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day of April, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, accept, ratify, and confirm the same, with the following amendments.viz:

“Strike out articles 2 and 4 in the following words:

• ARTICLE 2nd. The survey and proclamation of sale shall applr, as well to the reserves on the river Angrais, and at Rifle river, of which said Indians are to have the usufruct and occupancy for five years, as to the other lands ceded: but the sales shall be made subject to the incumbrance of such right of occupancy by the Indians, nor shall any lands thus sold be entered upon, until the full end and term of said five years, without the consent of said Indians, publicly obtained, at the office of the proper superintendent, agent or sub-agent, of such tribe or band; which con sent shall be expressed by the certificate of such officer, delivered to the purchaser. And to enable such officer to act understandingly, in the discharge of this duty, a plat of the survey of suct reservations, shall be furnished for the use of his office.

ARTICLE 4th. Should the said Indians agree to emigrate, and give up their reservations on the west shores of Saganaw bar, at any time during the first period of sale herein before me tioned, they shall receive from the United States the minimu price per acre, fixed for said period, and if during the second period, the minimum price for the second period.'

Change articles 3 and 5 to read article 2nd, and article 3rd."

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have caused the seal of the United
States to be hereunto affixed, having signed the same with my
Done at the city of Washington, the second day of July, one

thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, and of the
[L. s.]
Independence of the United States the sixty-second.

M. VAN BUREN. By the President:

JOHN FORSYTH, Secretary of State.



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Aarons William James, act for the relief of
Acres, gross amount of, to be located, sold, and transferred by

John Pope, late Governor of Arkansas, under authority granted
to him by act of Congress of July 4th, 1832, not to exceed six

thousand four hundred Adams; Nathan Peter and William; duplicates of bounty land

warrants, to issue to the heirs of Adjutant generals, as many assistant, to be employed by the Pre

sident as he may deem necessary
Agency Pension, at Decatur, Alabama, removal of to Huntsville,

Alabama, Post-routes established in
Albany, circuit court, now held annually at, to be henceforth held

at Canandaigua
Albert A., of New Orleans, authority given to, to export with the

benefit of drawback, a package of Spanish playing cards, Alexandria, court-house to be erected at, Amelia island, appropriation heretofore made for a light-house on,

how employed
Amendments, treaty of with the Miami tribe of Indians; assent of

Senate to, [Appendix]
treaty of, with the Chippewas of Saganaw, [Appen-

Annuities, due and payable to the Great and Little Osage Indians

in the year 1838, provided for Apparatus dioptric and lenticular; two sets of to be imported by

the Secretary of the Treasury, and merits of, tested Appropriation; for instructing the Indians in clearing and culti

vating their lands
for the payment of annuities due from the United

States, for the year 1838, to the Great and Little

Osage Indians -
for the defence of the northern frontier
for the contingent expenses of the commissioners

to adjust the claims to the reservations of land
under the 14th article of the treaty of 1830,

with the Choctaw Indians
for the payment of the Revolutionary and other

pensioners of the United States for 1838
for the civil and diplomatic expenses of Govern-

ment for 1838
for salaries of President and Vice President of the
United States





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Appropriation; for salaries of the heads of department

for the salary of the Postmaster General
for expenses of the office of the Secretary of State
for expenses of the office of the Secretary of the

of the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury
of the office of the Secretary of War
of the office of the Chief Engineer
of the office of the Secretary of the Navy
for the compensation of the Governor, Judges and

Secretary of the Territory of Wisconsin
for the compensation of the Governor, Judges and

Secretary of the Territory of Florida
for the compensation of the Chief Justice, Asso-

ciate Justices and District Judges of U. S.
for the compensation of the Att'y Gen'l. of U.S.
for salaries of ministers to foreign courts
for expenses of intercourse with Barbary powers
for contingent expenses of foreign intercourse
for the purchase of books for the library of Con-

for alterations of the Capitol
for alterations and repairs of the President's house
for repairing the marine hospital at Charleston

South Carolina
for payment to L. Persico, under bis contract with

the Gov't. for a group of statues for the Gov't.
for the General Post Office
for transportation of the mail
for the support of the Army for the year 1838
for continuance of the Cumberland road in Ohio,

Indiana and Illinois
for naval service for 1838
for the hospital near Pensacola

Norfolk, Va.

for contingent expenses of ihe Territory of Iowa
for public buildings at Territory of Iowa
for suppression of Indian hostilities for 1838, and

for arrearages for 1837
for the salary of the Surveyor of public lands in

for surveying, boundary line between State of

Michigan and Territory of Iowa
for running southern boundary line of Territory

of Iowa
for completion of public buildings in Wisconsin
for the salary of the Marshal of the district court

of the United States for the western district of

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Appropriation; to carry into effect the provisions of the act for

appointment of persons to test inventions for
the improvement of the boilers of steam en-

for the judge of the orphan's court of Alexandria
county in the District of Columbia

for certain roads in the Territory of Florida

for support of military academy, for the year

for the documentary history of the American Re-

for the Mars Hill military road


to reimburse the State of Maine for allowances
to E. S. Greely and John Baker

for construction of the patent office

for the salaries of the officers of the Territory of
Iowa, and for the pay of the legislature

for contingent expenses of the Senate of the
United States

for military surveys, outstanding balance on

for closing the account for laying out the mail
route through the Creek county

for the salary of the additional judge of the or-

phan's court of Washington county, District of

to carry into effect the resolution in relation to
steam engines

to defray expenses of Marshals, and other civil

officers of the United States, under the amend-
ment to the act of 20th of April, 1818

to carry into effect the act to increase the Army 114
for the expenses of visiters to the Military Aca-
demy -

for enlarging contingent fund of the House of Re-

114 for repairs to the Potomac Bridge, &c.

114 for the salary of the Collector at Vicksburg

for fortifications of the United States

for salary of the clerk to the Commissioners un-
der the act of the 7th of July, 1838

for compilation of the laws of Florida

for building light-houses, beacon-lights, buoys,
&c. &c.

for payment of surveys for light-houses

for current and contingent expenses of the Indian

for fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various
Indian tribes

for certain roads in the Territory of Wisconsin

168 for printing and publishing the Madison papers 199

3 199 139

93 100


Arkansas, official acts of the late Governor of, ratified and con

western boundary of; fort for; appropriation for

Post-routes established in
Arnold Elias, and Paine Raphael ; act amending the act for the

relief of
Artillery, regiments of; to be increased by one company
Ashe John B. legal representatives of, commutation of half-pay

allowed to Assignees, applying for patents of reservations of lands under the

treaty between the Creek Indians and the United States of March 24th, 1832 ; to produce before the Commissioner of the general land office proof of the fairness of the assignment under

which they claim Assignments suitable and proper, of the bonds of the United

States, against the president, &c. of the bank of the United

States, chartered by Pennsylvania, to be executed by the Secretary of the Treasury Asylum-Kentucky; time for selling land granted to by Congress;

extension of Asylum, Naval, at Philadelphia, appropriation for Attorney District, for the district court of the United States for the

western district of Tennessee appointment of provided for Auditor's office, fifth, appropriation for two additional clerks of, A'ustin John P. indemnity allowed to, for damages in the execu

tion of a certain contract



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Bacot T, W., payment to for money spent for the United States
Bail, of persons committed for trial for offences against the act of

10th of March, 1838, to be accompanied by additional security

for the non-violation of said act Baker A., alias Wm. A. Chelsey; criminal proceedings against for

violating the act of the 30th of April, 1790
Baker James; act for relief of
Bank Union, of Georgetown, in the District of Columbia; charter

of extended
number of directors of
trustee or trustees of, having the management of

the bank's concerns, to be elected by the stock

trustees of, to be elected in the same manner as the

president and directors
trustees of, to receive all the property of, from the

president and directors, by conveyance, through a

charter of, when voidable
no bills payable to bearer to be issued by

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