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LOCAL EVENTS, 1890—Continued. 21. H. H. Taylor, Under Sheriff, appointed -Three fires from kerosene explosions.--De Oro Deputy Naval Officer.-Rev. Dr. Duncan Mac- wins pool tournament at Daly's. Gregor, pastor_Carroll Park M. E. Church, 13. Rev. Dr. Pelham Williams, of St. Stephen's, changes to the Baptist faith.-Court of Appeals resigns. decides legal execution by electricity:

14. Mayor Chapin opens Fair at Church of the 22. Grand Jury indict for manslaughter faith Nativity:-Members of School Committee go to curist Olsen.-Two thousand men pledge Rev. Boston for “ideas.”—Corbett beats McCaffrey Father O'Hare not to drink liquor til after in boxing at Casino. Easter.-Union Ferry Co. discharges seven 16. President J. S. T. Stranahan and four employees.

directors resign from the Union Ferry Co. 23. Rev. Dr. Duncan MacGregor joins Hanson --Commander McCalla placed under arrest at Place Baptist Church.

the Navy Yard.-Reception to Rev. T. L. Cuyler 24. Michael J. Cummings appointed City Clerk. and gift of $30,000.-Twelfth Street Reformed

26. Hanover Club in Eastern District incor- Church burns its paid $12,000 mortgage. porated and organized.--Jury disagree in Archi- 17. Joseph N. Allen, war veteran, commits tect Eastman's case.-John Ronan attempts to suicide.-Samuel Kimball, aged 16, dies from murder Superintendent Moulton of Hunter's cigarette smoking.-Opening the American Base Point Railroad.-Ground broken for new theatre Ball Association in Brooklyn. on Jay street.---Mrs. Jennie Reynher killed on 19. Asa Waterman shoots Peter Doran dead on Long Island road at Crescent street.

Lorimer street.-Hanover Club holds first meet27. Dr. Theodore S. Wilcox convicted of lar- ing in new quarters. - St. John's Episcopal ceny.-Reception at Russell Place M. E. Church Church free from debt. - Electric cars comto retiring pastor.–Local white lead companies mence running to Coney Island. consolidate.

20. Stables in Guernsey street and six horses 30. David Dows, merchant, having large inter- burned; loss, $11,000.-Fire at Greenlawn, Long ests in Brooklyn, dies in New York, aged 76.- Island; much live stock burned. M. Corcoran killed by Manhattan beach train. 21 The syndicate comes into complete control

31. Governor Hill vetoes Saxton Ballot Reform of the Union Ferry Co. Bill.-Wagner's opera of “ Parsifal” produced 22. Martyrs Monument bill blocked again in by Seidl Society at Academy of Music.-Ser- House.-Reception tendered by Nostrand Avegeant James M. Ashton resigns from police. nue M. E. Church to new pastor, Rev. A. H.

Goodenough.--Completion of new dry dock at April.

Navy Yard. 1. Bridge cable breaks short off, first time in 24. Brooklyn Club celebrates its Twenty-fifth the history of Bridge.-Opening of trout season anniversary.-Panic in School No. 17 caused by on Long Island.-President Silliman of Brooklyn a child's illness.--Serious fire in Sands street; Club resigns.-Sub-station “M," Brooklyn Post engineers badly burned. Office, opened at 518 Grand street. - German citi- 25. Reception and presentation to Rev. Almon zens petition Board of Education to teach Ger- Gunnison. man in Public Schools.

26. Forest fires raging in Suffolk county.2. Spring elections in county towns.-Forty- Three thousand dollar fire in Richards street. second annual conference M. E. Church com- 27. Navy Secretary Tracy presents American mences at Summerfield M. E. Church.-Chari- flag to St. Peter's Sunday School children.-Fire ties Commissioners decide to uniform Peniten- at 680 Broadway, E. D.; loss, $8,000. tiary employees. - Flatbush votes against an- 28. Second trial of Architect Eastman.-Rev. nexation to Brooklyn.-Reunion of Brooklyn J. Coleman Adams, of Chicago, called to pastorAlumni of Amherst College.- Metropolitan La ate of All Souls Church.-U. S. Grant Post, No. Crosse Association awards pennant for 1889 to 327, celebrates birthday of namesake. Brooklyn La Crosse Club.

29. Murderer McElvaine granted new trial.3. Commissioner Hayden appoints seven new Architect Eastman acquitted.-Public reception policemen.

Arrival from Mount Calvary of tendered Rev. Almon Gunnison on his retirecorner stone for Dr. Talmage's new church.- ment from the Brooklyn pulpit. Steamer “Panama " from Bordeaux runs ashore on beach near Fire Island.- Eastern Dis.

May. trict taxpayers protest against appropriation of 1. City Works Commissioner Adams dismisses $1,000,000 for East New York sewers. -Brooklyn Inspector Mulholland. Base Ball Club open season at Washington Park. 2. “ Arbor Day.'

-Members of Brooklyn Fire Department send 3. Fire Commissioner Ennis complains of lack $640 to Indianapolis sufferers.--Dedication of of water facilities.-Joseph Jefferson and Willnew chapel of Simpson M. E. Church.

iam J. Florence dined by Oxford Club. 4. John Seary, brakeman, killed on Long 4. Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church orIsland road at Jamaica.

ganized. 5. Secretary of Navy Tracy advises U. S. 5, Barnum's circus in town. Government to sell nineteen acres of Brooklyn 6. Disabled engine on Bridge stops traffic.Navy Yard lands.--Boston Aldermen visit the Republican General Committee endorse W. J. Mayor and Commissioner of Public Works. — Taylor for Postmaster.-Col. Geo. H. Laurence $2,500 fire from oil stove at 362 Clermont avenue. shoots himself at 300 Seventh avenue.

6. Farewell sermon of Rev. Theodore L. Cuy- 7. Dr. Harrison, superintendent at St. Johnler.-Nicolo Crezzi kills Alex. Salvani in Flat- land, resigns.-A church guild is organized by bush.

St. Stephen's dissenters. Installation Rev. A. 7. Dr. T. S. Wilcox sentenced to four years' D. McDiarmid, Tabernacle Baptist Church. imprisonment.-Brooklyn Saengerbund Concert. 9. Atlantic starch factory and Masury & Son's

8. Mayor Chapin appoints Civil Service Com- paint works destroyed by fire; loss $150,000.missioners.—Methodist Conference adjourns.- Formal opening of new dry dock at Navy Yard. Three masted schooner A. J. Morse ashore at 10. County Treasurer_Adams and others buy Westhampton.

Canarsie & Rockaway R. R.-A million dollar 9. Reception of war veterans by Twenty-third fire at U.S. Government station at Willet's Point, Regiment Veterans, at Art Rooms.- Rev. J. A. L. I.-President Harrison asked to remove U.S. Singmaster resigns from St. Matthew's Church. Marshal Lake.-Union Ferry Co. presents old

10. Lewis & Fowler's manufactory in Wal- portraits to Historical Society.-Death of Rev. worth street burned: loss, $70,000.-$8,000 fire at Wm Keegan, Vicar General of Long Island. 229 Greene avenue.

11. Corner stone laid of Beecher Memorial 11. Five men injured by falling wall in Chaun- Church. cey street.- Rev. Dr. Cuyler's resignation form- 12. Policemen ask for more salary.-Supreme ally accepted.

Court appoints commission on Atlantic Avenue 12. Run on the Long Island City Savings Bank. Elevated Road matters.-Bridge trustees request LOCAL EVENTS, 1890–-Continued. Mayors Chapin and Grant to appoint experts on William Ziegler.—“Anniversary Day" parade of terminal facilities.

65,000 children. 13. Impressive services over the remains of 5. Eastern District children parade.-Col. A. Vicar General Keegan.--Unknown man falls D. Baird appointed postmaster of Brooklyn. dead at Grand Street Ferry.-Board of Educa- 6. Shakespearian entertainment at Packer tion ask for more money.

Institute.-Police Commissioner Hayden pre14. Citizens of Freeport, L. I., catch a thirty sents cane to Superintendent Campbell.-Serious nine foot whale near the shore.-Great sale of fight among Italians in new ward.—Lawyer J. lots at New Utrecht at big prices.

R. Huntting makes an assignment.—

Very severe 15. Ferryboat Pacific nearly sunk by steamer gale causes much damage. State of Georgia in East River.-Castaway 7. Governor Hill signs bill prohibiting

net fishwins Brooklyn Handicap.-Union League Club's ing in Jamaica Bay.-R. E. Beers, 248 Clifton reception to Murat Halstead.-Corner stone laid place, decamps with other people's money.of the Church of the Atonement.—Three boys Opening new athletic grounds Young Men's killed by caving of earth bank on Seventh avenue. Christian Association at Manhattan junction.

16. Commander McCalla sentenced by court 9. City railroads petition for leave to use elecmartial to three years' suspension of rank and trical power.-Three hundred moulders strike in duty.–Main casting of Beecher statue success- Eastern District.-Bishop Littlejohn lays corner fully made.

stone of St. Luke's Church.-Hyde & Behman's 17. Mayor appoints Election Commissioners.- theatre destroyed by fire. Brooklyn teachers' excursion to Tarrytown.- 10. Opening of the State Sunday School Con$2,500 fire in shoe factory, Driggs street.

vention.-Murderer McElvaine's new trial post18. Death of Ripley Ropes.-J. H. Parcels suf- poned till July 14.-Col. A. D. Baird declines the focated in quicksand while digging a well at postmastership.-$15,000 fire at 100 Van Dyke Woodside, L. I.

street. 19. Fair in honor of Father Fransioli opened 11. Fifty thousand dollar fire on steamer by ex-President Cleveland.

Hondo at Atlantic dock. 20. Opening of new Carlton Hotel, Eastern 12. Southampton, Long Island, celebrates its District. ---Convention of Protestant Episcopal 250th birthday.-An insane man violently asChurch, Garden City.

saults Rev. Father O'Hare.-Eames' hat factory, 21. Lincoln Club dines William Berri, its retir- Sixty-fifth street, destroyed by lightning. ing president.-Annual festival of working girls' 13. C. W. Buchholz appointed expert on bridge societies.

terminal matters. 22. Farewell reception of Rev. W. J. Bridges, 14. Very severe thunder storm.-J. R. Huntretiring pastor of Greene Avenue Presbyterian ting surrenders himself to the sheriff.–Brooklyn Church.

Yacht Club regatta. 23. United States Supreme Court decide elec- 16. Volunteer firemen start on Boston trip.trical executions legal.-New style open cars on George H. Crans killed in Atlantic avenue by city railroad.-Laying of corner stone Episcopal Long Island Railroad. Church of Reconciliation.

17. Atlantic Yacht Club regatta.--Heavy sales 24. Panic on overloaded steamer River Queen. of New Utrecht lands.—Salvator wins the Subur-963 Italian immigrants land in Brooklyn.- ban.-Bridge car jumps track; two hours' delay. $200,000 Charities deficiency bonds sell above -Graduating exercises at Adelphi Academy. par.-An embankment, corner Dupont and West 18. Opening of Mineola fair. - George J. Collins streets, falls and buries three Italian laborers.- appointed postmaster of Brooklyn.

Installation Twenty persons poisoned by ice-cream in East- of Rev. J. H. Montgomery, as pastor of Trinity ern District.

Presbyterian Church. 25. Dean Cox installed pastor of Cathedral of 19. City Works Department reports Brooklyn the Incarnation, Garden City.

has 69,000 shade trees. 26. Dr. Macumber succeeds Dr. Harrison at St. 20. Col. John Y. Culyer appointed consulting Johnland.

engineer of Prospect Park. 27. Parade of nine hundred policemen reviewed 21. Police patrolman Samuel Mott retires after by the Mayor.-Jubilee banquet to Father Fran- twenty-six years' service with no black marks.sioli, fifty years in priesthood.

Fourteen sailors brutally beat Policeman Dooley. 28. Liquor license refused Harry Hill in East- 23. Steam tug Alice E. Carew blows up at Erie ern District.--Floral fair for benefit of Seney Hos- Basin; two men killed.-Serious fire at Penitenpital.- Free violin school carnival at Academy; tiary.—Diphtheria on the increase; forty-two two thousand children sing "Pinafore."

new cases.-Atlantic Color Works, Eleventh 29. Exile wins the Brooklyn Cup.-Eight-hour street, burned; loss, $35,000. war begins.

24. Court of Appeals confirms Kemmler's 30. “Memorial Day."-Governor Hill reviews death sentence.-Incorporation of St. Casimir's Brooklyn parade.

Three jockeys severely in. R. C. Church.-Corner stone laid of St. Clement's jured at Brighton.--350,000 passengers carried Episcopal Church. by Brooklyn City Railroad.-An English syndi- 25. Salvator beats Tenny in match race. - Juscate buys Greenport, L. I., menhaden interests. tice Kenna made Chairman of Democratic Cam-Explosion on engine of Kings County Elevated paign Committee.- Negro roughs brutally asRoad scatters iron about the street.

sault Patrolman Davis. -Ninetieth birthday of

Rev. Dr. Farley, ex-pastor Church of the Saviour. June.

27. Markets glutted with bluefish ; tons thrown

away: 1. Installation of Rev. J. R. Taber, pastor of 28. Varuna Boat Club wins EAGLE cup at the Church of Good Tidings.-Dedication of Whitestone.-Brooklyn Annex ferry boat No. 2 Monroe Street Primitive Methodist Church.- sold to parties in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

New “The Abbey" and Page Brothers' store badly entrance to Greenwood Cemetery opened at damaged by fire.-Postmaster Hendrix estab- Thirty-sixth street and Fifth avenue.-Judgment lishes three daily mails to Coney Island and vi. against city for $17,000 for damage by sewer cinity.-United States census takers begin work. overflow.-Fire at 280 Wallabout street; several

2. Eight hundred roofers go on strike.- Last horses burned.- Rev. Lyman Abbott discourses performance at Brooklyn Theatre.-Ferryboats to Indians and cowboys. Atlantic and Monticello collide.-Long Island 30. Opening of Bennett's Casino in TwentyInsurance Company liquidates.—Bridge cable sixth Ward. - George J. Collins installed as postbreaks and causes serious delay.-Numbering master of Brooklyn. houses begins in new Twenty-sixth Ward. 3. Demolition of Brooklyn Theatre to make

July. way for new EAGLE building.

1. Union Ferry, Company .. discharges the 4. “Norton's Point," Coney Island, bought by colored porters.---John W. Smith, assistant chief LOCAL EVENTS, 1890—Continued. engineer of the fire department, resigns after storage electricity for surface road at Fort Hamtwenty-one years' service.-Board of Education ilton.-Edward A. Laws captures burglar in his re-elect all officers and clerks.

house, 1,097 Bedford avenue. 2. Tournament wins the $45,000 Realization 29. Letter Carrier C. H. Ashton robs Station B stakes.

of fifty letters.-$100,000 fire at Watson's stores, 3. Supervisor Sedgwick completes census.- Furman street.-The Census bureau give BrookCharities Commissioners cut fancy groceries lyn a population of 804,337. from institution supplies.--An eight year old 30. Rear wall of Herrmann's new theatre falls.burglar captured in Henry street.

Eighteen prisoners from Coney Island jailed. 4. Many fires and accidents mark the holiday. 31. Mrs. Schurig deliberately drowns herself Nicholas Carroll killed by erroneous drug pre- in surf at Bridgehampton.--Thermometer 95 scription.-Two men drowned in Jamaica Bay.- degrees; many heat prostrations. Three men killed on Long Island Railroad at Rockville Centre.

August. 5. Weekly payment of wages law takes effect. 1. No bids for the $1,000,000 3 per cent. water -Steamer Eleanora collides with two barges at loan.-Com. Hayden dismisses two drunken poHell Gate.

licemen-Many prostrations from the great heat. 6. Corner stone of Church of Our Lady of 2. A 7-foot man-eating shark caught in JamaiGood Counsel laid.-$36,000 fire in Sackett and ca Bay.-Policeman John Clancy fatally injured Degraw streets.

by South Brooklyn toughs.-Opening of Bay 7. Opening of Brooklyn Institute laboratory at Shore, L. I., race track. - Steamer Sunshine Cold Spring Harbor.—Methodist camp meeting grounds and sinks at Orient Point, L. I. on the bluff at Fourth av. and Forty-ninth st. 3. Opening Methodist Camp Meeting at Wind

8. Aldermen want $3,500 for trip to Gettys- sor Terrace.--$4,000 fire in stables near Calvary burg. - Thermometer 96 degrees in shade.- Cemetery. McElvaine's trial again postponed to Sept. 22d- 4. Two deaths from the great heat. Bloody fight among negroes in Harrison av. 5. Lively fight in Eastern District between po

9. Mayor Chapin reappoints Assessors Patter- lice and armed Italians. son and Ennis.

6. Francis J. Cummings, principal School No. 10. The bill to sell Navy Yard lands becomes a 71, falls from window in Broadway and is killed. law.-Supervisor Kretzschmar reappoints Col. 7. Board of Aldermen fail to secure quorum. Gott, Charities Commissioner.-Seidi Society 8. Italian swindlers rob Pastor Peter Saponari entertain children at Brighton Beach.-Thieves of $3,000.-Many masked burglars in 25th Ward. captured robbing Church

of the Annunciation. -Second Precinct police capture gang of diain. New York Bagging Co.'s works in Eastern mond thieves. -- American Canoe Association District destroyed by fire; loss, $200,000.- meet at Jessup's Neck, Peconic Bay.-A bad Mayor appoints members Board of Education. wreck on L. I. R. R. near Sag Harbor. Indictment quashed against F. P. Dudgeon for 10. Mrs. Peck, confidence queen, again arcausing death of Kittie A. Cody.

rested.--Two men drowned while bathing in 12. Two year old Maggie Gray swallows Wallabout basin. creosote and dies.-Oil still at Hunter's Point 11. Captain Brennan, Ninth Precinct, captures explodes; loss, $1,500.-Fourteenth Regiment eight burglars. goes to Peekskill.

12. Epidemic of incendiary fires at Sayville, 14. Lawyer J. R. Huntting sentenced to nine L. I.-Complaints of bad paving in 26th Ward. years' imprisonment - Dr. John E. Edsell shoots 13. Senator Birkett gets the St. Johnland conhimself at 125 High street.

tract.-Flatbush land owners complain of over15. Bridge experts meet to discuss terminal assessment. Terrific oil explosion in Long matters.

Island City. 16. Serious break in water main in lower Ful- 14. Gilmore jubilee at Manhattan Beach.-23d ton street.

Ward Republicans unite for Congressman Wal17. Atlantic Yacht Club start on annual cruise. lace. -Brooklyn Embroidery Works, Gates avenue, 15. Began laying foundation stones of EAGLE partly burned.

new building, cor. Washington and Johnson sts. 18. Patrick Cassidy escapes from Peniten- - 25th anniversary Arion Singing Society.tiary:--Fatal Italian stabbing affray in South Building Dept. finds defects in Herrmann's new Brooklyn.-Yacht Chispa, At Yacht Club, theatre, takes fire and is badly burned.

17. BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE Sunday edition 19. Much gin and whisky seized in Eastern Dis- printed from new presses. - 46th anniversary trict for revenue law violation.

ordination Rev. Father Malone. 21. Italian fracas in Adams street; one man 18. Strike of silk weavers at College Point.killed.-Brooklyn Annex boat No. 3 collides with Steamer Shelter Island and yacht DeBoise colsteamer Mohawk.-Bridge engine No. 9 delays lide in Gardiner's Bay, L. I.-The racing firm of traffic by derailing:

Dwyer Bros. dissolve. 22. Two frame houses burned at 179 Grand 13. Corner stone laid Grace Pres. Church. street.-Bella Cameron knocked down and 20. Silk weavers' strike ended. robbed in Stuyvesant avenue.-Yacht Caprice, 21. Steamship Dania ashore near Fire Island, Atlantic Club, ashore near Horton's Point, Long L. I.-Rowboat upsets off Whitestone, L. I. ; Island, is plundered.

five persons drowned. 23. Charities Commissioners award supply con- 23. Brickmakers' strike seriously interferes tracts. -Valuation of Brooklyn taxable property with new buildings.-Rev. Dr. James Corrigan is $24,000,000 in excess of last year.-Two Peni- returns from Europe. tentiary convicts jump forty feet for liberty, but 24. Hugh Littlejohn falls from window at Caare captured

narsie, and is killed. 24. Commissioner Hayden appoints five new 25. Mrs. John Wallace thrown from her horse policemen.- Vandals steal crosses from Holy at Islip, and instantly killed.-Re-opening of the Trinity Cemetery:-Col. William H. Husted acci- Park Theatre. dentally shoots himself at Brodalbin, N. Y.-Six 26. Reception and presentation of purse of year old Sarah Heyman burned to death at 99 gold to Rev. Robert Sproull.–Andrew Fueller Walton street. - Rev. Henry A. Powell receives a killed by caving in of well in Parker st. call to Worcester, Mass.

27. Southold, L. I., celebrates its 250th birth25. Walter Roch killed on Atlantic avenue by day.-Terrible storm at east end of Long Island Long Island train.

wrecks many vessels.-Two lady bicyclists seri27. Roofers strike ended.-Pottery works, Met- ously injured in Bedford avenue. ropolitan avenue, burned; loss, $13,000.

29. James Groves falls from fourth story and 28. John O'Connell killed on Third avenue road sprains his wrist only.-Sneak thieves steal $500 at Fifty-eighth street.-Successful experiment of dolman from 827 Greene avenue.

LOCAL EVENTS, 1890_Continued. 30. Fourteenth Regiment start for Gettysburg: 25. Ordination at Stony Brook, L. I., of Mrs. -Ex-letter carrier Kaufman absconds with Ella May Bennett to the ministry.--Installation comrades' money, surrenders to police.-Re- of Rev. J. M. Farrar, pastor First Reformed opening of Amphion Academy.-Five incendiary Dutch Church. fires in South Brooklyn.

26. Reception at All Souls Church to Rev. J. 31. Opening of Long Island life saving stations. C. Adams, -Last of Prospect Park concerts for season.- 27. McElvaine's second trial results in verdict Many arrests in Thirteenth Precinct.

of murder in first degree.

29. Sale at Parkville, L. I., of John H. Shults' September.

trotting stock 1. Labor Day; great parade of workers.

30. President Harrison signs bill for extension Policeman Clancy dies from blow from base

of Brooklyn Federal building.-Opening Suffolk ball bat.--Sons of St. George entertain country

County Fair at Riverhead. brethren.-Bridge trustees take possession of Kosmak's property at New York terminus.

October. 2. Opening of public schools.-Franklin Wood- 1. McElvaine sentenced to death for second ruff and Senator Birkett have a wordy row at time.-New Hebrew Home destroyed by fire at 153 Lawrence street. Brighton Beach R. R. Rockaway, L. I. defaults on its bonds.

2. Corporation Counsel Jenks appointed Judge 3. A $200,000 fire in Wallabout Market.-Sag Advocate General on Gov. Hill's staff.-Serious Harbor" firemen again win the EAGLE trophy fire in flat at 131 Sands st.-Postmaster Collins at fifth annual tournament Suffolk County fire- appoints 20 new letter carriers.--Resignation men at Islip.

Rev. A. Z. Conrad, pastor Ainslie St. Pres. Ch. 4. Rev. Dr. Johnson, of St. Mary's Church, 4. Serious stabbing affray among Italians in stricken with paralysis.--Death of Mrs. A. A. 11th Ward.-Opening new race track at HempLow at Newport.--Reception to Rev. H. G. stead, L. I. Mendenhall at Greene Avenue Presbyterian 5. Corner stone laid St. John's African M. E. Church.--Opening of new Germania Club house. Church.-Opening Beecher Memorial Church.

5. Brooklyn Library_gives 500 books to peni- 6. Regular sessions Board of Aldermen retentiary.-- Rev. Geo. F. Pentecost's farewell to sumed. -Col. Finkelmeier resigns from Thirtyold friends at Tompkins Avenue Church.

second Regiment.--Opening of evening public 7. Close of the Seidl and Gilmore concerts at schools. Coney Island.-Rev. J. C. Adams preaches his 7. 52,000 registrations to-day:-Baptist minisfirst sermon at All Souls Church,

ters in conference.-Trinity M. P. Church calls 8. Brighton Beach hotel closes for season.- to pastorate Rev. J. H. Lucas. First Presbyterian Church, Henry street, intro- 3. W. J. Coombs nominated for Congress, 3d duces electrical power for its organ.-Resigna- District.-J. D. Doherty shoots and kills Dr. tion of Rev. A. J. Canfield, pastor Church of Our Lloyd at Insane Asylum.-Police Com. Hayden Father.

will make a new census of Brooklyn population. 9. Two of Collector Nathan's deputies charged 10. John Lane smothered in linseed at Atlanwith blackmailing.–County Treasurer Adams tic oil works. sells $500,000 bonds at good rates.--New secret 11. Justice Kenna withdraws from shrievalty ballot law tried for first time in this State at Far contest.-L. A. Robertson found dead in St. Rockaway.

George Hotel.-Republicans nominate Wm. Kra10. Russell Sage loans $125,000 to finish new mer for sheriff. - Democrats nominate John tabernacle.--Mayor Gleason, of Long Island City, Courtney for sheriff.- Large varnish factory indicted for assaulting a reporter.

at 54 Johnson street burned. 11. New post office opened at New Utrecht. 12. Collector Nathan dismisses Deputy Dick

12. Brooklyn Institute nearly destroyed by son for bribery.-Installation Rev. R. I. Gaines, fire.-Twenty-third Regiment team win the pastor Bethany Baptist Church. Creedmoor prizes.—Printers indorse John Court- 13. Brooklyn policemen donate $428 for a meney for sheriff.

morial window in Mr. Halliday's church. 13. Altenbrand's brewery seized by Collector 15. Rev. A. Z. Conrad's farewell services.Nathan.-Varuna Boat Club regatta.-William Col. W. C. Booth, Supt. Federal Building, strickThompson dies suddenly in Raymond st. jail. en with apoplexy:-Controller Jackson sells city

14. Jewish new year services at synagogues.-- bonds at favorable rates. Dr. Talmage resumes preaching at Academy of 16. Colored porter cut to pieces on Brooklyn Music.

Elevated road. 15. Rufus T. Bush dies from overdose of 17. Commencement jubilee services in honor aconite taken by mistake.-Ordination of Rev. H. of Bishop Loughlin's 50th anniversary. B. Hutchins.-Opening Holmes' new Star 19. Dedication N, Y. Av. M. E. Church.-20,000 Theatre.—Tin and sheet iron workers begin the parade and sing in honor of Bishop Loughlin. eight hour scale.

20. Corner stone laid Bushwick Av. Bap. Ch. 16. Opening Long Island oyster season.--Vol- 21. Mayor Gleason, of L. I. City, sentenced to unteer firemen start for Chester, Penn.--Com- 5 days in jail for assault.-Convention of Kings missioners meet to appraise Wallabout Market Co. W. C. T. U.-Funeral Rev. Father Fransioli. lands.

- Police Com. Hayden awards contracts for coal 17. Board of Elections appoint vote counters. at $4.63 per ton.

18. Prohibitionists make city and county 23. Resignation Rev. Halsey W. Knapp, pastor nominations.--Wm. G. Widemeyer ordained at Central Av. Baptist Church. - Opening new Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Union League Club House.-Workingmen in20. Italians celebrate nineteenth anniversary dorse Courtney for sheriff. of entrance of Victor Emanuel into Rome.

24. Severe wind and rain storm throughout 21. Services at Plymouth Church on return Brooklyn and vicinity:-Suicide of bank clerk of Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott.--Iron steamer Ce- Chas. Riebling.-Great Republican rally at Clerpheus, with excursionists, remains all night on mont Avenue Rink. sand bar near Fire Island.

26. Mrs. Robinson killed and several persons 22. Two large tenement houses destroyed by injured by a runaway team in Bedford avenue. fire in Melrose street.--Two Brooklyn principals 27. Police enumeration of population begins.criticise use of Longfellow's “Building of the Fire Island life saving crew rescues 6 men from Ship" in public schools.

wrecked bark. 23. Opening Queens County Fair at Mineola.- 30. First concert in Academy of Music of Seidl Dedication of Thomas Jefferson building.

Society.-Torchlight parade of firemen in honor 24. Re-opening of Pratt Institute.--Dr. A. of John Courtney. McCullagh's resignation accepted.--23d Ward 31. Installation Rev. J. C. Adams, pastor All indorses Benedict for Congress.

Souls Church.-Suicide of Alonzo B. Hitt.

LOCAL EVENTS, 1890—Continued.

26. The Brooklyn Daily EAGLE publishes entire 1. Connection opened between Union Ferry fac simile of its first issue of October 26, 1841. Co. and L. roads.

27. Thanksgiving Day : Yale wins the foot 2. Presentation of “League” pennant to ball game at Eastern Park.-Corner stone laid Byrne's bridegrooms at Grand Opera House. new EAGLE building, corner Johnson and WashDedication Knickerbocker Av. M. E. Church.-- ington streets ; nearly the entire editorial corps Rev. J. W. Hageman resigns from Franklin Av. and force of employees present; prayer by Dr. Presbyterian Church.

Wesley Reid Davis; addresses by Wm. Hester 3. A wild steer creates a panic in Bedford av. and St. Clair McKelway ; corner stone laid by

4. Election day.—The new ballot law works Wm. Van Anden, Treas.-Dedication of new well.-Sale of the Dwyer's stable at big prices. Polish R. C. Church on Greene avenue.

5. Yale defeats the Crescents at foot ball. 28. Large fire in Wallabout basin. Opening new Presbyterian Church on Throop 29. Destruction by fire of Kings County Oil av.-A motion to dissolve the Woman's Hospi- Works on Newtown Creek.-J. H. Doscher, soap tal before the courts.—Reception to Rev. *J. manufacturer, makes an assignment. Knapp, pastor, Noble St. Baptist Church.

30. Dedication St. John's African M. E. Church. 6. The Thomas Jefferson Association cele- -Postmaster Collins sells $65,000 worth of brates Democratic victories.-Seidl Society con- stamps this month.-111 fires during November. cert at the Academy.--Negro citizens demand -Resignation of Rev. L. T. Chamberlain from increased educational facilities.-Superinten- Classon Avenue Presbyterian Church. dent of Police prohibits sidewalk bicycle riding. -Opening annual fair in aid Brooklyn Nursery.

December. -State Board of Health investigate the Barren 1. Three thousand dollars stolen from safe of Island nuisance.

Long Island Railroad Company at Flatbush m. Five persons badly scalded at Greenpoint avenue

station.-Frank O'Neis killed at Brooklyn Chemical works.

terminus of the bridge.-Opening of Feltman's 8. First Philharmonic concert at Academy. Tivoli. 9. Dedication new Congregational Church at 2. State authorities approve of site for TwentyMyrtle and Bushwick avs.

third Regiment armory. 10. Opening of Kirmess festival at Academy: 3. Union League Club holds a ladies' reception. -Miss Kate Field discourses on Alaska at First -Forger Smith sentenced to seventeen years in Baptist Church.-Bridge police petition for more prison.-Burglars get away with $100 from pay.

Flatbush Post Office. 11. Large fire in corset factory at 17 Ralph av. 4. Severe thunderstorm throughout Long

12. Dedication new Union League Club house. Island.-Federal building coal contract awarded -Henry M. Stanley lectures on Africa at Acad- at $5.15 per ton. - General H. W. Slocum lectures emy.-Grand masonic reception at Criterion on" Sherman's March to the Sea.' Theatre.-George Martin kills himself in Ray- 5. Colored people complain of their treatment mond Jail.-$5,000 fire in chair factory, 58 at Flatbush hospital.—"Strauss farewell conNorth First st. ---Mrs. Edmond Russell lectures cert at Clermont Avenue Rink. on art at Pratt Institute.

6. Ladies' reception at the Hamilton Club.13. Opening of Sheltering Arms fair at Rem- Fortieth annual dinner Sons of St. Nicholas.sen Hall. - Major-Gen. 0. 0. Howard presents a Men of the ship Vermont presented with a flag flag to Sunday school children.-Inspection by Rev. Father Dewey. of Fourteenth Regiment by Slate authorities. 7. A. I. Namm's store, 335 Fulton street, burned.

14. Jury disagree in the Asa R. Waterman - Rev. Lester M. Dorman and William Perry drop trial.-Death of Mrs. Halliday, wife of pastor dead in church from heart disease.-George S. B. Halliday.-Lieut.-Col. Henry C. Clark William Curtis discourses on William Cullen elected colonel of Thirty-second Regiment.

Bryant at Second Unitarian Church. 15. David M. Stone resigns presidency of 8. Major William J. Kaiser resigns from Brooklyn Club.

Thirty-second Regiment. --Mayor Chapin vetoes 16. Large fire in paval hospital.

increase of City Auditor's salary.-Letter car17. Albert H. Smith defaults in $350,000.

riers' ball at Academy.-Bridge trustees increase 18. Launch of U. S. steel cruiser Maine at salaries of employees, Navy Yard. - State Railroad Commissioners 9. Opening of the new St. Thomas' Episcopal authorize electric cars on Third avenue.- James Church.-Apollo Club concert at Academy.Walsh suicides in Raymond street jail.

Bazar of Nations in Stuyvesant Avenue Church. 19. Opening Orphan Asylum fair at Academy. 11. David C. Lyall opens his gallery of art -The Twenty-sixth Ward Bank robbed of $5,000. treasures in aid of charity.

Eastern District residents object to overhead 12. Mechanics file a lien for $76,000 against the electric wires.

new Brooklyn Tabernacle.-A house in South 20. Opening of Bedford branch Young Men's Brooklyn blown down, killing a young girl. Christian Association.-Dedication Church of 14. Installation of Rev. Dr. David Gregg at the Reconciliation in North Henry street.

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church.-Dedi21. Two Long Island Railroad trains wrecked cation of St. Thomas' P. E. Church.-Vandals at at Valley Streamn.-Strike of morocco workers Greenwood disfigure several monuments. in Park avenue.-Police census of Brooklyn 15. Two hundred and fifty circles of King's population completed.

Daughters unite to aid poor and aged negroes.22. Mrs. Annie Sheldon Coombs in an insane fit Fourteenth Regiment reception at armory.jumps from sixth story of Pierrepont House. Sale of pews of Central Congregational Church.

23. Funeral of organist S. B. Whiteley, of Ply- George Gosman, local sportsman, shoots a pure mouth Church.-Mrs. C. L. Jackson, wife of the white arctic owl ear Long Island City. pastor, preaches at Church of the Evangel.

16. Four year old Frank Ehrman gets a ver24. Membership Committee of Union League dict of $25,000 against Brooklyn City Railroad Club reject the application of Senator Birkett.-- for loss of a leg.-Sixteen employees of Board of Brooklyn Police census shows a population of Education dismissed. 853,945.-Two boys killed by caving in of sand 17. The Zoellner Maennerchor buys the War, pit in South Brooklyn.-Mayor Chapin officiates ner Institute.-A regular“ blizzard of wind and at opening of new club_rooms Twenty-fourth rain. ward Hendricks Club.-Descendants of revolu- 18. Reception to Rev. Dr. Gregg at Lafayette tionary heroes banquet at Hamilton Club.

Avenue Church. 25. Fourteenth Regiment Armory Commission 19. Postmaster Collins asks for an increase of decide to buy a site on Seventh avenue.-Man employees' salaries.-Colonel John Y. Culyer killed

on Union elevated road in Flatbush requested to design the new Bushwick Park.avenue.-The A. C. Chapin club indorses P. E. Trustees Inebriates' Home sell seventy-four lots Callaban for Justice Courtney's successor.

in South Brooklyn.

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