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ROWING-Continued. Junior four-oared shells: Union B. C.-John Schile, bow; J. J. McDermott, F. Burke, J. F. Donovan, stroke. Nonpareil B. C.-C. Schilling, bow; R. Turner, Joseph Boland, Albert Butler, stroke. Atalanta B. C.-E. J. Byrne, bow; J. E. Skillman, S. B. Parks, L. Eggers, stroke. The Unions finished first; time, 7 m. 103 s.; but were disqualified for rowing outside the stake and the race given to the Nonpareils.

Junior eight-oared shells: New York Athletic Club—L. H. Huntington, bow; J. Bell, J. Brower, J. V. Buchan, F. Howard, R. O. Hambold, Edward Laidlaw, E. F. Hambold, stroke; I. D. Smith, coxswain. Dauntless B. C.-B. N. Levein, bow; L. Josepthal, H. C. Force, F.G. Whitefield, E. Schumacher, H. J. Douglass, R. A. Munroe, W. E. Cornell, stroke; C. Busse, coxswain. Staten Island Athletic Club.-George Taintor, bow; Edward Fesser, George A. Schastey, Jr., J. H. W. Cole, R. Ogilby, J. A. Hart, Charles Gorsline, P. Hart, Jr., stroke; A. F. Comacho, coxswain. Won by New York Athletic Club; time, 5 m. 453 s.

Four-oared gig race: Nonpareil B. C.-John Harmon, bow ; Ç. W. Schwin, Charles Kley, C. H. Beck, stroke; H. J. Nelson, coxswain. Atalanta B. C.-John Weldon, bow; Frederick Freeman, C. A. Lunjack, B. Van Clief, stroke; E. J. Byrne, coxswain. Arion B. C., Newark, N. J.A. W. Snow, bow; J. S. Vinson, J. E. Gifford, C. W. Wills, stroke; A. J. Massey, coxswain. Ravenswood B. C.-P. J. Sharkey, bow; G. Waeldecker, A. J. Buschmann, John Haggerty, stroke; F. Schleischer, coxswain. Won by the Atalantas; time, 5 m. 47 s.

Eight-oared barges: Crescent B. C.-W. Hal. lenbeck, bow; W. Heiman, J. Wallace, M. Kearney, P. Lauenheimer, G. Reiling, P. Handebade, J. Bailey, stroke; H. S. Shirley, coxswain. Varuna B. C. - George Freeth, bow; Frederick Olsen, E. McGrath, M. Mullaney, c. Belger, T. Duffy, J. Platt, M. Donally, stroke; W. S. Smith, coxswain.–

New York Athletic Club-L. H. Huntington, bow; J. Bell, J. Brower, J. N. Buchan, F. Howard, R. Ó. Hanbold, stroke; G. D. Smyth, coxswain. Seawanhaka B. C.-R. H. Pelton, bow; J. J. Fogarty, Alfred Jahn, A. R. Hutton, H. Engle, E. Grimes, Adolph Rave, Adolph Engle, stroke; F. F. Coite, coxswain. The New York Athletic Club rowed under protest of the Varunas, claiming that the former's barge could not carry twenty-two persons comfortably. Won by N. Y. A. C.; time, 5 m. 46 s.

University Races, The following is the record of the Yale and Harvard eight-oared crews for the past fifteen years. The races of 1876 and 1877 were rowed at West Springfield, and the others at New London :


YACHTING. Atlantic Club.-May 30th : Opening Day," no time allowance, yachts in cruising trim; 21 entries ; friendly race; winners: Shamrock, Choctaw, Grayling and Nepenthe. Many yachts did not finish until after dark.-June 17th, twenty-fifth annual regatta; 21 starters, in 8 classes; Class 2: Shamrock, 1st; Katrina, 2d.Class 4: Clara, 1st; Anaconda, 2d.-Class 5: Nepenthe, 1st; no competitor.-Class 6: Minerva, 1st; Chispa, 2d; Choctaw, 3d; Minerva disquali. fied by passing' to westward of Buoy No. 13.Class 7: Shona, 1st; Volusia, 2d; Hypatia, 3d; Polly, 4th; Aglaia, 5th; Eurybia,' 6th.-Class 8 Kathleen, 1st; Pelican' did not finish.-Class 9 : Frolic, 1st; Monette, 2d.-Class 11 : Bijou, ist; Sirene, 2d. - July 17th : Rendezvous at New Rochelle for annual cruise in Long Island Sound, finishing at Newport, July 22d.

Brooklyn club.-May 30th, opening day; 27 yachts in line; no classes, and no time taken; yachts inspected by commodore, and then a friendly sail was taken round Buoy No. 11.June 14th: Annual regatta; 22 starters in 7 classes: Class B: Carrie, 1st; Grimalkin, 2d; Gertrude, 3d; Alma, 4th; Mabel, 5th; Grace, 6th.Class C: Manhattan, 1st; Homing, 2d; Panchito, 3d; Siren did not finish.–Class D: Bijou, 1st; no competitor.-Class E: Emmie, ist; Isolde did not finish.-Class F: Faustina, 1st; Alice, 2d.Class L: Iroquois, 1st; Vida, 2d; Irene, Seminole and Ninon did not finish.-Class 3: Killdee, 1st; Mull, 2d.-August 10th: Pennant race; 11 starters; Bess, 1st; Homing, 2d; Manhattan, 3d; Alice, 4th; Irene, 5th; Sinbad, 6th; others did not finish.- August 17th: Race for prize pennants to each class; 21 starters; winners in their class; Mull, Alice and Bijou.

Bayswater Club.-July 4th: Annual regatta at Jamaica Bay: Catboats, Class A: Edith,

2d.-Class B: ertha B., 1st; Lizzie B., 2d.-Class C: Edith No. 2, 1st; Nettie V., 2d; Skip Jack, 3d.-Class D: Sharpies; Maggie, 1st; Scud, 2d; Phyllis, 3d.-August 24th: 1st Class: Leisure, íst; Lizzie B., 2d.-Bertha B., 3d; Alice May, 4th.-2d Class: Mattie, 1st: Corporal, 2d; Alice, 3d.—3d Class: Nettie V., 1st; no competitor. -4th Class: Sharpies, Freddy B., 1st; Maggie B., 2d; Scud, 3d.

Coronet Clnb.-September 28th: first regatta; 15 entries; winners in their classes; What For, Maud I., Good Luck, Black Jack, Dimple.

Excelsior Club.-May 30th: 1st regatta; course three miles; 10 starters; 1st Class sloops; Black Duck, 1st; no competitor.–2d Class, Ella S., Ist; Gladiator, 2d.-2d Class: Prickly Heat, 1st; Cricket, 2d.-Catrigs: Maud I., 1st; Edna, 2d.—Skiffs: Dot, 1st; Now Then, 2d; Sadie C., 3d: Ethel D., 4th.-September 14th: Fall regatta; 16 starters: Class A, cabin sloops: Black Duck, 1st; Mary A. and Sadie May not timed.-Class B: Open sloops; Ella S., 1st; Gladiator not timed.Class C: Open catrigs; Sisters, 1st; Tilda H., 2d; Maud I., 3d.Class D: Open jib and mainsail: Coronet, 1st: What For, 2d.-Class E: Skiffs; Dimple, ist; Secret not timed.-Class F: Catrigs; Dot, 1st; Susie C., 2d; Cricket and Now Then not timed.

Great South Bay Club.-August 16th: Annual regatta; 18 starters; Class 1; Sloops; Berkeley, 1st; Patience, 2d; Ileika. 3d.-Catboats, Class 2: Cricket, 1st; Hustler, 2d; Siren, 3d; H. W. Beecher, 4th; Lisa, 5th; Louise, 6th; May Belle, 7th; Mab, 8th; Adonis, 9th; Homan, 10tń.-Class 3: Niamuck, ist; Teaser, Sr., 2d; Teaser, Jr., 3d; Spray, 4th; Thrysa, 5th.

Idlewild club.-July 5th : Jamaica Bay, 10 starters; Catrigs, 1st Class; Bennie B, 1st; Alice May, 2d; Flirt, 3d; Mabel, 4th.-2d Class; Anita, 1st;, Édith, 2d; Nellie not_timed. Sharpies: Alma, 1st; Freddie B.. 2d; Lassie not timed.- August 23d; annual regatta; 7 starters; Cordelia, ist; Ella W., 2d; Adelia, 3d; Edith, 4th; A. Quinn, 5th; Fleetwing, 6th; Annie, 7th.

Larchmont Club.-June 7th: Spring regatta: winners in their classes: Schooners, Class

[blocks in formation]

June 30, 1876.. 22.2 22.31 Yale. June 30, 1877. 24.43 24.36 Harvard. June 28, 1878. 21.29 20.45 Harvard. June 27, 1879. 23.58 22.15 Harvard. July 1, 1880. 24.27 25.9 Yale. July 1, 1881. 22.13 22.19 Yale. June 30, 1882. 20.504 20.471 Harvard. June 28, 1883 26.59 25.461 Harvard. June 26, 1884. 20.31 20.48 Yale. June 26, 1885. 26.30 25.151 Harvard. July 2, 1886 20.414 21.154 Yale. July 1, 1887 22.56 23.10] Yale June 29, 1888. 20.10 21.24 Yale. June 28, 1889. 21.30 21.55

June 27, 1890. 21.29 21.40 Yale.

Notable Events,
First jury, 970.
Pins made, 1450.
Needles used, 1545.
First cast iron, 1544.

YACHTING–Continued. E: Agnes, 1st; Leona, 2d.-Sloops, Class 4: Clara, 1st; no competitor.-Class 5: Liris, 1st; Minerva, 2d.-Class 6: Kathleen, 1st ; Broncho, 2d.-Catrigs: Zuleika, 1st; Giggle, 2. July 4th: Annual regatta: winners in their classes: Gevalia, Azalea, Clara, Minerva, Kathleen, Kangaroo, Vixen, Aura, Edna, Zuleika. August 23d: Race for oyster boats only: 20 starters; winners in their classes: Jennie R., Bessie B., Stella May, Susie C., Shamrock.

Marine and Field Club.—Sept. 3d: Annual regatta: 13 starters in five classes: Class 1: Shamrock, 1st.; Gracie, 2d.-Class 6: Jessica, 1st; Penguin, 2d; Rover, 3d; Madcap. 4th.Class 7: Sasqua, Ist; Polly, 2d; Broncho, 3d. Class 8: Pastíme, 1st; Arrow, 2d.-Class 9: Lakshmi, 1st.; Gunhilde, 2d.

New York Club.-June 19th: Annual regatta; 10 starters; winners in their classes; Katrina, Clara, Minerva.-July 30th: Rendezvous at New London, for annual cruise in Long Island Sound, finishing at Newport, Aug. 8th.

Oyster Bay Club.- July 4th: Annual regatta; nine starters; 1st Class: Mirth, 1st; Indolent, 20.-2d Class: Nadjy, 1st.; Avenal, 2d. 3d Class: Marion, 1st; Sindbad, 2d: Dodo, 3d; Meteor, 4th; Harry Weeks, 5th.

Seawan haka Corinthian Club. June 5th: Special race for 40 footers, finishing in following order: Minerva, Choctaw, Liris. Helen. June 21st: Annual regatta; arrivals in their classes: Shamrock, 1st; Huron did not finish: Clara, 1st; no competitor.--Minerva, 1st; Mariquita, 2d; Liris, 3d; Kathleen, 1st; no competitor.

Shelter Island Club.--August 7th, 8th, and 9th annual cruise to points on Peconic and Gardiner's Bay. August 16th, annual regatta ; 31 starters: Sloops : Bertie, 1st ; Roamer, 2d.Catrigs, 1st Class : Minnie Rogers, 1st; Yolande, 2d ; Aura, 3d; Sappho, 4th ; Jenty, 5th ; Ida May, 6th. Transport did not finish.-2d Class: Norman, 1st ; Siren, 2d; Lady Elgin, 3d ; Mendota, 4th ; Narona,' 5th ; Nip and Tuck, 6th ; Mamie B., 7th ; Ruby, Cricket and Idalia did not finish.-3d Class : Rattler, 1st ; Æolus, 2d ; Ella, 3d; Eudora, 4th; Alert, 5th; Edna did not finish. -4th Class : Leda, 1st; Yokee, 2d; Daisy, 3d ; Pansy, 4th ; Alert and Kathleen did not finish.

August 23d, Catrigs, 1st Class : Yolande, 1st ; Pigeon, 2d ; Minnie Rogers, 3d.--2d Class : Lady Elgin, 1st ; Norman, 2d; Sappho, 3d ; Narona, 4th ; Mendota, 5th.-3d Class: Rattler, ist; Alert, 2d; Daisy, 3d; Caro did not finish.

August 30th, Catrigs, 1st Class: Minnie Rogers, 1st ; Pigeon and Yolande arrived together.-2d Class: Norman, 1st ; Lady Elgin, 2d. -3d Class : Rattler, 1st; Aeolus, 2d; Alert, 3d.

Williamsburgh Club.-July 4th, annual cruise to Cold Spring, L. I.; 28 boats in the fleet, arriving in following order : 1st Class, cabin : Sorceress, Katy Louise, Mose Engle, Progress, Tregarten.-Open class, jib and mainsail: Noriel, Mary Keegan, S. S. Free, Ida K.-Smaller class; Mollie Mc@arty, Johnnie V., Willie.

MEMORANDA. April, R. T. Bush, of Brooklyn, sells his yacht Coronet (winner of the ocean race with Dauntless), to A. E. Bateman.

June, J. F. Perkins, of Brooklyn, buys the schooner yacht Columbia, an old defender of the “America's Cup.".

July, W. C. Walton's yacht Caprice, A. Y. C., driven ashore near Horton's Point, L. I., and is plundered by harpies.

July, flagship Chispa, A. Y. C., takes fire from gasoline stove, and is badly damaged.

July 31, George Lee Schuyler, one of the original owners of yacht America, winner of cup at Cowes, England, in 1851, dies of heart disease in his cabin on yacht Electra at Newport.

Aug. 26, a severe gale blows ashore several yachts of Brooklyn Y. C. at Gravesend.

Oct. 23, E. D. Morgan's steam yacht Caterina strikes a rock off Glen Cove, L.I., and sinks.

LAWN TENNIS. Badminton Lawn Club held its first tennis tournament of the season at the grounds on Pulaski st., near Throop av. It was commenced on Saturday, June 21, and concluded on Saturday, July 5. Ladies' Singles-Final Round: Miss Maud E. Nash beat Miss Eva Chichester, 6-4, 6-1. Gentlemen's Singles-Final Round : 0. N. Schmitt beat R. W. Bainbridge, 6-0, 6-1. Gentlemen's Doubles-Final Round: 0. N. Schmitt and Dr. W. A. Griffiths beat Dr. A. A. Morrison and Frank G. Webb, 7-5, 5-7, 6-0. Mixed Doubles-Final Round: Miss Eva Chichester and O. N. Schmitt beat Miss M. E. Nash and Harry Growtage, 6–1, 6–4. The annual fall tennis tournament was commenced on October 4, and owing to several causes was not finished until three weeks later ; only gentlemen's singles and doubles were played. Gentlemen's SinglesFinal Round: O.N. Schmitt beat Harry Grow. tage, 7–5, 2-6, 6-4. Gentlemen's Doubles-Final Round : 0. N. Schmitt and Dr. W. A. Griffith beat Dr. A. A. Morrison and R. W. Bainbridge, 8-6, 6-1. A fall handicap tournament was held on Tuesday, November 4. Gentlemen's Singles -Final Round: Dr. A. A. Morrison beat C. C. McMahon, 0-6, 6-1, 6-3. Ladies' Singles -- Final Round: Mrs. R. W. Bainbridge beat Miss Eva Chichester, 3-6, 6–5, 6–3.

Crescent Athletic Club_Tennis tournament was commenced on the 25th September, at the grounds, Bay Ridge. The players were classified and the results follow: Gentlemen's Singles -First Class-Final Round : Carroll J. Post, Jr., beat Grant Notman, 6–2, 6-4. Second ClassFinal Round: J. C. Power beat W. C. Hough, 6-3, 6-4. Third Class-Final Round : L. Harper beat J. V. Lamarche, 6-2, 6-1. Final Round : L. Harper winner in third class, beat J. C. Powers, winner in second class, 6-4, 6-5. Carroll J. Post, winner in first class, beat L. Harper, winner in third class, 6-0, 6-3.

Flatbush Field Club-Tennis tournament was held at the club grounds, Avenue A and Waverly av., Flatbush. The tournament commenced June 21, but owing to rain it was prolonged until July 5. Ladies' Singles-Final Round: Miss Schoonmaker beat Miss Dooley, 6-0, 6-1. Gentlemen's Singles-Final Round: J. Dooley beat G. Schoeneck, 6-2, 7-5. A fall tennis tournament was commenced on September 1. Ladies' Singles-Final Round: Miss Schoonmaker beat Miss Dooley, 6-1, 6-0, 6-1. Ladies' Doubles-Final Round: Miss K. Schoeneck and Miss Schoonmaker beat Miss E. Schoeneck and Miss Telford, 6–3, 6–0, 6–0. Gentlemen's Singles-Final Round: C. Bollinger, Jr., beat A. R. Gardiner, 6-1, 6-3, 4-6, 6-0. Gentlemen's Doubles-Final Round: C. Bollinger, Jr., and G. W. Schoeneck beat W.L. Tompkins and H. W. Dooley, 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-5, 7-5. Mixed Doubles -Final Round: Miss Schoonmaker and C. B. Austin beat Miss Dooley and H. W. Dooley, 6–1, 6-3, 6-0.

Kings County Tennis Club held its annual tournament on the grounds, corner of Kingston av. and Dean st. It was commenced June 28, and was concluded on Saturday, July 6. Ladies Singles-Final Round : Miss H. Hellwig beat Miss J. Atkinson, 6–1, 6–3, 6–4. Gentlemen's Singles-Final Round: E. W. Snyder beat D. McGrath, 6-3, 0-6, 6-3, 6-2. Gentlemen's Doubles -Final Round: D. McGrath and F. Story beat J. H. Blaisdell and F. M. Pendreigh, 6-4, 7-5, 3-6, 6-2, Mixed Doubles-Final Round: Miss H. Hellwig and A. M. Blaisdell beat Miss L. J. Cuddy and E. A. Snyder, 6–2, 6–1, 6–0.

Knickerbocker Field Club commenced its first tournament June 28 on the grounds, at Avenne A and Eighteenth st., Flatbush. Ladies' Singles-Final Round: Miss May Seymour beat Miss Florence Bergen, 6-1, 6-1. Ladies' Doubles -Final Round: Miss May Seymour and Miss Florence Bergen beat Miss Mary Ingraham and Miss H. Jepson, 6-5, 3-6, 9-7. Gentlemen's Singles-Final Round: W. H. Boocock beat R. W. Morgan, 6–1, 6–5, 6–1. Gentlemen's Doubles

LAWN TENNIS-Continued. --Final Round: R. W. Morgan and E. P. Mayn- Champions of America, 1881 to 1890. ard beat J. S. de Selding and W. H. Boocock, 6-5, 3-6, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2. Mixed Doubles--Final

SINGLES—1881, R. D. Sears; 1882, R. D. Sears; Round-Miss Mary Ingrabam and E. H. Lott

1883, R. D. Sears; 1884, R. D. Sears; 1885, R. D. beat Miss H. Jepson and J. S. de Selding, 6-1, 1

Sears; 1886, R. D. Sears; 1887, R. D. Sears; 1888, 6, 6-2. The annual fall tennis tournament was

H. W. Slocum, Jr.; 1889, H W. Slocum, Jr.; 1890, commenced on Saturday, September 21. Ladies'

0. S. Campbell. Singles-Final Round: Miss May Seymonr beat

ALL COMERS-1881, W. E. Glyn; 1882, _C. M. Miss Drowne, 6-1, 6-0. Gentlemen's Singles

Clark; 1883, James Dwight; 1884, H. A. Taylor; Final Round:' W. H. Boocock beat H. Wall, 6-2, 1885, G. M. Brinley; 1886, R. L. Beeckman; 1887, 6-4, 6-1. Gentlemen's Doubles-Final Round: W. H. W. Slocum, Jr., 1888, H. A. Taylor, Jr.; 1889, H. Boocock and E. H. Lott beat L. B. Wells and Q. A. Shaw, 1990; O. S. Campbell. H. Wall, 6-3, 6-5. Mixed Doubles-Final Round: DOUBLES—1881, C. M. Clark and F. W. Taylor; W. H. Boocock and Miss H. Jepson beat Miss 1882, R. D. Sears and James Dwight; 1883, R. D. Drowne and R. W. Morgan, 6–3, 6-0.

Sears and James Dwight; 1884, R. D. Sears and

James Dwight; 1885, R. D. Sears and J. S. Clark; Knickerbocker Field Club--Ficken 1886, R. D. Sears and James Dwight; 1887, R. D. Challenge Cup contest. The annual competition

Sears and James Dwight; 1888, O. S. Campbell for the Ficken Cup and the championship of the

and V. G. Hall: 1889, H. W. Slocum, Jr., and H. Flatbush tennis clubs was held on the grounds of A. Taylor; 1390, C. Hobart and V. G. Hall. the Knickerbocker Field Club during the fall tour

INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS. nament. The trophy has to be won three times before becoming the property of the player. W.

SINGLES—1882, J. S. Clark, Harvard; 1883, H. H. Boocock, of the Knickerbocker Field Club, A. Taylor, Harvard; 1884, W. P. Knapp, Yale; won it in 1839, and was the holder. The first 1885, W. P. Knapp, Yale; 1886, G. M. Brinley, game of 1890 was between C. Fransioli, the win- Trinity; 1887, P. S. Sears, Harvard; 1888, P. S. ner of the singles in the Midwood Club, and C. Sears, Harvard; 1889, R. P. Huntington, Yale; Bollinger, Jr., the winner in the Flatbush Field 1890, F. H. Hovey, Harvard. Club's singles. The former won by the following

DOUBLES-1882, J. S. Clark and H. A. Taylor, score: First game: C. Fransioli, Midwood Tennis Harvard; 1883, H. A. Taylor and P. E. Presbrey, Club, beat C. Bollinger, Jr., Flatbush Field Club, Harvard; 1884, W. P. Knapp and W. V. Thorne, 6-3, 6-1, 6-0. Second game: C. Fransioli, Mid- Yale; 1885, W. P. Knapp and H. W. Shipman, wood Tennis Club, beat W. H Boocock, Knicker- Yale; 1886, W. P. Knapp and W. L. Thacher, bocker Field Club, 6–3, 6-5, 6-3.

Yale; 1887, P. S. Sears and Q. A. Shaw, Harvard;

1888, '0. S. Campbell and V. G. Hall, Columbia; The Prospect Park Lawn Tennis 1889, O. S. Campbell and A. E. Wright, ColumAssociation has been disbanded, and no

bia; 1890, Q. A. Shaw, Jr., and S. T. Chase, Hartournament games were played under its au

vard. spices; the several clubs that composed it being

EVENTS WON. unable to obtain the privileges that had been

Singles. Doubles. Total. given them in previous years.



9 Yale..


6 Championship Records, 1890. Columbia



..1 AMERICA--O. S. Campbell, of Brooklyn and

Champioas of the World for 1890. Columbia College, defeated H. W. Slocum, of Brooklyn and Staten Island Cricket Club, 6-2, ENGLAND Champion, W., Hamilton; Lady 4-6, 6-3, 6-1.

champion, Miss Rice; Doubles champions, J. MIDDLE STATE3--H. A. Taylor, St. George's Pim and F.O.Stoker; Ladies' doubles champions, Cricket Club

Miss M. Steedman and Miss B. Steedman; NEW ENGLAND-R. P. Huntington, of Yale Ladies and Gentlemen's doubles champions, J. College.

Baldwin and Miss K. Hill; Covered court chamSOUTHERN --A. E. Wright, of New York.

pion, E. W. Lewis; Covered court lady chamLONG ISLAND-H. A. Taylor, St. George's Crick- pion, Miss Jacks; Covered court doubles chamet Club.

pions, H. S. Scrivener and G. W. Hillyard. NEW JERSEY-C. Hobart, of New York Tennis IRELAND

Champion Double chemisiosady, Club.

champion, Miss Martin; Doubles champions, INTERCOLLEGIATE-F. H. Hovey, of Harvard Pim and F. 0. Stoker; Ladies' doubles chamCollege.

pions, Miss Martin and Miss Stamuel]; Ladies' WESTERN STATES-C. A. Chase, of Philadel. and gentlemen's doubles champions, D. G. Chayphia.

tor and Miss Martin. DOUBLES.

SCOTLAND- Champion, E. de S. H. Browne; AMERICA-.V. G. Hall, Westchester Tennis Lady champion, Miss Jackson; Doubles chamClub, and C. Hobart, New York Tennis Club, pions, E. de S. H. Browne and Ġ. Horn. beat 0. S. Campbell, of Brooklyn, and R. P. WALES --Champion, W. J. Hamilton. Huntington, of Yale, 3-6, 6-1, 6-3, 3-6, 9-7.

AUSTRALIA-Champion, D. Webb; Lady chamMIDDLE STATES-No doubles.

pion, Miss Mayne; Doubles champions, W.J.C. NEW INGLAND--R. P. Huntington, of Yale, and

Riddell and Chomley. 0. S. Campbell, of Columbia.

SOUTHERN INDIA-Champion, H. Grove. SOUTHERN-E. A. Thompson, of New York, and W. Beach, of New Haven.

LONG ISLAND-O. S. Campbell, of Columbia, and R. P. Huntington, of Yale.

Cross Country Running.
NEW JERSEY-V. G. Hall, and C. Hobart, New
York Tennis Club.

The Prospect Harriers Cross Country Club of INTERCOLLEGIATE--Quincy A. Shaw and S.T. Brooklyn is the most prominent in that line of Chase, of Harvard College.

athletic sports. The club holds the Cross CounWESTERN STAT.S-J. W. Carver and J. A. try Team championships of America in both Ryerson.

senior and junior classes, having won the New

York Jockey Club Cup for the senior and the Ladies' Championship.

“ Herald " Čup for the junior races, at Morris

Park, Westchester, during the year 1890. They AMERICA-Singles, Miss E. C. Roosevelt.

also won the cup given for an exhibition race by AMERICA--Doubles, Misses E. C. and G. W. F. M. Pierson, of the New York Jockey Club at Roosevelt.

Morris Park.



BOWLING. The favorite

winter sport of ten pin bowling has become in Brooklyn a great source of amusement among all classes, and several tournaments have been rolled with very successful results.

The National Bowling Tournament was commenced at the alleys 1411 Fulton street, November 11, 1889, and was continued until February 7. 1890. Fifteen clubs entered, and resulted as follows:


Clubs Played. Won. Lost Average Echo


13 1 882 3-14 Nameless

14 11 3 825 7-14 Pin Knights.

14 10 4 801 9-14 Waverly

14 9 5 796 4-14 Clermont

14 9

798 2-14 Nightcap..

14 8 6 762 9-14 Recreation

14 8 6 788 8-14 Avon ...


758 12-14 Monroe


809 1-14 Fearless

14 6

758 4-14 Fulton.

14 6

752 914 Volunteer

14 6 8 746 5-14 Jay

14 2

698 1-14 Kings Co. Wheelmen 14 2

705 4-14 Brooklyn

14 1 13 729 7-14 The National Bowling Sub-tournament was commenced with ten clubs at the same alleys February 24, 1890, and resulted as follows:


Played. Won. Lost.

age. Echo...

9 9 0

931 *Recreation


2 856 *Clermont


842 Monroe


816 Fearless


813 Resolute.

785 Chumps


730 Peconic

731 Brooklyn City.


654 Crescents.



నేని 000NODUA


Highest Clubs.

Played. Won. Lost. Score. Climax.

8 8

1,577 *Ansonia.

8 4

1,523 *Speedaway.


1,498 Occidental.

8 3 5 1,546 Calamity.

8 1 7 1,332 *Tie game won by Speedaway, 1,605 to 1,465.

The Prospect Heights Sub-tournament had six teams entered, and the results follow:


Highest Clubs

Played. Won. Lost. Score. *Calamity:

10 7 3 *Climax No. 1.


7 3 839 Ansonia.

10 6

835 Occidental.


823 Climax No. 2.

10 4 Speedaway.

....... 10

1 9 788 *Tie game won by Calamity, 835 to 738.

The South Brooklyn Tournament, which was rolled on the alleys at Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue, resulted as follows: Games

Highest Clubs.

Played. Won. Lost. Score. Prospect.

10 9 1 1,644 Logan.

10 7 3 1,559 Thistle.


7 3 1,510 Star..

4 6

1,485 Aurora.

10 2 8 1,412 Fifth Avenue........

10 2 8 1,378 The Classon Tournament, which was rolled on the alleys, 1,083 Fulton street, resulted as follows:


Highest Clubs.

Played. Won. Lost. Score. *Monarch

10 8 2 800 *Manhattan

10 8 2 866 Landerurster.

10 6

4 798 Fulton....

6 4 743 Classon

10 1 9

680 Puritan..

10 1 9 677 *Tie game won by Monarchs, 751 to 746.





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*Tie game rolled off was won by Recreation 803 to 718.

The Arlington Bowling Tournament games were rolled on the alleys corner of Gates and Nostrand arepues. Six clubs entered and the results follow: Games

Played. Won. Lost.

age. Madison No. 1...

5 5 0 Exeter.

1 675 Clinton

2 702 Bedford

2 3 665 Madison No. 2

628 Arlington.

677 The Arlington Sub-tournament had thirteen clubs entered, and bowling commenced April 8, 1890. The results follow:


Played. Won Lost.

age. *Fearless.

12 10 2 873 *Putnam

12 10 2 842 Eagle...


3 815 Madison No. 1


836 Arlington


774 Criterion


771 Franklin No. 1.


810 Prospect..


754 Our Own.


7 739 Exeter No. 1


793 Exeter No. 2.


782 Madison No. 2..


8 749 Franklin No. 2


12 681

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The Coney Island Rod and Gun Club was organized November 11, 1880, and still has the largest membership of any similar shooting organization on Long Island. The club season commences in May of each year, and the members compete for a valuable gold badge and extra prizes each month. The competition for the McLaughlin medal was exciting, and resulted in C. Detlefsen becoming the owner of the trophy. The following marksmen were the winners each month: 1889.- May, C. Detlefsen, 14; June, W. F. Quimby, 13; July, J. E. Orr, 16; August, D. Northridge, 12; September, D. Monsees, 10; October, C. Detlefsen, 10; November, H. Blattmacher, 14; December, D. Schwartz, 7. 1890 -January, c. Detlefsen, 6; February, R. Dwyer, 14; March, J. F. Schmadeke, 9; April, D. Monsees. 7.

For the year commencing May, 1890, the Treasurer of the club, Mr. John Schliemann, gave a gold badge for competition, and the following were the winners in 1890: 1890—May, C. Plate, 19; June, J. E. Orr, 12; July, H. McLaughlin, 21; August, F. Pfaender, 10; September, č. Plate, 10; October, H. McLaughlin. 10; November, D. Monsees, 21; December, C. Detlefsen, 13.

Fountain Gun Club-This shooting organization is one of the oldest and most popular on Long Island, and have each year some of the most valuable prizes to be shot for. The winners during the year 1890 were: Sedden's Medal and “Wells" prize-C. W. Wingert. " Crook” prize, gold watch-Dr. Winn, Class A; H. Blattmacher, first prize in Class B, and C. Boettcher, the prize in Class C.

Glenmore Rod and Gun Club_The Glenmores are a prominent party of trap shooters in the Twenty-sixth Ward and hold regular monthly shoots for the Midas Diamond Badge at Dexter's Park, L. I.

*Tie game between Fearless and Putnam won by Fearless.

Highest team score–Fearless, 1,102; highest individual score-268, by G. McElroy, Fearless.

• The Prospect Heights Bowling Tournament, which was rolled on the alleys cor. of Seventh avenue and Ninth street, resulted as follows:

GUN CLUBS-Continued. Parkway Gun Club-This club has Hares and Rabbits-November 1st to February passed its second season, and in its ranks are 1st, inclusive. some of the best wing shots on Long Island. Woodcock-August 1st to December 31st, incluThe members shoot at live birds at Dexter's sive. Park every month.

Black and Gray Squirrel-August 1st to JanUnknown Gun Club-This is the only uary 31st, inclusive. shooting organization on Long Island that Ruffed Grouse (partridge)-November 1st to strictly adheres to the Long Island Gun Club December 31st, inclusive. rules, and is one of the oldest clubs that indulge Bay Snipe, Sandpipers, Shorebirds and Plover in trap shooting. The winners of the season July 10th to December 31st, inclusive, were: 1890-Jan., I. Housman; Feb., H. Knebel, Rail Bird and Meadow Hen-September 1st to Sr.; March, I. Hyde; April, E. Vroome; May, December 31st, inclusive. D. Monsees; June, H. Van Staden; July, I. Robins, Blackbirds and Meadow Larks-NoHyde; Aug., H. Knebel, Sr.; Sept., H. Knebel, vember 1st to December 31st, inclusive. Jr.; Oct., I. Hyde; Nov., H. Knebel, Sr.; Dec., Eagles, Woodpeckers, Nighthawks, YellowI. Hyde. The latter won the medal on the shoot birds, Wrens, Martins, Orioles or any song birds off of the tie.

are not to be killed at any time. CLUB TOURNAMENTS.

Probibited: All shooting, hunting, trapping or The year of 1890 will be long remembered fishing on Sunday; shooting wild fowl on any of among the local gun club members as being the the waters on Long Island between sunset and first year that a series of invitation shoots was daylight with the aid of lights or lanterns; the inaugurated by the Fountain Gun Club, and use of swivel or punt guns; the snaring, netting, participated in by the other prominent shooting or trapping of quail or grouse, and the selling of organizations. The first shoot was held at Wood- such birds so taken. Trespassing on inclosed or lawn Park, Gravesend, L. I., on June 5, 1889, un- cultivated grounds forbidden. der the auspices of the Fountain Gun Club, and a valuable cup was competed for by the follow

Fish. ing clubs: Coney Island Rod and Gun Club; Speckled or Brook Trout or Land-locked SalGlenmore Rod and Gun Club; Parkway Gun mon-April 1st to September 1st. Trout less Club; Fountain Gun Club, of Brooklyn, and the than six inches long to be put back in the water. Central Gun Club, of Long Branch, N. J. In Black Bass and Pike--June 1st to January 1st. this competition the teams were composed of No fish to be caughű in any fresh waters with five men, who shot at 10 birds each, 25 yards rise. any device other than angling, except minnows, The scores were: Coney Island Rod and Gun builbeads, eels, suckers and catfish. Club, 45; Fountain Gun Club, 45; Central Gun Club, 44; Parkway Gun Club, 43; Glenmore Rod

Game Season of New York State.* and Gun Club, 40. On shooting off the tie for the cup, the Coney Island Rod and Gun Club

Game. won by 15 to 14. The second competition was

Season Season

Opens. Closes. held under the auspices of the Coney Island Rod and Gun Club, for a similar trophy, by the same clubs, with ten men on each team, 7 birds

Curlews, willets, yellow legs, each, at Woodlawn Park, Gravesend. The

bay-spipe and plover. July 10. Dec. 31.

10. scores were: Coney Island Rod and Gun Club,64;

English snipe

Woodcock, black and gray
Central Gun Club, 64; Parkway Gun Club, 63;
Fountain Gun Club, 63, and Glenmore Rod and


15. Nov. 1. Gun Club, 55. The cup was awarded to the Central Gun Club.

Rail birds and meadow hens... Sept. 1. Jan. 1..

Partridges.. The third competition took place at Pleasure

1. Dec. 31.

Wild geese, brant, canvas-back, Bay, near Long Branch, New Jersey, under the

mallard, red-head, black ducks auspices of the Central Gun Club of Long

broad-bill and other ducks... Oct. 1. May 1. Branch, New Jersey, and was one of the best

Rabbits (hares)

Nov. 1. Jan. 31. team shoots that has been held in this country. Each team was composed of ten men at ten birds

Quail, robins, blackbirds and
meadow larks..

Dec. 31, each; same rules as on the previous shoots. The scores were: Fountain Gun Club, 93; Central Gun Club, 90; Parkway Gun Club, 83; Coney

*Exceptions: In Chautauqua County wild fowl Island Gun Club, 83; Glenmore Rod and Gun

from September 1st to February 1st. Woodcock Club, 66.

in Delaware County, from September 1st to JanThe fourth shoot was held at Dexter's Park,

uary 1st. L. I., on the 30th of October, at the invita

Dutchess County-Ruffed grouse (partridge) tion of the Glenmore Rod and Gun Club, under

woodcock and squirrel, September 1st to January the same conditions as the previous shoot. The

1st. Columbia County-Ruffed grouse and woodscores were: Coney Island Rod and Gun Club, cock, September 1st to December 1st; quail, No92; Fountain Gun Club, 92; Central Gun Club,

vember ist to December 1st; rail birds, Septem

ber 1st to December 1st. 82; Parkway Gun Club, 81; Glenmore Rod and Gun Club, 78. The cup was awarded to the Parkway Gun Club by the two teams that tied.

The Eagle Trumpet. Another big team shoot took place at Dexter's

The first contest for the EAGLE Trumpet by Park, L. l., on October 1, in which ten teams of

hook and ladder companies of the Suffolk ten men each competed. The scores were :

County Volunteer Firemen's Association, was Emeralds, 86; Unknown, 85; Jeanette, 81; Park

held at Sayville, September 4, 1889, with the way, 80; Northside, 77; Glenmore, 71; N. Y.

following records: German, 65; Algonquin, 64; Crescent, 64; Acme,

Phønix, of Sag Harbor, 4642 seconds ; East 61.

Moriches, 5042 seconds; Alert, of Islip, 51 seconds;

Centre Moriches, 52 seconds; East Islip, 52% Game Season on Long Island. seconds; Union, of Patchogue, 5442 seconds. Deer-May be killed only during the first ten The records made September 3, 1890, at Islip, days in October, exclusive of Sundays.

were as follows: Wild Ducks, Geese and Brant-From October Phænix, of Sag Harbor,484 seconds; East Islip, 1st to April 30th, inclusive.

494 seconds; East Moriches, 504 seconds; Centre Quail - November 1st to December 31st, inclu- Moriches, 503 seconds ; East Hampton, 51% sive. On Robins Island, which is a private game seconds. preserve, from October 15th to February 1st, in- The trumpet becomes the absolute property of clusive.

the company winning it three consecutive times.

Aug. 1.

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