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Flatbush, vacant.

Canarsie, Rev. T. B. Brown.
Coney Island, Rev. T. Heywood.

Parkville, Rev. W. C. Stiles.

Canarsie, Rev. H. Nicolai.

Flatbush, Rev. Cornelius L. Wells, D. D.
Coney Island, Ahawath Aaron Congregation.

Flatbush (German), Rev. H. Bruschweiler.

Flatbush Mission, Rev. Mr. Boocock.

Flatlands, Rev. J. S. Gardner.
Canarsie, Rev. J. H. Abele.

Gravesend, Rev. P. V. Van Buskirk. Flatbush, Rev. J. Kirsch.

New Utrecht, Rev. Alfred H. Brush.

West Brooklyn.

Bay Ridge and Unionville, Rev. John Pilking-

Bath Beach, St. Finbar's; Rev. Jas. E. McKivBlythebourne.

erkin. Flatbush, Rev. E. C. Hoag.

Bensonhurst, St. James'; Rev. Chas. WightFlatlands, Rev. Gustave Laass.

man, Parkville, Rev. H. C. Glover.

Canarsie, Holy Family; attended by ReverSheepshead Bay, Rev. J. V. Saunders.

end Fathers of Mercy. Unionyille, Rev. W. A. Taft.

Coney Island, Guardian Angel; Rev. J. J. HefWindsor Terrace, Rev. G. C. Spencer.


Flatbush, Holy Cross; Revs. Matthew O'Con

nell and Patrick Farrelly. Bath Beach, Holy Spirit.

Flatlands, St. Thomas Aquinas'; Rev. J. Bay Ridge, Christ's Church.

McAleese. Blythebourne, St. Jude's; Rev. R. B. Snowdon. Fort Hamilton, St. Patrick's; Rev. J. Tanzer. Flatbush, St. Paul's; Rev. T. G. Jackson.

Parkville, St. Rose of Lima; attended from Fort Hamilton, St. John's; Rev. R. B. Snow- Flatlands. den.

Sheepshead Bay, St. Mark's; attended from Parkville, St. John's.

Coney Island.

The Salvation Army. rooklyn, 1, 105 Fifth av., Capt. Wilson in command. Membership, 40.

Brooklyn, 2, 221 Washington st., Adjt. Winchell in command. Membership, 39.

Brooklyn, 3, cor. State and Smith sts., Capt. Anderson in command. Membership, 50.

Brooklyn, 4, cor. DeKalb av. and Walworth st., Capt. Smith in command. Membership, 12.

Brooklyn, 5, Seaman's Mission, near Erie Basin, Capt. Saunders in command. Membership, 6.

Brooklyn, 7, Broadway, East New York, Capt. McWaters in command.

Universities of the World, Norway has 1 university, 46 professors and 880 students.

France has 1 university, 180 professors and 9,300 students.

Belgium has 4 universities, 88 professors and 2,400 students.

Holland has 4 universities, 80 professors and 1,600 students.

Portugal has 1 university, 40 professors and 1,300 students.

Italy has 17 universities, 600 professors and 11,140 students.

Sweden has 2 universities, 173 professors and 1,010 students.

Switzerland has 3 universities, 90 professors and 2,000 students.

Russia has 8 universities, 582 professors and 6,900 students.

Denmark has 1 university, 40 professors and 1,400 students.

Austria has 10 universities, 1,810 professors and 13,600 students.

Spain has 10 universities, 380 professors and 16,200 students.

Germany has 21 universities, 1,020 professors and 25,084 students.

Great Britain has 11 universities, 334 professors and 13,400 students.

The United States of America has 360 universities, 4,240 professors and 69,400 students.

Bishop Loughlin's Jubilee. On October 18, 1890, Right Rev. Bishop John Loughlin, D. D., celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination as a priest of the Catholic Church. He was born on December 20, 1817, in the townland of Drumbuniff, parish of Clanduff, County Down, Ireland. He made his theological studies at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary, Emmittsburg, Md., and was ordained a priest by the late Archbishop Hughes in New York on October 18, 1840. He was consecrated Bishop of Brooklyn on October 30, 1853, and was formally installed in the See November 9, 1853. The commemoration of the golden jubilee of his priesthood began at the Clermont Avenue Rink on the evening of October 17, 1890. Five thousand people assembled to witness the presentation to him of an address of congratulation from the laity with a purse of $23,667. Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishops Corrigan, Elder and many other bishops and distinguished priests were present. On the morning of October 18 Bishop Loughlin celebrated his jubilee Mass in old St. James' Church, Jay street, in the presence of an immense congregation of prelates and laity. The sermon was preached by Cardinal Gibbons. In the evening a torchlight procession, estimated at 40,000 men, marched past his residence at Greene and Clermont avenues. On the afternoon of Sunday, October 19, 20,000 Sunday school children assembled in the streets about the episcopal residence, but a violent rain-storm prevented more than half of them from being reviewed. On the evening of October 20 two hun. dred laymen tendered the Bishop a banquet of houor at the assembly rooms at the Academy of Music, at which James McMahon presided. The speakers were Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishops Corrigan and Ireland, Mayor Chapin, Bishop Keane, Dr. D. G. Bodkin and Bishop Loughlin himself. At the same place, on the afternoon of October 18, the priests of the diocese of Brooklyn gave the Bishop another banquet. Their special testimonial was a purse of $11,000 and an address read by Father Malone, the senior pastor. In addition the Bishop received a number of costly gifts from various Catholic organizations and friends.


No. Name of Institution or Society.


Age of Beneficiaries.


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Up to 6

General Relief, Baptist Home of Brooklyn . Throop, cor. Greene av. All ag's Care for the infirm and needy. 2 Brooklyn Association for Improving the Condition of 104 Livingston st....... All ag's

Temporary relief for worthe Poor.

thy people in distress...) 3 Brooklyn Benevolent Society... 84 Amity st..

All ag's Care of orphans and the poor. 4 Brooklyn Bureau of Charities... Central Offices, 69

Το secure co-operation beSchermerhorn st...)

tween benevolent societies, Conferences:

churches and individuals; Wards 1, 2, 4, 5

to diffuse knowledge on all 3, 10

charitable subjects; to en6

courage thrift and to pre7 8 and part 22

vent imposition; to main9 and part 22

tain a body of friendly visAllag's

itors to the poor; to provide

temporary employment and 12..

industrial education.
21 and part 23
24 and part 23.

Industrial Agencies:-
Wood Yard.

78, 80, 82 Pacific st... All ag's Temporary work for men. Central Work Rooms..... 69 Schermerhorn st...

Temporary work for women. р Lodgings for Homeless Application at Women. 69 Schermerhorn stí

Laundry, training school, etc. 9 Eastern Work Rooms. 621 Monroe st....

Temporary work for women.
Central Laundry and

69 Schermerhorn st....
Training School.
Day Nursery (see Child-
69 Schermerhorn st....

Care of children of workren's Relief)

ing parents. t Northern Wood Yard...

Allag's Temporary work for men. 5 Bureau of Employment and

Relief of needy veterans of Relief, Memoria Ex- m 14, City Hall

All ag's the late war, their widecutive Committee, G.A.R.S

ows and orphans 6 German Evangelical Aid Soc... Fairfax st., n. B'dway. All ag's General relief of the poor. 7 Hebrew Benevolent Soc. (W.D.) 272 Dean st...

All ag's To aid Hebrews. a Hebrew Benevolent Soc. (E.D.) 274 Keap st.

All ag's To aid Hebrews. 8 Ladies' Benevolent Association. Oak, cor. Guernsey st. All ag's To aid the poor in 17th Ward. 9 Sailors' Coffee House Co., Lim. 241, 243 York st.. All ag's Food and lodging for sailors,etc 10 Brooklyn Guild......

245 Concord st..... All ag's Soc'l inter.-free kindergarten DeKalb av., opp. Ft.

To help the poor, especially 11 St. Phebe's Mission....

Greene pl'.

All ag's former inmates of public

penal institutions 12 Society of St. Vincent de Paul.. 7 Poplar st..

All ag's

Cathedral, Jay st...
St. James..

Jay, cor. York st

Court, cor. Nelson st.
St. Mary's Star of the Sea.
Immaculate Conception.. 7 Maujer st..
Our Lady of Mercy. Debevoise pl
St. Joseph's....

Pacific st....
St. Charles Borromeo. Sidney pl.

General relief of the poor,
St. Patrick's.
Kent av.

without regard to color or
St. Paul's.
Court, cor. Congress

creed, the work being done St. Anthony's. 433 Manhattan av...

by a conference in each St. Peter's. Hicks, cor. Warren..

St. John the Evangelist's. Fifth av., cor. 21st st.

The Society is governed
St. Stephen's.
Hicks, cor. Summit st

by a Council composed of
St. John the Baptist's
Lewis av.

the President and Vice-
Classon av.

President of each Confer.
Sacred Heart.
Clermont, n. Park av,

St. Augustine's..

Fifth av., cor. Bergen

All ag's

Officers of Council: Rev.
St. Michael's.
Fourth av., c. 42d st.

P J. McNamara, Spiritual 8 St. Mary of the Visitation. Verona, cor. Richards

Director, 30 Debevoise pl.; St. Vincent de Paul's. North 6th, n. Driggs.

T. W. Hynes, Pres., 503 u St. John's Chapel. Cl'rm'nt,c. Greene av


av,; T. P.
Hooper, n. Marcy st.

Mulligan, Vice Pres., 16
St. Anne's.
Front, cor. Gold st..

Court st.; C. J. Dellahunt
St. Agnes'.
Hoyt, cor. Degraw st.

Sec., 127 Vanderbilt av.;
DeKalb, cor. Tomp-

Patrick O'Connor, Treas., St. Ambrose.. kips av..

40 North Elliott pl. St. Francis de Sales'. Broadway. æ St. Teresa's.

Classon av., c. Butler St. Francis Xavier.. Carroll st. and 6th av) 13 State Charities Aid Associa-> 44 Court st..

All ag's

To assist charitable institu


Free library and benevolent 14 The Union for Christian Work. 69 Schermerhorn st.... All ag's



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No. Name of Institution or Society.


Age of Beneficiaries.


10 up.

2 up


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15 W'msburg Benevolent Society65 Meserole st.. All ag's (To aid the poor in the East

ern District. Special Relief. 16 Brooklyn Female Employm’nt} 93 Court st

To give employment to wo

men and instruction in sewSociety ...

ing to little girls. 17 Brooklyn Flower and Fruit

199 Montague st.......

All ag's

Distributing reading matter, Charity.

fruit, etc., in hospitals, etc. 18 Brooklyn Society of Decora- |15 Greene av... All ag's

To market articles made by tive Art.

women. 19 Brooklyn Training School and 80 Livingston st 12 to 21

Employment instruction and Home for Young Girls....)

temporary home for girls. 20 Home Hotel Association..

71 Java st....

All ag's A retreat for brain workers. 21 Home Associati'n for Working) 352 Pacific st.....

SHome for self-supporting fe Women and Girls.

males 22 Hospital Saturday and Sunday 128 Henry st........

To interest the general pubAssociation

lic in hospital charity. 23 Norwegian Relief Society 46th st, and 4th av.... All ag's Care of poor Norwegians.

To teach ready methods of 24 Red Cross Society..... 199 Montague st....... All ag's aiding sick and injured;

also home nursing. 25 St. Joseph's Institute. ... Buffalo av., n. Dean st. 6 to 18 Instruction of deaf mutes. 26 Society for the Aid of Friend 20 Concord st....

(Temporary shelter to friend.

less women and children. less Women and Children. 27 Women's Work Exchange and

To market articles made by 122 Atlantic av... All ag's Decorative Art Society....)

ladies attempting to sup

port themselves. 28 Working Women's Vacation : 172 South Ninth st..

To send poor and overworkSociety..

ed women in the country. Hospitals, Dispensaries

and Training Schools. 29 Atlantic Av. Dispensary.

Atlantic av., c. Waverly All ag's Free treatment to sick poor. 80 Bedford Dispensary

1672 Fulton st..

All ag's Relief of the sick out-door poor 31 Brooklyn Central Dispensary. 312 Raymond st. All ag's General dispensary work. 32 Brooklyn City Dispensary: 11 Tillary st

All ag's For relief of the sick poor. 33 Brooklyn Medical Mission, No. 1. 412 Van Brunt st. All ag's To heal the sick and preach No. 2. 305 Concord...

All ag's

the gospel. 34 Brooklyn Nose, Throat, and 545 Fulton st. Lung Dispensary.

All ag's Treatment of special diseases. 21 DeKalb 883 Myrtle av..

379 S. First.. 85 Brooklyn Diet Dispensary.....

86 Dikeman st. All ag's Free food for the destitute sick. 29 Sumpter st.

289 Sackett st. 36 Brooklyn Eclectic Dispensary. 142 Prince st..

All ag's Free medical treatment. 37 Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital. 94 Livingston st.. All ag's The treatment of the eye, ear,

skin, throat and nervous dis's 38 Brooklyn Hahnemann Disp'sary 195 Sands st.

All ag's Free treatment for the poor. 89 Brooklyn Home for Consump-} Kingston av.c.Butler st All ag's The care of consumptives.

tives 40 Brooklyn Homoeopathic Hospital and Training School 109 Cumberland st..... All ag's

General hospital and training

of nurses. for Nurses .... 41 Brooklyn Homeopathic Hos

109 Cumberland st..... All ag's Free treatment for the poor. pital and Dispensary. Raymond st. and De-} All ag's cal treatment to sick poor.

To furnish medical and surgi42 Brooklyn Hospital... 43 Brooklyn Maternity and New

Homeopathic treatment for York State School for 46-48 Concord st....... All ag's women and infants, and Training Nurses

I training of nurses. 44 Brooklyn Training School for DeKalb av., cor. Ray-} 25 to 35 To train professional nurses. Nurses.

mond st.. 45 Brooklyn Throat Hospital. Bedford av.cor. S.5th st All ag's Treatment of diseases of the 1318 Fulton st.

nose, throat, ear,eye and lungs. 46 Brooklyn Women's Homvo

Dispensary No. 1, Anyage

1318 Fulton st.... wom 'n, To furnish medical and surpathic Hospital and Dis

Dispensary No. 2, child'n gical advice and treatment pensary for Women and Children....

1894 Classon av.. boys by women physicians to Dispensary, No. 3, i und. 12. women and children.

86 Suydam st.... 47 Bushwick and East Brooklyn 1099 Myrtle av.... All ag's For relief of the sick poor.

Dispensary 48 Central Homeopathic Dispe'ary 39 Sumpter st. All ag's For relief of the sick poor. 49 Lutheran Hospital...

E. N Y. av., c. Powell.. All ag's Hospital and Home.

Kalb av ..



471878 Unsect. 114,907 1,500

1,749 1,962 John W. James...... Oscar C. Kleine, Jr., 48|1883 Unsect. 111,342 1,500

90 1,408 Mrs.John F. Cook.... Dr. E. W. Avery. 49 1881 Luth... 1,500 1,852 ..

Lutheran Hosp. Ass'n * Lodgings furnished. Persons treated or assisted. # Contributors. | Hospital days. T Prescriptions. ** Families.

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