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MANUFACTURES OF IRON AND STEEL. Wire rods: Riret, screw, fence, and other iron or

Anchors, or parts thereof, of iron or steel, mill steel wire rods and nail rods, whether round, oval, flat, square, or in any other shape, in coils or other

irons, and mill-cranks of wrought-iron, and wise, not smaller than No. 6 wire-gauge, valued at

wrought-iron for snips, and forgings or iron or

steel, or of combined iron and steel, for vessels, 3460, or less, 6-10c. ; and iron or steel, flat, with

steam-engines, and locomotives, or parts thereof, longitudinal ribe for the manu.acture of fencing. valued at 30. or less, 6-10c. iD: Provided. That iron

weighing each 25 fb or more, 1 8-10c. fb. (2c.] or steel rods, whether rolled or drawn through dies,

Axles, or parts thereof, axle-bars, axle-blanks, or smaller than No. 6 wire-gauge, shall be classed and

forgings for axles, whether of iron or steel, without dutiable as wire.

reference to the stage or state of manufacture, Wire: Wire made of iron or steel, not smaller than

2c. Ib. (246c.) ruvided, That when iron or steel No. 10 wire-gauge, 1/4c. * t. [1%20.) Smaller than

axles are imported fitted in wheels, or parts of No. 10 and not smaller than No. 16 wire-gauge,

wheels, of iron or steel, they shall be dutiable at the 18.c. + tb. [2c.] Smaller than No. 16, and not

same rate as the wheels in which they are fitted.. smaller than No. 26 wire-gauge, 2740. Ib. 127.0.1

Anvils of iron or steel, or of iron and steel comSmaller than No. 26 wire-gauge, 3c. th. Provided.

bined, by whatever process made, or in whatever That icon or steel wire covered with cotton, silk, or

stage of manufacture, 240, ib. [2c.] other material, and wires or strip steel, commonly

Blacksmiths' hammers and sledges, track tools, known as crinolino wire, corset wire, and hat wire.

wedges, and crow-bars, whether of iron or steel, ib: shall pay a duty of 50.

And provided further.

274. b[2460.) That flat steel wire, or sheet steel in strips, whether

Boiler or other tubes, pipes, flues, or stays of drawn through dies or rolls, untempered or temper.

wrought-iron or steel, 2%8c. ib. [30.] ed, of whatsoever width, 25-1000 in, thick or thin

Bolts, with or without threads or nuts, or boltner, (ready for use or otherwise,) shall pay a duty of

blanks, and finished hinges or hinge-blanks, 50% ad. val.: And provided further, That no article

whether of iron or steel, 2480. * fb. [2%6c.) made from iron or steel wire, or of which iron or

Card clothing, manufactured from tempered steel steel wire is a component part of chief value, shall

wire, 50c, sq. ft.; all other, 250. sq. ft. (45c.] pay a less rate of duty than the iron or steel wire

Cast-iron pipe of every description, 9-10c. ib.

(lc.) from which it is made either wholly or in part: And provided further, That iron or steel wire cloths, and

Cast-iron vessels, plates, stove-plates, andirons,

sad-irons, tailors' irons, hatters' irons, and castings iron or steel wire nettings made in meshes or any form, shall pay & duty equal in amount to that im

of iron n.s.p., 12-10c. ib. (14c.) posed on iron or steel wire used in the manufacture

Castings of malleable iron n. s.p., 1940, ib. (2.) of iron or steel wire cloth, or iron or steel wire net

Cást hollow-ware, coated, glazed, or tinned, 3c. tings, and 2c. fb in addition thereto,

ib. There shall be paid on iron or steel wire coated

Chain or chains of all kinds, made of iron or steel, with zinc or tin or any other metal (except fence

not less than 34 in. in diam., 1 6-10c. ib. [134c.)

Less than 34 in. and not less than 38 in. in diam., wire and iron or steel, flat, with longitudinal ribs, for the manufacture of fencing) Kec. fb in addi

18-10c. 'th. [2c.) Less than 38 in, in diam., 24c. tion to the rate imposed on the wire of which it is

fb; but no chain or chains of any description Inade; on iron wire rope and wire strand, lc. b in

shall pay a lower rate of duty than 45% ad val addition to the rate imposed on the wire of which is CUTLERY: made; on steel wire rope and wire strand, 20. tb Penknives or pocket-knives of all kinds, or parts in addition to the rate im Josed on the wire of which thereof, and erasers, or parts thereof, wholly or they or either of them are made: Provided furth-, partly manufactured, valued at not more than 50c. That all iron or steel wire valued at more than 4c. dož., 12cdoz 50% ad val.] Valued at more

I shall pay a duty of not less than 45% ad val., than 50c, doz. and not exceeding $1.50 doz., except that card wire for the manufacture of cari 500. doz. (50% ad val ] Valued at more than clothing shall pay a duty of 35% ad val.

$1.50 doz, and not exceeding $3 doz., $1 GENERAL PROVISIONS.

doz. 150% ad val.] Valued at more than $3 doz.,

$279 doz. (50%.) And in addition thereto on all No allowance or reduction of duties for partial the above, 50 % ad val. Razors and razor-blades, finloss or damage in consequence of rust or of discol ished or unfinished, valued at less than $4 doz., oration shall be made upon any description of iron $1 doz. [50% ad val.) Valued at $4 or more or steel, or upon any article wholly or partly manu doz., $1.75 dož. (50% ad val.) And in addition factured of iron or steel, or upon any manufactura thereto on all the acove razors and razor-blades, of iron and steel.

30% ad val. All metal produced from iron or its ores, which

Swords, sword-blades, and side-arms, 35% ad is cast and malleable, of whatever description or

val. form, without regard to the percentage of car. on Table-knives, forks, steels, and all butchers, huntcontained therein, whether produced by cement t ing, kitchen, bread, butter, vegetables, fruit, cheese, tion, or converted, cast, or made from iron or its plumbers', painters', palette, and artists' knives or ores, by the crucible, Bessemer, Olapp-Griffiths, all sizes, finished or rinfinished, valued at not more pneuniatic, Thomas-Gilchrist, basic, Siemens-Mar

than $1 * doz. pieces, 10c, doz. 135%.] Valued tin, or open-hearth process, or by the equivalent of at more than $1 and not more than $2, 350. doz. either, or by a combination of two or more of the (35%) Valued at more than $2 and not more than processes or their equivalents, or by any fusion or $3,400. doz. (35%) Valued at more than $3 other process which produces irom iron or its ores a and not more than $8, $1 doz. [35%.] Valued metal either granular or fibrous in structure, which at more than $8, $2 doz. 135%.) 'And in addiis cast and malleable, excepting what is known as

tion upon all the above named articles, 30% ad val. malleabl 2-iron castings, shall be classed and denom

Ali carving and cooks' knives and forks of all sizes, inated as steel.

finished or unfinished, valued at not more than $4 No article n.s.p., wholly or partly manufactured doz pieces, *1 * doz. [35%.] Valued at more from tin plate, terne plate, or the sheet, plate, hoop, than $4 and not more than $8, $2 doz. pieces. band or scroll iron or steel herein provided for, or

(35%) Valued at more than $8 and not more of which such tin plate, terne plače, sheet, plate, than $12, $3 + doz, pieces. [35%.] Valued at hoop, band or scroll iron or steel shall be the ma

more than $12, $5 + doz. pieces. 135%.) And in terial or chief value, shall pay a lower rate of duty

addition upon all tle above named articles, 30% ad than that imposed on the tin plate, terne plate, or

val. sheet, plate, hop, band or su roll iron or steel irom Files, file-blanks, rasps, and floats, of all cuts and which it is made, or of which it shall be the com

kinds, tin. 1, and under, 35c. * doz.; over 4 in. 1, ponent thereof oi chief value.

and under 9 in,, 750. doz; 9 in. 1, and under 14 On all iron or steel bars or rods of whatever shap 3 in., $1.30 * doz. ($1.50.) Fourteen in. l, and or section, which are cold rolled, cold hammered, or over, $2 doz. $2.50,) polished in any way in addition to the ordinary pro

FIRE-ARMS: cess of hot rollng or hammering, there shall be

Muskets and sporting rifles, 25% ad val. paid 40. tb in addition to the rates provided in

All double-barreled, sporting, breech-loading this act; and on all strips, plates, or sheets of iron

shotguns valued at not more than $6 each, $1.50 or steel, of whatever shape, other than the polishea,

each. [35%.] Valued at nore than $6 and not planished, or glanced sheet-iron or sheet-steel here. more than $12 each, $4 each. [35%.) Valued at inbefore provided for, which are cold rolled, cold more than $12 each, $6 each. [35%.) And in hammered, blued, brightened, tempered, or polish addition thereto on all the above, 35% ad val. ed by any process to such perfected surface finish, Single-barrel breech-loading shotguns, $1 each and or polish better than the grade of cold rolled, 35% ad val. [35%.) Revolving pistols valued at smooth only, hereinbefore provided for, there shall not more than $1.50 each, 400. each. [35%) be paid 1/40, +th in addition to the rates provided Valued at more than $1.50, $1 each. [35%) And in this act upon plates, strips, or sheets of iron or in addition thereto on all the above pistols, 35% ad steel of common or black finish; and on steel circu val. lar saw-plates there shall be paid lc. tb in addi Iron or steel sheets, plates, wares, or articles, tion to the rate provided in this act for steel saw enameled or glazed, with vitreous glasses, 45% ad plates,


THE NEW TARIFF LAW-Continued. Iron or steel sheets, plates, wares, or articles, Lead in sheets, pipes, shot, glaziers' lead and lead enameled or glazed, as above, with more than one wire, 2360. 10. 130 ] color, or ornamented, 50% ad val. (45%.]

Metallic mineral substances in a crude state and NAILS, SPIKES, TACKS, AND NEEDLES:

metals unwrought 0.8.P., 20% ad val.; mica, 35% Out nails and cut spikes of iron or steel, lc. ib.

ad val. [Mica was formerly free.) [14c.)

NICKEL: Horseshoe nails, hob nails, and all other wrought Nickel, nickel oxide, alloy of any kind in which iron or steel nails n.s.p., 4c. ib.

nickel is component material of chief value, 100. Wire nails made of wrought iron or steel, 2 in. 1, Ib. (15c.) and longer, not lighter than No. 12 wire-gauge, 2c. Pens, metallic, except gold pens, 120. gr.

id. (40.) From 1 in, to 2 in. 1, and lighter than Pen holder tips, pen holders or parts thereof, and No. 12 and not lighter than No, 16 wire-gauge, gold pens, 30% ad val. 2%. f. [4c.) Shorter than i in. and lighter Pins, metallic, solid head or other, including hair than No. 16 wire-gauge, 4c. 7 ib.

pins, safety pins, and hat, bonnet, shawl, and belt Spikes, nuts, and washers, and horse, mule, or ox pins, 30% ad val. shoes, of wrought iron or steel, 18-10c. ib. [20.] Quicksilver, 100. ib. The flasks, bottles, or

Out tacks, brads, or sprigs, not exceeding 16 oz. other vessels in which quicksilver is imported shall to the 1,000, 2440. + 1,000. (2%80.] Exceeding 16 be subject to the same rate of duty as it imported oz, to the 1,000, 2320. Ib. 13c.]

empty. Needles for knitting or sewing-machines, crochet Type metal, 1%. Id for the lead contained needles aad tape-needles and bodkins of metal, therein. (20%) New_types, 25% ad val. 35% ad val. (25% to 35%:)

Tin: On and after Joly 1, 1893, there shall be Needles, knitting, and all other n.s.p., 25% ad imposed and paid upon cassiterite or black oxida of val.

tin, and upon bar, block, and pig tin, & duty of 4c.

Ib. [Formerly free.] Provided. That unless it shall PLATES:

be made to appear to the satisfaction of the Presi. Steel plates engraved, stereotype plates, electrotype plates, and plates of other materials, engraved

dent of the U. S. (who shall make known the fact

by proclamation) that the product of the mines of or lithographed, for printing, 25% ad val. Railway fish-plates or splice-bars, made of iron or

the U. 8, shall have exceeded 5,000 tons of cassitersteel, 10th. [144c.).

ite, and bar, block, and pig tin in any one year prior

to July 1, 1895, then all imported cassiterite, bar, Rivets of iron or steel, 2%60. * fb.

block, and pig tin shall, after July 1, 1893, be SAWS:

admitted free of duty. Cross-cut saws, 8c. lin. ft,; mill, pit, and drag.

WATCHES: 8&ws, not over 9 in. w., 10c. lin. ft. over 9 in. w., 150. lin, ft. ; circular saws, 30% ad val.; band,

Chronometers, box or ship's, and parts thereof,

10% ad val. back, and all other saws n.s.p., 40% ad val.

Watches, parts of watches, watch cases, watch Screws, commonly called wood-screws, more than

movements, and watch glasses, whethor separately 2 in, in 1,5c. ib. (6c.) Over 1 in, and not mora than 2 in. in 1, 7c. b. (8.) 'Over 36 in. and not

packed or otherwise, 25% ad val. more than 1 in. in 1, 10c. id; %8 in. and less in 1, ZINC OR SPELTER: 14c. b. (120.)

Zinc in blocks or pigs, 1940. * Id. (176c.] Wheels, or parts thereof, made of iron or steel, Zinc in sheets, 2%&c. tb. and steel-tired wheels for railway purposes, wheth

Zinc, old and worn out, fit only to be re-manufacer wholly or partly finished, and iron or steel loco tured, 1/4c. ib. [1%c.) motive, car, or other railway tires or parts thereof, Manufactures, articles, or wares, not specially wholly or partly manufactured, 2%0. 1b; and in enumerated or provided for, composed wholly or in gots, cogged ingots, blooms, or blanks for the game, part of iron, steel, lead, copper, nickel, pewter, zinc, without regard to the degree of manufacture, gold, silver, platinum, aluminium, or any other 1%o. Ib. [2c.) Truviled. That when wheels or metal, and whether partly or wholly manufactured, parts thereof, of iron or steel, are imported with 45% ad val. iron or steel axles fitted in them, wheels and axles together shall be dutiable at the same rate as is pro Schedule D.-Wood and Manufac. vided for wheels when imported separately.

tures of. MISCELLANEOUS METALS AND MANUFACTURES OF. Timber, hewn and sawed, and timber used for

spars and in building wharves, 10% ad val. (20%) Aluminium or aluminum, in crude form, alloys of

Timber, squared or sided, nsp , Loc. cub. ft. [10.1 any kind in which aluminium is the component ma Sawed boards, plank, deals, and other lumber or terial of chief value, 15c. ib. [Formerly free.) hemlock, white wood, sycamore, white pine, and Antimony, as regulus or metal, 340. fb. (10%)

basswood, $

1 1,000 ft. board measure: sa wed Argentine, albata, or German silver, unmanufac lumber sp,$2 1,000 ft. board measure; but tured, 25% ad val.

when lumber of any sort is planed or finished, in Brass, in bars or pigs, old brass, clippings from

addition to the rates herein provided there shall be brass or Dutch metal, and old sheathing or yellow paid for each side so planedir finished 50c. 1,000 metal, fit only for re-manufacture, l%&c. fb.

ft. board measure; and if planed on one side and Bronze powder, 12c. ib. [15%.] Bronze or

tongued and grooved, $

1 1,000 ft. board measDutch metal, or aluminium, in leaf, 8c. package ure; and if planed on two sides and tongued and of 100 leaves. (10%.]

grooved, $1.50 1,000 ft. board measure; and in COPPER:

estimating board measure under this schedule no Copper imported in the form of ores, loc. ibon deduction shail be made on account of planing. each pound of fine copper contained therein. [2360.) tonguing and grooving: Providel. That in case any

Old oopper, fit only for re-manufacture, clippings foreign country shall impose an export duty up n from new copper, and all composition metal of pine, spruce, elm, or other logs, or upon stave bolts. which copper is the component material of chief shingle wood, or heading blocks exported to the U. value n.s.p., lc. tb. [30.]

S. from such country, then the duty upon the sa wed Regulus of copper and black or coarse copper. lumber herein provided for, when imported from and copper cement, lc. ib on each pound of fine such country, shall remain the same as fixed by the copper contained therein. 3%8c.)

law in force prior to the passage of this act. Copper in plates, bars, ingots, Chili or other pigs, Cedar: That on and after March 1, 1891, paving and in other forms, not manufactured, n.s.p., 1/4c. posts, railroad ties, and telephone and telegraph * Ib. (4c.)

poles of cedar shall be dutiable at 20% ad val. Copper in rolled plates, called braziers' copper. (Formerly free.] sheets, rods, pipes and copper bottoms, also sheath Sawed boards, plank, deals, and all forms of sawed ing or yellow metal of which copper is the compo cedar, lignumvitæ, lancewood, ebony, box, grananent material'of chief value, and not composed dilla, mahogany, rosewood, satinwood, and all other wholly or in part of iron ungalvanized, 35% ad val. cabinet-woods not further manufactured than

sawed, 15% ad val. ($2 1,000.) Veneers of GOLD AND SILVER: Bullions and metal thread of gold, silver, or other

wood, and wood, unmanufactured, n.s.p., 20% ad

val. [35%.] metals n.sp., 30% ad val. (25%)

Pine clapboards, $1 + 1,000. Gold leaf, $2 package of 500 leaves. ($1.50.)

Spruce clapboards, $1.50 * 1,000. Silver leaf, 750. package of 500 leaves.

Hubs for wheels, posts, last-blocks, wagon-blocks, LEAD:

nar-blocks, gun-blocks, heading-blocks, and all like Lead ore and lead dross, 1%&c. fb: Prorired, That blocks or sticks, rough-hewn or sawed only, 20% ad silver ore and all other ores containing lead shall val. day & duty of 1%80, tb on the lead contained there Laths, 15c. 1,000 pieces. in, according to sample and assay at port of entry.

Pickets and palin28, 10% ad val. (20% Lead in pigs and bars, molten and old refuse lead White pine shingles, 20c. * 1,000; all oth 3rs, run into blocks and bars, and old scrap lead fit only 30c, 1.000. [35c.) to be re-manufactured, 2c. Ib.

Staves of wood of all kinds, 10% ad val.

any kind hief value, lus or metal liver, unmar

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THE NEW TARIFF LAW-Continued. Casks and barrels (empty), sugar-box shooks, and scribe suitable rules and regulations to carry this paeking-boxes, and packing-box shooks, of wood, provision into effect: And provided further. That all n.s p., 30% ad val.

machinery purchased abroad and erected in a beet. Chair cane, or reeds wrought or manufactured sugar factory, and used in the production of raw from rattans or reeds, and whether round, square, sugar in the U S, from beets produced therein. or in any other shape, 10% ad val.

shall be admitted duty free until July 1, 1892: Pro House or cabinet furniture, of wood, wholly or vided. That any duty collected on any of the abovepartly finished, manufactures of wood, or of which described machinery purchased abroad and imwood is component material of chief value, n.s.p., ported into the U. 8. for the uses above indicated 35% ad val.

since January 1, 1890, shall be refunded.

Sugar candy and all confectionery, including Schedule E.-Sugar and Sugar chocolate confectionery, made wholly or in part of Bounties,

sigar, valued at 120, or less fb, and on sugars

after being refined, when tinctured, colored, or in That on and after July 1, 1891, and until July 1,

any way adulterated, 5c, P. [50, and 10c.) 1905, there shall be paid, from any moneys in the All other confectionery, including chocolate conTreasury not otherwise appropriated, under the

fectionery n.s.p., 50% ad val. provisions of Section 3,689 of the Revised Statutes,

Glucose, or grape sugar. 34c . (20%) to the producer of sugar testing not less than 90 That the provisions of this act providing terms for degrees by the polariscope, from beets, sorghum, or

the admission of imported sugars and molasses and sugar-cane grown within the U.S., or froin maple for the payment of a bounty on sugars of domestic sap produced within the U. S., a bounty of 2c. Bib; production shall take effect April 1, 1891: Provided, and upon such sugar testing less than 90 degrees That on and after March 1, 1891, and prior to April by the polariscope, and not less than 80 degrees,

1, 1891, sugars not exceeding No. 16 Dutch stana bounty of 1940. tb, under such rules and regula

dard in color may be refined in bond without paytions as the Commisssoner of Internal Revenue,

ment of duty, and such refined sugars may be transwith the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury,

ported in bond and stored in bonded warehouse at shall prescribe.

such point of destination as are provided in existThe producer of said sugar, to be entitled to said

ing laws relating to the immediate transportation bounty, shall have first filed prior to July 1, of each of dutiable goods in bond, under such rules and year, with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue &

regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretary notice of the place of production, with a general de of the Treasury. scription of the machinery and methods to be em. ployed by him, with an estimate of the amount of sugar proposed to be produced in the current or

Schedule F.-Tobacco and Manufac. next ensuing year, including the number of maple

tures of. trees to be tapped, and an application for a license

Leaf tobacco suitable for cigar-wrapperg, if not to so produce, to be accompanied by a bond in a

stemmed, $2 b. [750.] If stemmed, $2.75 lb. penalty, and with sureties to be approved by the

($1.] Provided, That if any portion of any tobacco Commissioner of Internal Revenue, conditioned that he will faithfully observe all rules and regula

imported in any bale, box, or package, or in bulk,

shall be suitable for cigar-wrappers, the entire tions that shall be prescribed for such manufacture and production of sugar.

quantity of tobacco contained in such bale, box, or

package, or bulk shall be duitable, if not stemmed, The Commissioner of Internal Revenue, upon receiving the application and bond hereinbefore pro

at $2 * 1b; if stemmed, at $2.75 * Ib. (The forevided for, shall issue to the applicant a license to

going clause is new.)

All other tobacco in leaf, unmanufactured and not produce sugar from sorghum, beets, or sugar-cane grown within the U. S., or from maple-sap pro

stemmed, 350. ID; if stemmed, 500. b. (400.) duced within the U.S., at the place and with the

Tobacco, manufactured, of all descriptions, not machinery and by the methods described in the ap

specially enumerated or provided for, 40c. ib. plication; but said license shall not extend beyond

Snuff and snuff flour, manufactured of tobacco. one year from the date thereof.

ground dry or damp, and pickled, scented, or otherNo bounty shall be paid to any person engaged in

wise, of all descriptions, 500. fb...

Cigars, cigarettes, and cheroots of all kinds, $4.50 refining sugars which have been imported into the U. S., or produced in the U.S., upon which the

1 th and 25% ad val. ($2.50 and 25% ad val.] bounty herein provided for has already been paid or

And paper cigars and cigarettes, including wrapapplied for, nor to any person unless he shall have

pers, shall be subject to the same duties as are herefirst been licensed as berein provided, and only

in imposed upon cigars. upon sugar produced by such person from sorghum, beets, or sugar-cane grown within the U.S., or from

Schedule G.–Agricultural Products maple-sap produced within the U.S. The Commis

and Provisions, sioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall from time to

ANIMALS, LIVE: time make all needful rules and regulations for the

Horses and mules, $30 #head. [20%.) Provided, manufacture of sugar from sorghum, beets, or

That horses valued at $150 and over shall pay a sugar-cane grown within the U.S., or from maple

duty of 30% ad val. sap produced within the U.S., and shall, under the

Cattle more than 1 year old, $10 #head. [20%.] direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, exercise

One year old or less, $2 * head. (20%.] supervision and inspection of the manufacture

Hogs, $1.50 head. (20%). thereof.

Sheep, 1 year old or more, $1.50 # head. (20%.] And for the payment of these bounties the Secre

Less than 1 year old, 750. B hea i. 20%.] tary of the Treasury is authorized to draw warrants All other live animals n.s.p., 20% ad val. on the Treasurer of the U.S. for such sums as shall BREADSTUFFS AND FARINACEOUS SUBSTANCES: be necessary, which sums shall be certified to him Barley, 30c. bush, of 48 id. (10.) by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, by whom Barley malt, 450, bush. of 34 lb. [20.] the bounties shall be disbursed, and no bounty shall Barley, pearled, patent, or hulled, 20. fb. (%60.] be allowed or paid to any person licensed as a fore Buckwheat, 150. bush. of 48 fb. (10%) said in any one year upon any quantity of sugar loss Corn or maize, 150. bush, of 56 ib. [10c.] than 500 tb.

Corn-meal, 200. bush. of 48 lb. (100.] That any person who shall knowingly refine or aid Macaroni, vermicelli, and all similar preparations, in the refining of sugar imported into the U.S., or 2. tb. [Formerly free.] upon which the bounty herein provided for has Oats, 150, bush. [10c.] already been paid or applied for, at the place de Oatmeal, 1c. ib. [3&c.] scribed in the license issued by the Commissioner Rice, cleaned, 2c. ib. (274c.) Uncleaned rice, of Internal Revenue, and any person not entitled to 1740. to. [1%c.) Paddy, 340. Ib. (1/40.) Ricethe bounty herein provided for, who shall apply for

flour, rice meal, and rice, broken, which will pass or receive the same, shall be guilty of a misdemean. through a sieve, known commercially as No. 12 or, and, upon conviction thereof, shall pay a fine wire-sieve, 40. ib. [20%.] not exceeding $5,000, or be imprisoned for a period

Rye, 10c. bush. not exceeding 5 years, or both, in the discretion of Rye-flour, c. ib. the court.

Wheat, 250. bush. [20c.) All sugars above No. 16 Dutch standard in color

Wheat-flour, 25% ad val. (20%.] shall pay a duty of %c. ib. [3. and 3%c.) Provided, That all such sugars above No. 16 Dutch standard

DAIRY PRODUCTS: in color shall pay 1-10c. ib in addition to the rate

Butter, and substitutes therefor, 6c. 7 ib. [4.c.] herein provided for, when exported from or the

Cheese, 6c. ib. [4c.) product of any country when and so long as such

Milk, fresh, 5c. gall. (10% ) country pays or shall hereafter pay, directly or indi

Milk, preserved or condensed, including weight rectly, a bounty on the exportation of any sugar

of packages, 3c. Db [20%.] Sugar of milk, 8c, that may be included in this grade which is greater

fb. [Formerly free.] than is paid on raw sugars of a lower saccharine FARM AND FIELD PRODUCTS: strength; and the Secretary of Treasury shall pre Beans, 40c. W bush, of 60 tb. (10%)

THE NEW TARIFF LAW-Continued. Beans, pease, and mushrooms, prepared or pre Filberts and walnuts of all kinds, not shelled, 30, served, in tins, jais, bottles, or otherwise, 40% ad ib; shelled, 6c. B . (30.) val.

Peanuts or ground beans, unshelled, lc. io; Broom-corn, $8 ton. (Formerly free.]

shelled, 1%80. ib. Cabbages, 3c, each. (10%)

Nuts of all kinds, shelled or unshelled, n.s.p., 1%, Cider, 50. gail. [20%).

b. [2c.) Eggs, 5c, doz. (Formerly free.] Eggs, yelk of, 25% ad val. (20%.]

MEAT PRODUCTS: Hay, $4 ton. ($2.)

Bacon and hams, 50. Ib. (2c.) Honey, 200, gall.

Beef, mutton, and pork, 20. ib. (10.) Hops, 150. b. (8 .)

Meats of all kinds, prepared or preserved, n.s.p., Onions, 40c. p bush, (10%)

25% ad val. Pesse, green, in bulk and in barrels, sacks, or Extract of meat, all n.8.p., 350, . ib. [20%.] similar packages, 40c. bush, of 60 tb. (10%) Fluid extract of meat, 150, D. (20%) Ånd no Pease, dried, 20c. bush. (30%) Split-pease, separate or additional duty shall be collected on 50c. bush. of 60 l. [20%) Pease in cartons,

such coverings unless they are suitable and apparpapers, or other small packages, lc. ib.

ently designed for use other than in importation of Plants, trees, shrubs, and vines of all kinds, com meat extracts. monly known as nursery stock, n.s.p., 20% ad val.

Lard, 2c. *fo. [Formerly free.]

Poultry, live, 3c. * TH. [20%.) Dressed, 5c. P Do, Potatoes. 250. * bush, of 60 tb. [15c.)


Tallow, 1c, th; wool grease, including that SEEDS:

known commercially as degras or brown wool Castor beans or seeds, 50c, bush, of 50 tb.

grease, c. b. (10%) Flaxseed or linseed, poppy seed, and other oil seeds n.s.p., 30c, bush. of 56 tb. [20c.) But no MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS: drawback shall be allowed on oil-cake made from Ohicory root, burnt or roasted, ground or granu. imported seed.

lated, or in rolls, or otherwise prepared, and n.s.p. Garden-seeds, agricultural seeds, and other 20. D. seeds n s.p., 20% ad val.

Ohocolate (other than chocolate confectionery Vegetables of all kinds, prepared or preserved, in and chocolate commercially known as sweetened cluding pickles and sauces of all kinds n.s.p., 45% chocolate), 2c. b. ad val. (30%)

Cocoa, prepared or manufactured, n.8 p., 20. fb. Vegetables in their natural state n.s.p., 25% ad Cocoa butter, or cocoa butterine, 3%&c. fb. (20%) val. [10%

Dandelion root and acorns prepared, and other Straw, 30% ad val. [Formerly free.]

articles used as coffee, or as substitutes for coffee, Teazles, 30% ad val. (Formerly free.]

n.s.p. 120. ib. [2c.) FISH:

SALT: Anchovies. and sardines, packed in oil or other Salt in bags, sacks, barrels, or other packages, 120, wise, in tin boxes measuring not more than 5 in. l., * 100 ib; in bulk, 80. * 100 fb: Provided. That im4 in, w., and 3% in, deep, 10c. whole box; in half ported salt in bond may be used in curing fish taken boxes, measuring not more than 5 in. l., 4 in. w., by vessels licensed to engage in fisheries, and in and 158 in. deep, 5c, each; in quarter-boxes, meas curing fish on shores of navigable waters of U.S.. uring not more than 434 in. l., 3% in. W., and 144 in. under such regulations as the Secretary of the deep, 2760. each; when imported in any other forn, Treasury shall prescribe and upon proof that salt 40% ad val.

has been used for either of purposes stated in this Fish, pickled, in barrels or half barrels, and mack proviso, duties on same shall be remitted: Provided erel or salmon, pickled or salted, lc. b.

further, That exporters of meats, whether packed Fish, smoked, dried, salted, pickled, frozen, pack or smoked, which have been cured in U. S. with ed in ice, or otherwise prepared for preservation, imported salt, shall, upon satisfactory proof, and fresh fish ns p., 30. b. (c.)

under such regulations as Secretary of TreasHerrings, pickled or salted, yoc. i; herrings, ury shall prescribe, that such meats have been fresh, 40. b. (Formerly free

cured with imported salt, have refunded to them Fish in cans or packages made of tin or other from Treasury duties paid on salt so used in curing material, except anchovies and sardines, and fish such exported meats, in amounts not lees than $100. packed in any other manner, not specially enumer Starch, including all preparations, from whatever ated or provided for, 30% ad val. (25% and 30%.] substance produced, fit for use as starch, 2c.

Cans or packages, made of tin or other metal, con [20. and 2%0.) taining shell fish admitted free of duty, not exceed Dextrine, burnt starch, gum substitute, or British ing 1 quart in contents, shall be subject to a duty of gum, 1%&c. ib. (lc.) 8c. doz. cans or packages. [180.) And when Mustard, ground or preserved, in bottles or otherexceeding 1 quart shall be subject to an additional wise, 10c. ib. duty of 40. doz. for each additional half quart or Spices, ground or powdered, n.8.p., 4c. * p. (50.) fractional part thereof. (90.) Promided, That until Cayenne pepper, 2760. fb, unground. [Formerly June 30, 1891, such cans or packages shall be ad free.) Sage, 3c. ib. (New) mitted as now provided by law.

Vinegar, 736c. gall. The standard shall be FRUITS AND NUTS:

taken to be that strength which requires 35 graing Fruits: Apples, green or ripe, 25c. * bush.

of bicarbonate of potash to neutralize 1 oz. troy of (Formerly free.)

vinegar. Apples, dired, desiccated, evaporated, or prepared

There shall be allowed on imported tin plate used in any manner, and not otherwise provided for, 2c.

in manufacture of caps, boxes, packages, and all b. [Formerly free.)

articles of tin ware exported, either empty or filled Grapes, 60c. barrel of 3 cub. ft. capacity or

with domestic products, a drawback equal to duty fractional part thereof. [20%.) Plums and prunes,

paid on such tin plate, less 1% of such duty, which 20. tb. (lc.)

shall be retained for use of U.S. Figs, 2%. ib. (2 .) Oranges, lemons, and limes, in packages of capac

Schedule H.-Spirits, Wines and ity of 14 cub ft. or less, 13c, package; in pack

Other Beverages. ages of capacity exceeding 14 cub. ft. and not exceeding 2% cub. ft., 25c. 9 package; in packages of SPIRITS: capacity exceeding 2% cub, ft, and not exceeding 5 Brandy and other spirits manufactured or dig. cub. ft, 50c. package; in packages of capacity tilled from grain or other materials, and n.s.p., exceeding 5 cub, ft, for every additional cub. ft. or $2.50 proof gall. ($2.) fractional part thereof, 10c., in bulk, $1.50

Each and every gauge or wine gall, of measure1,000; and in addition thereto a duty of 30% ad ment shall be counted as at least 1 proof gall,; and val, upon boxes or barrels containing such oranges, the standard for determining proof of brandy and lemons or limes. Old rates: Oranges, half boxes, other spirits or liquors of any kind imported shall 130., boxes, 25c.; other packages, 20%: bulk, be same as that which is defined in laws relating to $1.60 + 1,000. Lemons, half boxes, 16c., boxes, internal revenue: but any brandy or other spirituous 30c.; other packages, 20%; bulk, $2 * 1,000. liquors imported in casks of lesscapacity than14 gall, Limes, 20%.

shall be forfeited: Provided, That it shall be lawful Rasins, 2gc. * Do. [2c.]

for the Secretary of the Treasury, in his discretion, Comfits, sweetmeats, and fruits preserved in to authorize ascertainment of proof of wines, corsugar, syrup, molasses, or spirits, n.s.p., and jellies dials, or other liquors, by distillation or otherwise, of all kinds, 35% ad val.

in cases where it is impracticable to ascertain such Fruits preserved in their own juices, 30% ad val. proof by means prescribed by existing law or regu[20%.]

lations. Orange-peel and lemon-peel, preserved or can. On all compounds or preparations of which dis. died, 20. th. [35%.]

tilled spirits are a component part of chief value Nuts: Almonds, not shelled, 50. Db; clear alm n.s.p., there shall be levied a duty not less than that onds, shelled, 7%. ib.

imposed upon distilled spirits.

THE NEW TARIFF LAW-Continued. Cordials, liquors, arrack, absinthe, kirchwasser, | not exceeding 70c., 33c. fb: valued at over 70c. ratafia, and other spirituous beverages or bitters of fb and not exceeding 800., 38c. fb; valued at all kinds containing spirits, and n.s.p., $2.50 over 80c. ib and not exceeding $1, 480. ib: proof gall. [$2.]

valued at over $1 tb, 50% ad val. No lower rate or amount of duty shall be levied, Spool-thread of cotton, containing on each spool collected, and paid on brandy, spirits, and other not exceeding 100 yards of thread, 7c. * doz.; exspirituous beverages than that fixed by law for first ceeding 100 yards on each spool, for every addiproof; but it shall be increased in proportion for tional 100 yards of thread or fractional part thereof any greater strength than strength of first proof, in excess of 100 yards, 70. doz, spools. and all imitations of brandy or spirits or wines im Cotton cloth not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, ported by any names whatever shall be subject to painted, or printed, and not exceeding 50 threads highest rate of duty provided for genuine articles to the sq. in., counting the warp and filling. 20. 2 respectively intended to be represented, and in no sq. yd. [2730.) If bleached, 280 sq. yd. [3%.] case less than $1.50 gall.

If dyed, colored, stained, painted or printed, c. Bay rum or bay water, whether distilled or com sq. yd. [4%0.] pounded, of first proof, and in proportion for any Cotton cloth not bleached, dyed, colored, stained. greater strength than first proof, $1.50 gall. painted, or printed, exceeding 50 and not exceeding ($1.]

100 threads to the sq. in., counting warp and filling WINES:

2740. sq. yd. (242c.] If bleached, 30. sg. yd.

(356c.) If dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed. Ohampagne and all other sparkling wines,in bottles containing each not more than 1 qt, and more than

40. sq. yd. [4%60.] Provided, That on all cotton

cloth not exceeding 100 threads to sq. in., counting 1 pt., $8 doz. (87.) Containing not more than 1 pt. each and more than ke pt., $4 doz. ($3.50.) warp and filling, not bleached, dyed, colored, Containing % pt.or less, $2 doz. ($1.75.) In bottles

stained, painted, or printed, valued at over 63c. or other vessels containing more than 1 qt, each, in

sq. yd.; bleached, valued at over 9c. sq. yd.; and addition to $8 doz. bottles, on quantity in excess

dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed, valued at of 1 qt., at rate of $250 gall. [82.25.]

over 12c. sa. yd., there shall be paid a duty of Still wines, including ginger wine or ginger cor

35% ad val. (40%) dial and vermuth, in casks, 50c. gall. ; in bottles

Cotton cloth not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, or jugs, case of 1 doz. bottles or jugs, containing

painted, or printed, exceeding 100 and not exceedeach not more than 1 qt, and more than 1 pt., or 24

ing 150 threads to sq. in., counting warp and filling, bottles or jugs containing each not more than one

30. sq. yd.; if bleached, c. sq. yd.; if dyed, pt., $1.60 + case; and any excess beyond these quan

colored, stained, painted, or printed, 5c, sq yd : tities found in such bottles or jugs shall be subject

Provided, That on all cotton cloth exceeding 100 and to & duty of 5c, pt, or fractional part thereof, but

not exceeding 150 threads to sq. in., counting warp no separate or additional duty shall be assessed on

and filling. not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, bottles or jugs: Provided, That any wines, ginger-cor

painted, or printed, valued at over 7760 sq. yd; dial, or vermuth imported containing more than

bleached valued at over 100 sq. yd.; dyed, 24% of alcohol shall be forfeited to U.S : And provided

colored, stained, painted, or printed, valued at over further, That there shall be no constructive or other

127. sq. yd., there shall be paid a duty of 40% allowance for breakage, leakage, or damage on wines, liquors, cordials, or distilled spirits. Wines,

Cotton cloth not bleached, dyed, colored, stained. cordials, brandy, and other spirituous liquors im

painted, or printed, exceeding 150 and not exceedported in bottles or jugs shall be packed in packages

ing 200 threads to sq. in., counting warp and filling, containing not less than 1 doz. bottles or jugs in

30. sq. yd. [30.] If bleached, 4%0. sq. yd. each package, and all such bottles or jugs shall pay

(40.) If dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed, an additional duty of 3o. for each bottle or jug, un

5%80. sq. yd. [5.] Provided. That on all cotton less specially provided for.

cloth exceeding 150 and not exceeding 200 threads Ale, porter, and beer in bottles or jugs, 40c.

to, counting warp and filling, not bleached, gall. [35c.) But no separate or additional duty

dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed, valued shall be assessed on bottles or jugs; otherwise than

at over 80. sq. yd.; bleached, valued at over 10c. in bottles or jugs, 200, gall.

sq.yd.; dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed, Malt extract, fluid, in casks, 20: gall.: in bot

valued at over 12c. sa. yd., there shall be paid & tles or jugs, 40c. gall. [35c.) Solid or condensed,

duty of 45% ad val. (40%) 40% ad val. (New.)

Cotton cloth not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, Oherry-juice and prune-juice, or prune-wine, and

painted or printed, exceeding 200 threads to sq. in.. other fruit-juice, n.s.p., containing not more than

counting warp and filling, 4 c. sq. yd. (40.) If 18% of alcohol, 60c. gall. (20% ] If containing

bleached, 5%c. sq. yd. [50.) If dyed, colored, more than 18% of alcohol, $2.50 proof gall.

stained, painted, or printed, 6340. sq. yd. [60.) (-20% )

Provided, Thaton all such cotton cloths not bleached, Ginger-ale, ginger-beer, lemonade, soda-water,

dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed, valued and other similar waters in plain green or colored,

at over 100. sq. yd.; bleached, valued at over 120. molded or pressed glass boltles, containing each

sq. vd.; and dyed, colored, stained, painted, or not more than 4 pt., 13. doz. [20 to 30%.]

printed, valued at over 150. sq. yd., there shall be Oontaining more than 4 pt, each and not more than

paid a duty of 45% ad val. (40%.] Provided further, 1% pts., 260. doz. [20 to 30%.) But no sep&

That on cotton cloth, bleached, dyed, colored, rate or additional duty shall be assessed on bottles.

stained, painted, or printed, containing an admix. If imported otherwise than in plain green or

ture of silk, aud n s.p., there shall be paid a duty of colored, molded or pressed glass bottles, or in such

10c. sq. yd., and in addition thereto 35% ad val. bottles containing more than 1% pts. each, 500. per

[50% ad val.) gall., and in addition thereto duty shall be collected

Olothing ready made, and articles of wearing on bottles or other coverings at the rates which

apparel of every description, handkerchiefs, and would be chargeable thereon if imported empty.

neckties or neck wear, composed of cotton or other

vegetable fiber, or of which cotton or other vegeAll mineral waters, and all imitations of natural mineral waters, and all artificial mineral waters

table fiber is component material of chief value, n.8.p., in green or colored glass bottles, containing

made up or manufactured wholly or in part by pot more than 1 pt., 160. * doz. bottles. (30%

tailor, seamstress, or inanufacturer, all of foregoing imitations free.) If containing more than 1 pt. and

in.s.p., 50% ad val. (35%.] Provided, That all such not more than 1 qt., 250. doz, bottles. (30%,

clothing ready made and articles of wearing having imitations free. But no separate duty shall be

India-rubber as a component material (not includ

ing gloves or elastic articles that are specially proassessed upon bottles. If imported otherwise than in plain green or colored glass bottles, or if imported

vided for), shall be subject to a duty of 50c. ib.

and in addition thereto 50% ad val. [35%.] in such bottles containing more than 1 qt., 20c. gall. [30%, imitations free.) And in addition

Plushes, velvets, velveteens, corduroys, and all thereto duty shall be collected upon bottles or other

pile fabrics composed of cotton or other vegetable coverings at the same rates that would be charged

fiber, not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, painted,

or printed, 10c. + sq. yd. and 20% ad val. [35 to if imported empty or separately.

40%.) On all such goods, if bleached, 12c. sg. Schedule 1.-Cotton Manufactures.

yd, and 20% ad val.; if dyed, colored, stained,

painted, or printed, 140. sq. yd, and 20% ad val.: Ootton thread, yarn, warps, or warp-yarn, whether but none of the foregoing articles in this paragraph single or advanced beyond condition of single, by shall pay a less rate of duty than 40% ad val. grouping, or twisting two or more single yarns Chenille curtains, table-covers, and all goods mantogether, whether on beams or in bundles, skeins, ufactured of cotton chenille, or of which cotton or cops, or in any other form, except spool-thread chenille forms the component material of chief val. of cotton hereinafter provided for, valued at not ue, 60% ad val. (35%) exceeding 250., 10c. * Ib; valued at over 250. tb Stockings, hose and half-hose; made on knitting and not exceeding 400., 18c. fb. [150.] Valued machines or frames, composed of cotton or other at over 40c. fb and not exceeding 500., 23c. Ib. vegetable fiber, and n.s.p., and shirts and drawers (20c.] Valued at over 50c. fb and not exceeding composed of cotton, valued at not more than $1.50 600., 28c 8 lb. [250.) Valued at over 60c. to and doz, 35% ad val.

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imitatiore than

But no imported of or if importe

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