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Navy, and the Public Health Service of the "C. H. T's” pernospera is harder to cure United States. These will be followed by inter- than pneumonia—no matter what school is conesting moving pictures from the war zone. Ar- sulted. Even the poor animals that are "torrangements are in the hands of a committee ap- tured” according to "C. H. T." have one on this pointed by the Omaha-Douglas County Society, contributer to "Life"- animals don't have perunder whose auspices this meeting will be held, nospera. Dr. John E. Summers, chairman.

There has never been discovered a serum Be sure to make your room reservation at that will cure it. We doubt very much if there Hotel Fontenelle, which will be headquarters. ever will be. “Friendless soldiers" in the hosAll meetings will be held in the ball room on the pitals don't suffer from pernospera, which atmezzanine floor. A large number of interesting tacks the wielder of the pen, not of the sword. commercial exhibits will be placed on this floor Is it possible that "C. H. T's" effusion is a and will be well worth inspection.

part of the Hun propaganda ? Program will be issued early in September. Statistics show there is more pneumonia at Be sure to attend this meeting and bring a friend. home than in the hospitals. We need new members to recruit the ranks of C. H. T.” has it in for the "Allopath" for our society which are somewhat depleted by the some reason or other-or what is probable judgdemands of our country.

ing from the arguments (?) advanced for no CHARLES WOOD FASSETT, Secretary.

reason at all.

Doctors are ever charitable—they have to The Poor

be in order to live up to the ideals of the medical Critter

profession. Allopathic, Homeopathic, Osteo

pathic-or any other 'pathic. It has been said that the Gods on high

"C. H. T." opines that the head-in-the-sandOlympus weep salt, briny and bitter tears when

hiding-ostrich has nothing on the medical proever they behold the spectacle of a jester. who

fession. But evidently the ostrich has one on attempts to take himself seriously.

"C. H. T.Hence, when "Life" (which used to have

Because the ostrich has at least a head to the reputation of being a "funny paper") de- hide. But if you will look up the meaning of votes a part of its space to a fulmination of the

the word “Pernospera" in the dictionary you will pop-gun variety—signed by one "C. H. T.

find it refers to "a blight that attacks the bean.” whoever he or she, may be, against the "Allo-.

Having "Pernospera” “C. H. T.” deserves pathic" medical profession the "pop" should

the pity, and the sympathy of the medical probe-and no doubt will be taken as a joke.

fession-including all "pathics." school of treatment--the Homeopathic." Per- joke, is properly placed on a page of “Life.”

Perhaps “C. H. T.” belongs to a "certain "C. H. T.” is evidently a joke, and being a chance another—"the Osteopathic”—is honored by his or her allegiance. We rather suspect

The Falling Birth Rate "C. H. T.” to be a Christian Scientist, in which

of Germany case we extend our smpathy to Mother Eddy, et al.

In spite of many protests to the contrary, We wonder if “C. H. T.” were to contract by German authorities, our government's infordiphtheria if the “squirt-gun” of antitoxin

mation bureau has had many evidences of Gerwould be despised?

many's desperate efforts to increase the birth We wonder also, if "C. H. T." would decline rate, whether legitimate or illegitimate. Here is the laboratory product, Salvarsan, provided it a copy of a letter found on a German prisoner were indicated—which we hope is not the fact?

captured by the Americans (translation): We don't wonder, however, what ails "C. H. Since, as a result of the war, the greatest part of

the manhood of the country capable of bearing arms

has been called to the colors, it is the duty of the The symptoms are all too plain, the diagno

masculine population, in the interests of the fathersis does not even have to be confirmed in the

land, to take to themselves in loving manner the laboratory. "C. H. T.” is afflicted with Pernos

young women who have been left behind with the pera. .

object of doubling or trebling the birth rate.

We believe that in you we have found the right And Pernospera, while not fatal, is incur

man, and that you, in this difficult time, will fulfill able either by Homeo, or Osteo., or C. S.

this honorable and responsible duty in a conscien“C. H. T's" tirade against the “Allopathic"

tious manner. medical profession will not accomplish any harm The duty with which you have been intrusted is of so far as that branch of the "medical priest- a public nature, and by refusal you will incur severe hood" is concerned.

penalties under the statutes of war.

You will be informed upon visiting this office Every religion has had its mockers. The

as to the district alloted to you and the addresses of biggest apple in the tree gets the most sticks the women to be visited by you. thrown at it.

You may use this communication as a voucher.

T." anyway.

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ALEXANDER LAMBERT, M. D. Courtesy Jour. A. M. A. President-elect American Medical Association

Red Cross Needs Medical Men Abroad

The American Red Cross needs physi- the Red Cross is prepared to pay their ex-
cians and surgeons for its work abroad. penses and, when necessary, to add the
The Medical Reserve Corps of the Army salary of a first lieutenant-$160 a month.
takes precedence over all other calls but It will be possible to have men go for work
there must be men who, rejected for slight in the Red Cross for eight or nine months
physical disability or for being between abroad and six months home, and again
55 and 60 years of age, should be available eight months abroad, thus having a ro-
for the various medical duties of the Red tating service as regards personnel, but a
Cross. The teaching staff of the medical continuous medical service. All applica-
schools will not be taken unless with the tions should be made to Dr. Alfred E.
written permission of the dean. Medical Shepley, Medical Personnel Bureau, Red
men are wanted for clinical work in medi- Cross, Washington, D. C.
cine and surgery, for administration work,

for hospital administration, and for the
medical work in the manifold Red Cross

Chief Medical Adviser, Red Cross in
activities. All who can go as volunteers,

paying all their expenses, should do so to 4 Place de la Concorde, Paris.
aid the Red Cross; but if this is impossible,

- Jour. A. M. A., June 22, 1918. F%$446844444444445449YYYYYYYSYY4146543444545454545454545454545454545454


Actual Benefit to Surgery Derived diagnosis of his case. This will become parFrom the Present War

ticularly valuable in the declining years of life, In discussing a paper upon this topic by Dr.

when things are apt to go wrong, that people R. R. Hollister (Neb. State Med. Jour.) Major will have, publicly or privately, examinations Jno. P. Lord, (Ft. Des Moines Base Hospital)

which will point out the difficulty, and perhaps said:

add years to their length of life. "The world has been benefited by having

"We have been too individualistic in practice. had this cataclysm thrust upon it, and brought

Each fellow had his favorite way of treating a world problems, making us keen students

fracture. Now we are standardizing. This will world history; making it necessary for us to

lead to uniform methods of practice, not only in make readjustments in our mental attitude, and

this particular line but in everything. our duties to one another, and to our patients;

"A great many semilunar cartilages have and while it has brought these enormous benefits

been found to be loose and a disturbing factor in actual practice in special lines of surgery, I

in the army.

A man in civil practice develops think that the great big advantage arising from

a little trouble in his knee. Put him into the inrecruiting is going to come later in the preven

fantry and he can't stay there. By way of comtion of the many conditions found only by sys

menting on improved methods, on the other side tematic examinations of millions of men.

they find that the semilunars can be removed, “It has brought to our attention the fact that

the wound sewed up and the men put on their we have in the supposed yeomanry of our coun

feet the next day. A practice too common try—the young soldiers mustered into the ser

hitherto has been that knee joints have entered vice-a large percentage of potential cripples.

the holy of holies! We must not allow motion Ignorance of their condition led to the belief

to interfere with subsequent function! We put that it was necessary to suffer these things. We

it into a plaster case. The man is disabled from now find it unnecesary, if attention can be

one to several months before he gets full funcbrought to the condition before the aggravated

tion. The other way it is only two or three weeks condition has developed. In the examination of

We are learning many things by the object lesfive thousand troops ordered examined for the

sons of this war.

“When this war first broke out we purpose of a new shoe tariff, I was called into the presence of the commanding general of the unready. We sent our troops into these camps. Eighty-ninth division who said that he would They brought their infections from every part like to have me observe also the misfits—the

of the country. Some had mumps, some measfoot deformities and to acquire other information

les, some scarlet fever-this, that and the other as would be of value. I cannot refer to all of

I cannot refer to all of thing. If they didn't have them they brought this for lack of time. Suffice it to say that 35

the germs with them. They went into close per cent of five thousand soldiers supposedly quarters and close contact and developed various

infectious maladies, and the whole barracks was fit for the army had foot symptoms, and were complaining. Many of these men had claw feet,

infected. How now? A detention camp. They flat feet, bunions, over-riding toes, hammer toes, go there for two or three weeks. If they have callouses, and especially frequent was anterior

any of these things to develop, they develop arch trouble produced by one thing only-wear

them, and while there get all their inoculations, ing shoes too small and too narrow habitually.

also. Thus infections are absolutely controlled." Ask these men how they got on with their farm

Medical Reveries work, and they would say, 'we have riding ma

and Grafters chinery. They ride their horses to and from the field, and after supper ride the automobile Organized medicine has assumed various to town. They could wear the same shoes we functions and responsibilities. The solitary plodwear and we spend half our time sitting in a ding physician is of comparatively little conseswivel chair. Thus shod they could not be ef- quence, even though he should exert his influficient soldiers.

ence toward the protection of the public against "It was found that a large percentage of these imposition by fakers in the profession of fakers troops had bad teeth or tonsils. Many had, outside of it. In fact, the physician outside of therefore, neuralgia and rheumatism and other organized medicine does nothing—-except for complaints as the result. Heretofore they were himself. Doctors have many good qualities, as ignorant of these conditions. This information men or as physicians which we do not ignore. that these men have acquired will be carried We speak of our shortcomings. broadcast throughout our country. It will not be We are told frequently that our government many years, therefore, before we will have legis- is just as good as we are, and no better. The lation that will authorize universal school in- morals of a profession rise no higher than the spection, and public health laboratories, where composite acts of the men representing such a it will be possible for any citizen to have a profession.

Now does the medical profession furnish the 1—Those against our own members who are public all of the assistance and protection pos- not living by the golden rule. sible? Does our organization exert itself in 2—Physicians outside of our county societies a liberal but progressive tendency to ameliorate who have been refused membership or know adand improve deleterious tendencies, and does it mission would be impossible. constantly do better? We have a war to win, Someone has said a long time ago that man and the medical profession is second to none in knows the right, yet pursues the wrong. its spontaneous offer of service regardless of the

P. I. L. kind of sacrifice. Men have freely and willingly given up large practices to enter the Medical

Why Should the Surgeon General Reserve Corps.

Appeal for Medical Officers ? Without making any kind of sacrifice de

Of the 146,000 doctors in the United States, manded of us for the protection of our free and

it is a safe calculation that at least 70,000 of this glorious country during a time of war we would

number are within the age limit, from 21 to 55 be unworthy to enjoy the opportunity of being

years, and are physically and morally qualified a citizen and enjoy lavishly the fruits of our

to serve as Medical Reserve Corps officers. work during times of peace. No physician will

Why, in view of this fact, the Surgeon Gensay to another, “You go and let me reap of the

eral's Office should be hard put to secure a suffibenefit of your absence,” in a material sense. If

cient number of medical officers to supply imyou are a citizen you have duties as well as priv

mediate demands and to furnish a reserve force ileges.

of between forty and fifty thousand doctors is The medical profession enters into a new

not quite comprehensible. economic adjustment. As a result of the "high

Every qualified physician, knowing how escost of living” we have raised our fees. This

is a delicate question, not for a hush-hush meeting ticular time, should consider it not only his duty,

sential his services are to his country at this parand finally to let die. Every physician should appoint himself a committee of one to raise his gle for humanity and democracy.

but a privilege to take part in this glorious strugfees regardless of the actions of some of your

This is the time when individual opinion must colleagues. The lay public is beginning to lay

be sacrificed for the benefit of the whole and down the prices for which the doctor must work.

the time is near when every doctor must be in one The noble profession must work for money,

or two classes : either a member of the Medical strange as it may be. Then we must collect our

Reserve Corps, United States Army, or in the fees. Our patients have money to try all sorts Volunteer Medical Service. of quacks, spend money in travel and often when their treasury is empty we do their work without

If you are between the age of 21 and 55 years, any material recompense. We must teach the

and there is a doubt in your own mind as to public otherwise. Let us ask for our fee, as the

whether you are qualified or not, let the Surgeon

General determine this matter by applying at quack wants cash down. Make every patient pay or he must turn charity patient.

once to your nearest Medical Examining Board

for a commission in the Medical Reserve Corps. Our societies have economic committees, and

--American Medical Editors' Association. the Illinois Medical Society is inaugurating a grievance committee. With the united medical profession back of such a grievance committee,

Another Hearst the possibilities and benefits to be derived from

Canard their work are considered enormous.

Arthur Brisbane, the erudite and versatile Physicians for years have stood idly help- editorial genius of the Hearst syndicate, breaks less as a new born babe and have seen the un- into print recently on the subject of “Horse Flesh scrupulous fellow gull and defraud the people, as a Food." He concludes that "the civilized and rob them of their money, many times the world is opposed to eating horse flesh because savings of a lifetime, on the strength of a guar- the horse is known to be the habitat of the tyantee to cure the incurable or the relief of some phoid germ (!) and that man contracts typhoid greatly magnified or imaginary ailment, and from the horse only." (!) leave behind them an impression in the minds It is the “horse-laugh" for Arthur, and a of the duped that all physicians are fakers. You base slander upon “man's best friend !" know of some that are in your society and your colleagues, you meet them and you know them.

Dr. A. W. McAlester, of Columbia, has been While often we are holding the empty bag the appointed a member of the Missouri State Board less scrupulous fellow runs away with the game. of Health, vice Dr. W. J. Ferguson, of Sedalia,

The Illinois State Society subdivides the who resigned on account of going into the medigrievances within our profession into two classes. cal service of the United States Army.

Food Number of

Wheat on Prescription—Texas having fore“American Medicine"

gone the use of wheat flour, the Food AdminisOne of the most interesting and valuable pub- tration at Dallas, Texas, on the prescription of

a physician, issued to him twelve pounds of lications that have reached the editor's desk for

wheat flour for a patient suffering from pernimany months, is the June number of American

cious anemia. Medicine. It is a special food number. It is most timely, not merely from the subjects treated,

Miss Susanna Cocraft, of Chicago, has been but from the men who have contributed the ar

called to Washington, where she will have charge ticles. It is a "scoop” number in medical journalism. "Food stuffs” are considered from all pos- girls. She will co-operate with Capt: Peyser

of the war department's school for women and sible standpoints, economical, nutrition, thera

and Maj. Ahern, of the Housing and Health peutic, dietetic, source, cost, the palate, age, ill

division of the government. ness and health. It is one of these numbers we keep for reference, even after reading through. Among the contributors to this number are

Publications by Army Medical Officers-As

stated in the circular “Memorandum for Editors Hoover, Wiley, Bassler, Major Fitch, Cantley of London, Wright of Canada, Kellogg of Battle of Medical Publications” recently issued by the Creek, Cammidge, Don Smith, Hewlett and Sher Surgeon General's Office, all medical manuman of New York. Get it. Read it. Keep it.

scripts by medical officers of the army intended We congratulate the editors of American Medi

for publication should be first submitted to the cine.

J. M. B.

Board of Publications, Surgeon General's Office,
Washington, D. C., for censorship and approval.

The authors are requested to send in two (2) The American Public Health Association will typewritten copies of their manuscripts to the hold its next meeting in Chicago from October

Board of Publications, care being taken that the 14 to 17. The principal topic during the meeting manuscripts are double spaced. Attention to will be "The Health of the Civil Population in this detail will facilitate handling of the manuWar Time."

scripts, both by censors and publishers. By

direction of the Surgeon General. (Signed) C. Missouri Valley Scores Again. - We are

L. Furbush, Colonel, Medical Corps, N. A. proud of the record of the Missouri Valley States in the Thrift Stamp campaign. Nebraska leads

Pharmacy in the Army-"So far as the ofall others in total sales to July 1st with Kansas

ficial recognition of it is concerned, the science and Missouri close second and third in the race.

and art of pharmacy might not exist for the Exhibits at Omaha—Manufacturers and pub- Army.

Army. Today, as never before, victory in war lishers desiring to secure space in the exhibit

goes to the nation that most effectively prehall at the meeting of the Medical Sociey of the

serves the health of its fighting men. The phyMissouri Valley, September 19-20, will please sician is now of such military importance that wire the secretary, Dr. Chas. Wood Fassett, 713 the medical profession will be called on to make

no inconsiderable sacrifices. It will materially Lathrop building, Kansas City. Only a few spaces are unsold as the Herald goes to press.

lighten the arduous duties and responsibilities

of the physician to have in the Army trained A motion picture benefit for Base Hospital pharmacists who will be able to give intelligent Unit No. 28, a Kansas City organization was cooperation. But it is imposing too greatly on given at the Alamo Theater Saturday, July 27. the patriotism of those whose special knowledge Proceeds will be used for the unit, which is un

is obviously a large asset to the Army, to expect der the command of Maj. John F. Binnie, and them to enlist as privates without any recognition now in active service in France. The pictures of their national worth. Pharmacists should portrayed members of the unit and the nature of be given a rank commensurate with their imtheir work.

portance, first because it is but a simple justice

to the pharmacists themselves, secondly, beGrandview Sanitarium Reopened - We are

cause the usefulness of the medical corps will be pleased to announce to our readers the reopening greatly augmented, and lastly, and most importof the new Grandview Sanitarium, Kansas City, ant, because the efficiency of our army deKan. This institution, after fifteen years suc

mands it."-Journal of the American Medical cessful work, under Dr. S. S. Glasscock's super

Association. vision, was destroyed by fire last winter. The new buildings are planned on modern lines, comfort and safety being the prime objects in view. Chionanthus exerts its best influence in acute Physicians are cordially invited to call and in- congestion with imperfect discharge of bile, or spect the "New Grandview."

catarrh of the common bile duct.—The Doctor.

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