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Ages and Sex of those Arrested, together with their offences and Disposi

tion, 1889.


BROOKLYN EXCISE STATISTICS. The following table shows the number of applications and number of licenses granted and revoked in Brooklyn during the past eight years, and amount of money received :

No.of Ap- Licenses Licenses 1st Class 2d.Class 3d Class
plications Revoked. Granted. ($100). ($75). ($50).

Money Received.

to Nov. 30, 1883.




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Dec. 1, 1882,


2,704 1884. 3,073

2,840 " 18 16 16 16 1885. 3,142

159 « 1885, 3,212

2,720 175 1986 " " " 1887. 3,623

3,296 2,988

000 16 " 1888.


3,506 3,191 201
66 1889
3,613 3,301

< " " 1890. 4,098

3,491 238 On November 30, 1890, 3,721 licensed places were in existence in Brooklyn.

[blocks in formation]




| Board of Health, Supervisor, Justice of the TOWN OFFICERS.

Peace, Town Clerk, and Citizen Member, Supervisor, William M. Lynam.

Nicholas W. Brown. Town Clerk, Frank McK. Gleason.

Poundmasters, Wm. Hefferon, John SchlattenAssessors, J. Lott Vanderbilt, William A. Hay.

berg. wood and E. C. McCall.

Sexton, John H. Van Houten. Justices of the Peace, James F. Kelly, Henry

ORGANIZATIONS. Bornkamp, Edward 'Sweeny and William Mc Democratic Association, Henry A. Lemken, Mahon.

Pres.; Richard V. Remsen, Sec. Tax Collector, Adrian M. Williamson, to May 1, Election December 16-Republican Association, 1893.

F. Ford, Pres.; J. G. Morrell, Sec. Commissioners of Highways, Henry Hesterberg, Engine Co. No. 1, W. H. Thomas, Foreman, James Fitzpatrick, Adam Balzer, Jr.

N. 'S. Ford Post, G. A. R., No. 161, Alex. J. Excise Commissioners, J. McConnell, John J. Fisher, Commander. O'Brien, Adam Schertl.

Young Men's Christian Association, C. McCrodTown Auditors, John Moore, George J. Vander den, Pres.; T. M. Allen, Sec. veer.

Excelsior Beneficial Gun Club, Chas. Morrell, Constables, George E. Smith, Robert J. Kane, Pres.

Edward McCarthy, John McMahon, F. Hege Amersfort Athletic Club, Jacob Remsen, Pres. man,

Union Gun Club, John T. Ford, Pres.
Board of Improvement, Christian Schaffer, Turtle Club, W. H. Thomas, Pres.

Pres.; H. T. Montgomery, P. L. Williamson,
James Ryan, J. P. Vanderveer, W. S. Schoon-

Gravesend. maker, R Cousins; A. M. Williamson, Sec.

Town OFFICERS. Town Board of Health, Supervisor, Justice of

Supervisor, John Y. McKane. the Peace, Town Clerk and Citizen Member, Town Clerk, John L. Voorhies. William T. Travis.

Tax Collector, Peter H. Rumph. Police Commissioners, P. L. Williamson, Pres.:

Commissioner of Investment, John L. Voorhies. J. D. Randolph, Sec.; Joseph T. Smith, Treas.; Justices of the Peace, Jacques S. Stryker, Henry Keyser, Police Captain.

Richard V. B. Newton, John McMahon and Poundmaster, M. Tully.

K F. Sutherland. Keeper, Town Hall, Thomas H. Glass.

Assessors, Abraham R. Coles, J. H. Brennan Fire Department, Herman T. Martens, Pres.;

and George H. Delano. George Schrimpf, Chief.

Commissioners of Common Lands, Garrett Washington Engine No. 1, Wm. H. Swartwout,

Katen, Pres.; Thomas Ferguson, Sec.; Charles Foreman,

Lundy, Treas.; Henry Osborn and 'William Melrose Hose Co. No. 1, John Bogart, Foreman.

Remsen. Washington Hook and Ladder No. 1, Frank Heg. Board of Health, Supervisor, Justices of the eman, Foreman.

Peace, Town Clerk and Citizen Member, S. Farmers' Hook and Ladder No. 2, Gustave Jap

Stryker Williamson. pert, Foreman.

Excise Commissioners, John Lu Windsor Hose Co. No. 2, John Probert, Foreman.

Taylor and A. D. Buschman. Woodbine Hose Co. No. 3, Joseph Nettleton, Town Auditors, James N. Johnson, Pres.: Chas. Foreman.

C. Overton, Sec.; and James B. Voorhies. Malbone Hose Co. No. 4, Chas. A. Kleinfelder,

Commissioners of Highways, Andrew Boyle, Foreman.

John Whalen and Nicholas J. Johnson. Assessed valuation, real estate, $6,156,465.

Constables, Geo. F. Kleist, John McCready, ORGANIZATIONS.

David D. O'Connor, A. Scott Jimison and Alpine Social, Frank Pigott, Pres.; James Mc Charles W. Riley. Kinney, Sec.

Chief of Police, John Y. McKane. Citizens League, R. Young, Pres; H.W. Sherrill, · Police Captain, John T. Hinman. Sec.

Sexton, A. E. Stillwell. Democratic Association, James F. Kelly, Pres.; Poundmaster, P. Haley. James Fitzpatrick, Sec.

ORGANIZATIONS. Flatbush Benevolent Association, John Mahon, Fire Department. Conrad Stubenbord, Pres.; Pres.

R. T. Sutherland, Chief.
Flatbush Firemen's Association, Wm. Swartout, Atlantic Hook and Ladder Co., Kenneth F.
Pres.; James F. McNulty, Sec.

Sutherland, Foreman.
Flatbush Young Republican Club, Charles A.. Atlantic Hose Co., J. E. Eustis, Foreman.
Ackerly, Pres.

Friendship Engine Co., Henry Osborn, Foreman.
Jeffersonian League, Frank McK. Gleason, Pres. Friendship Hook and Ladder Co., James Mc-
Kerswill Post, G. A. R., No. 149, J. J. Werner, Kane, Foreman.

Gravesend Beach Engine Co., Harry Bateman, Midwood Club, Dr. Homer L. Bartlett, Pres.; Foreman. Henry W. Sherrill, Sec.

Democratic Association, William V. B Bennett, Republican Association, Edward B. Vanderveer, Pres.; John T. Lowe, Sec. Pres.; George C. Case, Sec.

Republican Association, Henry R. Williams,

Pres.; Charles C. Overton, Sec.

Taxpayers Association, A. N. Stratton, Pres.;

Charles C. Overton, Sec.
Supervisor, Richard L. Baisley.
Town Clerk, John S. Schenck.

Impromptu Charitable Relief Association, S.

Stryker Williamson, Pres.; Jacques S. Stryker, Tax Collector, Fred. E. Lemken.

Sec.; John L. Voorhies, Treas. Assessors, Charles E. Denton, James Ryder,

Gravesend Beach Citizens Association, John W. W. Kouwenhoven.

Bateman, Pres.; Henry F. Wolff, Sec. Commissioners of Highways, Robert Cathcart,

Atlantic Rod and Gun Club, R. Duyer, Pres.; Joshua Stafford, John Matthews.

H. Ferris, Sec.
Justices of the Peace, John M. Wilson, William
H. Thomas, John C. Mathews, Elias Hendrick-

New Utrecht. son.

TOWN OFFICERS. Constables, A. W. Skidmore, John T. Ford, Supervisor, C. Furguson.

Richard McAvoy, A. L. Remsen, H. F. Storer, Town Clerk, Jacob C. Moore. Excise Commissioners, John H. Nolan, Alex. Assessors, Charles H. Lott, Watson L. Bennett J. Fisher, B. F. Hornan.

and John Neville.

Justices of the Peace, Charles W. Church, W. | Republican Association, Andrew Hegeman,

Bennett Wardell, Charles A. Co rady and Pres.; John Neville, Sec.
John Cowenhoven.

G. A. R., Lefferts Benson Post, meet at Bath Tax Collector, William Keegan.


Commander. Town Auditors, Henry Ahrens, Abram Lott and Citizens' Association of Bath Beach, P. Bogart, J. Holmes Van Brunt.

Pres.; J. C. Rhodes, Sec. Commissioners of Highways, A. V. B. Voorhies, Citizens' Association of Bay Ridge and Fort M. H. White and Peter F. McEvoy.

Hamilton, Van Brunt Bergen, Pres.; L. M. Constables, Patrick Drury, John Specht, John Lent, Sec.

W. Maloney, Philip Leonhardt and Kormack Citizens Association of School District No. 3, Flanagan.

H. C. Bull, Pres.; H. C. Smith, Sec.
Board of Health, Supervisor, Justices of the Young Men's Christian Association of New

Peace, Town Clerk and Citizen Member, Utrecht, Jere R. Van Brunt, Pres.
Elisha Kingsland.

Fire Department-Liberty Hook and Ladder of Board of Sewer Commissioners (Bath Beach Bath Beach, John V. Van Pelt, Foreman.

district), T. A. Ritson, Geo. E. Nostrand, Hamilton Engine Co. No. 1, Fort Hamilton, Furguson, Jr., F. C. de Mund and A. V. B. Francis Fowler, Foreman. Voorhies.

Bay Ridge Engine Co. No. 1, W. Lammael, Board of Improvement, C. Furguson, J. Lott Foreman.

Nostrand, John Cowenhoven, W. 'Bennett Neptune Engine Co. No. 2, Rupert Werner, Wardell and William Keegan.

Foreman. Excise Commissioners, A. V. B. Bennett, John Neosho Hook and Ladder, Bay Ridge, E. W. McGlynn and R. Werner.

Bliss, Foreman. Flagging Commissioners, C. Furguson, T. M. Old Jackson Hook and Ladder, Bath Beach Hegeman, J, Lott Nostrand, T. A. Kitson and Junction, A. Melville, Foreman. M. J. McGrath.

Athletic Association of Bath Beach, M. J. ORGANIZATIONS.

McGrath, Pres. Democratic Association, J. Holmes Van Brunt, Kings County Gas and Illuminating Co., J. K. O. Pres.; William Keegan, Sec.

Sherwood, Pres.

BROOKLYN FERRIES. ASTORIA-S. C. Ellis, Sec. and Treas. ; I. K. | York City; James M. Waterbury, Pres.; Samuel Bradbury, Supt.

C. Ellis, Sec. From Astoria to 92d st., New York, every 30 From Grand st. to Houston st., New York, day minutes from 5 A. M. to 6 A. M., and from s P. and night. M. to midnight, and hourly from midnight to 5 SOUTH BROOKLYN (New York and South BrookA. M., and every 15 minutes during the day. lyn Ferry and Steam Transportation Company).

BAY RIDGE FERRY, from 65th st., Bay Ridge Office, Pier 2, East River, New York: John W. (City Line), to foot of Whitehall st., New York. Ambrose, Pres.; William A. Stephens, Treas.;

BROOKLYN ANNEX-Daniel Butterfield, Pres.; Francis H. Bergen, Sec. Frederick Jansen, Supt.

From 39th st. to Pier 2, East River, New York. Ferry at foot of Fulton st. Connects at Jersey First boat leaves Brooklyn at 5.30 A. M., thence City with the following railways; Pennsylvania every half hour, on even hours and half hours, R. R. and New Jersey Midland P. R.

until 10 P. M. (the last). Connections also made with Fall River and First boat leaves New York at 6 P. M., thence Albany night line on arrival and departure of every half hour, on the even hours and half steamers. Also with New York, West Shore hours, until 10.30 P. M. (the last). and Buffalo Railroad.

UNION FERRY COMPANY-Geo. w. Quintard, Street cars leave Jersey City for Erie Railway Pres.; H. K. Knapp, Treas. and Gen. N'gr; M. every 5 minutes (time 20 minutes), and Morris Bunker, Sec.; W. E. Gerard, Gen. Supt. and Essex Railway at Hoboken every 5 minutes From Main st. to Catharine st., New York. (time 27 minutes). All trips carry teams.

From 5 A. M. to 9 P. M., every 10 minutes; 9 P. Trips made every half hour from 6:30 A. M. to M. to 11.30, every 20 minutes; 11.30 to 5 A. M., 11 P. M. daily, in Winter (November 10 to May every 30 minutes. 29), and every 20 minutes in Summer Time From Fulton st. to Fulton st., New York. between Brooklyn and Pennsylvania R. R., 14 to From 5 A. M. to 7 A. M., every 10 minutes; 7 A. 16 minutes. Fare, 10 cents.

M. to 7 P. M., every 5 minutes; 7 P. M. to 10 P. THE BROOKLYN AND NEW YORK FERRY Co M., every 10 minutes; 10 P. M. to 5 A. M., every J. J. O'Donohue, Pres.; James Affleck, Se 20 minutes. J. G. Jenkins, Treas.; W. Ravestyn, M'g Dir.

From Atlantic av. to Whitehall st., New York. From Grand st. to Grand st., New York, day From 5 A. M. to 6 A. M., every 12 minutes; 6 A. and night.

M. to 11 A. M., every 10 minutes; 11 A. M. to 4 P. From Broadway to Grand st., New York, day M., every 12 minutes; 4 P. M. to 7 P. M., every 10 and night.

minutes: 7 P. M. to 12 P. M., every 15 minutes; From Broadway to Roosevelt st., New York, 12 P. M. to 5 A. M., every 30 minutes. day and night.

From Hamilton av. to Whitehall st., New York. From Broadway to 23d st., New York, day and From 5 A. M. to 6 A. M., every 12 minutes; 6 A. night.

M. to 7 P. M., every 10 minutes; 7 P. M. to 12 P. GREENPOINT-H. B. Hollins, Pres.; H. K. M., every 15 minutes; 12 P. M. to 5 A. M., every Knapp, Sec. and Treas.

30 minutes. From Greenpoint av. to 10th st., New York, 5 From Montague st. to Wall st., New York, A. M. to 12 P. M.

6 A. M. to 9 P. M., except Sundays. From Greenpoint av. to 230 st., day and night.


Insurance Companies. and Treas.

From Long Island City to James Slip, New BROOKLYN LIFE—51 Liberty st., N. Y. City. York, every 30 minutes from 6.30 A. M. to 7 P. KINGS COUNTY FIRE-97 Broadway. M. No boat on Sundays.

LAFAYETTE FIRE-16 Court st. From Ferry st. to East 34th st., New York, day NASSAU FIRE30 Court st. and night.

PHENIX FIRE-12 Court st. NASSAU FERRY COMPANY—132 Front st., New | WILLIAMSBURGH CITY FIRE–211 Montague st.



| Stores and



| Stores and

| Tenement


The following table shows the number of sto- | larger than those of any year preceding, exceptries in height of dwelling houses erected:

ing 1889. Brooklyn is third among the cities of the Union in the number and value of its buildings, New York and Boston being ahead in this

matter. The extension of the fire limits will Number of Stories in

materially affect the value of Brooklyn's buildHeight.

ings in the future, inasmuch as that part of the city in which frame dwellings were allowed to be built, will now be beautified by brick struc

tures. One story ..............

58 Two story ...... 740

The following table shows the number of Two story and basem't. 1, 061

buildings completed during the year 1890, exThree story ..... 242 30

cluding December:
Three story and basem't
Four story..
Four story and basem't.
Five story ............
Five story and basem't......
Seven story..


Wards. ...








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The following table shows the number of new buildings and the estimated cost for which per

First..... mits were granted:






December, 1889. 81

$1,019,040 Eleventh.... January, 1890...


1,407,615 Twelfth February, 1890.. 158 230 388 1,816,425 Thirteenth. March, 1890.. .. 215 269


2,829,661 Fourteenth. April, 1890.... 249 276 525 2,406.950 Fifteenth .. May, 1890... 193 233


2,469,935 Sixteenth ... June, 1890... 274 273

2,632,739 Seventeenth July, 1890 ...


869 2,653,540 Eighteenth... August, 1890. 136


1,747,245 Nineteenth.. September, 1890. 106 217 323 1,553,265 Twentieth .... October, 1890... 172 261


1,915,625 Twenty-first .... November, 1890. 107 215 382 1,766,260 Twenty-second . 353

Twenty-third ... 118 Total.......... 1.992 2,824 4,816 $24,248,300 Twenty-fourth..


Twenty-fifth.... 578 The number of permits granted during 1890

Twenty-sixth ...

496 were considerably below that of the previous year. Notwithstanding this decline the opera

Total ....... 1866

18662225 tions of the department for the year were 1


187,495 273,325 266,070

16,550 478,250 421,740 969,610 269, 675 335,685 170,200 316,300 1906800 253,865 195,690 333,635 556,765 3,133,024

285,645 424,550

768,209 3,001,250 1,075,600 1,580,160 3,554,252 1,225,864

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Chairman........................JOHN P. ADAMS Secretary ..................... WILLIAM A. FUREY Corresponding Secretary..... ....JOHN COTTIER Assistant Secretary ...............JOHN P. EGAN Treasurer.....

......W. H. MURTHA The Committee consists of 438 members, the term of office being three years. The annual meeting for the purpose of organizing is held on the second Monday in January of each year.

First Ward. Peter Flanagan,

James J. O'Neil, Peter Sculley,

Thomas McNoble, Frank E. Howard, Owen Hannavan, Almet F. Jenks,

Edward W. Grant, Robert J. Canning, William H. Murtha, Henry J. Cullen,

John A. McKenna, William T. Gilbert, Alden S Swan, Pres., Andrew McDonald, Sec., 70 State st.

Second Ward. William O'Malley, Richard Nagle, Joseph McGlean,

Bernard H. Do Thomas Douglass, John Moran, William J. Plant, James A. Duff John Gettings,

Martin F. Con Patrick Higgins, James Cassidy, Jr., Bernard McBride. Thos. F. Waldron, Pres. William C. Von Glahn, Sec., 49 Sands st

Third Ward. John Hanley,

John McNamara, John Hall,

Arthur J. Heaney, Edward McGowan, Edward Kircher, James Keating,

Maurice Lowery, G. Selig,

John Griffin, F. J. Kalt,

James L. Connelly, Christian Nelson, Thos. H. Lowery, Pres., Lawrence J. Tormey, Sec., 93 Dean st.

Fourth Ward.
Thomas H. Kiernan, Hugh J. Kennelty,
Stephen H. Powell, Robert Crummey.
Joseph W. Bayer, Matthew T. Bride,
Geo. W. Dixon,

Gilbert Stevenson.
George Russell,

Arthur A. Quinn,
William A. Robinson, Maurice J. Ralph,

John H. Martinhoff, Pres.
Andrew E. Colvin, Sec., 18 Nassau st.

Fifth Ward.
Thomas Finn,

Thomas McGuire,
William Dooley, Daniel Kelly,
John P. Farley,

Francis J. Pear
John J. Carey,

John J. O'Conner, John Clark,

John Guilfoyle, Thomas Farrell,

J. F. Frost, Terence McCabe,

James Bridges, Pres., Wm. H. Jordan, Sec., 163 High st.

Sixth Ward, Edward Moran, Patrick Nallin, P. H. McGwinn,

John Egan, Thomas J. O'Donnell, Charles Stoddard, John A. Flood,

Thomas E. O'Brien, Michael J. Cummings, John Devine, Edward Murphy,

Joseph J. Cahill, James Sweeney,

Wm. D. Veeder, Pres.,
James Clyne, Sec., 520 Henry st.

Seventh Ward.
James W. Ridgway, Michael F. Reilly,
Edward Freel,

Thomas A. Kerrigan,
William Rowe,

James H. Flynn, James F. Flood,

John Schliemann, Thomas F. Kane, Charles McKeever, John P. Adams,

Frank R. Bishop, James W. Kelly,

James B. Bouck, Pres.,
William A. Powers, Sec., 242 Steuben st.

Eighth Ward.
Henry Stickevers, Michael Quigley,
James Garoway,
John McCormack, William Kenny,
Patrick Cantwell, Owen O'Keeffe,
Daniel Ryan,

William Martin,
James Cosgrove,

F. A. Davis, Robert Attlesey, Jos. J. O'Connell, Pres.,

James E. Davis, Sec., 214 Eighteenth st.

Ninth Ward.
Daniel O'Connell, Edward C. Murphy,
John J. Wheeler, Benjamin C. Smith,.
Daniel Gallagher, John P. Egan,
William McTammany, James J. Rickard,
William A. Furey, Thomas F. Byrnes,
Edward J. Ruddy, Joseph A. Devin,
Thomas M. Nolan. Joshua A. Shaw, Pres.,
William J. Donohue, Sec., 633 Classon av,

Tenth Ward.
James McGarry, Michael C. Heenan
Charles J. Henry, Thomas J. Farrell,
Patrick Bray,

James J. Millard,
Denis Norton,

Michael Hosey, Thomas E. Byrne, William Harper, P. G. Hughes,

William Dempsey. Edward J. Lyman, James G. Tighe, Pres., Baldwin F. Strauss, Sec., 111 First pl.

Eleventh Ward. Luke Dennin,

John G. Bark Garrett Cullen,

Michael Murty, Terence Owens,

Joseph M. Quigley, H. W. Behman,

Casper Citron, Joseph Casey,

James Walsh,
Thomas F. Fields, Eibe H. Itjen,
Anthony Barrett,

H. F. Haggerty, Pres.,
William J. Larkin, Sec., 190 Prince st.

Twelfth Ward,
Daniel McCarty,

John Kelly, Edward J. Gough, John F. Fields, Frank Hennessy. Daniel B. Farrell, Bernard Murphy, John Culhane, James Riley,

Michael Duffy, Robert O'Donnell, John J. Cain, John J. P. Fagan, Michael J. Coffey, Pres., Joseph V. Scully, Sec., 378 Hamilton av.

Thirteenth Ward. Anson Ferguson, Patrick Hayes, Erskine H. Dickey, Theo. D. Mentzinger, Charles O'Grimm, Francis B. VanHoren, Edward F. Crawford, Thomas Cook, Wm. S. Conely,

Frank T. Conner, Henry T. Coutant, John D. Walsh, Henry Bodes,

Peter Mahoney, Pres., Edmund D. Norris, Sec., 75 Broadway.

Fourteenth Ward. Patrick S, Keiley, Thomas E. McGeehan, Edward S. Scott,

Francis Nolan, Patrick H. McCarren, Lawrence F. Carroll, Patrick Ralph,

Chas. V. Bowerhan, Daniel McGrath,

Thomas F. Gunn, James H. Holmes, Francis Parks, Thomas C. Harden, Thos. J. Patterson, Pres. Thomas D. Sherlock, Sec., 71 No. Ninth 'st.

Fifteenth Ward, David Welton,

Michael McEnaney, B. F. Shevlin

Canice Cassin, William J. Murphy, Nicholas Shaughnessy, Patrick Taggart,

Michael Shields, Luke Nelligan,

Michael Elbert,
Frank Dahlbender, . Daniel F. Gleason,
Daniel J. Doyle,

John Ennis, Pres.,
William McKee, Sec., 176 Lorimer st.

Sixteenth Ward,
Ulrich Maurer,

Thomas H. Peppard,
Fred Hoertz,

Patrick Callahan,
Henry J. Sondericker, George H. Lindsay,
Theodore Maurer, George Williams,
Samuel Galbraith, Louis C. Ott,
Charles Juengst, Joseph Haslach
Anthony Felten, Andrew Beck, Pres.,
John Vanderhoof, Sec., 7 Graham av.

Seventeenth Ward.
John Rahll,

Joseph Cowley, Nathaniel Roe,

William Brennan, John J. Quinn,

Louis Albert, James H. Brady,

Andrew W.Fitzgibbons, John H. Morgan,

William H. Smith, Alexander Sullivan, Brabston Holmes, E. W. Rodgers,

Bernard Lamb, Pres., John J. Monock, Sec., 98 Java st.

John Co


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