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In presenting the initial number of the “Gazetteer and directory of Wayne County" to the public, the publisher desires to return his sincere thanks to all who have so kindly assisted in obtaining the valuable information which it contains, and without whose aid it would have been impossible to have collected, in the brief space of time in which it is essential that all such works should be completed. Especially are our thanks due to the several editors of the Clyde Times, Lyons Republican, Wayne Democratic Press, Newark Weekly Courier, and Palmyra Courier, for the uniform kindness which has been evinced in calling public attention to the author's efforts, and to them and the following gentleman, viz: George F. Torray, Henry Taylor, M. Loomis, Savannah; Dr. Mortimer F. Sweeting, John McGonnigal, Butler; Elisha N. Plank, Wolcott; Eron N. Thomas, Rose ; Joseph Watson, Clyde; Thomas Dorsey, Lyons; Pomeroy Tucker, Palmyra; J. D. Ford, Dr. Charles G. Pomeroy, Newark; John F. Packard, Macedon; Jones Findley, T. G. Yeomans, Walworth; J. S. Thompson, Ethel M. Allen, Williamson ; John W. Copping and Israel Springer, Marion ; for essential aid in furnishing materials for the work. We have also drawn largely from French's Gazetteer of the State of New York; and also to some extent from a “Review of Rev. Mr. Eaton's Thanksgiving Sermon, by Wayne Democratic Press.” Many others have kindly volunteered their aid, to all of whom, we return sincere thanks.

When it is known that time, equal to more than three years' labor, if done by one man, has been devoted to the canvass, it is believed the patrons of the work will willingly excuse the delay beyond the time it was expected the work would be issued.

The advertisers in this work represent the leading business men of the county, and we most cheerfully commend them all to the patronage of those under whose observation these pages may


So complete a canvass of a County for a Business Directory, and the additions of farmers names, together with the number of acres owned or leased by each, the whole arranged alphabetically, after their appropriate post office addresses, we believe was never before attempted.

That errors may have occurred in so great a number of names and dates as are here given, is probable. The indulgence of the reader is solicited, in marking such as had been observed in the subsequent reading of the proofs, and which are noted in the Errata, following the Introduction.

The usual amount of close application, ceaseless care and mental labor, necessarily given to this intricate and complicated part of book-making, has been bestowed on the present volume; and though it is hoped that none will find an error worth complaining of, yet, should there be, remember that nothing is perfect—that it is human to err, while it is a sublime prerogative to forgive





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County.--On page 22, for "Wm McNab," read Andrew McNab. On same page, it is said that an artesian well at Clyde yielded "weak brine," &c.Since that writing we have understood that the well in question yielded very strong brine, though in small quantity,

On page 24, for “F. B. Cornwell," read F. E. Cornwell. And we are informed, (same page,) that instead of "Hugh Jameson," Thomas Armstrong was the first Sheriff, and Israel,

instead of "Isaiah"J. Richardson, the first County Clerk.

On page 27, for “Barker," of the Lyons Gazette, read Barber. And instead of "Dennis Cord," as publisher of The Clyde Gazette, read' Denison Card.

On page 33, last line but one, for "truth” or prosperity, read, trouble or prosperity. Arcadia.--On page 35, top line, third word, for "west," read were. Butler.--On page 37, for "Orastus" Hubbard, read Orestes Hubbard. Galen.--On page 37, instead of "Wm." McNab, read Andrew McNab, and instead of "Hornby” Estate, read Pulteney Estate. On page 38, instead of Darwin “Calvin,” at bottom of page, read Darwin Colvin.

On page 40, the sentence commencing, "The Clyde Iron Works”, should read–The Clyde Iron Works, now owned by Mr. A. S. Field, are carried on by Messrs. Wood, Candler & Co.

On page 41, for "Laomi" Beadle, read Loami Beadle. And on same page, instead of Major Fred. A. De “Zenz," read Major Fred. A. De Zeng. Six lines further down the page, for “weak brine," read strong brine.

Haron. On page 42, instead of "Peugrine,” read Col. Peregrine Fitzhugh. And for “Wm. Helmus," read Wm. Helms.

Lyons.--The population of Lyons village is now understood to be about 4,000. Ontario.--On page 47, instead of "2" miles, Ontario Center is but one mile west of Ontario Village.

On page 48, first paragraph, fifth line, for “David Jennings," read Daniel Jennings. Palmyra.--On page 50, near the middle, instead of "Maj. Howe Cuyler," read Maj. Wm. Howe Cuyler,

Rose. --On page.55, after "Peter Valentine was the first Supervisor," read: The town has 12 schools, employs 12 teachers, and has an average daily attendance of 267 scholars. The expenses for school purposes during the year ending Oct., 1866, was $2,796.11.

Savannah.--In addition to the historical description of this town, on pages 57-8, the following from M. Loomis, Esq.,

Civil Engineer at Savannah, additional in regard to the Cayuga Marshes, of which he is agent, will be read with interest:

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