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The Tilden ancestry – The dens of the wealds of Kent — Sir Richard

Tilden's ancestor's intermarriage with a nephew of William the Conqueror John Tilden, of Benenden, A.D. 1400 — Nathaniel Tylden emigrates to America — Commodore Preble — George Ticknor — MajorGeneral Warren The " Mayflower”. John Tilden's musket - His grandson's first and last sporting experience - Major Doubleday — William Jones, founder of New Haven - David Yale, one of the founders of Yale College - Governor Hopkins — Samuel Jones - Doctor Younglove

Sir John Maxwell Tylden — General William Burton Tylden — Richard Tylden — Elam Tilden.

"He who has served his country well,” says Voltaire, " has no need of ancestors.”1 Tested by this principle, the biographer of Samuel Jones Tilden has no occasion to investigate his pedigree, or to illuminate his name with ancestral blazonry. But it is not for the illustrious dead that we perpetuate the memory of their achievements. It is for those who survive and succeed them that the example of a useful life deserves to be lifted up and made conspicuous. The qualities that he inherits are an essential part of every man's life. We should have the most imperfect notion of the oak if our acquaintance with it did not begin until it had become the monarch of the forest. When a man's life begins and when it ends are equally beyond the range of mortal apprehension. What we inherit may serve as an apology for our infirmities, but affords no pretext for boasting of our achievements. It is only what we

Qui sert bien son pays n'a pas besoin d'aieux. Merope, Act 1. Scene iii.


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