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GASOLINE MOTOR A PRACTICAL MINIATURE AUTO, propelled by a small gasoline motor. The greatest instructive, mechanical device ever invented. Boys all over the world now building MotorBobs. Any boy of 12 years and up can build and operate the Motor-Bob. Send 25 cents (coin preferred) for our complete instruction booklet, "HOW TO BUILD A MOTOR-BOB,” which contains simple drawings, diagrams, pictures, instructions for building and operating, and list of parts. MOTOR-BOB MFG CO., Dept. 4, Main and Amherst Sts., Buffalo, N. Y.

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Q Send us the names of ten people who would be interested in TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE, and 250 to cover postage and mailing, and we will send you this handsome, genuine, Walden Stag Handle Knife.

Money back if you don't think the

knife is worth $1.00. & Remember, any intelligent, wide-awake, brainy man likes TECHNICAL WORLD- not necessarily technical men, but those who are interested in the progress man is making in every field of human endeavor.


More Fascinating Than Fiction” 58th Street and Drexel Ave. . Chicago, III., U. S. A.

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This famous one-horse power, hopper-cooled I H C gasoline engine when belted to a pump jack will supply all the water needed on an ordinary suburban country home, or farm. It will also operate the crean separator, grindstone, bone cutter, saw, washing machine, etc. And in the shop, it operates the lathe, drill, presses, emery wheels, grinders, and other small & machines. This little worker is surprisingly powerful for its size and operates at very small cost. Equipped with governor, etc., same as our large engine.

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AGENTS MAKE BIG MONEY selling our new gold letters for office windows, store fronts and glass signs. Anyone can put them on. Write to-day for free sample and full particulars. Metallic Sign Letter Co., 401 N. Clark St., Chicago,

Male Help Wanted LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE WANTED. SPLENDID income assured right man to act as our representative after learning our business thoroughly by mail. Former experience unnecessary. All we require is honesty, ability, ambition and willingness to learn a lucrative business. No soliciting or traveling. This is an exceptional opportunity for a man in your section to get into a big paying business without capital and become independent for life. Write at once for full particulars. Address E. R. Marden. Pres.. The National CoOperative Real Estate Company. L 136 Marden Bldg.. Washington, D. C.

$25 WEEKLY AND EXPENSES TO MEN AND WOMEN to collect names, distribute samples and advertise. Steady work. C. H. Emery, M.N.. Chicago, Ill.

Old Coins $7.75 PAID FOR RARE DATE 1853 QUARTERS. $20 for a $%. Keep all money dated before 1884, and send 10c at once for New Illustrated Coin Value Book, 4x7. It may mean your fortune. Clark & Co., Coin Dealers, Dept. 26. Le Roy. N. Y.

A DRAFTSMAN FOR $20.00. DRAWING COURSE during summer at special reduction. Everything $20.00. drawing outfit included. Become a draftsman by studying at home. The greatest offer ever made to men who want to rise to a better position. more pay, cleaner work. shorter hours. If interested in yourself. write for enrollment blank and Catalog B. THE SCHOOL OF RAILWAY SIGNALING. Utica, N. Y.. U.S. A.

for the Deaf THE DEAF HEAR INSTANTLY WITH THE ACOUS. ticon. For personal use: also for churches and theatres. You must hear before you purchase. Booklet free. General Acoustic Company, 214 Beaufort St.. Jamaica, New York City. Paris Branch, 6 Rue D'Hanovre.

RAILWAY MAIL CLERK, POST OFFICE CLERK AND Carrier Civil Service Examinations are held in the Fall. Commence preparation now under personal supervision of former Member and Secretary of Board of U. S. Civil Service Examiners. Seven years' experience in conducting examina. tions. Write for big free descriptive Booklet. Patterson Civil Service School, Box 832, Rochester. N. Y.

For Sale MOTOR CYCLE CASES AND TUBES. NEW, FRESH stock. 28x274. corrugated. $5.25. Bailey. $6.25. tubes. $2.50: 28x2%. corrugated. $5.50. Bailey, $7: Nobby $7.75, tube $2.50. I ship, allow examination on receipt of 25% of order. W. Vanderpool, Springfield, Ohio.

Kindly mention Technical World Magazine when writing advertisers.

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