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n 1910 L

American Monthly Magazine


Volume XXXV. July-december, 1909.

Address to the Eighteenth Continental Congress,

Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, 1

Address to the National Board, Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, 1057

Address of Welcome to Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, Letitia Green

Stct enson Chapter, « 2

American Monthly Magazine Ruth Rose, 1256

Ancestry of Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, President General,

Mrs. Amos G. Draper, 589

An Old Revolutionary Town, E. C. Coburn, 979

Battles of Lexington and Concord Miss Lillian A. Norton, 598

Bit of Connecticut History Mary Mcrwin Tibbals, 383

Burning of the Peggy Stewart, Julia V. Waring Bowie, 1181

Captain Samuel Brady, Eunice Strickland, 1066

Catharine Van Rennselaer Schuyler Mrs. James B. Neal, 982

Christmas Greeting, Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, 1177

Colonial Women, Lelia Covins Baughman, 986

Committees of the National Society 1024

Commodore Abraham Whipple Mrs. Agnes C. Tribou, 369

Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution

Mrs. Clarence E. Bacon, 49

Connecticut State Library, 23

Cowpens Mrs. William H. Smith, 380

Cunningham Family Relics, I 197

Echoes from the Continental Congress, 24

Echoes from Tennessee 4°2

Flag-Raising and Displaying, 28

Fort Ticonderoga 396

History of the British Prison Ships Catherine H. Winchell, 7

Kiss, A, Mrs. A. G. Wilkinson, 17

Lake Champlain Tercentenary Celebration, ..Mrs. E. P. S. Moor, 974

Little Journeys of the President General, 1104

Members Elected June 2, 1909, 59

Members Admittel October 6, 1909 1105

Members Admitted November 3, 1909 1260

Memorial Continental Hall Committee, 1024, 1248

Molly Aiken / 'iola Bass Deacon, 1 180

Molly Stark, Mrs. J. L. Osborne, 375

Noble, Mrs. Esther Frothingham 25

Norwich, Connecticut 397

Notes from Alabama 649

Notes from New Jersey 10.21

Old Fort Kearney Bert Szvartc, 611

Open Letters, 625, 1095

Portrait of Mrs. John R. Walker, presentation of, 24

Pottawattomie Indian Monument 1063

Prayer cf Robert Louis Stevenson 1178

State Officers, Mrs. Ogden H. Fethcrs, Mrs. D. F. Clark 395

Wyoming Massacre, Mrs. Jane E. Parker Ward, 965

Yorktown Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, 1183

Poetry: m

Animo Et Fide Mrs. Helen N. Prince, 1002

Battle of the Kegs, The Francis Hopkrnson, 616

Betsey Ross, Chas. M. Wallington, 386

Connecticut Song, D. A. R Fanny J. Crosby, 50

Flag in the Sky, A Althea Randolph Bedle, 18

Flag of our Nation, Belle N. Doughty, 619

Song of Illinois Daughters Louise Singleton Millar, 992

Song for Wisconsin, Mrs. Emma Payne Erskine, 1072

Star of Wisconsin Mrs. Ogden Hoffman Fethcrs, 1071

Twentieth Century Musings Katharine Griswold, 389

United, A National Hymn, Mary Speed Mercer, 1179

White Bordered Rainbow Flag, The M. Winchester Adams, 991

Woman Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 108

Revolutionary Records:

Copy of a South Carolina Revolutionary Roll, 1187

From a Mississippi Graveyard, 995

From a Vermont Graveyard 995

Grice Family, 1074

Names of Revolutionary Soldiers on Tablet, Winsted.Conn., 399 Obituary Notices of Revolutionary Soldiers from old almanacs, > 30

Revolutionary Records of Christopher Vail, 1073

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Hanover, N. J 993

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Licking County, Ohio

31, 399. 620, 994

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Rahway Cemetery, N. J.. 30

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Tennessee, 1188

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Wisconsin 401

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