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Bank Union, of Georgetown, District of Columbia, no deposites,

except from a stockholder, to be received by
obligations of, &c., not to be impaired by the act of

25th of May, 1838
trustees of, after first of July, 1842, to prosecute any

action, &c., without abaternent
trustee or trustees when selected, to advertise the fact
corporation of, to forfeit all right to extension under

certain circumstances
Bank of the United States, no suit in which it is a party to abate by

reason of the expiration of the two years after the expiration of

the charter Banks, District of Columbia in, charters of, extended Bank of Alexandria, in city of Alexandria, charter extended to the

4th of March, 1941 Bank chartered by legislative council of Wisconsin Territory, char

ter of, disapproved and disaffirmed by act of Congress Bank; notes of which, after 1st of October, 1838, shall issue notes

of a less denomination than five dollars, not to be received in pay

ment of any debts due to the United States Banking house of late bank of Alexandria, purchase of authorized

by the President of the United States, at his discretion, for a

court-house for the county of Alexandria
Bass Job; lands paid for by, to be patented to the heirs and legal

representatives of Joseph Nibert
Barret James; act for the relief of
Barton Henry; act for relief of
Barny Sarah, of Connecticut ; pension granted to
Bay Street ; continuance of through the lands of the United States

by the authorities of the city of Savannah Bell

, patent fog, made by Andrew Morse, merits of to be ascertained Blunt E. Mr.; apparatus of, merits of to be ascertained Blacksmiths' shops, establishment of, for the Sacs and Foxes of

Missouri; [Appendix]
Bond's title, in relation to land in the District of Columbia, to be

proved in the same manner as deeds for its conveyance
proof of to be notice to all subsequent purchasers of

the existence of such bonds Bonds, postponed by act of 16th of October, 1937, commissions on

belonging to the United States, against the president, &c.,

of the Bank of the United States, chartered by Pennsyl

vania, sale of Boyd James; pension granted to Boyles Thomas H. ; half pay due on account of revolutionary ser

vices of, payment of authorized Boundaries, lands of ceded to the United States by the Chippewa

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nation of Indians; [Appendix] Brady Freeman; payment of, for work on the Cumberland road Brown Jacob; act for the relief of; confirming his purchases of

land in Arkansas Bradford James H.; pension granted to

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Burgess E.; act for the relief of
Budlong Hannah; five years' half pay, allowance to
Bunting William B.; seven years' half pay granted to the heirs of

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Cadets, time of service of increased

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pay of

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Callan James, act for the relief of
Campbell, Richard Lieut. Col. act for relief of heirs of
Campbell Scott, Indian interpreter, payment to, [Appendix]
Canal to unite lake Michigan and Rock river, plat of route of, to

be transmitted by Governor of Wisconsin to Commissioner

of the General Land Office

number of shares of, to be held by the Territory of Wisconsin Captains and others in charge of steam vessels, on conviction of

manslaughter, to be sentenced to hard labor for a period not

more than ten years
Carter Thomas Doctor, act for the relief of
Casey Robert, act for the relief of
Cassel Michael, act for the relif of
Cassiday James of North Carolina, act for relief of
Certificate, before justices, for an admission by clerks of the circuit

of District of Columbia of any record of conveyance

whereby a right in real estate is conveyed, form of before two justices, of the acknowledgment, by a femme

covert of a deed to which she is a party, relinquishing

her right of dower, form of -
under the pre-emption law to be conclusive evidence

that the oath was legally administered
Certificates, of loss by the fire at city of New York, on being can-

celled to be transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury
Challer Henry, act for relief of
Champ Phebe, act for relief of
Chandler Joel, act for the relief of
Chaplain, employment of, by the council of administration of any

post, authorized
Chaplains allowance of at only twenty posts
Cheney Beley and others, act for the relief of
Cherokee county, Alabama, tract of land granted to, on the Coosa

Chilton John, children and heirs at law of, act for relief of
Chittenden Noah, act for relief of widow of
Claimant, before the Commissioners for adjusting claims to reser-

vations of lands under the treaty of 1830 with the
Choctaw Indians, substituting the child of any other

Indian for his own, to be stricken from the list
for property seized under the act of the 10th of March,

1838, to file a bond in double the value of the property

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Clark Josiah, act for the relief of .
Clark Christopher, act for the relief of
Clerk, Circuit Court of, of the United States at Huntsville, Alabama,

all original papers and records to be delivered by, to the clerk of

the District Court for the Northern District of Alabama Clerk to Commissioners under the act of 7th July, 1838, appoint

ment of authorized
Coal on board of vessels propelled by steam arriving at any port of

the United States, exemption of duty on
Coast, between the Mississippi and Sabine Rivers, examination of
Coffin Charles, act for the relief of
Collection District, in State of Mississippi, establishment of
Collectors and other officers of the Government duly authorized,

required to seize and detain any vessels when there
is probability that such vessels are intended to be
employed on military expedition within the territory
of any foreign prince, &c., conterminous and at peace

with the United States
customs of, payment to, of certain commissions on duty

bonds postponed
Collins William, act for the relief of
Commissaries of subsistence not to be separated from the line
Commission, establishment of, in the city of New York, to ascertain

the amount of goods destroyed by the fire in New York, Commissioner of pensions, to cause unpaid pension of Captain Ro

bert Laird of Georgia, due at the time of his death,

to be paid to his executor
of General Land Office, authorized to endorse on

receipts or certificates tendered in payment for
land by Vespasian Ellis, that the same are re-

Commissioners, to adjust the claims to reservations of lands under

the 14th article of the treaty of 1830 with the
Choctaw Indians, continuation of appointment

authority given to, to adjourn their sessions to such

places in Mississippi as the interests of the Go

vernment and claimants may require
in the case of the death, resignation or absence of

any one of them, the remaining two, authorized

to act
power given to, to compel the attendance of wit-

nesses, &c., to employ interpreters, and an agent

to collect testimony for the United States
to ascertain the loss by the fire at the city of New

York, time and place of meeting of
duty of
empowered to administer oaths
claims before, to be presented within four months
to make a full and perfect statement of their inves-

tigation to the Secretary of the Treasury







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Commissioners to ascertain the loss by the fire at the city of New

York, to deliver the approval of the Secretary of

the Treasury, with a certificate to each claimant
certificates from to be received by Collector of New

York in payment of duties
Commissioners, public building of, to remove the walls of the late

Post Office building
Company, Franklin Insurance, authority given to President and

Directors of, to invest the surplus funds in good

Fire Insurance in the city of Washington, act to incor-

porate, continued in force for twenty years

Milwaukie and Rock river canal, incorporation of
Company, Florida Peninsula Rail-road and Steam-boat, not to ex-

ercise banking privileges
right of way over public lands granted to
right granted to, to take from the public lands in vicinity
of the road, such materials as are necessary for the

construction of said road
sites granted to, for watering places, workshops, and

to cause a survey within one year from the 28th June,

1838, of the route of the road to be made, and of the

sites to be selected Connecticut, post-routes established in Connoly John, payment to by United States for the benefit of child

ren of, [Appendix]
Contingencies, fortifications of, appropriation for
Corporations, charter of having expired, notes of not to be put into

may be prevented from

issuing or re-issuing its

bills, notes, or checks. Council Legislative of Florida, act of, incorporating the Florida

Peninsula Rail-road and Steam-boat Company, confirmed
Court Circuit of United States, at Huntsville, causes pending in, to

be transferred to the District Court of the United
States for the northern district of the State of

of the United States, for Eastern District of Virginia,

spring term of, to commence on 18th day of No-
of United States, in the District of East Tennessee

and the District of Maryland, time of holding Courts Circuit and District of the United States, to try all cases

arising under the act providing for the prevention
of the violation of the neutrality of the United
States towards conterminous territories and colo-

and District, of the United States, in the seventh Cir-

cuit, times of holding

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Court District of the United States, for Eastern District of Virginia,

terms of to commence on 12th day of May and

12th day of November
of the Western District of Virginia, circuit jurisdic-

diction restored to
Court Criminal District of Columbia in, terms of

jurors and witnesses of, compensation of

jurisdiction of
Crane Letitia, act for relief of
Cravat Richard and others, act for the relief of
Creek Indians, expenses of holding treaty with
Crocket Daniel H., act for relief of
Crow A. T., act for the relief of -
Cumberland road, in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, appropriations for

continuance of
appropriations for to be under same provisions as

those contained in the act of 3d March, 1837
Cushing Thomas, act for the relief of
Custom-house, officers of, compensation of in the year 1838

to render an account quarterly to the


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Davis Daniel, act for the relief of
Davis Jonathan, act for the relief of
Deed to which feme covert is a party, relinquishing her right of

dower; when effectual in law to pass her right
Deeds and Mortgages, of double the value to be secured, to be

taken by the President and Directors of the Franklin Insurance Company, in lieu of the endorsed notes required of stockholders

for the unpaid part of the capital Deeds, heretofore recorded in the District of Columbia, upon an

acknowledgment before two Justices of the Peace, to be good Deeds of conveyance in the District of Columbia, except deeds of

trust and mortgages, when duly acknowledged and recorded

within six months, to take effect from the time of such acknowDelaware, post-routes established in Delegate, to the House of Representatives of the United States

from the Territory of Iowa, election of Delesdernier William, authority granted to, to draw the arrearages

of pay due the late Lewis F. Delesdernier at the time of his
Dennison Christopher; act for the relief of
Denny John, relinquishment of title of, to lands reserved to the

parties of the Oneida Indians, [Appendix)
Department Medical, of the army, pay of, officers of
Deshields Joseph; act for the relief of
Des Moines, land office



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