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The total number of championship contests played by the Brooklyn Club since its organization in 1883-eight years—is 867, of which 477 were victories and 390 were defeats. The record in full is appended:

The Brooklyn (P. L.) Club. The Players' League Club of Brooklyn was the best managed team of the eight clubs of that league, the clubs of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburg being stronger in play ers, but not in their managers and captaing. The club finished second with the following record:

32 12 44 22 11 33

21 3 26 15| 41 44 8

Per cent.....389.412.526.700.7001.6001.667||.576

.727 .667 .667 .634 .500

Victories..) 64 20 53 77
Per cent. 11611.3001.434.558.4481.629).679.667
Played ...'



0 0 4 2 2 1

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4 0

" 'YJ10, MƏN


7 11






10 8



86 43 129




The percentage of earned runs is not given, as the figures are unreliable as a criterion of pitching under the scoring rules of the present code, inasmuch as the estimate of earned runs is based on the play of the infielders as well as the pitchers, instead of on the play of the pitchers exclusively.

Games pl'd 18 17


Victories... Defeats ...

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BASE BALL_Continued. The complete record of the club for 1890, giving every detail of the championship statistics, is as follows:

L Boston.

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ovo Cin.

Phil'a. = Chicago.

11 10 Games played..... 2018 Per c't of victories 550|556 563/647 556 850/902 Series won........ Unfinished series.. Chicago victories. Chicago defeats... Single figure vict's. Single figure def'ts. Double figure vict's Double figure def'ts Victories abroad... Victories at home. Defeats abroad.... Defeats at home... Games ext. inn'gs. Victories. Victories by 1 run. Defeats by 1 run...

The following shows how the team fared in the matter of run getting, batting and fielding:

Highest score in a victory. 10-3 17-7 19-4 14-5 20-7 15-5 20-1 20-1 Lowest score in a victory 4-0 4-3 3-0 5-2 4-2 2-0 3-2

2-0 Highest score in a defeat. 7-11 6-13 11-20


5-7 11-20 Lowest score in a defeat. 0-1 1-4 0-31 0-3

24 16 0-1 Extra innings victories...



Extra innings defeats.
Total runs scored..

114-106 114-102 100-83 106-97 106-73 146-70 187-91 873-622
Sacrifice hits..

31-41 34-54 27-37 39-38 40-14 42-65 44-24 257-303 Stolen bases

36-59 25-47 24-58 27-43 19-31 24-17 90-37 245-292 Base hits..

156-160 172-184 128-149 157-178 139-137 197-144 194-161 1143-1113 Batting average..

234-233 274-289 235–266 268-263 254 222 284 210 282-230 279-206 Fielding average.

843-857 840–810/862-844/838-834 867-840'863-816 865–754 946-901

The pitching record of the team for 1890 was as follows:

Brooklyn vs.


From the inception of the club's career in 1883, to its capture of League Championship honors in 1890, the President of the club, Mr. Chas. H. Byrne, has been the club's moving spirit; and to his remarkable executive ability, his liberal course of action, and his intelligent conception of what was regarded to conserve the best interest of his club and the game at large, is the success of the Brooklyn Club chiefly due.




St. Louis.



Syracuse. తరలు


88 Total.

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BASE BALL-Continued.
The Brooklyn (A. A.) Team.

This team was a financial failure from the

Per start. It retired in favor of the Baltimores dur

Won Lost Drawn. Played. cent. Yale

2 1



.667 ing the latter part of the season. Its record



3 .333 was:


Per Won. Lost. Played.

cent. Harvard

2 1

3 Brooklyn


1 2


.333 VS.

The Amateur Athletic Union

The inauguration of the series of base ball

championship contests by the Amateur Athletic Victories.. 2

5 3

Union in 1890 was a noteworthy event in the hisDefeats 13 9 10 9 10 12 10 73 tory, of amateur ball playing, and a much

needed movement to promote the best interests Games pl'd 15 14 14 14 13 17 12 99 of legitimate amateur ball playing.

The series began with the club nines of the Per cent....1.133.357.286.357.231.294.167||.424 New Jersey, New York, Manhattan, Berkely and

Yonkers athletic clubs representing the Eastern The Amateur Leagues.

section, and those of the Detroit and three other The leading amateur organization of the

western athletic clubs the Western section. The metropolitan district is the Amateur League, in

Detroit Club bore off the palm in the West, and which the Crescent Athletic Club of Brooklyn

the New Jersey Club in the East, the Columbia took part. The record for 1890 follows:

A. C., of Washington, being the third prominent

Per competitor. The final series for the championClubs.

Won. Lost. Played. cent ship ended in the appended record, the games Staten Island A. C..


23 783 being played at the Polo grounds, New York, the Staten Island A. C.... .16. 6 22 727 Detroit Club winning the championship after an Crescent A. C.....

6 17 23 261 exciting struggle. Englewood F. C..... 6 18 24 250 Sept. 27-New Jersey A. C. vs. Detroit....

3- 2 Royal Arcanum League,

Sept. 294 Detroit vs. New Jersey A. C. .. 3- 2

Oct. 1-New Jersey A. C. vs. Detroit 40 The Prospect Park amateur arena was en- Oct. 4 Detroit vs. New Jersey A. C......4 3 larged by the entrance of the Royal Arcanum Oct. League clubs, their season in 1890 being a very

5-Detroit vs. New Jersey A. C...... 3- 2 successful one. The record is as follows:

Clubs. Victories. Defeats. Played. cent.

Long Island.


15 933 Oxford..

4 15 733

Bedford Cycling Club.
Fort Greene


5 15 667 This club was organized May 26, 1890, by seven De Long

10 15 333 bicyclists in the Eastern District. It has adFern


12 15 200 vanced with rapid strides and the membership De Witt Clinton.... 2

13 15

133 is now over 50. A "stag" reception was held on Brooklyn Amateur Association.

August 29 and a "smoker” on November 11. The Brooklyn Amateur Association, which

The membership includes some promising young

riders, who have already_distinguished themplayed at Prospect Park, had a good season. selves in armory races. The Resolute Club, which virtually won the pen

The club occupies the nant in 1889, won the pennant in 1890. Here is

house, 1196 Bedford avenue. the record :

Brooklyn Bicycle Club.

Per This club is the oldest in the city, organized Clubs.

Victories. Defeats. Played. cent. Resolute

June 21, 1879, almost twelve years ago. It is the 14

2 16 875 Fulton..

largest in point of membership, having 147 names 13

3 16 813 Federal.

on its roll; is conservative in policy and occupies

5 15 667 Washington

a handsome club house at 62 Hanson pl. It feels 4

11 15 267 Sidney

proud of having as one of its organizers the pio3 12 15

200 Locust...

neer wheelman of this city, Charles G. Koop, who 1 14 15 067

was the first to ride a wheel through the streets South Side League.

of Brooklyn. Several creditable performances The South Side League, which included only

have been made on race track and path by some three clubs, had a lively season, the record giv

of the members, and they are the only club from ing the pennant to the Babylon Club, as follows:

this city having a team in the Wheelmen's Bowl

Per ing League, an association of bicycle clubs of Clubs.

Victories. Defeats. Played. cent this State and New Jersey. Socially the club Babylon.


3 10 700 has few rivals in the wheel world, the winter Sayville.

10 500

months being given up to stag, ladies’and club Islip..


7 10 300 receptions, while whist and pool tournaments The College Championship,

are made a feature. Medals are given each year Harvard refused to nter the championship

to each member covering 1,000 miles, and special contest against Princeton and Yale during 1830.

ones to the two making the largest number over The latter two played together, however, and

1,000. Four races are held, two on path and Harvard and Yale contested a series of three

two on the road, for which suitable prizes are games. Yale defeated Princeton, and Harvard

offered. The parlors of the club have recently whipped Yale. The following were the games

undergone a renovating process which has still played and the results:

further beautified a house replete with every May 3-Yale vs. Princeton at New Haven.. 3- 2

comfort. May 17-Yale vs. Harvard, at New Haven.. 8-0

The Brooklyn Ramblers. May 24-Princeton vs. Yale, at Princeton .. 1-0 The Brooklyn Ramblers, a promising young May 31—Harvard vs. Yale, at Cambridge ..10– 8 organization of about thirty-five members, was June 14-Princeton vs. Yale,at N. Y.(drawn) 8-8 organized on January 4, 1890, by eighteen young June 18_Yale vs. Princeton, at East'n Park 6- 5 riders in the part of the city known as Prospect June 21— Harvard vs. Yale, at Cambridge.. 4 3 Heights. The club's headquarters are at 324


CYCLING-Continued. Flatbush avenue. In the twenty-five mile handi- scratch, 3d; 1 mile boys' safety race, w. Storms, cap road race held on the Irvington-Milburn 1st; E. H. Schoefer, 2d; Harry Walters, 3d; time, course, on Decoration day, George Holland took 4 m. 29 s.; 3 mile handicap ordinary, J. Bensinseventh place, covering the 25 miles in 1 h. 35 m. ger, K. C. W., 160 yards, ist; C. W. Bayes, K. C. 12 s. J. McCue, captain of the club, also W., 180 yards, 2d; time, 9 m. 16} s.; 1 mile hanrode in this race, as did A. W. Feldmier, the dicap safety, B. B. C., C. F. Quinby, 125 yards, former taking thirteenth place, making the dis- 1st ; H. P. Matthews, 80 yards, 2d;țime, 2 m. 55} tance in 1 h. 37 m. 44 s. actual time, and the s. The fastest mile ever ridden in Brooklyn, 2 latter finishing twenty-fifth, in 1 h. 37 m. 53 s. m. 51 s., was made in the two mile , ordinary On Election Day the club held a ten mile handi- handicap by W.F. Murphy, K. C. W., who rode cap race, for members only, on the Elizabeth- from scratch. The club has a bowling team in Springfield course, in which Robert Miller the Caruthers tournament. finished 1st,

Richard Peddlar 2d, George Holland 3d, and F. Gruen 4th. The club had

Long Island Wheelmen. a theatre party on October 23, seeing the * Shatchen," at Holmes' Star Theatre.

The season of 1890 was one of active riding,

and a number of very large mileages were Kings County Wheelmen.

rolled up, ranging from four thousand miles

down. The following members received medals The annual reception was held on February for making centuries : U. Palmedo, E. F. 27. March 20, annual election. May 17, won the Beecher, T. Ridsdale, C. E. I'ripler, A. S. Will3 mile lap team race, at the spring games of the digg, L. H. Wise, G. B. Starrett, F. E. Pearce, Berkeley Athletic Club. W. F. Murphy, C. M. C. C. Alden. The social seasons were markedly Murphy, and F. B. Hesse composed the team. lively and pleasant. The club house is open to June 25, annual lantern parade on Bedford ave- . visitors every Saturday night during the winter, nue, in which about 500 wheelmen took part. In and a ladies' reception is given once a month. the annual Decoration Day 25 mile handicap The 1 mile ordinary handicap at Washington road race on the Irvington-Milburn course in Park on June 28, was won by C. C. Alden from New Jersey, 24 members were entered. W.F. the 35 yard mark with L. H. Wise, scratch, 2d. Murphy made the best time, 1 hour 28 m. and The eighth annual dinner was held at the 14 s., which is the present record on the course. Clarendon Hotel on Saturday evening, NovemT. J. Hall, Jr., also broke the previous record, ber 22, C. H. Luscomb presided and responded but his time, 1 h. 29 m. 38 s., was not as fast as to the toast, "The Club. The other speakers Murphy's; C. W. Bayes finished 6th; W. H. Wells, were Commissioner Adams, W. W. Share, E. F. 8th; J. R. Bedford, 9th; F. G. Macdonald, 14th; Beecher, Captain Dillont, C. C. Alden and J. L. W. Finn, 15th; W. F. Murphy, 16th; R. W. Shepherd. Steves, 17th; T. J. Hall, Jr., 18th; R. L. Jones, 23d; P. C. Finn, 24th; F. Kenny, 32d; J. S. Bow

Prospect Wheelmen. dish, 34th; John Bensinger, 36th; W. H. Roberts, Organized on August 14, 1888, with five charter 38th, and D. Morehouse, 39th.

members, it now has twenty members, and occuThe ninth annual race meeting was held at pies quarters at 434 Union street. The 10 mile Washington Park on June 28. Summary : 1 championship race on the Irvington-Milburn mile novice, first heat, H. S. Wiegand, K. C. W., course on Decoration day was won by S. W. 1st;

F. G. Macdonald, K. C. W., 2d; A E. Steger, Shannon in 39 m. 45 s.; R. J. Wolfe, 2d, R. W., 3d; time, 3 m. 6 s.; second heat, A. H. and C. A. Kant 3d. A party of members spent Feldmier, B. R., 1st; J. R. Bedford, K. C. W., 2d;

two weeks in July at Lake Tyrel. A 5 mile road W. C. Smith, 3d; time, 2 m. 33 s.; 1 mile han- race, which was held there, was won by George dicap safety, first heat, J. W. Hanson, N.Y.B.C., Shannon; Elmer Tyrel, 2d. On August 14 the 140 yards, ist; Hoyland Smith, N. Y. A. C., second anniversary was celebrated at the resiscratch, 2d; F. B. Hesse, N. Y. A. C., 60 yards, dence of C. A. Kane. The Bate medal for the 3d; time, 2 m. 527 s.; second heat, H, P. Mat- member making the best mileage from March 1 thews, B. B. C., 140 yards, 1st; W. Newman, to November 1, was won by George W. Shannon, K.C. W., 170 yards, 2d; S. B. Bowman, N. J. A. who rode 3,486 miles in that time. Elmer Tyrel C., 60 yards, 3d; time, 2 m. 52; s; 1 mile novice, rode 3,004 miles in the same length of time, final heat, A. H. Feldmier, B. R., 1st; F. G. while W. T. Shannon, C. A. Kane, W. C. Hotze, Macdonald, K. C. W. 2d; time, 3 m. 3s; 1 mile E. Smith, B. L. Tyrel, R. J. Wolfe, E. Boner and handicap ordinary, L. I. W., c. C. Alden, 35 W. Dower have all ridden over 1,000 miles and yards, 1st; L. H. Wise, scratch, 2d; time, 3 m. 85

will receive silver mileage bars from the club. s. ; 1 mile safety handicap, final heat, H. P.

An average mileage of nearly 1,000 miles is Matthews, B. B. Č., 140 yards, 1st; J. W. Hanson, credited to each member for the year. G. W. N. Y. B. C., 140 yards, 2d; time, 2 m. 54 s.; 1 mile Shannon won the gold stop watch offered by the safety championship of America, W. F. Murphy, captain to the member attending the greatest K. C. W., 1st; W. Schumacher, B. A. C. and L. I. number of runs. W., 2d; Hoyland Smith, N. Y. A. Ç., 3d; 1 mile handicap ordinary, B. B.C., E. MacLean, Jr., 150 Best Bicycle Records, 1890. yards, 1st; W. E. Sheffield, 70 yards, 2d; time, 3

1 mile ordinary, 33%, by A. E. Lumsden, C. C. m. 1 s.; 1 mile ordinary championship K. C. W., c., at Providence, Aug. 30. # mile ordinary, 1:10%, W.F. Murphy, 1st; C. M Murphy, 2d; time, 2 m. by Willie Windle, B. A. C., at Peoria, Sept. 11. 59 s.;1 mile handicap ordinary open, W. H.Wells, # mile ordinary, 1:49%, by, Willie Windle, B. A. C., K. C. W., 90 yards, ist; A. A. Zimmerman, N. J. at Peoria, Sept. 15. i mile ordinary, 2:25%, by A.C., 15 yards, 2d; A. H. Feldmier, B.R.,100 yards, Willie Windle, B. A. C., at Peoria, Sept. 15. 3d; time, 2 m. 543 s.; second heat, C. L. Leisner, 2 mile ordinary, no new record. 3 mile ordinary, 125 yards, 1st; W. C. Smith, 115 yards, 2d; John no new record. 4 mile ordinary, 11:11%, by Å Bensinger, K. C.W., 70 yards. 3d; time, 2 m. 50% s.; B. Rich, N. Y. A. C., at Peoria, Sept. 15.5 mile 2 mile safety handicap, w. Schumaker, B. A. C., ordinary, 13:5136, by A. B. Rich, N. Y. C., at 50 yards, ist ; S. B. Bowman, N. J. A. C., 100 Peoria, Sept. 15. mile safety, 35%, by W.F. yards, 2d; time, 6 m. 15} s.; 1 mile handicap or- Gassler, N. Y. A. C., at Niagara Falls, July 11. dinary open, final heat, C. L. Leisner, 125 yards, mile safety, 1:13], by P.J. Berlo., M.' A. C., at 1st; W. Á. Wells, K. C. W., 90 yards, 2d; time, Peoria, Sept. 15. mile safety, 1:51, by P.J. 2 m. 494 s. ; 1 mile ride and run, R. W. Steves, Berlo, M. A. C., at Peoria, Sept. 15. 1 mile K. C. W., 1st; W. H. Roberts, K. C. W., 2d: time, safety, 2:30, by P. J. Berlo, M. A. C., at Peoria, 4 m. 17} s.; 2 mile team race, Kings County Sept. 15. 2 mile safety, 5:28%, by H. E. Laurie, Wheelmen, first team, W.F. Murphy, R. L. Jones, N. Y. A C., at Rochester, Aug. 23. 3 mile safety, C. M. Murphy; 2 mile ordinary handicap open, 8:1336, by H. E. Laurie, N. Y. A. C., at Rochester, W. H. Wells, K. C. W., 150 yards, 1st; C.W. Bayes, Aug. 23.4 mile safety, 11:00, by H. E. Laurie, K. C. W., 110 yards, 20; W.F. Murphy, K, C. W. N. ®Y. A. C., at Rochester, Aug. 23. 5 mile

[blocks in formation]

CYCLING-Continued. safety, 13:39%, by H. E. Laurie, N. Y. A. C., at Rochester, Aug. 23. + mile tandem safety, 40, by A. E. Lumsden and H. R. Winship, C. C. C., at Chicago, Oct. 4. mile tandem safety, 1:121, by W. F. Gassler and W. D. Banker, N. Y. A. C., at Syracuse, Sept. 2. 1 mile tandem safety, 2:27, by W. F. Murphy, K. C. W. and N. Y. 8. C., and Hoyland Smith, N. Y. A. C., at Peoria, Sept. 15. 2 mile tandem safety, 5:15%, by L. Masi and Bert Myers, P. B. C., at Peoria, Sept. 16. 3 mile tandem safety, 8:10, by W. F. Gassler and C. J. Iven, at Syracuse, Sept. 2. 4 mile tandem safety, 11:12), by W. F. and C. M. Murphy, K. C. W. and N. Y. A. C., at Syracuse, Sept. 2. 5 mile tandem safety, 14:05, by W. F. and c. M. Murphy, K. C. W. and N. Y. A. C., at Syracuse, Sept. 2. 15 mile road record, 52:41 by W. F. Murphy, K. C. W. on the Irvington-Milburn course, May 30. 20_mile road record 1 10:02, by W. F. Murphy, R. C. W., on the Irvington-Milburn course, May 30. 25 mile road record, 1 26:40, by C. E. Kluge, M. A. C.. on the New Rochelle course, Aug. 2. Brooklyn to Chicago, 14 days, 6 hours, 25 minutes, by Edwin Checkley, of Brooklyn. Chicago to New York, 14 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes, by Charles Neilson.

Inn- • Not Highest

A ver-

out. Score. Runs.

age. F. W. Stiles... 12 1 46* 137 12.44 H. Manley 9 1 884

100 12.50 H. Hinde.. 7 1 31

56 9.33 C. Franklin 9 2 23

63 9.00 J. T. Morgan. 11


79 7.18 W. J. Wood. 9 i

14* 54 6.75 C. S. Phillips.. 6


40 6.66 E. C. Michell. 8


37 5.30 T. O'Reilly. 13


58 4.46 W. O'Reilly. 7


17 2 82 E. Snelgrove.


22 2.20 F. Mayes.. 3 2

29 29.00 H. Rowley


20 20 20.00 A. Hopkins



44 14.66 E. Wood

3 1


16 8.00 A. Williams. 2


16 8.00 T. Ayres

4.00 G. Williams.


16 4.00 C. Helms

5 2 6* 8 2.66




* Signifies not out.

Brooklyn Club. The club played twenty games in 1890, winning fourteen, losing four, one drawn and one club match.


Inn- Not Highest Total Aver-

out. score. runs.

age. A. S. Durrant,.. 16 1 39* 199 13.27 C. C. Greene. 10


10,00 B. Seale

37 131

9.36 H. Schofield. 15

28 125

8.33 J. P. Robertson.. 13

21 106 8.15 H. Helms..


U12 146 6.64 J. Curtis.


14* 33 5.50 A. D. Brown.

9 2 14* 38 5.43 F. S. Greene. 10

21 54 5.40 A. A. Adams. 16

15 80 5.00 J. Humbert. 17 2 17 68 4.53 John Duncan 17 2 18 60 4.00 A. E. Wickes. 13 2 8 41 3.42 G. Tuttle

8 22

2.44 W. J. Manby.. 6 1

9 11 2.20 J. S. Creighton..


13 2.17 S. Lee. 10

15 1.50 J. F. Duncan.... 9 6

4 1.33 *Signifies not out.


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Name. Balls. ens. Ruus. Wickets.

age. W. J. Wood 1,361 777 392 79

4.76 J. T. Morgan.. 108 6 50

9 5.50 H. Hinde

174 7 71 12 5.92 E. Snelgrove... 690 29 225 34 6.62 C. Franklin 896 29 405 43 9.42 Runs made by Kings Co. C. C.—1,532 av. 8.52

Opponents -1,347 7.10

Manhattan Club. The following is a record of the batting and bowling averages of the Manhattan Club for 1890:

Inn- Not

ings. out. Runs,

age. H. Tyers

11 1 220 22.00 B. C. Bloxom.

16 2


13.21 S. A. Noon...


172 12.28 F. Prendergast.

21 2 185 9.71 A. Wallis....

21 4 250

14.70 H. B. Coyne


141 10.07 H. Martin..


27 4.50 J. Rose


234 15.60 M. R. Cobb



22.27 H. Beresford.

20 10.00 C. Dillon

46 7.66 C. Mitchell..

29 4.63 L. Patterson.

15 3.75 M. Draycott..

8 4.00 J. Mart


9 4.50 L. Macintosh

2.66 W. Lewis.


2 2.00 E. Pearson


5 2.50 S. Smith.

18 4.50

[blocks in formation]
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Balls. ens. Rung. H. Martin.

210 5 89 C. Dillon,

162 5 54 H. B. Coyne.

114 3 50 S. A. Noon..

166 7 62 F. Prendergast 273 8 102 M. R. Cobb..

1235 32 891 H. Tyers.

508 43 82

Wick- Averets.

age. 10 8.90 7 7.71 9 5.55 9 6.89 16 6.37 74 5.28 30 2.73



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FOOT BALL. Adelphi Foot Ball Club played twelve pionship games and the exhibition games were games during the season, six of which were in with Yale, 2, Princeton, Columbia, and Stevens the Interscholastic League. They won nine, Institute. lost one and two tied.

Interscholastic Foot Ball League,

which was organized during the season of GAMES WON.

1889, was continued during the

past season. The Oct. 9-Adelphi defeated Pratt Institute 20 to 4

games resulted in a tie between the Adelphi 11-Adelphi defeated Polytechnic

and Stevens High School teams, each having Institute

12 to 2

won five games and lost one. At a meeting of “ 25—Adelphi defeated Columbia

the officers of the league it was decided to Grammar School by default.

award the championship pennant to the Adelphis, 27-Adelphi defeated Fordham Col

they having scored the highest number of points lege

4 to 0

in the games played. The results were:
" 29-Adelphi defeated Pratt Institute 16 to 0
Nov. 1-Adelphi defeated Stevens High

Oct. 18—Stevens High School defeated

24 to 0

Columbia Grammar School.. 38 to 0 8-Adelphi defeated Polytechnic

25-Stevens High School defeated Institute

16 to 4

Polytechnic Institute... 22 to 0 15—Adelphi defeated Columbia

25-Adelphi defeated Columbia
Grammar School by default..

Grammar School by default.

27-Adelphi defeated Polytechnic

1-Adelphi defeated

16 to 0
High School....

24 to 0

1-Polytechnic defeated Columbia GAMES LOST.

by default. Nov. 22-Stevens' High School defeated

8-Adelphi defeated Polytech-

14 to 4

16 to 4

8-Stevens defeated Columbia GAMES TIED. Nov. 22-Adelphi vs. King's College,

by default. Stamford, Conn

6 to 6

15-Stevens defeated Polytechnic, 4 to 0 7-Adelphi vs. St. Paul's School,

15-Adelphi defeated Columbia Garden City..

0 to 0

by default. Bedford Foot Ball Club, which was re

22—Stevens defeated Adelphi.... 14 to 4 organized and incorporated in 1889, has had a

22—Polytechnic defeated Columbia season of successive victories for 1890, not hav

by default. ing sustained a single defeat. The games played

27–Adelphi defeated Polytechnic, 16 to 0 were:

The standing of the teams: Oct. 24-Bedfords defeated the Oritani Field


Games played. Won. Los Club, 22 to 0.

Adelphi Academy,..

5 1 Oct. 11-Bedfords defeated Corinthian Athletic Stevens High School

5 1 Club, 30 to 0.

Polytechnic Institute.

4 Oct. 18–Bedfords defeated Seton Hall College, Columbia Grammar School.

6* 12 to 0. Oct. 25-Bedfords defeated Montclair Athletic *Columbia Grammar School defaulted in five Club, 6 to 4.

games. Nov. 4-Bedfords defeated the Prospects of Polytechnic Foot Ball club had a Brooklyn, 14 to 8.

good school team during the season of 1890, but Nov. 15—Bedfords defeated Montclair Athletic

were unable to win any of the games in the InClub, 10 to 6.

terscholastic League played with the Adelphi or Nov. 22—Bedfords defeated Corinthian Athletic

Stevens' High School. Club, 46 to 0.


Nov. 1–Polytechnic defeated Long IslNov. 22.-Bedford 2d defeated Staten Island

and Hospital...

24 to 0 Cricket Club, 14 to 6.

-Polytechnic defeated the BreDec. 6-Bedford 2d defeated Polytechnic(Fresh.),


48 to 0 18 to 0. Crescent Foot Ball Club had a most

GAMES LOST. successful season and were again the win

Oct. 11-Adelphi defeated Polytechnic 12 to 0 ners of the pennant in the American Foot Ball

* 25-Stevens H. S.

22 to 0 Union. The record of games played during the

Nov. 8-Adelphi

16 to 4

15--Stevens season of 1890 was as follows:

4 to 0 27-Adelphi

16 to 0 GAMES WON.

Two games were forfeited by Columbia GramSept. 27-Crescents defeated Stevens Institute, mar School to the Polytechnics in the Inter62 to 0.

scholastic League series. Oct. 25—Crescents defeated New York Athletic Club, 36 to 0.

Prospect Foot Ball Club is composed Nov. 1-Crescents defeated Columbia College,

of the graduates from the Brooklyn Central High 29 to 0.

School. They have had another successful
Nov, 15-Crescents defeated New York Athletic season for 1890.
Club, 40 to 8.

Nov. 29—Crescents defeated Cleveland, 10 to 0. Sept. 27_Prospects defeated Corinthian
Dec. 6-Crescents defeated Orange Athletic

Athletic Club.

4 to 0 Club, 14 to 0.

Oct. 4-Prospects defeated Corinthian

Athletic Club.....

22 to 4 Oct. 4 Yale defeated Crescents, 18 to 6.

11-Prospects defeated Oritani 18–Princeton defeated Crescents, 12 to 1.

Field Club...

5 to 0 Nov. 4-Yale defeated Crescents, 52 to 0.

18–Prospects defeated Nautilus 8–Orange Athletic Club defeated Cres

Boat Club..

52 to 0 cents, 8 to 5.

25—Prospects defeated Staten Isl-
and Cricket Club...

34 to 0 Nov. 25—Crescent Reserves defeated Westfield,

Nov. 22-Prospects defeated the Alerts N. J., 12 to 0.

of Orange..

24 to 6 During the seasons of 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889 and

30—Prospects defeated Staten Isl1890 the Crescents have scored in the American

and Cricket Club..

54 to 0 Foot Ball Union series 718 points to their oppon

GAMES LOST. ents 24. Of the above games four were cham- Nov. 4Bedfords defeated Prospects.. 14 to 0

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