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branch miats
at New Or
lotte and Dah

Their salaries.

1837. That the officers of the branch mint at New Orleans shall be

of one superintendent, one treasurer, one assayer, one melter and

refiner, and one coiner; and that the officers of the branch mints Char at Charlotte and Dahlonega, severally, shall be one superintend

ent, who shall also perform the duties of treasurer; one assayer, who shall also perform the duties of melter and refiner; and one coiner; and the annual salaries of the said officers shall be as follows: for the branch at New Orleans, to the superintendent, two thousand five hundred dollars; to the treasurer, the assayer, the melter and refiner, and the coiner, each, two thousand dollars; for the branches at Charlotte and at Dahlonega, to the superintendent, two thousand dollars; and to the assayer and the coiner, each, fifteen hundred dollars.

SECTION 2. And be it further enacted, That, so much of the March, 1835, repealed.

act entitled "An act to establish branches of the mint of the United States," approved the third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, as is inconsistent with the provisions of this act, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

Approved, February 13th, 1837.

Part of act 30

CHAP. 15. An ACT to suspend cerjain provisoes of “An act to alter and amend

the several acts imposing duties on imports," approved the fourteenth day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-two.

[Sec. 1.) Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Represen

tatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Certain provisoes That the provisoes of the tenth and twelfth clauses of the second July, 1832, sus

section of the act to alter and amend the several acts imposing pended. duties on imports, passed July the fourteenth, eighteen hundred

and thirty-two, be, and the same are hereby, suspended until the close of the next session of Congress.

Approved, March 1st, 1837.

of act of 14th of

CHAP. 16. An ACT to extend the jurisdiction of the District Court of the Uniled

States for the district of Arkansas.


(Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represen

tatives of ihe United States of America in Congress assembled, To have same jurisdic That the district court of the United States for the district of tion and power Arkansas shall have the same jurisdiction and power in all resdistrict courus, pects whatever that was given to the several district courts of

the United States by an act of Congress approved March thirtieth, eighteen hundred and two entitled “ An act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers," or by any subseqnent acts of Congress, concerning crimes, offences or misdemeanors, which may bé committed against the laws of the United States, in any town, settlement, or territory belonging to any Indian tribe in amity with the United States, of which any other district court of the United States may have jurisdiction.

Approved, March 1st, 1837.

CHAP. 17. An ACT making appropriations for the support of the army for the

year one thonsand eight hundred and thirty-seven, and for other purposes.



cers' horses.

cers' servants.

of clothing.

including that


(Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the army, during the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven ; that is to say ;

For the pay of the army, one million ninety thousand one Pay of army. hundred and thirteen dollars :

For the subsistence of officers, three hundred, and thirty-two Subsistence of thousand six hundred and thirty-eight dollars :

For forage of officers' horses, seventy thousand nine hundred Forage for offiand eighty-seven dollars :

For clothing for officers' servants, twenty six thousand five Clothing for offi hundred and fifty dollars :

For payments in lieu of clothing to discharged soldiers, thirty Payments in lieu thousand dollars :

For subsistence exclusive of that of officers, nine hundred Subsistence, ex: and thirteen thousand four hundred and forty-five dollars, in- of officers, and cluding the sum of three hundred and five thousand three hun ini dred and seventy-two dollars, for the subsistence of the volun- and militia. teers and militia called out for preventing or suppressing Indian hostilities :

For clothing of the army, camp and garrison equipage, cook- Clothing, camp ing utensils, and hospital furniture, two hundred and six thou- quipage, &c. sand nine hundred and forty dollars :

For the medical and hospital department, thirty-eight thousand Medical and hosfive hundred dollars :

pital departın't. For the regular supplies furnished by the Quartermaster's Suppliescumniek. Department, consisting of fuel, forage, straw, stationery, and master's Dept. printing, two hundred and eight thousand dollars : For barracks, quarters, store-houses, embracing the repairs Barracks

, quar. and enlargement of barracks, quarters, store-houses, and hospitals, at the several posts; the erection of temporary cantonments at such posts as shall be occupied during the year, and of gunhouses for the protection of the cannon at the forts on the seaboard, the purchase of the necessary tools and materials for the objects wanted, and of the authorized furniture for the barrack-rooms; tent of quarters for officers; of barracks for troops at posts where there are no public buildings for their accommodation ; of storehouses for the safe-keeping of subsistence, clothing, &c., and of grounds for summer cantonments, encampments, and military practice, ninety-five thousand dollars :

For the allowance made to officers for the transportation of Transportation their baggage, when travelling on duty without troops, the sum gage. of fifty thousand dollars :

For the transportation of troops and supplies, viz: transporta- Transportation tion of the army, including the baggage of troops when moving supplies, &c. either by land or water; freight and ferriages ; purchase or hire of horses, mules, oxen, carts, wagons, and boats, for the purpose

ters, &c.

ses of the Qr. Mr's. Dept.

1837. of transportation, or for the use of garrison ; drayage and cart

age at the several posts; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay department; expense of sailing a public transport between the posts on the Gulf of Mexico, and of procuring water at such posts as, from their situation, require it; the transportation of clothing from the depot at Philadelphia to the stations of the troops; of subsistence from the places of purchase, and the points of delivery under contracts, to such places as the circumstances of the service may require it to be sent; of ordnance from the foundries and arsenals to the fortifications and frontier posts, and of lead from the western mines to the several arsenals, the sum of one hundred and seventy-seven thousand

dollars: Incidental expen For the incidental expenses of the Quartermaster's Depart.

ment, consisting of postage on public letters and packets; expenses of courts-martial and courts of inquiry, including the compensation of judge advocates, members, and witnesses; extra pay to soldiers, under an act of Congress of the second of March, eighteen hundred and nineteen; expenses of expresses from the frontier posts, of the necessary articles for the interment of noncommissioned officers and soldiers; hire of laborers; compensation to clerks in the offices of quartermasters and assistant quartermasters, at posts where their duties cannot be performed without such aid, and to temporary agents in charge of dismantled works, and in the perforniance of other duties; purchase of horses to mount the second regiment of dragoons, and expenditures necessary to keep the two regiments of dragoons complete, including the purchase of horses to supply the place of those which may be lost and become unfit for service, and the erection of additional stables, one hundred and ninety-two

thousand dollars : Contingencies of For coutingencies of the army, three thousand dollars :

For two months' extra pay to re-enlisted soldiers, and for the enlisted diere, &c.

contingent expenses of the recruiting service, thirty-four thousand three hundred and sixty-two dollars :

For arrearuges prior to the first of July, one thousand eight to 1st July, 1815.

hundred and fifteen, payable through the office of the Third Auditor, one thousand dollars :

For the national armories, three hundred and sixty thousand

dollars : Armament For the armanent of the fortifications, two hundred thousand fortifications. dollars : Current expen

army. Extra pay to re


Arrearages prior

National armo.



For the current expenses of the ordnance service, one hunservicerdudace dred and twenty-three thousand nine hundred and seventy-five

dollars : Arsenals. For arsenals, three hundred and seventy-three thousand four

hundred and twenty-nine dollars :

For the purchase of percussion cannon locks, fifteen thousand

dollars : Elevating For the manufacture of elevating machines for barbette and chines, &c.

casemate carriages, eight thousand two hundred and fifty dol

Percussion can

non locks.



sponges for ean

Harper's Ferry.




For the manufacture of sponges for field and battery cannon,

1837. one thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars :

For the rifle factory at the Harper's Ferry armory, eight kino factory at thousand five hundred and sixty-nine dollars :

For completing the barracks at Baton Rouge, being an amount Completing barexpended out of the general appropriation for the Quartermas- Rouge. ter's Department, and to enable the accounting officers to close the accounts, twenty-three thousand, nirse hundred and sixty-nine dollars and five cents :

For completing the wharf at Fort Monroe, Virginia, five Wharf at Fort hundred dollars:

For.constructing a river wall, making embankment to the River wall; em: same, arching, stone-walling, repairing the embankment of the new canal ; and new canal and for completing the tilt-hammer shop at Harper's shop an HarFerry, fifty three-thousand seven hundred and forty-three dol- per's Ferry. lars :

For a magazine at the arsenal at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, MasarioueBafive thousand dollars :

For the purchase of land, building a brick warehouse, and Purchase wharf, and making a turnpike road to the river at the arsenal Arzenal al Mi. at Mount Vernon, Alabama, in addition to former appropriations for these objects, six thousand, six hundred dollars : For enlarging the site at the arsenal at Frankford, Pennsyl- Frankford

, pak vania, one thousand dollars :

For a blacksmith's shop, a reservoir, a gun-carriage house at Blacksmith's Watertown, Massachusetts, twenty-three thousand, one hundred Watertown, Ms. dollars :

For the purchase of ten thousand copper rifle flasks, seventeen Comment thousand dollars.

SECTION 2. And be it further enacted, That the following Money sums of money be paid, out of any money in the Treasury not quisition of the otherwise appropriated, on the requisition of the Secretary of Saretary War, and, so far as shall be necessary, the same shall be ex; pended for the following purposes, to wit:

For the pay, travelling, clothing for six months, and other Pay, &e. legal expenses of the Tennessec volunteers, mustered into the unteers. service of the United States under the requisition of General Gaines, under date of April eighth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and the proclamation of Governor Cannon of twenty-eighth of the same month, and approved by the Secretary of War, on the ninth of May by direction of the President of the United States one hundred thousand dollars : Provided, That Proviso. such of said volunteers as volunteered under the proclamation of Governor Cannon of the sixth of Jyine or twentieth of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty six, and were mastered into the service of the United States, and are entitled to clothing under the act of May twenty-third, one thousand eight' hundred and thirty-six, shall not be paid for clothing out of the aforesaid appropriation :

For pay, travelling, clothing, and other legal expenses of the Paginedes of Tennessee volunteers, mustered into the service of the United unes. States, under the order of the Secretary of War of May twenty

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or Tennessee vol. unteers.

Liabilities incurred by Gov.

uve staff of Guy.

One month's pay,

&c. to vol


1837: fifth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and Governor

Cannon's proclamation of June sixth, one thousand eight hun

dred and thirty-six, ninety-five thousand dollars : Pay, &c. For pay, travelling, clothing, and other legal expenses of the

Tennessee volunteers, mustered into the service of the United States under General Gaines's requisition, under date of June twenty-eighth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and Governor Cannon's proclan:ation of July twentieth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, thirty five thousand three hundred and ten dollars :

For the liabilities incurred by Governor Cannon in raising Canaon. money; so far as said money has been properly expended in

the service of the United States, on account of the aforesaid vol.

unteers, thirteen thousand, five hundred dollars : Pay due Execu For pay

due the Executive staff of the Governor of Tennessee, of Ten-while actually engaged in obiaining, organizing, mustering, or

marching volunteers, during the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, to the places of their rendezvous, or making returns of said volunteers, three thousand dollars.

Section 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary unteers and mi-at War, be and he hereby is directed to cause to be paid to the lucky, Teines volunteers and militia of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and de Malabama, Mississippi, including the companies in Mississippi, mustered

into the service, who were duly called into service, and whose service was accepted by the Executives of the States respectively, during the summer of the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, under requisitions from the Secretary at War or from generals commanding the troops of the United States, and who were discharged before marching, the amount of one month's pay, with all the allowances to which they would have been entitled if they had been in actual service during the period of one month ; and that the same be paid out of any money in the

Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Pay to the Rifle SECTION 4. And be it further enacted, That eleven thousand

volun six hundred and fifty dollars be appropriated for paying the ters, and Inder Rifle Rangers, Coosada volunteers, and the Independence Blues,

under the command of Major Holt, and for the payment of Major Holt and battalion staff or so much of said sum as may be necessary for those purposes be appropriated and paid on the presentation of the rolls of said companies and battalion staff to the Paymaster General, with evidence of the time they were in the service against the Creek Indians in the months of May and June, eighteen hundred and thirty-six.

Section 5. And be it further enacted, That one hundred thousequipping mi

Rangers, Coo. sada



and dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated for arming and equipping the militia of the United States, in addition to the

appropriations heretofore made for that purpose. Paying claims of

Section 6. And be it further enacted, That for paying the services of her claims of the State of Connecticut for the services of her militia militia during

during the late war, to be audited and settled by the proper accounting officers of the Treasury, under the superintendence of the Secretary of War, in the following cases; first where the


liua U.S.

Connecticut for

late war,

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