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RUTLAND, VT., March 17, 1883.
Rocli forat Watch Co.:

GENTLEMEN: On February 17th, 1880, I sold your No. 22,573 to Timothy Hurley, an engi-
neer on the Rensselaer & Saratoga R. Ř. The regulator was changed two or three times in the
first ten days, after wlich it was not touched until August 8th, 1881, when the main-spring
broke. During that time (nearly 18 months) it did not show 30 seconds variation from stand-
ard time. I inserted a new main-spring, without cleaning, and it ran the following fourteen
months even closer than before. On the 1st of February, 1883, it was cleaned for the first
time, and is now running as accurately as ever,

The performance of this movement has been to me a matter of astonishment, and to !tr
owner a source of great satisfaction.

It will be difficult to and the equal of this watch, and it certainly cannot be excelled by
any of its grade.

A, S. MARSRALL, Jeweier,

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to meet him! Barbarine nodded, bright

ly: HERE, darling, sit down by

“Pshaw! I am vorry!" the fire and let me take your "Albert!" she remonstrated, almost inthings off. Albert will be clined to be vexed. heie this evening, and I have * But we have been so happy together, so much to tell you first." all by ourselves, Rina. And now this

Agnes Tressilian looked third one comes to spoil it all." very beautiful in the soft glit- “You will like her so much, Albert," ter of the silver candelabra she pleaded. and the ruddy glow of the “Shall I?" He shrugged his shoulders

fire, as Barbarine Cliffe un- a little dubiously. “Well, for your sake, tied her bonnet-strings and loosened the Rina, I'll try.' clasps of her cloak. Her face was a Barbarine Cliffe smiled triumphantly pure, perfect oval, with blue, languid to see the unconscious start of admiration eyes, and lips of fresh, vivid scarlet, and that Mr. Vining gave, when the parlorher hair fell in a shining shower of gold door swung open and Miss Tressilian from the fillet of blue ribbon that she glided in, robed in a dress of white cash

mere, with a blue-velvet band twisted Barbarine Cliffe was what is ordinarily through her hair-rose-cheeked, goldentermed a pretty girl, but Barbarine look- tressed and beautiful as a dream. ed plain and coarse, with her fresh “I knew he would admire her," cheeks and hazel-brown eyes, by the side thought unselfish little Barbarine; and of this blonde sylph.

oh! I am so glad!" “Who would have thought, darling," There was no more question of Miss went on Barbarine, pressing the soft, Tressilian's being “a third one" after dimpled hands in hers, as Agnes sat smil. this, How gracefully she harmonized ing before the fire, 6s that I should so with all their plans-how prettily she soon have claimed your part of our old gave her sympathy on whichever side it school-girl compact of being each other's was pleaded for. Barbarine was happier bridesmaids. I hope you will like him, than ever--and Mr. Vining, was he hapAgnes—I don't believe you can help it-py? Yes, in a sort of dream, or fever, and I am sure you will admire him.” or exaltation something so different

She prattled away in the innocent full- from all he had previously known that ness of her girl-heart, as she led Miss he scarce knew by what name to call it. Tressilian up to the dainty casket of a Agnes Tressilian went away, after a little room provided for her, and Agnes month's visit to her old school friend, listened, smiling and radiant as a saint. and Mr. Vining escorted her to her home

'Well, Barbarine, has she come?" among the Catskill hills, at Barbarine's It was the first question that Albert especial request. Vincent asked, when his betrothed wife * She is too beautiful to travel alone!" came tripping across the parlor threshold said the bride-elect, " and I shall feel


" The

easier if you come back and tell me you much to heart, Barbarine Cliffe--but love saw her safe home?”

will not be controlled or driven! What a whimsical little woman you

Barbarine rose quietly up. "I forgive are, Barbarine,” said Mr. Vining, but he you, Agnes,” she said, gently. obeyed nevertheless.

time may come when you will be glad to He will be back to-morrow!” thought remember that!" Barbarine, as she sat down to her em- “I don't want your forgiveness!" flashbroidery, singing to herself and counting ed back the blonde beauty; “I will not the days to her wedding. Only twenty- have it! seven of them now!

So Agnes Tressilian was married to But when the morrow came the servant Albert Vining, the loveliest bride that brought in a note, at the hour she had ever the sun shone on, and Barbarine hid expected Albert Vining himself to arrive away her broken heart, covering it up —ā note that blanched Barbarine's peach- with the sweet memories, which were all blossom of a cheek and sent a keen stab that she had to dwell on now. to her poor little tender heart, as if a “It was a little shabby to poor Barbaknife had cleft its way through the rine Cliffe," said Mrs. Vining, tossing quivering flesh.

back the yellow curls from her alabaster, He had left her to transfer his recreant fair brow; “but I was so much better allegiance to Agnes Tressilian—that was suited to Albert than ever she could be. the upshot of it all. He did not love her It will be a great deal more sensible for any longer, since beautiful Agnes Tres- all parties in the long run!” silian's face had dawned upon his life. Humph!" said old Mrs. Gregory,

And Agnes? She had accepted him-Agnes' aunt; “how would you like it for she lied, was false to the ideal of friend. some other woman to put in a claim for ship poor, simple little Barbarine had Albert on the ground that she was better worshiped so blindly.

suited than you to his particular needs “I will go to her,” she thought, rising and requirements ?” suddenly up, with her sweet face as pale But we are married!” said Agnes, as a moonlight snow-drift. “I will have looking alarmed. the truth from Agnes' own lips. Else I “Marriage isn't always such a safenever, never can believe it.”

guard as some people seem to think," Miss Tressilian had not expected ever said Miss Gregory, and she took snuff, again to see the face of the girl she had and plunged into her book again. so wickedly wronged. She had thought She met Barbarine Cliffe sometimes in Barbarine Cliffe would suffer unremon- the years that followed—not in what the stratingly, and in silence--but she had world calls society, where people meet to misjudged matters in this respect. Bar- compare their diamonds, envy each barine could not give up her life hope other's Paris dresses and talk with those without at least one struggle.

they never cared two straws about-but “It isn't my fault!” said Agnes Tres- in the peaceful shadow of rich rooms, silian, with a toss of the showery golden where patient sufferers lay waiting for ringlets, "that Albert loves me better the great tide of eternity to float them than he does you. You ought not to away——in dreary purlieus, when Mrs. blame me.

Vining went to scold dressmakers, and Agnes! Agnes!" wailed the broken- hurry up pale sewing girls. 'A regular hearted girl, putting up her trembling sister of charity!" said Agnes, scornfully; hands as if she would ward something “ Barbarine was just made for that sort away from her,

the fascination was of thing! never on one side alone! You dare not

So it happened that Barbarine Cliffe deny that you stole his heart away from had occasion to go to her beautiful rival's me!”

handsome house one day to plead for an No. Agnes Tressilian dared not deny over-worked seamstress to whom Miss it. She colored, bit her lip, and sent à Vining owed money-'a mere trifle”— glittering, arrowy ray from her lovely she called it, but to Ruth Morris it was blue eyes, that was half malice and half more than that-and Antonie, the French triuniph.

maid, showed her directly to “Madame's “At any rate, he is mine now," said own room." she, exultantly In this world of love, But Barbarine stopped on the threshold the race is to the swift, and the battle is appalled. Agnes lay with her face buried to the strong! I am sorry you take it so l among the soft cushions, the lace scarf

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