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Age of No. Name of Institution or Society. Location.


Objects. ciaries.

All ag's


Women 50 Dispensary for and

Treatment of women and Children...... 161 Twenty-second st..

children. 51 Keith Home.. 883 St. Marks av....... All ag's To treat nervous and mental

diseases. 52 Eastern District Homeopathic) 194 S. Third st... All ag's Supply drugs, etc., free to the Dispensary.

poor. 53 Eastern District Dispensary 108 S. Third st....... All ag's Accident hospital and general and Hospital... .


Women To care for those who cannot 54 Faith Home for Incurables. Park pl.,c.Classon av

All ag's

be received into hospitals. 55 Gates Avenue Homeopathic

Sto supply drugs to worthy 13 Gates av........

All ag's

poor, medical, surgical and Dispensary.

dental treatment. 56 German Hospital..

St. Nich. av. n. Himrod All ag's Buildings not yet up. 57 Hillside Homeopathic Dispen'ry 478 Bergen st... All ag's Treatment of sick poor. 58 Dispensary (Long Island Col. Pacific st., n. Henry st. All ag's relief to persons unable to pay

To afford medical or surgical lege Hospital). 59 Long Island College Hospital Henry st. bet. Pacific All ag's

To establish and maintain a and Training School for Nurses... and Amity sts....)

public hospital. 60 The Lucretia Mott Dispensary .. 315 Atlantic av. All ag's Treatment of women & child'n. 61 People's Dispensary

1043 Gates av.

All ag's For the relief of the sick poor. 62 Methodist Episcopal Hospital.. Seventh av. cor. 7th st. All ag's To care for & aid the afflicted. Bij St. Catharine's Hospital.. Bushwick av., n Mau- All ag's General hospital.

jer st........ 64 St. John's Hospital (Church

Treatment of sick-free to the
Charity Foundation).
Albany, c. Atlantic av. All ag's

poor. 65 Chinese Hospital...,

Hicks n. Middagh st... All ag's As indicated in name. 66 St. Mary's Female Hospital..

155 Dean at...

Allag's Female hospital, nursery, etc. 67 St. Mary's General Hospital.... St.Marks n. Rocht'r av. 2 up.... General hospital. 68 St. Peter's Hospital..... Hicks and Congress sts All ag's Care of the sick and destitute 69 Southern Dispensary and Hosp. 119 Third pl..... All ag's General dispensary & hospital. 70 St. Martha's Sanitarium and

Care of sick, especially 523 Washington av.... Dispensary ...

16 to 92

chronic diseases. 71 Woman's Hospital..

1725 Greene av.

|(Charter in litigation.) 72 Orthopedic Dispensary Raymond n. DeKalb av All ag's To treat deformities. 73 Polyclinic Dispensary

Myrtle av., n. Central.. All ag's Free treatment of the sick poor 74 Brooklyn Postgraduate School Eastern District.....

Not yet organized.

75 Helping Hand Dispensary 266 Jay st

All ag's Treatment of sick poor.

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Relief of Children.

Employment obtained for wo

men and youth; boys sent to 76 B'klyn Children's Aid Society:

homes in the West. General offices.

For homeless boys; to teach

9 to 18 a Newsboys: Home. 61 Poplar st....

the rudiments of education. b Seaside Home

W. Brighton Beach, I Boys. To furnish a home and medical

und'r 10 attendance during the sumConey Island....

girls, 12 mer for sick children. Industrial Schools

No. 1, 61 Poplar st... d

To give instruction to and assist No. 2, 139 Van Brunt 2 to 13 neglected children and those st..

who cannot attend schools. Nursery 139 Van Brunt st.

For children of working wom'n Sewing Machine School.. 61 Poplar st... No limit Give instruction on sewing ma77 Brooklyn Howard Colored Or

chines. phan Asylum...

Dean st., near Troy av. 2 to 12.. To shelter destitute colored or78 B'klyn Industrial School Asso

ciation and Home for Des- Sterling pl.b. Vander-
titute Children....

bilt & Flatbush avs.
Industrial School No. 1 Concord st. op.Prince

No. 2. 10 Fourth st...

2 to 12;

Care and education of destiNo. 3. At the "Home


tute children, and support of No. 4. 206 Twelfth st.

industrial schools.

2 to 10. No. 5.. Throop av., n. Ellery





No. 6.... 101 Steuben st.... 79 Brooklyn Nursery and Infants'

396 Herkimer st.. Und.3

For infants of parents unable Hospital..

to support them entirely. 80 B'klyn Soc. for the Prevention i

Prosecutes cases of abuse and of Cruelty to Children.... Š

Un.16 141 Montague st..

neglect of children. 81 Convent of the Sisters of Mercy 273 Willoughby av.... 4 to 18.. Educate and give trade to girls 82 Day Nursery, Bureau of Charity 69 Schermerhorn st.... Up to 6. Care of children of working

parents. 83 Day Nursery, King's Daughters 950 Atlantic av. Up to 6. Care of children of working 84 Dominican Home (German R. Montrose, cor. Graham

parents. C. Orphan Home).

Up to 14 To care for orphan children. 85 Hebrew Orphan Asylum Soci- Stuyvesant av., n. ety...

McDonough st

Und. 15 To provide for Hebrew orphans




No. Name of Institution or Society.


Age of Beneficiaries.


86 Holy Innocents Union...... 102 Warren st... 2 to 12.. Care of children of working

mothers. 87 Home for Young Girls.. 80 Livingston st 12 to 21. Ternporary home to friendless.

A home and school for desti88 Industrial School Ass'n, E. D. 141 to 153 So. Third st Branch No.1....

tute children; provide homes

2 to 12
Withers st...
No. 2.
68 Scholes st

or employment; temporary

home for destitute females. 89 Orphan Asylum Society of Atlantic av.c. Kingston 3 to 12 { phans and half orphans.

To protect and instructorBrooklyn.... 90 Orphanagh, ahepartment datide Alhamar esta cor. Her:} 5 to 10

To care for and educate or

phans and half orphans. 91 R. C. Orphan Asylum Society.. Office, 42 Court st.. Branches: St. John's Home.. Albany, c. St. Marks av. 2 to 14.. Care of destitute orphans or

half orphan boys. St. Joseph's Asylum Sumner, c. Will'hby av. 3 to 16.. For destitute female orphans.

St. Paul's Industrial School. Congress, c. Clinton st. 14 up... For destitute female orphans. 92 St. Ann's Day Nursery.

124 Lawrence st........

For children of working moth

ers. 93 St. Malachy's Home..

atlantic, c. Van Siclen 2 to 14.. To care for destitute children. 04 St. Vincent's Home for Boys... 7 Poplar and 10 Vine.. 7 to 16.. For poor street boys. 95 Sheltering Arms Nursery... ... 157 Dean st..... Up to 7. Care of children of working 96 Society for the Aid of Friend

20 Concord st..
less Women and Children.

2 up.... To give temporary shelter to

friendless women and child'n 97 Truant Home of the City of On Jamaica av., opp. ? |8to 14 Reformation of truant children


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65 up .

Relief of the Aged. 98 Brooklyn Home for Aged Men . Park pl. cor. Classon av Over 70 To care for aged men.

ŞHome for aged and infirm for the Aged and Infirm.} Park pl., c. N. Y. av.... 65 up

Methodists. 100 Church Charity Foundation of Albany av., bet. AtlanLong Island Home for Aged. tic & Herkimer st...

Care of aged of both sexes. 101 German Evangelical Home for the Aged... } Fairfax st., n. B'way.. 60 up .

To furnish home for aged,

both sexes. 102 Greenpoint Home for the Aged. Oak, cor. Guernsey st.. 70...... To care for aged in 17th Ward 103 Home for the Aged of the B'wick, c. DeKalb av

Over 60
Little Sisters of the Poor. 8th av., cor. 16th st..)


aged poor of both sexes. 101 Brooklyn Society for the Re

lief of Respectable Aged 320–322 Washington av. 60 up For the care of aged women.

and Indigent Females.... 105 Wartburg Home for Aged and Fulton st., n. Sheffield 60 up. (For aged and infirm of either




40 up 40 up

106 Zion Aged Home.

Dean st., bet. Albany

\ To care for colored aged, and Troy avs.

both sexes. 107 St. Peter's Home..

110 Congress st.

To care for the aged. Reformatories. 108 House of the Good Shepherd.. Hopkinson av., cor. Pa

cific st..

16 to 35 Reformation of women. 109 Inebriates' Home for Kings Co. Fort Hamilton

.. Care and cure of inebriates. 110 Wayside Home.

352 Bridge st.. 18 up .. Temporary home for women. Miscellaneous.

21 up

111 Brooklyn Agency for the

Prevention of Cruelty to

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112 Christian. Rescue Temperance Fifth av.,n. Eighth st.. all ag's Charity and Temperance

113 Loretto House..

78 Willow st....

12 to 25

Home for self-supporting a young women.

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Public Charities,

This department has charge 114 Department of Charities and 29 Elm pl..

All ag's

of all public, charitable and Corrections of Kings County)

correctional institutions.
Flatbush, L. I.

Poor house.
Baby Ward....

Und. 2. Care destititute infants.

All ag's General hospital.
Smallpox Pavilions

All ag's For contagious diseases.
Insane Asylum.

All ag's As indicated in name.
County Farm

St. Johnland, L. I All ag's As indicated in name.

Carroll, cor. Nostrand. 16 up For county prisoners.

As indicated in name.
County Ward Bureau

29 Elm pl

2 to 16.. Commitment of county charges 115 Kings County Jail

Raymond st..

Prisoners from magistrates.

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Ward Boundaries,

ford av., Flushing av., Broadway and Lafayette THE FIRST WARD is bounded by the East River, THE TWENTY-SECOND WARD is bounded by FlatFulton st., Boerum pl. and Atlantic av.

bush av., town line at Flatbush, Prospect av. THE SECOND WARD is bounded by the East Hamilton av., Gowanus Canal, First av. and River, Fulton st., Sands st. and Bridge st.

First st., Second av., Fifth st. and Fourth av. THE THIRD WARD is bounded by Boerum pl., THE TWENTY-THIRD WARD is bounded by BedFulton st., Flatbush av., Fourth av., Bergen st., ford av., Brevoort pl., Franklin

Atlantic av., Court st, and Atlantic av.

Albany av., Fulton st., Sumner and Lafayette avs THE FOURTH WARD is bounded by Sands st., THE TWENTY-FOURTH WARD is bounded by Fulton st. and Bridge st.

Franklin av., Atlantic av., and the town line at THE FIFTH WARD is bounded by Bridge st., New Lots (now 26th Ward) and Flatbush. Johnson st., Navy st., the U.S. Navy Yard, and THE TWENTY-FIFTH WARD is bounded by Atthe East River.

lantic av., Albany av., Fulton st., Sumner av., THE SIXTH WARD is bounded by the East River, Lafayette av., Broadway, and the old town line Atlantic av., Court st., Fourth pl., Henry st., of New Lots (now 26th Ward). Coles st. and Hamilton av.

THE TWENTY-SIXTH WARD is bounded by NewTHE SEVENTH WARD is bounded by Bedford av., town, Jamaica, Flatlands, Flatbush, TwentyFlushing av., Brevoort pl., Franklin av., Wash- fourth, Twenty-fifth and Eighteenth Wards. ington av. and Atlantic av.

Congressional Districts. THE EIGHTH WARD is bounded by Prospect av., the Flatbush and New Utrecht lines, Gowanus FIRST DISTRICT-Queens, Richmond and Suffolk Bay, a line varying from about 170 to 260 feet

Counties. south of the southerly line of Fifty-ninth st.

SECOND DISTRICT —8th, 9th, 12th, 220, 24th, 25th and New York Bay.

and 26th Wards of the City of Brooklyn, the THE NINTH WARD is bounded by Flatbush av., Towns of Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend Atlantic av., the City line at Flatbush, and and New Utrecht, Franklin av.

THIRD DISTRICT--7th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 21st and THE TENTH WARD is bounded by Bergen st.,

23d Wards. Fourth av., First st., Gowanus Canal, Second FOURTH DISTRICT, 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th av., Fifth st., Fourth pl. and Court st.

and 11th Wards. THE ELEVENTH WARD is bounded by Fulton st.,

FIFTH DISTRICT-14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Bridge st., Johnson st., Navy st., Nassau st., the

Wards. United States Navy Yard to the East River,

Senatorial Districts. Wallabout Bay, North Portland av., South Port

SECOND DISTRICT1st, 2d, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, land av., Atlantic av. and Flatbush av.

12th and 22d Wards of the City of Brooklyn, THE TWELFTH WARD is bounded by the East

the Towns of Flatbush, Gravesend and New River, Hamilton av., Coles st., Henry st., Fourth

Utrecht. pl., Smith st., Fifth st., First av., Gowanus Bay, Gowanus Canal, New York Bay and Buttermilk

THIRD DISTICT--3d, 4th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 19th,

20th, 21st and 23d Wards. Channel.

FOURTH DISRICT--14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 24th, THE THIRTEENTH WARD is bounded by the East

25th and 26th Wards and Flatlands. River, the old boundary line between Brooklyn and Williamsburgh, about 100 feet north of Divi

Assembly Districts. sion av., Rodney st. and Grand st.

FIRST DISTRICT—1st and 6th Wards. THE FOURTEENTH WARD is bounded by the SECOND DISTRICT-2d and 4th Wards. East River, North Fourteenth st., Van Cott av., THIRD DISTRICT--3d and 10th Wards. Union av., North Second st., Rodney st. and FOURTH DISTRICT--5th and 11th Wards. Grand st.

FIFTH DISTRICT--12th Ward. THE FIFTEENTH WARD is bounded by Rodney SIXTH DISTRICT-14th and 15th Wards. st., South Second st., Union av., Ten Eyck st., SEVENTH DISTRICT-16th Ward. Bushwick av., North Second st., Humboldt st., EIGHTH DISTRICT-17th and 18th Wards. Richardson st., Leonard st., Van Pelt av., Driggs NINTH DISTRICT-13th, 19th and 20th Wards. st., Union av. and North Second st.

TENTH DISTRICT—8th, 9th and 22d Wards. THE SIXTEENTH WARD is bounded by Rodney ELEVENTH DISTRICT-7th, 21st, 23d and 24th st., the old boundary line between Brooklyn and Wards. Williamsburgh, about 100 feet north of Division TWELFTH DISTRICT-25th and 26th Wards, Flatav., Broadway, Flushing av., Bushwick av., lands, Flatbush, New Utrecht and Gravesend. Bushwick pl. (for three blocks), the line of the old Bushwick road, now closed, Ten Eyck st.,

Aldermanic Districts. Union av, and South Second st.

FIRST DISTRICT-1st, 2d, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th 12th, THE SEVENTEENTH WARD is bounded by the

and 22d Wards. East River, North Thirteenth st., Kent av., North SECOND DISTRICT-3d, 4th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 19th, Fourteenth st., Van Cott av., Van Pelt av., Leon

20th, 21st and 23d Wards. ard st., Richardson st., Meeker av. and Newtown THIRD DISTRICT-9th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, Creek.

24th, 25th and 26th Wards. THE EIGHTEENTH WARD is bounded by Broadway, the old town line of New Lots (now 26th Ward), the town line of Newtown, Queens

Long Island's Ocean Border. County, Newtown Creek. Meeker av., Humboldt The ocean bottom south of Long Island has a st., Flushing, av., Richardson st., North Second

slope of about six feet to the mile for a distance st., Bushwick av, (three blocks of Bushwick pl.) of one hundred miles, but across this apparent and the line of the old Bushwick road, now

plain from Sandy Hook is a remarkable series closed.

of depressions along what was evidently an old THE NINETEENTH WARD is bounded by Flush

valley of the Hudson river when the coast was ing av., Broadway, the U. S. Navy Hospital higher than now on the Long Island shore fur. grounds, Wallabout Canal, Wallabout Bay and ther out to the seaward. The most remarkable the dividing line between the late cities of of these depressions is the one hundred and Brooklyn and Williamsburgh, about 100 feet forty-five fathom hole," so called on the charts, north of Division av.

but really 2,700 feet deep, and about one hundred THE TWENTIETH WARD is bounded by Wash- miles from Sandy Hook. The general depth ington av., Atlantic av., North Portland av., about it is 600 feet, and at one point it rises to South Portland av., and United States Navy within 400 feet of the surface. It is well defined, yard.

leading off south-eastward to where the sea THE TWENTY-FIRST WARD is bounded by Bed- becomes 3,000 feet deep.

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