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utes of the two previous meetings were read and Society Scintillations


Owing to the sickness of Dr. C. R. Woodson.

chairman of the library committee, no report Third Session

was forthcoming from that committee. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL CLUB, KANSAS

Through the courtesy of Dr. H. DeLameter, CITY, MO.

his phone, located in the assembly room, No.

Main 486, was placed at the disposition of the Thursday, March 21, 1918, at General Hospital society during their sessions. CLINICAL PROGRAM

The following bills were presented and a

warrant drawn on the treasurer to pay same. Morning Session, 8:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m.

Lon. Hardman, four issues of the Bulletin, 1. Special Features of Railway Surgery. $10.70. Gas Infection.

Secretary, for postage on Bulletin and corTetanus Antitoxin.

respondence, two dinners for guests at the St. Treatment of Wounds.

Francis, lunches and pay of machine operator, Treatment of Fractures..

$6.08. ..:.Dr. M. W. Pickard The following communication was read and 2. Obstetrical Clinic.

submitted for discussion: Demonstration of Methods for Measuring

Communication from Dr. J. E. Goodwin, rePelvis.

questing a paper from at least one of our memDemonstration of Twilight Sleep.

bers to be read at the annual meeting of the MisConservative Treatment of Puerperial souri State Medical Association, to be held at

.Dr. George C. Mosher Jefferson City, May 6, 7 and 8. (Those who 3. Moving Picture and Demonstration of Simple presented papers at last meeting barred.) Pelvic Repair....Dr. B. L. Sulzbacher Communication from Dr. Chas. Wood Fas

sett, tendering our society a service flag, and Afternoon Session, 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.

suggesting that we have a flag raising night, at Symposium on Focal Infection

which time the flag is to be unfurled. The prop

osition of Dr. Fassett was accepted and the pro1. Tonsilitis and Arthritis.

gram committee instructed to arrange appro2. Operations of Choice for Tonsillectomy. 3. Importance of Focal Infection in Diagnosis priate ceremonies. of Diseases of Obscure Etiology.

Communication from the Auxiliary Medical

Defense Committee of Buchanan County, re.Dr. Ralph H. Major questing the indorsement

and support of House 4. Focal Infection in Relation to Syphilis....

Bill No. 8937, providing for proper military rank ...Dr. William Duke

of medical officers, both in the regular army 5. Focal Infection in Relation to Heart Disease

and in the medical reserve corps when called

....Dr. Robert Sloan 6. Focal Infection in Relation to Endocrine Dis

into service, was read and the indorsement of

this bill was adopted. The secretary was inturbance.........Dr. George H. Hoxie

structed to write the officers, mentioned in the 7. Asthma and Focal Infection. .Dr. A. J. Lorie 8. Teeth and Focal Infection.. Dr. J. A. Sawhill

letter, a letter to that effect; also to notify our The profession cordially invited to attend.

state senators of the resolution. A. Sophian, M. D., secretary; Howard Hill, M.

The application of Dr. William Franklin CarD., president; E. F. Robinson, M. D., vice-presi

rol received its first reading, and referred to dent.

the censors for their investigation and report.

Clipping from the Army and Navy Journal, BUCHANAN COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY

describing extensions which are being made in

the scope of the Medical Training Camp by the Regular meeting held in the assembly room addition of courses in specialties required of the of the Public Library, Wednesday evening; Medical Sanitary and Veterinary Corps, was read February 6, 1918, at 8 o'clock p. m. Dr. Daniel and submitted. Morton in the chair. Twenty-three members Dr. H. DeLamater requested the support of present.

the society in the passing and enforcement of The regular order of business was set aside various laws relating to the duties of his office. and the chair appointed Dr. Floyd Spencer to at The Library Committee was authorized to once telephone a message of sympathy and the complete arrangements for placing on file in well wishes of our society for the speedy recov- the public library a selected list of Medical Jourery of Dr. C. R. Woodson, who was reported nals, properly indexed and arranged for the conseriously ill. This having been done, the min- venient use of our members.

bers present.

Motion of Dr. Ladd, seconded by Dr. Mays,

Correspondence the chairman was instructed to appoint a com

ACONITE. IN TONSILLITIS mittee of three to revise our by-laws. The Program Committee announced that the

Delavan, Wis., Feb. 28, 1918. meeting to be held March 20 would be a social Editor Medical Herald: and scientific session, to convene at Savannah, Dear sir: In the winter of 1860, while testAndrew County, Missouri.

ing a bottle of tincture of aconite repeatedly I By motion of Dr. DeLamater, seconded by noticed a curious sensation in my throat, and Dr. Spencer, a resolution was passed in which

on examination found my tonsils paralyzed so our society was instructed to request the Wel- much so that I could scarcely feel a pressure on fare Board to cooperate with the Buchanan

them with my finger. Afterwards, in my pracCounty Medical Society for the purpose of se

tice, when called to a case of quinsy (tonsillitis) curing clinical material at the Noyes Hospital.

and finding the tonsils inflamed and swollen, Our old friend and colleague, Lieut. Dr. O. A. remembering the paralyzing effect of aconite on Schmid, home on a furlough, was given an en

the tonsils I used it freely in such cases and soon thusiastic reception and entertained the society found I had a complete cure for them.

This is my way of using aconite in this with a very inspiring and patriotic address.

treatment: Always, in my winter practice, carry Having no further business before the society

a bottle of cough drops in my valise; when the the meeting adjourned.

patient had quinsy, I would mix one to three Regular meeting held at St. Francis Hotel cough drops and give teaspoonful doses of the

drachms of aconite with a four ounce bottle of Wednesday evening, February 20, 1918. Dr.

mixture to an adult, diluted, every 2 to 4 hours, Daniel Morton in the chair. Thirty-two mem- and soon found I had a complete cure for that

troublesome disease, never failing to prevent the This meeting turned out to be one of the most formation of pus, unless called too late, and it enjoyable sessions in the history of our society had alread formed. and the committee in charge was particularly

Yours truly, fortunate in its arrangement of the program and

A. J. ROMAN, M. D. securing the speakers who appeared. Addresses were made by Captains C. E. Morton and J. F. McGill, from the Post Hospital at Fort Leaven

Who Is Benefited by Public Health Workworth, Kansas, the subject of their papers being The path of the health official is at best a dreary "The Duties and Obligations of Medical Men in one. He must often, if not always, lead in measthe Army."

ures which are distasteful sometimes to everyone Following the addresses, it was the privilege in the community, even though in the interest of of those present to listen to the Rev. H. Molony

those who are antagonistic. A successful camof Christ church; who delivered one of the most paign to make the water supply of a city or town beautiful and inspiring appeals ever given before

wholesome, an effort which may save the lives this body, and he was given a rising vote of

of a number of people is rewarded often by the thanks on the completion of his address, which publicly expressed opinion that "we have been was made in connection with the unfurling of drinking that water for years and no one died the Buchanan County Medical Society's Service

from it" or "water that was good enough for my Flag, which was donated by Dr. Chas. Wood

father is good enough for me." It cannot be Fassett. This flag contained twelve stars, repre- proved, perhaps, that “no one died from the senting that many members of our society who water," yet it may be morally certain that they have enlisted in the service to do their bit.

did. The public would like to see in returns of The application of Dr. Franklin G. Weary health official, but it is the duty of this official

dollars and cents the good accomplished by the for membership in this society received its first reading and was referred to the proper com

to conserve and protect, that the public may

have health, not sickness, and promotion of mittee for their investigation and report.

health is not to be measured in financial terms. There being no further business before the

If, through patient and persistent work of the society, the meeting adjourned.

health officer, the death rate of a community is W. F. GOETZE, Secretary. lowered, frequently it is not noticed by those

most interested. Louisiana State Board of One Mother!-Most of all the other beautiful Health. things in life come by two and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, F. F. Knorp speaks approvingly of the conrainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cous- tinuous bath in cases of industrial accidents, ings, but only one mother in all the wide world.- where the condition of the patient renders ampuKate Douglas Wiggin.

tations, etc., perilous.-Pac. Med. Jour.

is, or that is to be and reflects the lights of joy,

like a mirror in the sun. The Monthly Song Sermon

Nor do we need to attempt prophecy in fore

telling what good is to come from the stress of LOVE'S RAINBOW

evil's storm. DR. G. HENRI BOGART, Shelbyville, Illinois.

Divine Intelligence does not share plans with

us, all we are expected to do is to have faith Seems the future dark and drear, Sweetheart mine, most true;

in things not seen, and when the clouds have at When gray clouds drop chilling tear,

last rolled away, the rainbow is there, if not 'Cross each well loved view,

where we expected, with its pot of gold at the Our prized vistas smothered quite,

foot, not the gold of the crucible, but the better Lost the glow of gleaming light?

treasure of soul wealth.
E'en the robin's song is stilled,
Redbird's winter courage chilled,
When sole music from the wood
Is the frogs' croaked interlude?

The Melting Pot
Does your courage ooze away,
Does the chill your heart warmth stay?

| Irregular return of menses in pregnancy, with Dies your love song, as the bird's,

abdominal distress, suggests possible ectopic pregChoked, chilled, stifled, eager words

nancy.-Ellingwood. When thru darkest doubts you grope?

f Sciatica-Pain in foot or knee is felt for some time

before any unpleasant sensation in the hip.-R. R. Dear, beyond the clouds, the sun

Hopkins, Med. Summary.
Must eternal shine;
Sweep gray shadows, one by one,

| Pellagra-Goldberger proved nothing but that a From each path of thine,

starved man could not resist disease like a well fed, Bare your vistas, bright again

healthy man.-W. L. Lee, Texas Med. Jour. Brighter, sweeter for the rain.

| Makuen (Med. Council) is still working on stamClearer, robin's love songs swell,

mering. He has now reached the point of declaring a Glows the violet, bluebell,

causal factor common to all stammerers is still to be Soars the bluebird, linnet, lark;

found. Lovesongs thrill from dawn to dark. Keep your daring, darling, best,

| I asked a prominent radiologist if he had ever seen Keep your love at glowing zest,

plates indicating atonic constipation. He replied: Keep your heart's joy ever sure,

"Not since I have been in business.”—Alvarez, C. Kiss the cross until its cure,

S. J. M.
Rainbowed arches, herald hope.

| Anterior Poliomyelitis–Cerebral cases bear close After the storm cometh placid days; after the resemblance to certain lobar pneumonias with mendarkness, light; after the war the angel of peace,

ingeal symptoms, also to meningismus.-Lowenberg,

Med World. and the greater the turmoil, the deeper the valley of peace. All of us have somewhere stood dis

1 In diagnosis errors arise most frequently from haste consolate, crushed with a grief, shuddering with

and carelessness in taking histories; less frequently

from faulty physical examinations.-C. A. Boice, Med. a sense of utter despair, but Time has ever Fortnightly. wrought with the balm of healing.

| Anterior poliomyelitis, bulbospinal type — Fever, Somewhere, the sevenhued bow of promise gastric troubles, limb pains, somnolence or stupor, and has spanned the clouds.

within 36 hours some type of paralysis.-Lowenberg,

Med. World. Maybe it was behind the cloud, maybe it was hidden by the tears.

| When the patient under the influence of veratrum The bow was there all the time, waiting to

has a satisfactory circulation, if he assumes an up

right position, or walks, a change in the pulse is at bridge over the depths of darkness and woe with

once perceptible.-Earp, A. J. C. A. the colorful cheer of Infinite promise.

| Hemorrhagic typhoid fever with petechial may be Oh ye of little faith, cannot you see beyond

readily confused with hemorrhagic typhus, unless the immediate present where dwell the culmin

blood-count, Widal and blood cultures are made.ated triumphs of the Omnipotent?

McNeil, Texas State Journal of Medicine. Whether it be the diplomat, worried with the | Functional hypoadrenia is shown most frequently problems of the world war, or the child who has by tardy response of the circulatory system to accuslost a penny, the rule applies; Look for the rain- tomed stimuli, and development of the circulatory bow.

inefficiency, so-called hyposphyxia of Marinet.—Har

rower, Tex. S. M. J. The homely old saw,

| Poliomyelitis—The first symptom is change in the 'Twixt the optimist and pessimist

disposition. All cases have more or less fever, anThe difference is droll,

orexia and intestinal disturbances. In 16 cases there The former sees the doughnut,

was a new symptom--a peculiar twitching, tremuThe latter sees the hole.

lous or convulsive movement of certain groups of

muscles, lasting less than a minute, It affects part or covers the case better than a sermon, for the

all of a limb, face or jaw, or the whole body.-Colhappy soul looks always for the brightness that liver, Cal. S. J. M.

the best obtainable is called for-in its composition, in its quality and
character, and above all, in its capacity to promote bodily vitality and

strength. In

Gray) Glycerine Tonic Comp.


the practitioner has at his command a restorative and reconstructive
that justifies every confidence. Of the highest quality and constant
uniformity - in spite of the drug market - and exceptional therapeutic
efficiency, the use of “Grays" is a guarantee that the best possible

results will be obtained in each and every case.
For over a quarter of a century “Grays" has been one of the most widely-

and successfully-used remedies in atonic and debilitated conditions.
“Grays” is now

supplied in two sizes-

Sherry Wine

Atonic Indigestion

a 6 oz. prescription

Catarrhal Conditione
size, and the

Phosphoric Acid
original 16 oz. package.

Nervous Ailmenta
General Debility


135 Christopher St., New York



The early administration of Sherman's Bacterial Vaccines will reduce the average course of acute infections like Pneumonia, Broncho-pneumonia, Sepsis, Erysipelas, Mastoiditis, Rheumatic Fever, Colds, Bronchitis, etc., to less than one-third the usual course of such infectious diseases, with a proportionate reduction of the mortality rate.

Sherman's Bacterial Vaccines are prepared in our specially constructed Laboratories, devoted exclusively to the manufacture of these preparations and are marketed in standardized suspensions.

Write for literature.





Detroit, Mich.


When Writing to Our Advertisers, Please Mention the Medical Herald


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It takes a fight on the part of the patient to endure the
affliction of Pneumonia and it takes a fight on the
of the doctor to save him. In pneumonia the inspired
air should be rich in oxygen and comparatively
cool, while the surface of the body, especially
the thorax, should be kept warm, lest, be-
coming chilled, the action of the
phagocytes in their fight with
the pneumococci be


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not only offers the best method of applying moist heat of equable
temperature for a long time, together with the advantages at-
tendant upon its physical properties (hygroscopy, endosmosis,
exosmosis), but it offers the Pneumonic patient exactly what he
absolutely requires—EASE and REST.

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