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....., 28,651

STATE ELECTIONS, 1890_Continued.

W. D. T. Trefry, Dem.

. 124,902
Charles R. Ladd, Rep...

.116,981 W. H. Chamberlin, Dem...


Wm. M. McFarland, Rep

Elisha B. Maynard, Dem..

..125,018 E. P. Brown, Union Labor.

Albert E. Pillsbury, Rep..

.133,257 C. R. McFarlin, Pro ..

1,646 AUDITOR OF STATE. George S. Witter, Dem.

. 188,509 James A. Lyons, Rep..


W. L. White, Dem.


Byron A. Berson, Rep....

Edwin B. Winans, Dem...

183,725 James M. Turner, Rep..


Azariah S. Partridge, Pro. P. B. Wolfe, Dem.

.188,248 James H. Rothwick, Rep....

Eugene H. Belden, Industrial..

13,198 .191,394

C. H. Mackey, Dem.

John Strong, Dem

.180,340 .187,718 John Y. Stone, Rep...

William S. Linton, Rep...

.178,498 .191,774


.180,855 Peter A. Dey, Dem..

Daniel E. Soper, Dem.

.189,697 John W. Luke, Rep..

Washington Gardner, Rep..

.178,149 ..190,007

Frederick Braastad, Dem..

.179,744 KANSAS.

.178,857 Joseph B. Moore, Rep......

George W. Stone, Dem.

.181,072 Charles Robinson, Dem..

Theron F. Giddings, Rep..

..177,795 Lyman U. Humphrey, Rep.


COMMISSIONER OF LAND OFFICE. J. F. Willitts, F.A. .106,972 George T. Schaffer, Dem.

.181,061 A. M. Richardson, Pro... 1,230 John G. Berry, Rep..


SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. D. A. Banta, Dem 57,021 Ferris S. Fitch, Dem.

.181,189 A. J. Felt, Rep. .120,468 Orr Schurtz, Rep...

..177,828 A. C. Shinn, F. A.


Adolphus A. Ellis, Dem.

.195,308 S. G. Isett, Dem. 55,873 Benjamin W. Huston, Rep..

.177,822 William Higgins, Rep

.120,967 R. S. Osborne, F. A.....

115,933 TREASURER. Thomas Kirby, Dem.


55,861 S. G. Stover, Rep...


W. H. Biddle, F. A

Thomas Wilson, Dem.

William R. Merriam, Rep.....

88,111 J. N. Ives, Dem., and F. A....... ..170,665

Owen, F. A..

58,514 Lyman B. Kellogg, Rep....... ..122,752 Pinkham, Pro.......


[blocks in formation]

STATE ELECTIONS, 1890—Continued.

R. B. Wahlquist, Dem..

62,858 T. H. Benton, Rep


B. F. Bonham, Demi

32,044 W. H. Cushing, Demi...

Robert S. Bean, Rep...

40,292 J. E. Hill, Rep..


W. M. Townsend, Dem...

31,014 J. H. Higgins, Dem.

G. W. McBridge, Rep.

39,672 G. H. Hastings, Rep.


G. W. Webh, Dem....

31,925 Phil. Metschan, Rep.


PENNSYLVANIA. T. Winters, Dem.


R. K. Colcord, Rep...

Robert E. Pattison, Dem...

George W. Delamater, Rep.

.447,655 R. Sadler, Dem.... 5,761 John D. Gill, Pro....

16,108 J. Ponjade, Rep


Chauncey F. Black, Dem.

.445,006 N. H. A. Mason, Dem .....

Louis A. Watres, Rep...

.467,371 John F. Egan, Rep....

Charles E. Hyatt, Pro.


William H. Barclay, Dem.

.443,478 John T. Brady, Dem... 6,506 Thomas J. Stewart, Rep...

.468,969 O. H. Grey, Rep.. 5,821 William T. Dunn, Pro..

17,105 CONTROLLER. A. C. May, Dem...

5,754 R. L. Horton, Rep.

6, 616


John W. Davis, Dem..

Herbert W. Ladd, Rep..

18,988 John H. Larry, Pro.

1,820 GOVERNOR. Arnold B. Chase, U. L...

752 Charles Amsden, Dem.

42,386 Tuttle, Rep


Prohibition and scattering.

William T. C. Wardell, Dem....

19,512 Daniel G. Littlefield, Rep.....

18,789 Joshua C. Brown, Pro..


Edwin D. McGuinness, Dem...

Samuel H. Cross, Rep.

19,179 Robert Earl, Dem. and Rep...



33,621 Francis Gerau, Soc. Labor.

Ziba 0. Slocum, Dem...

20,001 Horatio Rogers, Rep


Samuel Clark, Rep....

18,613 John G. Perry, Dem..

19,155 CHIEF JUSTICE SUPREME COURT. Augustus R. Merrimion, Dem.... ..142,216 Charles Price, Rep..



B. R. Tillman, Dem.....

59,159 A. C. Haskell, Rep....

14,828 GOVERNOR.

LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR. W. N. Roach, Dem. 12,604 E. B. Gary, Dem...

58,979 A. H. Burke, Rep.

W. D. Johnson, Rep.

14,489 Walter Muir, Ind.


J. E. Tindal, Dem..

57,327 Edwin Harper, Rep.....

11,170 OHIO.

Y. J. Pope, Dem..........

57,047 .352,579

J. W. Barnwell. Thaddeus E. Cromley, Dem...

11,194 Daniel J. Ryan. Rep.


TREASURER M. C. Lockwood, Pro. 23,837 W.T. C. Bates, Dem.......

57,128 Ezekiel T. Curtis, U. L..

W. A. Ancrum, Rep.

11,158 JUDGE OF THE SUPREME COURT. George B. Okey, Dem..

..353,628 Thaddeus A. Minshall, Rep.


SOUTH DAKOTA. Olink J. Ross, Pro..

23,724 William Baker, U. L..


Morris Taylor, Dem..

18,484 Leopold Kiefer, Dem.

H. C. Millette, Rep.

34,487 Frank J. McCulloch, Rep. .362,594 H. L. Loucks, Ind.


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STATE ELECTIONS, 1890—.Continued.


SUPREME COURT JUDGE. John P. Buchanan, Dem..

.113,549 Lewis T. Baxter, Rep..


Daniel B. Lucas, Dem. David C. Kelly, Pro...


F. M. Reynolds, Rep
D. D. Johnson

78,534 70,197


.160,388 .132,068 11,246 5,440


ATTORNEY-GENERAL. C. A. Culberson, Dem.

.260,864 Hague, Rep..

76,381 Gaff, Pro....

1,986 CONTROLLER. J.D. McCall, Dem..

.263,117 Westhoff, Rep

75,017 TREASURER. W. B. Wartham, Dem.

262,753 Schurtz, Rep

76,401 For amendment to the Constitution authorizing the Legislature to create a Railroad Commission. Against..

73,106 The vote for Governor and Lieut-Governor will be canvassed by the Legislature. It is thought that Hoagg's (Democratic candidate for Governor) vote will be from 5,000 to 10,000 more than that for State officers.

. 159,710 .124,736


GOVERNOR. George W. Peck, Dem... William D. Hoard, Rep. Charles Alexander, Pro Reuben May, Lab

LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR. Charles Jones, Dem .. Joseph Treat, Rep...

T. J. Cunningham, Dem.
Edwin D. Coe, Rep...

John Hunner, Dem
Albert B. Geilfuss, Rep.

ATTORNEY-GENERAL. James L. O'Connor, Dem... James O'Neill, Rep...


..160,493 .124,764

.160,744 .125,268

.159,710 .126,316

29,299 33.462 1,161



Herbert F. Brigham, Dem
Carroll S. Page, Rep.
Edward L. Allen, Pro..

George W. Smith, Dem.
Henry A. Fletcher, Rep..
Gardner s. Fassett, Pro....

Don C. Pollard, Dem..
Henry F. Field, Rep..

SECRETARY OF STATE. George F. 0. Kimball, Dem.. Chauncey W. Brownell, Jr., Rep..

AUDITOR OF ACCOUNTS. Elisha May, Dem E. Henry Powell, Rep..

18,280 32,874 1,068

7.153 8,879

19,291 35,556

GOVERNOR. George W. Baxter. Dem.. Francis E. Warren, Rep

SECRETARY. John S. Harper, Dem... Arnos W. Barber, Rep

TREASURER. I. C. Miller, Dem. Otto Gramm, Rep...

16,750 32,962

6,957 8,701

18,266 35,682

6,790 8,483

[blocks in formation]

Stato Prisons, For the fiscal year ending September 30, 1890, the earnings and expenditures for the

care and maintenance of the several State Prisons were as follows:

SING SING. Expenditures for care and maintenance

$168,722 16 Miscellaneous earnings.. $9,128 99 Manufacturing earnings. 144,328 59

153,457 58 Total deficiency.

- $15,264 58

AUBURN. Expenditures for care and maintenance..

$136,391 57 Miscellaneous earnings $2,383 69 Manufacturing earnings.. 84,450 29

86,923 98 Total deficiency.

$49,467 59 CLINTON. Expenditures for care and maintenance

$129,153 74 Miscellaneous earnings... $4,349 80 Manufacturing earnings.. 30,520 47

34,870 27 Total deficiency.

$94,283 47 Total deficiency in three prisons.... $159,015 64

Totals. 9,384 1338,926 4,432 1,434 13,468 *Fifty pending at close of investigation.

Five thousand two hundred and twenty-three establishments, employing, 173,792 men, were engaged in "general strikes. Of this number 2,274 or 433 per cent. were for an "increase of wages; ;"71,00 per cent. of the 2,274 were successful, while the remainder, 654, or 28395 per cent., were unsuccessful.

One thousand four hundred and thirty-two establishments, employing 36,859 men, or 27441 per cent. of the entire number of establishments involved in general strikes, struck either for a reduction or against an increase of working time; of these 823's per cent., cr 1,175. were successful; while the remainder 257, or 17333 per cent., were unsuccessful.


to make two new wards from Eighteenth Ward. 1. Free mail delivery service established at -Six thousand dollar fire at Sayville, L. I. Flushing, L. I.

Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott installed as pastor Ply3. “Goldsmith House," Comac, L. I., destroyed mouth Church, and Rev. H. S. Bliss assistant by fire.--Rev. John Evans, pastor of Calvary pastor. -Reception to Archbishop Corrigan at Baptist Church, resigns.-Trade Union delegates Lenox Hall. -- Property owners object to elehold first meeting to discuss the eight-hour vated road on Kent avenue. movement.

17. Albert Daggett denies charges of bribery.4. Police Commissioner Bell appoints twenty Auditor Perry resigns from Republican General new policemen.-Death of ex-Tax Collector R. Committee.--Sale of Morris Park lands to Wm. V. D. Hardenbergh.-H. M. Frankins shoots his Ziegler.-More cars put on Bridge railway.wife and child, and then himself.–Fortieth an- Franklin Literary Society dinner in honor of niversary of pastorate of Rev. John D. Wells, birthday of Benjamin Franklin.--Falling electric D.D., South Third Street Presbyterian Church. wires cause serious delay on Myrtle avenue. 5. Twenty thousand dollar fire at Bath Beach. 18. Thos. Crehan falls in a fit and dies in Jus

6. Public schools re-open. Congressman tice Tighe's Court.-Sculptor F. MacMonmies Campbell re-introduces the Brooklyn Martyrs selected to design statue to J.S. T, Stranahan.Monument Bill.-Ex-Mayor Seth Low and Rev. Explosion of molten lead at Bliss machine shops Dr. Lyman Abbott express sympathy with the injures four men. eight-hour movement.--Board of Aldermen 19. Dedication of new German Evangelical organize.

Church. 7. Hannah B. Southworth, slayer of Stephen 20. Sale of pews for Dr. Talmage's new TaberPettus, dies in the Tombs, New York.-Contin- nacle.-Charities Commissioners employ expert ued increase of deaths from the " 'grippe." - to examine books.-Annual ball Brooklyn Seeley Brothers' paint factory damaged

$30,000 Liquor Dealers' Association. by fire.-Police Commissioner Bell appoints 21. Harry A. Phillips, of Brooklyn, chief of twenty seven new policemen.-Three men killed division in Pension Office, dismissed.-İhpetonga by falling of wall in Long Island City.

Club ball at Art Assembly Rooms.--Hebrew 8. Fifth Avenue Elevated Road extended to Orphan Asylum decide to erect larger building. Twenty-seventh street.-Andrew Jackson Club 22. Pilot John Canvin washed overboard from celebrates the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Bark E. Cushing, off Sandy Hook.-Silk weavers battle of New Orleans.--Sheriff Rhinehart ap- strike.—Postmaster Hendrix petitions for en. pointed delegate to Republican General Commit- largement of portions of new Federal building. tee.--New Casino building in Twenty-sixth Ward 23. Three-story brick building in Myrtle aveblown down.-Twenty-fifth anniversary of Rev. nue falls.-Farewell banquet to ex-Mayor Seth J. C. Ager's pastorate of Brooklyn Society of the Low at Hamilton Club.—Young Men's Christian New Church.

Association decide to open branch in southeast 9. Two children killed and five persons injured section. - Brooklyn Democratic Club endorse by fall of wall of Throop Avenue Presbyterian ballot reform.-Burglars get $430 from Post Church.–Artists' reception at Oxford Club.- Office safe at Rockville Centre. Bernard

Gallagher gets Federal building plumb- 24. Breakdown on Union Elevated road causes ing contract. - Trustees of Plymouth Church serious blockade. -Buffalo police officials visit decide to build new wing as memorial to the late City Departments. --Burns Club celebrates 131st Henry Ward Beecher. - Brooklyn officials and anniversary birth of Robert Burns. citizens petition Governor Hill to commute death 25. Opening Brooklyn Art Club exhibition.sentence of Jockey Stone.-The late A. W. Ben- Twenty-fifth anniversary of ordination, Rev. son's will instructs heirs to continue his charities Martin Carroll, pastor Church St. Vincent de to Brooklyn churches and missions.- Fifteen Paul. new policemen appointed.

26. Fierce fight at Italian celebration in Hop11. Bishop Loughlin formally opens new St. kins street.-Farewell sermon of Rev. John Francis' Hospital.-Citizens of Suffolk county Evans, at Calvary Baptist Church.-Thirty-sixth petition Congress for $20,000 to improve Matti- anniversary of Young Men's Christian Associatuck creek.

tion celebrated in twenty-two churches. Fire in 12. Jack Fallon, Brooklyn's Strong Boy, returns vessel at Pierrepont stores; six firemen overfrom Europe.-Large attendance at funeral of come.—Thirty cases of shoes owned by an Eastvictims of Throop avenue church disaster. ern shoe house found secreted in Bedford aven

13. Michael Graham, flagman Union Elevated ue.-Statue of late Rev. H. W. Beecher being cast Road, cut to pieces by cars.Bridge cars stop in bronze at foundry in New York.-Celebration several hours, that cable may be spliced.- of “Feast of St. Agnes” in Roman Catholic Bishop Littlejohn prostrated by the "grippe."- churches. Charity Ball, first in ten years, at Academy of 27. A. M. Suydam offers to give $25,000 Music.-Commissioner of City Works John P. toward building new Bushwick Avenue ConAdams elected Chairman of Democratic General gregational Church.-More revelations in Sani. Committee. -Senator McCarren introduces bill tarian Hospital.-Lawyer Justus Palmer dies in to construct bridge over the East River from Justice Clement's court. -Police Commissioner Broadway, Brooklyn, to New York.-Eighteenth Bell removed and Henry I. Hayden appointed. Warders organize to reduce taxation.

Annual ball Eastern District volunteer firemen. 14. East River Railway Co.incorporated to con- -Catholic Cemetery on Kent avenue sold. struct tunnel under East River from Brooklyn, 28. First keel plates of Cruiser No. 7 laid at Eastern District, to New York.-Franklin Wood Brooklyn Navy Yard.-Bill_introduced for ruff elected Chairman of Republican General three more police justices for Brooklyn.-Judge Committee.-Mayor Chapin resigns from the Moore gives Peter Lake, alias “Grand Central Lincoln Club.-Seventh annual charitable ball of Pete," two years in prison.-Several persons Hebrew Orphan Asylum.-Rev. John A. French poisoned by pink ice cream.- Formal denial by installed pastor of the Flushing Avenue Congre- Albert Daggett before Republican General Comgational Church.-Statue proposed in honor of mittee of bribery charges.-William Downes J.S.T. Stranahan.-Patrick Hoffard murdered escapes from Penitentiary.- Captain Elihu corner of Troy avenue and Pacific street.

Spicer gives $20,000 to Polytechnic Institute.15. Five thousand dollar fire in Pearl street.- $55,000 fire in Long Island City oil works.Mayor Chapin re-appoints Commissioner Adams, Thieves get $700 from a Monroe street house.-Collector Swan, Corporation Counsel Jenks and $2,000 fire in Baltic street stable.-Judge Van Treasurer Corwin.

Wyck decides that a wife can sue her husband 16. East New York streets flooded by caving for money loaned. A broken switch causes in of cesspools. Senator Birkett introduces bill serious delay on the Bridge.

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LOCAL EVENTS, 1890—Continued. 29. Fifty-second annual ball of Emerald Asso -Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Co. ciation.-Dedication of Prospect Heights Uni obtain a permit to run across Park lands.- Will versalist Church.-Post office at Jamaica robbed. of ex-Congressman Mahoney declared invalid. -Flatbush sewer contract awarded John Bray 25. Magician Herrmann leases the Gaiety Theafor $101,000.-Postmaster Hendrix establishes tre.-Bridge officials order twelve new cars.better mail service to Kings county towns.

New mission for working girls opened at 25042 30. Silk weavers' strike ended.-Jubilee at Classon avenue.--Franchises of the Montague South Congregational Church.-Police Commis Street Railroad sold. sioner elect Hayden files his bonds.-Full col 26. Brooklyn Aldermen go to inspect Boston legiate charter issued to Polytechnic Institute. electric railways.-Site of old Tabernacle in Installation of Rev. Charles L. Jackson, Church Schermerhorn street sold for $40,000.-New synof the Evangel,

dicate assume control of Union Ferry Co. 31. Governor Hill commutes death sentence 27. Supervisors approve County Clerk Kaiser's of Jockey Stone to life imprisonment.---Judge bill.-Health Department inspects condemned Moore gives V. Von Bulow 5 years for for stores sold at Navy Yard.-Sixty Philadelphia gery.

students visit for instruction Dr. E. R. Squibb's

laboratory. February.

28. Grand Jury indict six Supervisors and 1. Police Commissioner H. I. Hayden assumes Architect Eastman for auditing false claim. office.-Post office established at East Islip.-Ex Thieves ransack many yachts at Atlantic Basin. Mayor Low departs to reside in New York, County Clerk Kaiser requests Deputy Barnard to

March. resign.-$4,000 fire at 506 Greene avenue.

1. Increased mail service to county towns be2. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler resigns his pastor gins.- Stephen H. Powell succeeds John J. ate, to take effect April 6.

Campbell as Property Clerk. 3. Ex-Mayor Seth Low installed President of 2. Five hundred dollar fire in Raymond Street Columbia College.-Secretary of Navy Tracy's Jail. - Rev. John White Chadwick lectures on house burned in Washington; Mrs. and Miss "Othello." Tracy killed.-Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage returns 3. Trains delayed on Long Island road by deep from Europe.-Annual dinner Yale Alumni Asso snow drifts.-Democratic General Committee ciation of L. I.- Volunteer Firemen's Ball.

endorses Linson's Ballot Reform Bill.-Kings 4. Assistant Engineer of City Works George County Elevated trains commence running to Ingram resigns.

Van Siclen avenue.- Brooklyn League Base Ball 5. Controller Jackson assailed by footpads in Club leave for Florida. New York

4. Randall G. Kouwenhoven drops dead in 6. American 'Cocoa Matting Co.'s factory County Clerk's office.--Secretary of Navy Tracy burned; loss $200,000.-Reception to Rev. Dr. orders court of inquiry in Commander McCalla's Talmage at Thirteenth Regiment Armory

case.-Opening of Greenpoint branch of Pratt 7. Supreme Court Commissioners report Institute library.-Celtic clubs celebrate anniveragainst elevated road on Kent avenue.

sary of birth of Robert Emmet.-Resignation 8. Theodore F. Willis, Franklin Woodruff and of Rev. Charles E. Harris, pastor Sixth Avenue others make statements concerning the Repub Methodist Church.-Ninth Rapid Transit Comlican bribery story.-All-night sales of stamps mission decide against surface steam road on at Post Office established -Rev. Robert Ash Atlantic avenue.-Contract for building memocroft becomes pastor of the Church of the rial arch in Prospect Park plaza awarded. Blessed Hope.

5. Annie Yeamans burned to death by oil 9. Opening of night mission for girls in Wash lamp explosion in Thirteenth street. ington street.-Dedication of new German Re 6. Experts report shortage in Charities Comformed Church, Herkimer street.

missioners' accounts.-Henry Thierman, jury. 10. Corner stone of new Tabernacle laid.

man, dies in the box at Circuit Court.--Dinner 11. Franklin Woodruff & Co. fail and assign. at Clarendon Hotel to Edward Rowe, twenty-five

12. Union League Club celebrate the anniver years a member Board of Education. sary birth of Abraham Lincoln.-Rev. Dr. Cuy. 7. Meeting in Eastern District to organize ler's resignation formally accepted.-Rev. A. Hanover Club. — Street cleaning contract Conkling resigns from Church of Good Tidings. awarded.

14. T. S. Wilcox, superintendent of Sanitarian 10. Bill introduced in Congress to enlarge new Hospital, indicted for obtaining money under Federal building in Brooklyn.-John M. Bassett false pretences.-Fire Commissioner Ennis con held for the death of Theresa Covert.-Hebrew tracts for three new engines.

Orphan Asylum property sold at auction.-New 16. Six-year-old boy burned to death in bonfire chapel of Tompkins Avenue Congregational in Baltic street.

Church dedicated.-Rev. Almon Gunnison, D.D., 17. Committee on Military Affairs report favor resigns from All Souls Universalist Church, to ably on Martyrs Monument bill.- Controlling go to Worcester, Mass. stock of the Union Ferry Co. passes into the 11. Trial of Commander McCalla begins at hands of a New York syndicate. ---Supreme Navy Yard.-Five thousand dollar fire at 391 Court decides valid Atlantic Av. R. R. charters. Oakland street.-Ninth Rapid Transit Commis

18. Detective Powers resigns after twenty sion decides upon a depressed road for Atlantic years' service.-Opening of new Carleton Club avenue.-Death of John Shanley, City Clerk. house.--Three houses burned in South Ninth 12. Commissioner Adams gets $10,000 “emerstreet.-Trial of the Drs. Jones for manslaugh gency money," to clean streets.-Bill introduced ter begun.-Brooklyn Woman's Club celebrates to pay Brooklyn Aldermen $1,500 salaries. ---Dr. its twenty-first anniversary.

C. N. Hoagland gives $50,000 to Long Island Col19. Robert B. Sedgwick appointed Census Su lege Hospital. pervisor.- Eighth Rapid Transit Commission 13. Resignation of Rev. W. J. Bridges, Greene fixes route for elevated road on Third avenue. Avenue Presbyterian Church.-Two m

20. Sixteenth Ward Republicans investigate by dynamite at Rockville Centre. bribery charges against Greenleaf A. Smith.

15. An hour's blockade on Union Elevated 21. Mrs. Lizzie Sherlock drops dead at Cler Road by disabled engine.-Philharmonic Concert mont Avenue Rink.

at Academy of Music.-Major Thos. Harward's 22. Washington's Birthday celebrated at Pratt reception on his one hundred and first birthday. Institute,

17. St. Patrick's Day parade and banquet.23. Dedication of Williams Avenue Methodist Long Island Railroad Co. decides that it cannot Church.

build a depressed road on Atlantic avenue. 24. Collector Nathan presented with diamond Daniel Lakē appointed United States Marshal. badge.-Maurice Daly defeats F. C. Ives, the 18. G. A. Sniith and M. Buchman suspended Western biliard expert.-End of the Jones trial. | from the Sixteenth Ward Republican Assoʻn.

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