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SECRET AND BENEFIT SOCIETIES–Continued. Eclipse, 268, Broadway and Willoughby av., 1 Hope, 81, 200 Joralemon st., 1st and 3d Mon1st and 3d Wednesdays.

days. East New York, 390, Twenty-sixth Ward.

Ivanhoe, 79, 476 Fifth av., 2d and 4th ThursFriendship, 80, Myrtle av., cor. Waverly, 2d days. and 4th Thursdays.

James A. Garfield, 114 Graham av., 1st and 3d Fern, 258, 315 Washington st., 1st and 3d Thursdays. Thursdays.

Luther, 278, 30 Sumner av., 2d and 4th TuesIonic, 212, Kingston and Atlantic avs., 1st and days. 3d Thursdays.

Martin, 283, Fulton st., cor. Troy av., 2d and Kings County, 417, Myrtle and Washington 4th Tuesdays. avs., 1st and 3d Fridays.

Martha Washington, 56, 261 Grand st., 2d and Oxford, 103, Flatbush av. and Nevins st., 1st 4th Wednesdays. and 3d Wednesdays.

Nassau, 147, 389 Fulton st., 2d and 4th TuesOwen, 335, 476 Fifth av., 1st and 3d Mondays. days.

Pipsissewa, 71, Court and Joralemon sts., 2d Philip Rockel, 114, 54 Morrell st., 1st and 3d and 4th Mondays.

Fridays. Putnam, 240, 685 Myrtle av., 2d and 4th Thurs Prospect, 335, Warner Institute, Broadway and days.

Willoughby av., 1st and 3d Fridays. Prospect Heights, 254, Ninth st., cor. Fifth av. Senate, 73, 217 Court st., 2d and 4th Thurs

Pro Patria, 274, 974 Fulton st., 1st and 3d Fri days. days.

Stella, cor. Clinton and Montague sts., 1st and Stuyvesant, 315 Fulton st. and Troy av., st., 1st 3d Tuesdays. and 3d Fridays.

Vanderbilt, 203, Johnston Building, Fulton st. United States, 100, De Kalb and Marcy avs., 2d and Flatbush avs., 1st and 3d Tuesdays. and 4th Wednesdays.

W. S. Hancock, 220, 407 Bridge st., 1st and 3d Woodbine, 220, 6 Brooklyn av., 2d and 4th Thursdays. Thursdays.

Welcome, 268, 142 Flatbush av., 1st, 3d and 5th Webster, 428, De Kalb and Bedford av., 1st Wednesdays. and 3d Thursdays.

Order United American Mechanics. Order of Sons of Hermann.

L. N. Hart, S. C., 3 Perry st., N. Y. G. H. Atlantic, 121, 123 Smith st., 2 and 4th Sundays,

Burton, S. C. S. Deutsche Eichen, 30, 1871 Fulton st., 1st and 3d

America, 13, 176 Grand st., 2d and 3d Fridays. Thursdays.

Empire, 19, Fifth av., cor. 7th st., Mondays. Franklin, 76, 99 Boerum pl., 1st and 3d Tues

Gravesend, 24, Gravesend, L. I., Tuesdays. days.

Osceola, 23, 869 Bedford av., Mondays. Freie Maenner, 52, Fifth av., cor. Twenty-third

Victory, 12, Lafayette and 'Reid avs., 1st, 3d st., 1st and 3d Mondays.

and 5th Wednesdays. Greenpoint, 88, 121 Franklin st., 1st and 3d Fri. days.

Order of the World. "Peter Cooper, 119, 143 McKibbin st., 1st and 3d Wednesdays.

Brooklyn, 21, Flatbush av., cor. Nevins st., 2d

and 4th Thursdays. Order of United Friends.

Pioneer, 22, 112 Court st., 1st and 3d Fridays. Albert C. Wheeler, 186 Remsen st., Brooklyn, Grand Councilor; Isaac B. Barrett, 50 State st.,

Royal Arcanum. Albany. Grand Recorder; S. G. Taylor, 1548 Grand Reg., Charles Avery, Buffalo; Grand Ninth av., New York, Grand Treasurer.

Sec., J. Y. Bicknell, 314 Vermont av., Buffalo. Alpha, 37, Court st., cor. Sackett st., 1st and Acme, 594, Seventh av. and Ninth st., ad and 3d Tuesdays.

4th Wednesdays. Arion, 302, cor. Morrell and Varet sts., 2d and Amaranth, 461, 153 Pierrepont st., 1st and 3d 4th Saturdays.

Tuesdays. Brooklyn, 136, Twenty-third st., cor. Fifth av., Bedford, 655, Nostrand, cor. Gates av., 1st and 1st, 3d and 5th Wednesdays.

3d Fridays. Bartholdi, 175, 261 Grand st., 1st and 3d Fri Brooklyn, 72, Criterion Lodge Rooms, Fulton days.

st., near Grand av., Wednesdays. Bedford, 188, cor. DeKalb and Bedford avs., Bravura, 1285, Troy av. and Fulton st., 2d and 1st and 3d 'Mondays.

4th Tuesdays. Brooklyn City, 141, 217 Court st., 1st and 3d Burnside, 625, Criterion Lodge Rooms, Fulton Thursdays.

st., near Grand av., 1st, 3d and 5th Tuesdays. Bushwick, 254, 98 Graham av., 1st and 3d Tues Carroll Park, 630, Court and Sackett sts., 2d days.

and 4th Tuesdays. Capitoline, 2:28, 897 Gates av., 2d and 4th Mon Commonwealth, 542, Wilson's, 153 Pierrepont days.

st., 1st and 3d Fridays. Concordia, 111, 114 Graham av., 1st and 3d Fri De Long, 725, Amphion Academy, E. D., 1st, days.

3d and 5th Fridays. Cooper, 61, Cooper and Bushwick avs., 2d and De Witt Clinton, 419, 1252-4 Bedford av., Tues4th Thursdays.

days. Diamond, 363, 409 Bridge st., 2d and 4th Thurs Fast New York, 953, Pythian Hall, cor. Atlandays.

tic and Georgia avs., 2d and 4th Mondays. Ďiana, 348, 258 Court st., 1st and 3d Mondays. Equality, 1240, Broadway, cor. Willoughby av., Eagle, 74, 409 Bridge st., 2d and 4th Mondays. 1st and 3d Thursdays.

Eintracht, 277, 43 Ellery st., 2d and 4th Wed. Fern, 774, cor. Myrtle and Waverly avs., Wednesdays.

nesdays. Ernst, 327, 124 Hopkins st., 2d and 4th Tues Fort Greene, 1048, Flatbush av. and Nevins st., days.

2d and 4th Thursdays. Fraternity, 224, cor. Bedford av. and South Franklin, 253, Criterion Lodge Rooms, Fulton Second st., 2 and 4th Fridays.

st., near Grand av., 1st and 3d Wednesdays. Franklin, 133, 61 Graham av., 2d and 4th Tues Fraternity, 504, 99 Broadway, E. D., 2 and 4th days.

Mondays. Fountain, 206, 315 Washington st., 2d and 4th Fulton, 299, Johnston Building, Fulton and Thursdays.

Nevins st., 1st and 3d Thursdays. Goethe Hain, 97, 143 McKibbin st., 1st and 3d Iolanthe, 318, 177 and 179 Montague st., 2d and Saturdays.

4th Tuesdays. Greenpoint, 167, cor. Manhattan av. and Mes Kings County, 459, 99 Broadway, 1st and 3d erole st., 1st and 3d Wednesdays.


Treasurer lor, 1548

rt st., cor.



SECRET AND BENEFIT SOCIETIES—Continued. Long Island, 173, 165 Waverly av., 2d, 4th and, Progressive, 40, cor. Manhattan av. and Mes5th Fridays.

erole, 2d and 4th Tuesdays. Montauk, 651, Royal Arcanum Hall, 407 Bridge Pilgrim, 29, Broadway and Willoughby av., st., 1st and 3d Thursdays.

1st and 3d Tuesdays. Morning Star, 680, 107 and 179 Montague st., 2d Thistle, 27, Long Island City, Vernon av, and and 4th Wednesdays.

Ferry st., 2d'and 4th Wednesdays. Nassau, 822, 153 Pierrepont st., 1st and 3d U.S. Grant, 18, Association Hall, 253 ManhatWednesdays.

tan av., Tuesdays. Ocean Hill, 1134, Hopkins av. and Fulton st., 1st and 3d Fridays.

United Order of Druids. Osceola, 759, Masonic Temple, 1st and 3d Tues

Brooklyn Circle, 1, 134 Graham av., 1st and 3d days.

Sundays. Oxford, 650, Court and Joralemon sts., 2d and Long Island Hain, Graham av. and Seigel st., 4th Fridays.

1st and 3d Thursdays. Peconic, 631, 153 Pierrepont st., 2d and 4th Fri United Brother Groove, 2, 134 Graham av.,

every Saturday. Philadelphos, 562, Nostrand, cor. Gates av., 2d and 4th Mondays.

United Order of the Golden Cross. Pro Patria, 1312, Broadway, cor. Halsey st., 2d Bedford, 268, Eighteenth st. and Third av., 1st and 4th Tuesdays.

3d and 5th Wednesdays. Ridgewood, 678, 897 Gates av., 2d and 4th Brooklyn, 116, Ninth st. and Fifth av., 2d and Wednesdays

4th Tuesdays. Stuyvesant, 690, 1630 Fulton st., 2d and 4th Thursdays.

Unabhaengiger Orden der Guten Vigilantia, 1065, Criterion Building, Fulton st.,

Brueder. near Grand av., ad and 4th Fridays. Washington Irving, 821, 897 Gates av., 1st, 3d

Grand Lodge of the State meets every first and 5th Tuesdays.

Sunday in the month, 47 Meserole st., Brooklyn. Welcome, 703, Willoughby Hall, 2d and 4th Columbia, 54, every two weeks, Wednesdays, Wednesdays.

Ewen and Meserole sts.

Eintracht, 64, 583 Sixth av., 1st and 3d ThursShipwrights' Association.

days. Mutual Relief and Benefit, 125 India st., 1st and

Ġeo. Washington, 4, 583 Sixth av., every 4th 3d Wednesdays.


Hermann, 52, 47 Meserole st., every two weeks, Society of the Secret Guardians. Tuesdays. Office of Supreme Council, 909 Gates av. Val

J. A. Garfield, 14, 211 Montrose av., 2d and '4th

Sundays. entine Stratton, Supreme Guardian.

Lincoln, 44, 47 Meserole st., every Friday. Edith Council, 15, 116 Calyer st., 2d and 4th

Long Island, 7, 47 Meserole st., every 2 Thursdays.

SunJupiter, 22, 217 Court st., 2d and 4th Fridays.

Martha Washington, 1, 47 Meserole st., 2d and Pioneer Council, 1, 854 Gates av., 1st and 3d Fridays.

4th Thursdays. Scottish Clans.

United Italian Societies.

Italian Mutual Benefit Society, 9 Union st., F. Clan MacDonald, 33, cor. Court and Jorale

Castellano, Pres.; G. Dell'Oglio, Vice-Pres.; T. mon sts. Walter Scott, Jr., Chief.

Castellano, Sec. Membership, 300.
Spanish Societies.

Fraterno Amore Society, A. Sabbatino, Pres. ;

A. Vitale, Vice-Pres.; F. Giri, Sec. MemberLa Nacional Mutual Benevolent Society-315

ship, 100. Washington st., 2d Saturday. V. Guerra, Pres., National Italian Society, R. Barbuti, Pres.; G. 350 Macon st.; Tomas Rodrigues, Sec. Incorpor

Stefani, Vice-Pres. ; B. Bizzo, 91 Fulton st. ated 1868. Capital, $15,000. Membership, 350.

Membership, 93. La Armonia, Instruction and Recreation-81

Society of the Prince of Naples, of South Fulton st. C. Blanco, Pres., 285 Pearl st.; J. R.

Brooklyn, D. Minutolo, Pres.; G. Montepucchi, Sanchez, Sec., 202 Pearl st. Membership, 250. Vice-Pres.; R. Castellano, Sec. Membership, La Beneficencia Española-For the purpose of

95. aiding destitute Spaniards in Brooklyn, 81 Ful

Societa di Mutue Soccaro-Cor. Carroll and ton st., Mr. Agiuguren, Pres ; Ramon R. Mar Columbia sts. tinez, Śec., 213 Pearl st., 'N. Y. Membership, 325. Stato Maggiore Savoja Society, P. La Noce, Templars of Liberty.

Pres.; G. Scafidi, Vice-Pres.: P. Miceli, Sec.

Membership, 35. Worthy Grand Templar, George W. Palmer, 270 Eckford st., Brooklyn'; Worthy Grand Re

Women's Relief Corps. corder, E, C. Slocum, 183 Nassau av., Brooklyn. Cherusker, 4, 143 McKibbin st., 1st and 3d


Sarah C. Nichols, Auburn, Dept. Pres.; Ada G. Columbia, 11, 176 Grand st., 2d and 4th Mon Mohr, 200 Decatur st., Brooklyn, Sen, Vice-Pres.; days.

Jennie P. Shepard, Seneca Falls, N. Y., Dept. Eureka, 36, Jamaica, Masonic Hall, 1st and 3d Sec. Saturdays.

_Mansfield, 5, Mary Voezy, Pres.; 1st and 3d Farragut, 19, 181 Withers st., Tuesdays.

Fridays. Gideon, 5, cor. Manhattan av, and Meserole, James H. Perry, 35, E. Taverniere, Pres.; 718 1st, 3d and 5th Tuesdays.

Myrtle av., 2d and 4th Thursdays, Goethe, 89 Grand st., 2d and 4th Tuesdays. William Lloyd Garrison, Frances Green, Geo. A. Custer, 43, Cooper and Bushwick avs., Pres.: 129 Nassau st., 2d Friday of each month.' ist and 3d Mondays.

Rankin, 154, Phebe Ritchie, Pres.; 472 Fifth av. H. V. Thompson, 25, Throop and Tompkins 2d and 4th Mondays. avs., Mondays.

Cushing, 136, Carrie Lewis, Pres. ; 472 Fifth av., Humboldt, 2, Germania Hall, 121 Franklin st., 1st and 3d Wednesdays. 2d and 4th Thursdays.

Mayflower, 26, 118 Myrtle av., 1st and 3d Mondays.

The New Light Colored Baptist Church, at Olive, 14, Templars' Hall, cor. Park and Tomp- Westbury, L I., was organized in 1790. The one kins avs., Mondays.

| hundredth anniversary was celebrated in 1890.

Social Clubs.

Munger, Vice-Pres.; John S. Nugent, Treas.; F.

R. Moore and John T. Sackett, Secs. MemberALGONQUIN–63 First pl. Thomas H. Troy,

ship, 1,000. Pres.; James Watt, M. D., Vice-Pres.; W. F.

UNION-130 Taylor st. Samuel Guthrie, Pres.; Penney, Treas.; James H. Mairs, Sec. Member

George E. Moulton, Sec.; T. C. Disbrow, Treas. ship limit, 200.

Membership, 30. AMPHION-See Musical Societies.

WINDSOR-Lee av., cor. Clymer st. F. W. AURORA GRATA CLUB-Bedford av., near Madi

Wurster, Pres.: Mathew Dean, Vice-Pres.: A. son st. Sydney F. Walker, Pres.; T. Jefferson

Day, Treas.; W. A. Griffen, Sec. Membership, 40. Stevens, Sec.; Ludwig Nissen, Treas.

BROOKLYN-Pierrepont st., cor. Clinton. H. W. • Societies and Associations. Slocum, Pres.; Harry C. Duval, Treas.; W. D ACADEMY OF MUSIC_Montague st., near Court, Steele, Sec. House Committee, Wm. C. Smith, H. K. Sheldon, Pres.; W. Cary Sanger, Sec. and Schuyler Walden, George P. Merrill. Member Treas. ship, 332.

AFRO-AMERICAN LEAGUE-Place of meeting, BEDFORD—664 Classon av. James Richards, Nazarene Church, Adelphist. Rev. W. T. Dixon Pres.; P. J. Sheridan, Vice-Pres.; M. T. Dowden, Pres.; D. M. Webster, Sec. Sec. Membership, 200.

ASSOCIATION OF FULLY DISABLED VETERANS CARLETON-St. Marks av., cor. Sixth. M. J. City Hall. M. H. Chapel, Pres.; J. Jochum, Sec. Bailey, Pres.; John H. Fulcher, Treas.; George ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ST. FRANCIS' COLLEGE McBurney, Sec. Membership, 160.

-John Greene, Pres. ; Rev. Herbert F. Farrell.
COLUMBIAN-130 Clinton st. B. J. York, Pres.: 225 Sixth av., Sec. Membership, 60.
Joseph Slevin, Vice-Pres.; L. E. Pendergast. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF WRIGHT'S BUSINESS
Sec.; John L. McCabe, Treas. Membership, 180. COLLEGE-E. Andrews, Jr., Pres. ; James W.

CONSTITUTION CLUB-48 Willoughby st. Thos. Dare, Sec. Membership, 200.
E. Pearsall, Pres.; John B. Meyenborg, Sec.; BEECHER STATUE FUND COMMITTEE-Rev. C.H.
John F. Frost, Treas. Membership, 190.

Hall, D. D., Chairman; Brooklyn Trust Co., ECKFORD CLUB—95 Broadway. Frank E. Mc Treas.; R. B. Moffatt, Sec., 60 Cotton Exchange Elroy, Pres.; Charles D. Brien, Sec.; W. E. Wal Building, New York. Amount of the fund ters, Treas.

November 1, 1890, $32,036.60. EXCELSIOR-Clinton st., cor. Livingston. Geo. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MEDICINE-142 Prince W. Chauncey, Pres.; Harry C. Duval, Vice-Pres.; st. Membership, 147; object, liberal and proW. B. Despard, Rec. Sec.; Rodney A. Ward, Cor. gressive medicine. G. P. Carman, M. D., Pres.; Sec.: E. A. Mason, Treas. House Committee; H. B. Smith, M. D., Sec. W. H. Clapp, R. Emmet Dixon, F. B. Walker. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE_Warner InMembership, 200.

stitute, Broadway and Willoughby av. IncorFRIENDSHIP-93 South Ninth st. Robert Selig porated 1888. Membership, 29. John Loeber, man, Pres.; Joseph Kessel, Sec.

Pres.; B. L. Bartlett, Cor. Sec., 732 Park av. GERMANIA-120 Schermerhorn st. Guido Pleiss BROOKLYN CHINESE PROTECTIVE UNION-543 ner, Pres.; Harry Franke, Vice-Pres.; L. Dreier, Atlantic av. Ju Sing, Pres.; P. Sun Yon, Sec. Treas.: E. Steinback, Sec. Membership, 310. Membership, 50.

HAMILTON_Clinton st., cor. Remsen. George BROOKLYN DENTAL SOCIETY-356 Bridge st. E. M. Olcott, Pres.; James McKeen, Sec.; I. Sher T. Rippier, Pres.; F. W. Moore, Sec.; F. C. Walwood Coffin, Treas. Membership, 678.

ker, Treas.; L. G. Wilber, Librarian, 54 Fort HANOVER CLUB-Bedford av., cor. Rodney st. Greene pl. Membership, 58. William C. Bryant, Pres : A. C. Hallam, M. D. BROOKLYN GYNAECOLOGICAL SOCIETY — 356 Vice-Pres.: Millard F. Smith, Treas.; H. F. Gun Bridge st. nison, Sec. Membership, 300.

BROOKLYN PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY—356 Bridge IHPETONGA-124 Remsen st. Arthur M. Hatch. st., John C. Shaw, M. D., Pres.; R. G. Eccles, M. 14 Nassau st., New York, Sec. and Treas. Mem D.. Sec. and Treas. bership, 58.

BROOKLYN PRINCIPALS' ASSOCIATION-James LAWRENCE CLUB-Cor. Waverly and Myrtle | Cusack, Pres.; William T. Vlymen, Sec. and avs. Herman Liebmann, Pres.; Isador Isaacsen, Treas. Membership, about 50. Male principale Vice-Pres.; Julius Wechsler, Treas.; Alfred and superintendents. Newman, Rec. Sec.; Joseph Hess, Cor. Sec. BROOKLYN PHILOSOPHICAL ASSOCIATION - 118 Membership, 110.

South Eighth st. Membership, 36. Object, the LINCOLN-65 and 67 Putnam av. Joseph B. propagation of knowledge, practical and philoBowden, Pres.; Emerson W. Keyes, Sec.; Chas. sophic. John Stone, Pres.; J. W. Dare, Sec. K. Wallace, Treas. Membership, 375.

BROOKLYN STENOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION-178 MERCHANTS' CLUB-95 South Tenth st., near Clermont av. T. S. Lewis, Pres.; A. Hoffman, Bedford av. W. H. Manning, Pres.; C. W. F. Sec.: J. A. Rasener, Treas. Dare, Sec.; P. Weidmann, Jr., Treas. Member BROOKLYN TEACHERS' BENEFIT ASSOCIATION-ship, 60.

W. M. Jelliffe, Pres.; W, A. Welsh, Vice-Pres.; MONTAUK—Lincoln pl. and Eighth av. Charles James Cruikshank, Treas.; W. L. Felter and E. A. Moore. Pres.; J. E. Hayes, Vice-Pres.; W. W. A. Moriarty, Secs. Rossiter, Treas.; A. S. Higgins, Sec. Member BROOKLYN TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION–Edward ship, 300.

Bush, Pres.; Miss Martha L. Nash, Sec.; G. L. OXFORD-Lafayette av., cor South Oxford st. A. Martin, Treas. Membership, about 1,600. Sanford H. Steele, Pres.; H. J. Morse, Vice-Pres.; BROOKLYN TURN VEREIN-200 Court st. A. F. W. C. Pate, Sec.; Eugene Britton, Treas. Mem Siemann, Pres.; M. Bethge, Sec.; L. Bommer, bership, 380.

Treas. Membership, 176. PUTNAM-Twenty-fifth st. and Third av. Peter BROOKLYN THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, See ReWilson, Pres.; George Schattenkircher, Vice ligious. Pres.; C. D. Willard, Fin. Sec.; Oscar Abrams, BROOKLYN WOMAN'S CLUB-80 Willoughby st. Sec.: Jesse Goodnough, Treas. Membership, 138. Mrs. Amelia K. Wing, Pres.; Mrs. H. H. Backus,

REVONA CLUB-433 Court st. Peter J. Brady, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. Susan K. Wright and Mrs. Ada Pres.; M. J. McGrath, V.-Pres.; John J. Kearney, C. Spelman, Secs. Membership, 150. Sec.

BROOKLYN WOMAN'S SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION ROYAL ARCANUM CLUB-163 Livingston st. John Mrs. Cornelia H. Cary, Pres.; Mrs. A. C. Field, Y. Fitchett, Pres.; Joseph Greason, Vice-Pres.; Vice-Pres. ; Mrs M. W. Chapman, Cor. Sec.; Miss George G. Barnard, Sec.; Thos. I. Dixon, Treas. L. S. Stilson, Rec. Sec. Membership, 221.

BUSINESS WOMAN'S UNION-80 Willoughby st., UNION LEAGUE-Cor. Bedford av. and Dean st. a boarding house for self-supporting women. F. H. Wilson, Pres,; J. Hussey and Devine M. | Mrs. Anna C. Field, Pres.; L. F. Beecher, Supt.

ORGANIZATIONS-SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS-Continued. DANIA SOCIETY-337 Fifth av. H. C. Heistad, | cordial, helpful relation between members of Pres.: S. C. Simonsen, Vice-Pres.: H. Evers, the medical profession of Brooklyn. Sec.; C. Nelson, Treas. Membership, 50.

SOCIETY OF OLD BROOKLYNITES—Hall of ReEASTEN DISTRICT EXEMPT FIREMEN'S ASSOCIA cords. First Thursday in each month. Objects, TION-Bedford av., near North Second st. Moses social, historical and genealogical. John W. Engle, Pres.; John Dalton, Sec.; G. McMullen, Hunter, Pres.; Edward D. White and Charles Treas. Membership, 450.

C. Leigh, Vice-Pres.; S. A. Haynes, James L. EXEMPT FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION, WESTERN DIS Watson, M. D., and Daniel T. Leverich, Secs.; TRICT-John T. Finn, Pres.; T. A. Drake, Sec., Judah B. Voorhees, Treas. Membership, 275. 582 Pacific st.; William Burrell, Treas.

SOUTH BROOKLYN TURN VEREIN-104 Sixteenth EMERALD ASSOCIATION–44 Court st. Member st. Paul Meyer, Pres.; G. H. Weppler, Sec. ship, 175. Object, the giving of an annual ball ST. NICHOLAS SOCIETY OF NASSAU ISLANDfor the benefit of the orphans in Roman Catholic Object, to keep up acquaintance between orphan asylums. Eugene F. O'Connor, Pres.; J. descendants of the Dutch settlers of Long Island F. Meehan, Sec.; Arthur McGerald, Treas.

prior to 1876. Silas Ludlam, Pres.; W. T. Lane, FRIENDLY SONS OF ST. PATRICK-Andrew T. Sec. Membership, 300. Sullivan, Pres.; J. Murphy, Vice-Pres.; T. D. SONS OF THE REVOLUTION—Frederick S. TallMurphy, Sec. Membership, 50.

madge, Pres. GREENPOINT BURNS CLUB - James Kellock, ST. PATRICK SOCIETY–Main object, to celePres. ; James Dickson, Sec.; Robert Neil, Treas. brate in a proper and becoming manner the anMembership, 35.

niversary of St. Patrick's day. J. C. McGuire, GREENPOINT TURN VEREIN-Eagle and Frank Pres.; Joseph A. Kene, M.D., Sec.; John H. Newlin sts. T. G. Zahler, Pres.; Otto D. Kuck, Sec. man, Treas. Membership, 250. 46 pupils.

STRANAHAN STATUE COMMITTEE-John Gibb, HOÀGLAND LABORATORY-Henry, cor. Pacific Chairman; John B. Woodward, Treas.; Elijah st. Object, the promotion of the higher branches R. Kennedy, Sec. of medical science. C. N. Hoagland, M.D., Pres.; SEIDL SOCIETY-Johnston Building, Flatbush J. H. Raymond, M, D., Sec. and Treas.

av. and Fulton st. (Brighton Beach Hotel in sumHOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE COUNTY mer). Mrs. Laura Holloway-Langford, Pres.: OF KINGS-44 Court st., 2d Tuesday in each Mrs. Seth Low, Vice-Pres.: Mrs. John Thallon. month. Edward Chapin, M. D., Pres.; H. D. Chairman Ex. Com.; Miss Inez G. Hall, Cor. Schenck, M. D., Sec., 241 McDonough st.' Mem Sec.; Miss Maria Steele, Treas. Membership, bership, 114.

500. KINGS COUNTY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY-356 THIRTEENTH REGIMENT VETERAN ASSOCIATION Bridge st. Wm. M. Davis, Pres.; F. N. Bliss, --Meets at Armory on 10th of each month. Theo. Sec. and Treas. Membership, 180.

B. Gates, Pres. ; F. A. Baldwin, Sec. ; C. KINGS COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION-315 W. Tandy, Treas.; Judah B. Voorhees, ComWashington st. Wm. McCollum, M. D., Pres.; J. missary. C. Bierwirth, M. D., Sec. Membership, 90.

TREE PLANTING AND FOUNTAIN SOCIETY—To enLONG ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY-Pierrepont courage the planting of trees and beautifying st., cor. Clinton. Organized 1863. Objects, the the city and placing of fountains in public collection of a general library of reference; for streets. S. B. Duryea, Pres.; L. Collins, Sec.; mation of a museum of works of art relics Gordon L. Ford, Treas. and curiosities, a cabinet of specimens illustrat THE BROOKLYN ETHICAL ASSOCIATION-Coning the natural and physical history of Long nected with the Second Unitarian Church, Dr. Island. Rev. Richard Š. Storrs, D. 'D,, Pres.: Lewis G. Janes, Pres.; William Potts, Vice-Pres.: John Jay Pierrepont, Treas.; Emma Toedtberg, James A. Skilton, Sec., 115 Broadway, N. Y. Librarian in charge. Elias Lewis, Jr., Curator City: H. R. Ham, Treas. of Museum. Membership, 1,275.

THE NEW ENGLAND SOCIETY IN THE CITY OF MEDICAL MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY-146 Pierre BROOKLYN-Membership, 450. Obj. ct. to compont st. E. H. Wilson, Pres.; Albert Brinkman, memorate the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers Sec

(Dec. 21), and to promote the stud: of New MEDICAL SOCIETY OF KINGS COUNTY_356 Bridge England history, charity and good fellowship. st. Walter B. Chase, M. D., Pres.; W. M. Hutch Willard Bartlett, Pres ; Thos. S. Moore, Sec.; inson, Sec.; Chas. N. Cox, M. D., Treas. Mem William H. Williams, Treas. bership, 409. Publish the Brooklyn Medical TURN VEREIN OF BROOKLYN, E.D.-01 Meserole Journal.

st. Fred. Bading, Pres.; Fred. C. Gross, Sec. MEMORIAL AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE G. A. R, Membership, 248. -Room 14, City Hall. Thomas B. Rutan, Chair VASSAR STUDENTS' AID_SOCIETY, BROOKLYN man; Joseph Conrady, Treas.

BRANCH-Mrs. Frank L. Babbott, Pres.; Mrs. MIZPHAH CIRCLE-Johnston Building, Flatbush Chas. O. Gates, Sec. av., cor. Fulton st., 1st and 3d Thursdays. Ob VETERAN VOLUNTEER FIREMEN, BROOKLYN, W. ject, the general improvement of the blind and D.-90 Livingston st. M. S. Brown, Pres.; Jos. the founding of an Industrial Home for the H. Downing, Sec. Blind. David H. Winter, Pres.: Miss Margaret VOLUNTEER FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION-Room 10, A. Quee, Sec.; Mrs. E. M. Manning, Treas. Mem City Hall. John Courtney, Pres.; A. H. F. bership, 23.

Bauer, Sec.; T. H. Dixon, Treas.' Membership, NEW YORK ARBROATH ASSOCIATION-363 Fulton 1,000. st. James Allen, Pres.; David Gray, Sec. Mem. VOLUNTEER AND EXEMPT FIREMEN'S Sonsbership, 75.

Union av. Alfred Parry, Pres.; Edward Murray, NEW LOTS EXEMPT FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION Sec. Membership, 50. Sheffield and Atlantic avs. L. L. Hopp, Pres.; WOMEN'S HEALTH PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONGeorge Rodebeck, Sec. Membership, 146.

Mrs. James Scrimgeour, Pres.; Mrs. Richard NEW ENGLAND SOCIAL SOCIETY — Lester A. Lacey, Sec.; Mrs. Ethan Allen Doty, Treas. Rohers, Pres.; J. M. Parker, Sec.; L. S. Miller, YALE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF LONG ISLAND Treas. Membership, 130.

Rev. C. H. Hall, D. D., Pres.; Arnold G. Dana, PHILO-CELTIC SOCIETY-Organized 1874. Daniel Arthur H. Ely, Secs. Membership, 100. Gilgannon, Pres.; M. Crane, Sec. 417 Gold st. 236 active members; 79 associate, 267 honorary.

Art Clubs. PHILATELIC CLUB OF BROOKLYN, Branch of the ART ASSOCIATION--Montague st., near Clinton. American Association-85 Court st. Object, the Thomas E. Stillman, Pres.; Carll H. De Silver, study of postage stamps. Chas. Gregory, Pres.; Sec.; Gordon L. Ford, Treas. Alvah Davison, Sec. Membership. 86.

ART GUILD—201 Montague st., Miss E. R. CofPHYSICIANS' PROTECTIVE ALLIANCE-306 Sum fin, Pres.; Miss Harriett S. Peck, Vice Pres. and ner av. Charles Jewett, M. D., Pres; E. A. Day, Treas.: Miss E. W. Lewis. Sec.: Mr. Robert Blum M. D., Sec. Object, to develop and maintain a l and Mr. Denis Bunker, Instructors.

ORGANIZATIONS-ART CLUBS-Continued. BBOOKLYN ART CLUB-F. J. Boston, Pres.; W. | FAUST DRAMATIC CLUB-Cor. Court and JoraleE. Plimpton, Vice-Pres.; Wedworth Wadsworth, mon sts. Sec., Hotel St. George ; Frank Squier, Treas.

FRANKLIN LITERARY SOCIETY-44 Court st.. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY-Rooms every Monday. Arthur Murphy, Pres. ; George in the Hoagland Laboratory, Henry, cor. Pacific E. Waldo, Vice-Pres.; R. L. Overfield, Cor. Sec.; st. Frank La Manna, Pres.; Harry S. Fowler, J. A. Shaw, Rec. Sec. Membership, 80. Sec.: E. H. Quantin, Treas. 78 members.

FLORENCE DRAMATIC SOCIETY-Criterion BuildBROOKLYN SOCIETY OF AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY ing. H. P. Stevens, Pres.; C. B. Asbury, Sec. -101 Hicks st. C. M. Trowbridge, Pres.; H. P. Membership, 100. Sewall, Sec.; Allan Ormsbee, Treas.

FORTNIGHT CLUB-399 Classon av. F. W. OsREMBRANDT CLUB-Johns. James, Pres.; Wal born, Director; W. H. Martin, Pres.; T. F. Whitter K. Paye, 159 State st., Sec. 100 'members. marsh, Sec. Membership, 30.

FULTON-C. G. Balmanno, Pres.; E. Q. Baker, Educational Institutions.

352 Fifth st., Sec. Membership, 25. ADELPHI ACADEMY-Lafayette av., cor. St.

GILBERT—531 Fulton st. B. G. Ackerman, Pres.; James pl. Albert C. Perkins, Principal. Aver

T. W. Smith, Sec.; F. J. Myers, Treas. Memberage number of students, 926.


JEFFERSON CLUB-302 Manhattan av: John J. - George R. Fowler, M. D., Pres.; Reuben Jef

Monock. Pres.: Jas. Dillon, Sec. Membership. 76. frey, Sec.; George A. Evans, Treas.


Fifth av. C. W. Ruhl, Pres.; Max Wahl, Sec. Livingston st., near Court. D. A. Cochran, Pres.

JOHNSON LITERARY ASSOCIATION-255 Fulton st. Number of instructors, 43; average number of

John F. Carroll, Pres.; John F. Dooley, Sec., 261 students, 800. Academic and Collegiate depart

Hoyt st. Membership, 100. ments.


Pres.: M. J. Jacobs, Treas.; A. Levy, Sec. COLLEGE-Henry st., cor. Pacific. Prof. Alex

LEONARDIS—138 South Fourth st. John D. ander J. C. Skene, M, D., Dean; Prof. J. S.

Murphy, Pres.; C. J. Davey, Sec. Membership,75. Wight, M. D., Treas.; Prof. J. H. Raymond, Sec.

LONGFELLOW LITERARY CIRCLE-C. Hamilton, Number of students during term ending june,

Pres., 419 Greene av. 1890, 221; graduates, 56.

LYCEUM-T. G. Duncan, Pres.; E. Percy Smith, PACKER COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE-Joralemon st.

Sec. Membership, 30. near Clinton. Truman J. Backus, Pres. Aver

MELPOMENE DRAMATIC_68_South Oxford st. age number of students, 740; instructors, 49.

T. T. Hayden, Pres.; W. E. Horton, Sec.; F. H. PRATT INSTITUTE-215 Ryerson st., bet. DeKalb

Bristow, Treas. Membership, 40. and Willoughby avs. Charles Pratt, Pres.; F. B.

MONTAUK DRAMATIC SOCIETY—590 Gates av. Pratt, Sec. and Treas. Average number of

H. T. Edwards, Sec., 475 Tompkins av. students, 2,361; instructors, 77.

MANHASSET CLUB-396 Clinton st. W.J. Coyle. ST. FRANCIS' COLLEGE-Baltic st., near Court.

Pres.: W. J. Rooney, Sec.; J. J. Carlin, Treas. Franciscan Brothers; 300 students, boarders and

PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY-465 Fulton st., Thursday scholars.

day evenings. F. K. Winslow, Pres.; T. E. Št. John's COLLEGE_Willoughby av., cor. Crossman, Chairman Executive Committee; W. Lewis. Rev. J. A. Hartnett, C. M., Pres. Aver

G. Bowdoin, Sec. Membership, 25. age number of students, 135.


ley, Pres. Literary and Dramatic..

Parvows DRAMATIC SOCIETY-T. F. Fyle, Pres.;

John Geoghegan, Sec. AMARANTH—40 Court st. Percy G. Williams,

PORTIA LADIES' LITERARY CLUB-Eastern DisPres.; Frank Hamlin, Sec.; P. O. Box 3047 New

trict. Mrs. Charles H. Russell, Pres. York'city. Membership, 150.


TION-229 Front st. James Coyne, Pres.; T. H. Pres.; W. I. Vandergrift, Sec.; W. Wirt Griffin,

Norris, Sec. Membership, 160. Treas.

ST. AUGUSTINE'S HOLY NAME SOCIETY-L. J. BOOTH—191 Livingston st. F. E. Teeves, Pres.;

Brothers, Pres.; J. H. Dillon, Sec. M. L. Williams, Sec. Membership, 35.


TION-Walter F. Buckley, Pres.; Lawrence F. gregational Church, Adelphi st., near Fulton st.

Sharkey, Sec. T. T. Fortune, Pres.; William Chase, Sec. Mem. ST. PAUL'S GUARD–Warren st., near Court. bership, 300.

W. J. Kinsella, Pres.; James F. O'Brien, Sec. BEAUX ESPRITS-W. L. Pietsch, Pres.; A. J.


ren st. A. Fransioli, Pres.; H. E. Dermody, Sec. BEDFORD LITERARY AND MUSICAL UNION-Sam

ST. PETER'S LIBRARY ASSOCIATION-110 Warren uel C. Browne, Jr., Pres.; F. H. Johnson, 217%

st. C. A. Weber, Pres.; J. D. McInerney, Sec. Putnam av., Sec. Membership, 150.

VISITATION LYCEUM-339 Van Brunt st. Thos. BOHEMIA-373 Putnam av. George McEvoy,

Dibbins, Pres.; A. McDonald, Sec. Pres.; G. C. Parker, Sec.; F. H. Bristow, Treas.


sell, Pres.; W. G. Thompson, Sec. BRYANT LITERARY SOCIETY—Association Hall,

YOUNG MEN'S CATHOLIC LITERARY ASSOCIABond and Fulton sts. George A. Price, Pres.; Frank J. Parmelee, Sec., 118 Park pl. Member

TION-515 Fulton st. ship, 1,300.

BROOKLYN CHAUTAUQUA ASSEMBLY. Bush LITERARY UNION-118 South Eighth st. H. S. Bachrach, Pres.; Max Billingheimer, Sec. The Assembly was organized in October, 1886.

CITIZENS' DEBATING SOCIETY-Hugh C. Miller, It is composed of twenty-five local circles and Pres. ; Everett Moe, 68 Lawrence st., Sec. Mem many isolated readers. 1,200 members. Resibership, 305.

dent Counselor, Lyman Abbott, D. D. Officers, CLARENDON LITERARY UNION-Prospect Hall, 1890-91: R. S. Pardington, D. D., Pres., 296 Atlantic and Waverly avs. Andrew J. Gregory, Driggs st.; N. H. Gillette, Vice-Pres., 322 Quincy Pres.; C. A. O'Neil, Sec. Membership, 55.

st.; Miss Cornelia Adele Teal, Sec., 214 Halsey CONFRATERNITY OF THE SACRED HEART-872 st., William F. Browne, Treas., 504 Halsey st. Bedford av. M. F. Dunne, Pres.; J. J. Seaman, Cor. Sec. Membership, 175.

LOCAL CIRCLES. DAVENPORT DRAMATIC-E. M. Crotty, Pres.; AD ASTRA - Miss Evelyn Morehouse, Sec., 370 Garry B. Adams, Vice-Pres.; Fred. Cuthbert, Clinton st. Sec., 476 Fifth av.: Lester R. Kent, Treas. Mem ADRIEL– Miss Elizabeth Bishop, Sec., 99 Secbership, 50.

I ond pl.

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