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HE object of "The First Battle" is to present an account of the leading events and issues of the most critical campaign in American history. The work contains an interesting description of the author's famous tour, including his most important speeches, together with the principal addresses and documents identified with the campaign of 1896; the whole embodying a faithful presentation of the rise and development of the silver movement. It also contains a review of the political situation and an analysis of the election returns. At our request the author has included a biographical sketch written by Mrs. Bryan.

The name and fame of the author may induce unscrupulous publishers to issue fraudulent imitations of "The First Battle." We desire to state that this book will appear under no other title than "The First Battle," copyrighted by William J. Bryan and bearing the imprint of W. B. Conkey Company.


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The campaign of 1896 was whether The we measure it by magnitude of the iceves involved on by the depth. of interest aroused. I have heer led to undertake the present work by a desire, filt by myselle and expressed by others, to have the more in partant incidunts of the campaign put into permanent form for the convenience of those who have taken part in the contest and for the use of thase who shall here after desire to review the struggle the amount of work done by the advocates of free coinage is ben youd computation and the number of these who is great for took an active part in the contics. emmeration. These facts, together with the difficulty of choosing between so many meritorious spuches, have compelled me to lick quotations to the addusses made. and documents issued, by persons standing fficial or semi- officise capacity, and to the principal spercars delivered by myself. I have added



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biographical sketch written by

H.J. Bryan



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Lincoln Neh.

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