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and we want you to examine it absolutely free of charge in your own home or office. Read our Liberal Selling Plan-it tells how we will send you the great six-volume . Cyclopedia of

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Applied Electricity

upon receipt of the coupon and allow you to examine it free of charge. We have confidence in this great cyclopedia; we know that it is the reliable authority on electricity. It is compiled from the instruction papers of the American School of Correspondence, written by thirty of the world's greatest electrical experts. We want you to endorse our claims and for this reason we make you this free offer.

If you want to be an expert—an authority on everything electrical, you need a work that covers every phase of electrical engineering—a work that will tell you what you want to know in plain english and in simple technical terms and formulas. That is just what you have in thi cyclopedia. These books cover every branch of electricity thoroughly, exhaustively, from the elements of electricity to the design and construction of power and central stations. Read 'Important Subjects Covered,” and then mail the coupon. The six volumes contain 2,896 pages, 7x10 inches in size; 2,000 special illustrations, photographs, plates, diagrams, tables, etc., beautifully bound in half morocco; titles stamped in 23-karat gold.

This Is Our Liberal Selling Plan Upon receipt of the coupon the books will be sent you, express prepaid, for 5 days' free examination. If you decide to keep the books, send us your initial payment of $2.00 within five days and $2.00 every month until you have paid the special price of $18.80. The regular price is $36.00. If, after thoroughly examining the books, you do not see your way clear to keep them, notify us and we will send for them at our expense. Send the coupon today,

A. S. of C.

Please send set - IMPORTANT SUBJECTS COVERED Types of Dynamos and Motors; Elevators; Direct-Current Motors; Electrical Measurements; Electric Lighting; Electric Railways; Alternating Current Machinery, etc.; Electric Welding; Mercury-Vapor Converter; Management of Dynamos and Motors; Power Stations; Central-Station En. gineering; Central-Station Design; Storage Batteries; Power Trans. mission; Electric Wiring; Electric Telegraph; Wireles Telegraphy;

the books subject to your order. Title Telephony; Automatic Telephone; Wireless Telephony, etc.

not to pass until fully paid.

TW. 8-11

Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity for 5 days free examination, also Technical World for one year. I will send $2.00 within 5 days and $200 a month unul I have paid $18.80 for books and magazine, or notify you and hold

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Fire Fighting and Telephoning

Both Need Team Work, Modern Tools
and an Ever Ready Plant, Everywhere

Twenty men with twenty buckets can put out a small fire if each man works by himself.

If twenty men form a line and pass the buckets
from hand to hand, they can put out a larger fire.
But the same twenty men on the brakes of a
“hand tub” can force a continuous stream of
water through a pipe so fast that the bucket
brigade seems futile by comparison.
The modern firefighter has gone away beyond
the “hand tub.” Mechanics build a steam fire
engine, miners dig coal to feed it, workmen build
reservoirs and lay pipes so that each nozzleman
and engineer is worth a score of the old-
fashioned firefighters.

The big tasks of today require not only team
work but also modern tools and a vast system
of supply and distribution.
The Bell telephone system is an example of
co-operation between 75,000 stockholders,
120,000 employees and six million subscribers.
But to team work is added an up-to-date plant.
Years of time and hundreds of millions of money
have been put into the tools of the trade; into the
building of a nation-wide network of lines; into
the training of men and the working out of meth-
ods. The result is the Bell system of today-a
union of men, money and machinery, to provide
universal telephone service for ninety million


One Policy
One System

Universal Service

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