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BROOKLYN TRADES AND LABOR ORGANIZATIONS-Continued. Marine No. 61-Court st., Mondays. Member- LABOR LYCEUM ASSOCIATION–Labor Lyceum, ship, 120.

Myrtle st. Membership, 278. Stationary Engineers Lodge No. 8—389 Fulton LABORERS' UNION st., 1st and 3d Saturdays. Membership, 45.

General Council-353 Fulton st., 4th Sunday. EUREKA ASSOCIATION - Vide Shoemakers' Division No. 1-Hoyt, cor. Warren st., 1st WedUnion (Hand Sewn).

nesday: Membership, 350. FAUSTUS LABOR UB-407 Bridge st., 2d Sun- Division No. 2-Grand, cor. Havemeyer st., 1st day. Membership, 65.

Friday. Membership, 250. FILEMAKERS'—40 Maujer st., E. D. Member- Division No. 3 (German)-81 Bartlett st., 3d ship, 96.

Wednesday. Membership, 360. FIREMEN—VULCAN PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION- Division No. 4—28 Kosciusko st., 2d Tuesday. Alhambra Hall, 304 Bedford av., E. D., Thurs- Membership, 450. days. Membership, 150.

Division No. 5–-Cor. Grand av. and Pacific st., FIREMEN-LOCOMOTIVE-ATLANTIC LODGE No. 1st Monday. Membership, 350. 291. Schiellein's Hall, Atlantic av., 2d Saturday Division No. 6–Fifth av. and 220 st., 2d Monevening and 4th Sunday morning. Member day. Membership, 250, ship, 40.

Division No. 7-Patchen av., cor. Madison st., FRAMERS

1st Monday. Membership, 200. German 317 Court st., Tuesdays. Member

LABORERSship, 356.

Cement Union-Pattberg's Hall, 200 Montrose Union No. 1—276 Atlantic av., Wednesdays.

av., E. D., Thursdays. Membership, 87. Membership, 475.

(Cemetery) Vide South Brooklyn Labor Club. Union No. 2—117 Smith st. Membership, 180.

LATHERS, UNITED ORDER OF GENERAL-718 MyrUnion No. 3–83 Bartlett st., E. D., Sunday

tle av., 1st Fridays. Membership, 250. mornings. Membership, 450.

Union No. 1–54 Graham av., É. D., WednesFUR PICKERS AND FUR TUBBERS—718 Myrtle

days. Membership, 175. 1st and 3d Thursdays. Membership, 84.

Únion No. 2-142 Flatbush av., Fridays. MemFURNITURE WORKERS' UNION—(German) Labor

bership, 163. Lyceum, Wednesdays. Membership, 110.

Union No. 3–353 Fulton st., Thursdays. MemGERMAN TRADES ASSOCIATION–Humboldt st.

bership, 200. and Montrose av., Sundays. Over 20 Unions


Tuckahoe Hall, 718 Myrtle av. Membership, GLASS WORKERS, CUTTERS AND MOULD MAKERS

130. United Flint Glass Workers' Association

LETTER CARRIERS' NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (Glass Cutters and Mould Makers). Cor. Grand

(Branch 1)-Membership, 87. and First sts., 2d and 4th Fridays. Membership,


Granite Labor Club—718 Myrtle av., 2d and 4th Flint Glass Workers-Military Hall, Scholes st.,

Tuesdays. Membership, 250. 1st Saturday. Membership, 400.

Longshoremen's Union No. 2-Cor. Columbia GREEN GLASS WORKERS

st. and Atlantic av., Fridays. Membership, 570. Liberty Association-Cor. Third av. and Six

LOCKSMITHS' AND RAILING MAKERS' UNIONteenth st., Wednesdays. Membership, 51.

Montrose av., Thursdays. Membership, 30. Bushwick Union-Cor. Grand st. and Bushwick

LOCKSMITHS' UNION—381 Palmetto st., 1st and av., Thursdays. Membership, 48.

3d Fridays. Membership, 60. GRAINERS' UNION-Jay st., near Willoughby,

LONG ISLAND PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION D. A. 2d and 3d Mondays. Membership, 60.

220, K. OF L.-315 Washington st., Sundays.

Membership of its various Labor Associations GRANITE CUTTERS

over 10,000. Cypress Hills Branch-Bradford st., cor. At

MARBLE CUTTERS' UNION-Smith st., near Paci1st Friday after every 2d Saturday,

fic, Wednesdays. Membership, 95. Membership, 69.

MARBLE RUBBERS' UNION-Cor. Smith and Granite Cutters' Union, E. D.—183 McKibbin

Bushwick avs., Thursdays. Membership, 70. st., 2d and 4th Mondays. Membership, 150.

MAT MAKERS'—Cor. Tompkins and Park avs. GRAVE DIGGERS— Vide South Brooklyn Asso

1st and 3d Fridays. Membership, 230. ciation.


Court st., Wednesdays. Membership, 150. Finishers' Association-American Hall, Bed. MOROCCO WORKERS' UNION—718 Myrtle av., ford av., near Myrtle, 2d Wednesday in each Sundays. Membership, 140. month. Membership, 450.

MUSICAL UNIONSMakers' Association-American Hall, Bedford Bach Musical Club-329 Keap st., E. D. Memav., near Myrtle, 1st Wednesday. Membership, bership, 85. 850.

Balfe Musical Union No. 2-407 Bridge st., FriTrimmers' Association-Adelphi Hall, Myrtle days. Membership, 40. av., 3d Monday. Membership, 174.

Mozart Musical Union-Mugge's Hall, 407 Robert Barrett Association-L. A. 7974, 1st Bridge st., Friday afternoons. Membership, 58. Monday in each month. Membership, 260.

Musical Progressive Union No. 3–118 Ewen HORSESHOERS' UNION No 7–359 Fulton st., Fri- st., 2d Friday. Membership, 50. days. Membership, 450.

PAINTERSHORSESHOERS' UNION No. 20-359 Fulton st., Union No. 2—353 Fulton st., Mondays.. MemWednesdays. Membership, 195.

bership, 572. HOUSESMITHS' UNION-Cor. of Myrtle ar, and Union No. 4368 Grand st., E. D., Thursdays. Navy st. Membership, 700.

Membership, 275. INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION - - Schwaldenobergus' Union No. 8 (German)--185 McKibbin st., E D., Hotel, L. I. City, Fridays, Membership, 75. Wednesdays. INDUSTRIAL

ASSOCIATION - Cor. Greene and Union No. 110–142 Flatbush av., Wednesdays. Manhattan avs., Tuesdays. Membership, 120. Membership, 60. IRON MOULDERS

PAVERS-Cor. Myrtle av. and Navy st., ad and Union No. 22-Alhambra Hall, Bedford av., 2d 4th Thursdays. Membership, 100. and 4th Wednesdays. Membership, 175.

PILOTS' (American Steamboat Harbor), No. 5 Union No. 96–50 Court st., 1st and 3d Thurs- -Mugge's Hall, 407 Bridge st., 2d and 4th Saturdays. Membership, 246.

days. Membership, 200. Union No. 215—Columbia, cor. Carroll st., 2d PATTERN MAKERS (Iron Workers) 98 Forsyth Tuesday.

st., New York City, Mondays. Membership, ž60. JOINERS AND GRAIN CEILERS-Cor. Columbia PLASTERERSand Carroll sts., 2d and 4th Mondays. Member- Union No. 1–353 Fulton st., Wednesdays. ship, 250.

Membership, 700.

lantic av.,

BROOKLYN TRADES AND LABOR ORGANIZATIONS-Continued. Union No. 2 Germania Hall, Grand st., 1st and SHIP JOINERS AND MILLWRIGHTS-Grand Union 3d Thursdays. Membership, 500.

Hall, Court st., Sundays. Membership, 185. PLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS-(Arbitration Com- SHIPSMITH'S CAULKERS-Cor. Court and Union mittee of Masters and Journeymen-339 Fulton sts., 1st and 3d Tuesdays. Membership, 450. st., 2d and 4th Tuesdays.


Cor. Court and Union sts., ad and 4th WednesUnion No. 1-359 Fulton st., Mondays. Mem- days. Membership, 500. bership, 800.

Shipwrights, Greenpoint-Cor. Greenpoint av. Uniun No. 6-Cor. Ten Eyck and Lorimer sts., and West st., 2d and 4th Saturdays. MemberE. D., Wednesdays. Membership, 250.

ship, 200. Laborers Union, W. D.-359 Fulton st., 2d and SHOEMAKERS' UNION (Hand Sewn). Vide Eureka 4th Thursdays. Membership, 180.

Association-Ten Eyck, cor. Lorimer st., SaturLaborers' Union, E.D.- Bedford av. and days. Membership, 60. South Second st., E. D., Tuesdays. Membership, SHOEMAKERS LADIES' UNION, No. 1. 160.


and Cemetery Laborers)-Grand and Lott sts., Americus Association--Labor Lyceum, E. D., Flatbush, Thursdays. Membership, 100. Fridays.

SPAR MAKERS' UNION-Heizler's Hall, 55 BroadBay Ridge-Fifth av, and Twenty-third st., way, E. D., Sundays. Membership, 95. Thursdays.

STAIR BUILDERSBridge-Court, cor. Joralemon st., Tuesdays. United Order of America-Eureka Hall, Bed

Brighton-Ninth av., cor. Braxton st., Tues- ford av., 1st and 4th Mondays. Membership, 186. days.

STONE MASONS' UNION—353 Fulton st., 1st and Coronet-DeKalb and Throop avs., Saturdays. 3d Tuesdays. Membership, 350.

Flatbush-Shoemaker's Hall, Flatbush, Fri- TAILORS UNION No. 2 (German)-187 Montrose days.

av., E. D., Saturdays. Membership, 190. Franklin 444 Manhattan av., Thursdays.

THEATRICAL PROGRESSIVE UNION No. 2359 Feedom-International Hall, 2d and 4th Thurs- Fulton st., 1st and 3d Sundays. Membership, 75. days.

TIN AND SHEET IRON ROOFERS-359 Fulton st., Greenpoint—181 Myrtle av., Saturdays.

Tuesdays. Membership, 474. Gwinette-726 Myrtle av., Fridays.


ASSOCIATION-359 Fulton st., 2d and 4th Sundays. Independent-15 McDougal st., Thursdays. Membership, 260.

Myrtle Association-Hopkins and Throop avs., TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 98-Cor. Court and Fridays.

State sts., 1st and 3d Mondays. Membership, Standard-106 Boerum st., every 2d Thursday, 375.

Thomas Jefferson-Moore's Hall, Nineteenth VARNISHERS' AND STAINERS' UNION–Labor st. and Third av., 2d and 4th Tuesdays.

Lyceum, Tuesdays. Membership, 300. Union-Madison and Patchen avs., Saturdays. VULCAN PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION-Vide Fire

United-Gray's Hall, Grand av. and Pacific st., 2d and 4th Tuesdays.

WAITERSRAMMERS' UNION No 3-Myrtle av. and Navy Brooklyn Waiters—87 Court st., Fridays. st., 1st and 3d Wednesdays. Membership, 100. Membership, 70.

RIGGERS' UNION (Port of New York)-217 Long Island Waiters_51 Ewen sts, Friday
Court st., 2d and 4th Fridays. Membership, 230. afternoons. Membership, 56.

Evening Star Association-Cor. Franklin and 1st and 3d Saturdays.
Manhattan avs. 1st and 3d Thursdays. Mem- WOOD WORKERS' UNION-Vide Euclid Associa
bership, 120.

tion, 112 Court st., 1st and 3d Fridays.



BROOKLYN-180 Remsen st. James H. Armington, Pres. and Engineer; E. Storer. Sec. Capital stock, $2,000,000. District is bounded by Washington, Flatbush and Atlantic avs. 72 miles of gas mains.

BROOKLYN ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY_343 Kent av. Noah L. Cocheu, Pres.; Thomas Black, Sec.

BROOKLYN MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC ILLUMINATING COMPANY-126 Broadway. Matthew Dean, Pres.; James D. Jensen, Treas.

CITIZENS'-130 Atlantic av. S. A. Lathrop. Pres.; Samuel F. Tudor, Sec. Capital stock, $1,500,000. District, Atlantic av., south side, from East River to Nevins, to Butler, north side, to Gowanus Bay and water front back to Atlan

43 miles of gas mains. CITIZENS' ELECTRIC ILLUMINATING COMPANYNavy st., cor. DeKalb av. John Delmar, Pres.

EDISON ELECTRIC ILLUMINATING COMPANYPearl st., n. Myrtle av.; 7 Quincy st. and 26 Lexington av. Ethan Allen Doty, Pres.; R. C. Peabody, Sec. and Treas.

FULTON MUNICIPAL 342 Fulton st. James Jourdan, Pres.; Walter K. Rossiter, Sec. and Treas. Capital stock, $3,000,000. District, East River to Reid av., and Atlantic av, to Navy Yard and Myrtle av. District includes 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 7th, 1 th, 20th, 21st and 230 Wards. 60 miles of gas mains.

METROPOLITAN 563 Atlantic av. Charles H. Stoddard, Pres.; H. H. Rogers, Vice-Pres.; A. F. Staniford, Sec. Capital stock, $870,000 District begins at the southeast cor. of Atlantic av. and Nevins st., running east on south side of Atlantic and Flatbush avs. to City line; then south to and including New Utrecht; then west and north along New York Bay, Gowanus Canal and Nevins st. to starting point. 54 miles of gas mains.

NASSAU–191 St. James pl. H. P. Morgan, Pres.; S. T. White, Sec. Capital stock, $1,000,000. District is bounded by DeKalb av., Broadway, Washington av. and the old City line. 95 miles of gas mains.

PEOPLE'S-419 Myrtle av. Edwin Ludlam, Pres.; Wm. Marshall, Vice-Pres.; E. D. Mitchell, Sec. Capital stock, $1,000,000. District begins at northeast cor. DeKalb and Washington avs., along DeKalb to Broadway, to Division av. (both sides), to East River, along Kent and Washington avs. to starting point. 54 miles of gas mains.

UNION-Atlantic av. and Ashford st. Samuel J. Young, Pres. ; Miles A. Brown, Sec. and Treas. Capital stock, $250,000. District, 26th Ward, formerly town of New Lots.

WILLIAMSBURGH-324 Bedford av. Henry Steers, Pres.; H. H. Rogers, Vice-Pres.; C. W. Blodget, Sec. Capital stock, $1,000,000. District, the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Wards. 130 miles of gas mains.

tic av.

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$13 to 25 Fur Workers-

Millers nd Mill-
9 to 13 Girls
6 to 8 wrights....

21 Bartenders 6 to 20 Men..

10 to 14 Morocco Workers... 9 to 12 Blue Stone Cutters 24 Furniture Workers,


17 to 30 Boiler Makers 15 to 18 (German). 10 to 16 50 Painters...

16 50 to 18 BookbindersCabinet Makers. 9 to 16 Pavers....

27 to 80 Forwarders. 18 to 21 Upholsterers 15 to 30 Pilots

per mo. Finishers 22 to 24 Varnishers

7 to 15 Steamboat, aver'ge 125 Rulers 20 to 24 Gas Fixture Makers


24 Cutters 14 to 18 Buffers.. 15 to 18 Plumbers.

21 Case Makers 20 to 26 Chandelier Makers. 17 to 19 Laborers

16 50 Brass Founders. 15 to 18 Chasers.

18 to 25 PrintersBrewery Employees

Cock Makers
20 to 25 Weekly

18 Inside Hands 15 to 18 Designers. 25 to 70 Day

40cm. Drivers

11 to 14 Night..

50c. m. Drivers' Helpers. 12 to 15 Modelers...

20 to 30 On Machines. Bricklayers, Front 30 Pattern Makers.. 20 to 26 Pressmen.

20 Rough.... 24 Glass Workers

Stereotypers.. 32 to 35 Laborers 15 to 16 50 Cutters and Moul

Railroad Employees. 10 50 to 14 Brown Stone Cutters

16 to 20 Rammers

18 Summer, 9 months. 27

Flint Glass
22 50

cts. per hr. Winter, 8 months.. 24

Green Glass..
22 Riggers.

40 Brown Stone Rubb'rs 15 Grainers..... 18 to 19 50 Roofers, Gravel

15 Butchers' Employees 9 to 13 Granite Cutters. 16 50 to 18 Tin and Slate.

21 Carpenters 15 to 19 50 Rubbers.

12 to 15 Sash and Blind MaCart Drivers 10 to 12 cts. per hr. kers

12 to 19 50 Cartmen, horse and

Grave Diggers

16 Salesmen and women 6 to 30 cart. 4 p. diem Hatters..

$15 to 20 Scene Shifters. 10 50 to 12 Carriage Makers. 15 to 18 Horseshoers, Fire


21 Cellar Diggers.. 12 to 15



27 Chew'g Gum Makers 12 to 21 Fitters and Drivers 19 50 ShoemakersBoys... 7 to 10 Floormen...


12 Packers 4 to 7 Housesmiths, Fitters 18


6 to 9 Cigar Makers.

9 to 25
10 50 to 12 Machinists

18 Clock Makers. 15 to 18 Iron Workers


12 Clothing Cutters. 13 to 19 50

Holders on

Soap Makers

12 to 25 Coach Drivers' EmMachinists. 15 to 16 50 Spar Makers.

18 ployees—Drivers. 12

16 50 to 18 Stair Builders

19 50 Stablemen

Pattern Makers. 21 Stone Masons.

24 Washers

16 Storemen

7 to 14 Coal Drivers 10 50 to 12 Joiners

19 50 Straw Workers

3 to 12 Shovelers. 7 50 to 10 50 Laborers

cts. per hr. Sugar Refinery, laCoffee Handlers 10 50 to 12 Cemetery.


9 to 12 Packers 7 50 to 9 General 9 to 15 Tailors.

12 to 27 Coopers 15 to 18 Lathers.

19 50 Textile Workers.. 4 50 to 9 cts. per hr. Lead Workers, skill

Tile Layers.

p. diem. Caulkers.

15 to 18 Helpers

Derrick Men
13 50to16 50 Lead Workers, un-

Tin and Sheet Iron Drivers, Brick Carts. 12


9 to 12

18 Engineers.. 19 to 30 Leather Workers. 13 50 to 21 Tin Can Makers

18 to 20 per mon. Longshoremen- cts. per hr. Tinsmiths

18 to 20 Marine 60 to 150 Day. 30 to 40 Tool Makers.

21 to 24 File Makers.

45 Truck Drivers

12 to 18
per diem. | Locksmiths..
18 to 19 50 Varnishers

15 Firemen..... 2 to 2 50 Lumber Handlers. 10 50 to 12 Waiters

10 to 13 per mon. ||Marble Cutters

21 Watch Case Makers.. 18 to 24 Firemen, Locomo- 45 to 50


15 Wood Bundlers. 7 KO to 10 50 tive,.. cts. per hr. Mat Makers

9 to 15 Wood Workers 15 to 19 50 Framers.



Brooklyn National Banks, 1890.
The following table shows the condition of the National Banks for the last quarter of 1890:

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Prospect Park contains 5164 acres. In woodland, 110 acres; in lakes and watercourses, 77 acres; in meadows, 70 acres; in plantations, 259% acres; in drives, 8% miles; bridle roads, 376 miles; walks, 10% miles.

Ocean Parkway is 54 miles long and 210 feet wide. Eastern Parkway is 24 miles long and 210 feet wide.

Area of Other Parks. Coney Island Concourse.

70 acres. Parade Ground..

40 Washington Park.

30 Tompkins Park..

734 City Park.

71 Carroll Park.

City Hall Park.
Winthrop Park
Bushwick Park..
Small inclosures.

.about 4

ACCIDENTS. Carriages and sleighs, 176; saddle horses, 19; bicycles and tricycles, 22; fell in lake, 3; taken sick in park, 14; killed by falling from tree in City Park, 1; fracture of arm by falling from carriage, 1; fell in park, 8; leg broken, playing ball, 1; sprained ankle, stopping runaway horse 1; fell from truck, 1.

PARK IMPROVEMENTS MADE IN 1890. New workshops in Prospect Park, near Seventh street und Ninth avenue.

Shed for horses and teams at Flower Garden Shelter, Prospect Park.

Many new walks and walks repaired in Prospect Park.

New Water Main in Prospect Park.

New stone and iron fence and concrete sidewalk around Tompkins Park. 40,516

square feet of walk were relaid in Washington Park.

New music stand in Washington Park,

24.435 cubic yards of earth filling for Winthrop Park.

.8,312 cubic yards of top soil for Winthrop Park.

New nursery and greenhouses in Prospect Park.

Iron and steel bridge over the Lullwater, Prospect Park,

Flower Garden Shelter altered and restaurant accommodations provided.

Stone and iron bridge near Breeze Hill (in process of erection).

LIST OF MONUMENTS IN PROSPECT PARK. Lincoln Monument; Bust of Washington Irving; Bust of J. Howard Payne; Bust of Thomas Moore; Soldiers and Sailors' Monument in course of erection).

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January 386,900 7,254 122,858 517,012 February 254,013 4,954 105,064 364,031 March 285,507 3,391 87,018 424, 342 April . 398,901 5,593 223,832 628,326 Мау. 219,334 9,652 1,039,718 1,268,704 June.. 194,010 5,981 1,320,874 1,520,865 July

156,753 5,043 1,180,702 1,342,498 August... 210,196 6,395 1,462,419 1,679,011 Septem.. 264,874 9,063 1,150,255 1,424,192 October.. 171,191 7,328 727,747 907,066 Novem.. 230.541 13,406 926,111| 1,170,058 Decem...

100,153 7,543 698,095 805,791 Totals...! 2,873,1911 85,6031 9,044,693 12,051,995

In the month of March there were 48,426 sleighs; in December, 89.957. Total sleighs, 138,383.

Total number of visitors on Sundays, 2,948,102. Total number of visitors on concert days, 777,597. Largest number in one day, May 18, 1890, 186, 836.

SATURDAY CONCERTS, PROSPECT PARK. .16 First concert, June 7; last concert, September 20.

WASHINGTON PARK CONCERTS....... .16 First concert, June 7; last concert, September 20.

SUNDAY CONCERTS, PROSPECT PARK .... 16 First concert, June 8; last concert, September 28. Total number of concerts.......

48 SPORTS AT PROSPECT PARK. Picnics, 391; base ball games, 1,017; foot ball games, 114; cricket games, 72; lacrosse games, 1.

PARK POLICE FORCE. One captain, 7 sergeants and 69 patrolmen. Total force, 77. Distributed as follows: Prospect Park, 6 sergeants, 50 patrolmen; Washington Park, 1 sergeant, 6 patrolmen; City Park, 2 patrolmen: Tompkins Park, 3 patrolmen; Carroll Park, 2 patrolmen; Eastern Parkway, 3 patrolmen; Ocean Parkway, 3 patrolmen.


FOR CHILDREN. First Society in the State formed under the General Arbor Day Law of 1888. Samuel B. Duryea: Pres. ; Tunis G. Bergen, Vice Pres.; Truman J. Backus, Treas.; E. O. Ball, Sec.

Cruiser No. 7. The construction of a 3,000-ton steel ship, designated as Cruiser No. 7, is going forward at the Navy Yard, This vessel was begun in the fall of 1889. She is to have a length over all of 305 feet 6 inches, and a breadth extreme of 42 feet inch. Her depth of hold will be 23 feet 8 inches, and her mean draught, 18 feet. The cruiser will be very fast, with engines of 10,000 horse power, her estimated speed being between 19 and 20 knots. The engines are building at the Navy Yard. Cruiser No. 7 has a protective deck. Her battery will consist of ten 4-inch rapid fire guns, a 6-inch breech-loading rifle, and a secondary battery of smaller rapid fire guns, revolving cannon and gatlings. She will proba! bly be named the Cincinnati.


Board of Supervisors.

Lunacy Officer, Thomas Moran.

.$1,200 Salary

Warrant Officer, James Flaherty: Supervisor-at-Large PAUL H. KRETZSCHMAR$5,000

Investigator County Wards, Jas. Fletcher 1,000 Secʻry to Sup.-at-Large, Wm. L. Howard.. 1,600 Investigator County Wards, Patrick Urell. 900 Clerk of Board, E. B. Cadley..


Physician, E. G. Metcalfe, M. D..... 1,600 Assistant Clerk, M. T. Dowden

1,700 Physician, J. J. O'Connell, M. D.... 1,600 Second Assistant Clerk, Thomas F.Waldron 1,600 Morgue Keeper, Patrick McGuire..

1,500 Minute Clerk, R. V. Remsen


Storekeeper, William H. McLaughlin.. 2,300 Counsel, John B. Meyenborg

Asst. Storekeeper, Michael McCarty.

1,500 Committee Clerk, Thomas J. McGee. 1,200

Supt. Almshouse, William Murray

1,800 Stenographer, W. B. Green

1,000 Steward Almshouse, William Davison. 1,200 Assistant Sergt-at-Arms and Messenger, M. Steward Hospital, Emil Schiellein.

1,200 C. Heenan..


Apothecary Hospital, Thomas D. Hughes. 1.000 Superintendent of Construction and Re

Gen. Medical Supt., John A. Arnold, M. D. 3,000 pairs, Daniel Ryan..


Medical Supt. Hospital, J.T. Duryea, M. D. 1,200 Board of Supervisors, 30 members (each). 1,000

Medical Supt. Asylum, Flatbush, W. S. President, pro tem., Richard L. Baisley.

Fleming, M. D

1,800 Members: Henry C._Simonson, Martin F.

Asst. Physician, Asylum, Flatbush, Ira 0. Conly, Henry A. Willis, John McKeown, Patrick

Tracy, M. D....

900 Barry, Eugene R. Judge, Francis H. Mc

Asst. Physician, Asylum, Flatbush, Philip Guire, Robert H. Attlesey, Thomas Fitchie,

P. Carlon, M. D..

600 John J. Donahue, Charles W. Swan, Robert

Asst. Physician, Asylum, Flatbush, Albert O'Donnell, Stephen B. Jacobs, Patrick J.

C. Bishop, M. D

450 Ralph, Henry C Saffen, Charles Juengst, Harvey

Asst. Physician, Asylum, Flatbush, Edward T. Lewis, Peter P. Gangloff, William C. Car

D. Smith, M. D

450 rick, Wm. L. Bennem, William P. Riggs, Geo.

Medical Supt., Asylum, St. Johnland, L. I., H. Deitsch, Olin B. Lockwood, Wm. E. French,

John L. Macumber, M. D..

1,500 Wm. F. Extance, Henry Wolfert, William M.

Asst. Supt., Asylum, St. Johnland, L. I., Lynam, Richard L. Baisley, John Y. McKane,

Oliver M. Dewing, M. D..

750 Cornelius Furguson.

Steward, St. Johnland, Charles A. Murray, 1,000

Warden, Penitentiary, Patrick Hayes..... 3,500
County Clerk's office.
Deputy Warden, Jas. Hughes....


Clerk, Penitentiary, William R. Hennessey 1,200 County Clerk, WILLIAM J. KAISER..


Physician, Penitentiary, P. L Schenck 1,000 Deputy, William P. Rhodes..

Chief Engineer, Patrick McCanna

2,500 Equity Clerk, Chas. Y. Van Doren..

Asst. Chief Engineer, Theodore Steinwerth 1,200 Requisition Clerk, John W. Kaiser

The pay roll

of this Department amounts to Docket Clerk, Frank L. Barnard.

$205,000 a year, including the Penitentiary. Docket Clerk, William Korff. Record Clerk, William Meldrum.

Department of Jurors. Searcher, N. F. Cornwell...


Commissioner of Jurors, Wm. A. FUREY...$5,000
County Register's Office.

Deputy Commissioner, J.P. W. Cawthorne 2,500
Clerk, R. H. Furey...

1,800 County Register, JAMES KANE.

Clerk, A. J. Michaels

1.800 Deputy, William Barre....

Clerk, D. F. M. Ferguson .

1,800 Coroners' Office.

Department of the Treasury.

Coroner, A. J. ROONEY, M. D. (W. D.)...... Fees.

County Treasurer, HENRY H. ADAMS. .$5,000 Coroner, GEORGE H. LINDSAY (E. D.). Fees.

Deputy Treasurer, James Gardiner. 3,000 Clerk, Daniel M. Kelly. $2,500 Bookkeeper, E. S. Bogart.

2,800 Stenographer, Edmond S. Linehan........ 1,500

Cashier, L. J. Tormey

2,000 Clerk, John Harrington..

1,500 Court House. Clerk, W. R. McGuire..

1,500 Court House Keeper, THOMAS MARTIN. $1,800

Hall of Records. Ass't Court House Keeper, Thos. F. O'Neil, 1,000


$1,800 Ass't Court House Keeper. James Donar.. 1,000 Watchman, Geo. Gallagher

Assistant, Peter Tynan....

1,000 1,000 Day Watchman, J. C. Grimes

Engineer, Matthew McKinney..

1,200 1,000

Assistant Engineer, John McMahon.. Engineer, Michael Clancy

1,200 1,200 Assistant Engineer, John Brady

Watchman, John Stringer.

1,000 1,200

Watchman, John Broderick. Fireman, James Fitzpatrick.. 900


Public Administrator.
Department of Audit.

WILLIAM B. DAVENPORT, 189 Montague st.
County Auditor, FREDERICK KELLER.......$3,000

Sherif's office.

Department of Charities

Fees. and Corrections.

Under Sheriff, Hugh McLoughlin..

Equity Clerk, William C. Courtney.

Court Clerk, Patrick Crook..
Commissioner, B. FRANK GOTT, Pres.. -$5,000 Counsel to the Sheriff, Wm. J. Courtney.
Commissioner, FRANCIS NOLAN..

5,000 Warden, Jail, Peter J. Doyle..... Commissioner, GEORGE H. MURPY, Treas.. 5,000 Deputies, William J. Cunningham, James Secretary, Bernard Lamb..

2,500 Dixon, Louis C. Ott and Thos. Crummey, Counsel, John A. Quintard.

3,000 Keepers, Daniel J. Lyons, Jos. R. Brennan, Bookkeeper, Daniel J. Doyle.


Edward Smith and James C. Walsh... Relief Clerk, Joseph Short, Jr.

2,200 Matrons, Mrs. Buckley and Miss Maggie Abandonment Clerk, George Brown. 1,500 Cunningham . County Wards Clerk, Frederick Goodhue.. 1,500 Jail Physician, A. W. Shepard, M. D.. -$2,000 Asst. Relief Clerk, James L. Connelly.. 1,200 Jail Engineer, Edward J. Thomas.. 1,200

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