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[Act 334, P. A. 1919]

An act to provide for the registration of architects, engineers and surveyors; to regulate the practice of architecture, engineering and surveying as professions and establish their relation to public works and the surveying and platting of land; to provide for a board of examiners of architects, engineers and surveyors; to repeal act number one hundred twenty of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred fifteen, entitled "An act to provide for the registration of architects and regulating the practice of architecture as a profession," and to provide for the transfer of the funds and records accumulated under said act.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 1. Any person who represents himself to be an architect or as an engineer, or as a surveyor in any of the branches hereinafter mentioned, in the State of Michigan, shall be registered as hereinafter provided. Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent any person, firm or corporation from preparing plans and specifications for buildings to be erected by themselves.

Section 2. Any person who shall have been qualified in this State to use the title "registered architect" before this act takes effect shall be considered as registered under this act. Any citizen of the State of Michigan who shall have been engaged in practice as an engineer or surveyor as a principal, or in the responsible charge of design or supervision of engineering works for not less than two years before this act goes into effect, shall be granted a certificate authorizing him to use the title of the branch of engineering in which he has been so engaged.

Section 3. The Governor shall, within thirty days after this act goes into effect, appoint a board of seven examiners, which shall be composed of two architects and five engineers, who shall have been in the active practice of their professions as principals for not less than ten years previous to their appointment and who are otherwise qualified, of whom one of the appointees shall be from the Upper Peninsula.

Section 4. The members of the board shall be appointed to hold

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