstration of its merits to prospective twenty clear carbon copies at a time. purchasers. Such agents, whether devot- writes on any form, from a postage stamp ing all their time to the work or making to the widest insurance policy. it merely a side line in connection with their regular business, can easily make

The catalog, sent free on request, exthe Oliver Typewriter agency an important plains in detail all the unique advantages, source of income.

and the many brilliant innovations that

have made it supreme in sales. Resident Agents who demonstrate exceptional sales ability will be given opportunities of advancement to important

The positions in the Oliver Sales Organization.

The Oliver Typewriter touches the highest point of efficiency yet reached in

Typewriter mechanical writing. It leads in sales all

The Standard Visible Writer




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The Oliver Typewriter-the $100 machine—the very latest model—is now offered to the public on the popular selling plan of Seventeen-Centsa-Day.” Oliver agents, in addition to other advantages, can buy the Oliver and sell the Oliver on these astonishing terms. The “Seventeen-Cents-a-Day'' Plan is a wonderful aid to our agents. For anybody and everybody can easily pay Seventeen-Cents-a-Day! Write for Book, “The Rise of the Local Agent

To fully realize what this opportunity means to you, you must read the book entitled The Rise of the Local Agent." Here you will find little stories of big successes achieved by men who began as Local Agents for the Oliver Typewriter. How clerks, printers, telegraph operators. merchants, men in many different lines of business took up this highly profitable work and won out.

The book and details of our Local Agency Plan will be sent you free on request.

Address at once our Agency Department

The Oliver Typewriter Co. 234 Oliver Typewriter Building

Chicago, III., U.S. A.

for 17
Cents a Day


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