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When Distress Calls the Red Cross Answers “HERE!”

MTOW the Red Cross calls! The TV annual Christmas Roll Call of members will echo throughout the land the week of December 16th to 23rd.

Membership in the Red Cross now is more than duty-it is an honored privjlege, and an evidence of loyalty. When that Roll is called, your conscience, your sense of right and justice, your love of country and your devotion to the highest ideals of unselfish service all suggest that you answer HERE!" All you need is a heart anda dollar

These entitle you to membership for one year

When you wear your button, signifying that you are a member, you will not be asked to join again this year-it means that you have answered the Roll Call.

Join-be a Christmas member-but iust join on just join once.

Our soldiers and sailors look to the Red Cross for comforts. They have never been disappointed.

The Red Cross looks to you for the moral support of your membership. Answer “HERE!" when the Roll is called.

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REPAIR YOUR RADIATOR Doctor, this is the season to look after your leaking radiator. Bear in mind that "X" Liquid is something remarkable. It not only repairs small leaks in the radiator but leaks everywhere in the cooling system. “X” has repaired cracked cylinders making them as good as new and saving hundreds of dollars in repair costs. “X” Liquid eliminates rust and scale and in that way increases gasoline mileage, decreases oil consumption and upkeep costs. One 750 can will repair a Ford radiator, and make it leak-proof. Larger size $1.50. Ask your dealer for "X" Liquid radiator medicine.

The Medical Herald aims to reflect the progress in the sciences of medicine and surgery, especially throughout the Missouri Valley and Southwest, the territory of its greatest distribution.

Concise and practical articles, news and reports of interesting cases invited, and should be typewritten.

The privilege of rejecting any communication is reserved, and all paperg accepted must be for exclusive publication in this magazine, unless otherwise arranged.

To contributors of original articles a liberal number of copies of the Herald will be given (or mailed free of expense if addresses are furnished) and the publishers will furnish reprints at printers' cost, application for same to be made when proof is returned.

The editors are not responsible for the utterances of contributors or correspondents.

Illustrations will be furnished at reasonable rates, if drawings or photos are furnished.

Address all remittances, correspondence, articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the Managing Editor.

Subscribers changing their addresses will please notify us promptly, as magazines cannot be forwarded without adding postage.

Advertising forms close on the 20th of each month. Time should be allowed for correction of proof.

Electrotypes and changes in advertising copy should be addressed to the Medical Herald, St. Joseph, Mo.

Advertising rates on application to the Managing Editor.

Advertising rates oncal Herald, St. Joua copy should be

Poetic Reprints-Do not mutilate your Medical Herald by tearing out any piece of poetry that may strike your fancy. Write to the Managing Editor, and he will send you a reprint. Reprints are made of all verse appearing in this magazine.

Where Edema Is Attendant and where the heart, liver and kidneys are involved, Anedemin tablets may be prescribed with absolute freedom and safety and satisfactory results anticipated. These tablets are a combination of the active principles of apocynum, strophanthus and squill with sambucus as adjuvant, and their action immediately eliminates effusion, controls and increases the power of the heart, liver and kidneys to perform their function and affords the patient prompt relief and comfort. With continued use, Anedemin strikes at the root of the trouble removing the cause. Being non-toxic, not cumulative and not a gastro-intestinal or renal irritant, Anedemin may be administered at frequent intervals in large doses and continued an indefinite time in small doses if necessary. The patient does not have to be watched nor kept recumbent as in the administration of many drugs of this class. Physicians may obtain samples of Anedemin and literature containing exact formula by writing the Anademin Chemical Company, Chattanooga, Tenn.

CAUTIONI-Whenever the true merit of a preparation is authoritatively established, imitation is sure to make its pernicious appearancc. To counteract the injurious results of another of these fraudulent pro ceedingsmin this instance affecting firm name and reputation-Sander & Sons have been compelled to appeal to law, and in the action tried before the Supreme Court of Victoria, the testimony of a sworn witness revealed the fact that this witness suffered intense irritation from the application to an ulcer of the defendant's product, which was palmed off as "just as good as Sander's Eucalyptol.” Sander & Sons had the satisfaction to obtain a verdict with costs against this imitator, who is perpetually restrained from continuing his malpractice. Dr. Owen, in a report to the Medical Society of Victoria, and Dr. J. Benjamin, in the Lancet, London, both denounced, as others did before, on the strength of negative results, the application of unspecified cucalyptus products.

This forms convincing proof that only an authoritatively sanctioned article can be relied on. SANDER & SONS' EUCALYPTOL

(Ecalypti Extract) 1. Has stood the test of Government investigation.

2. It was proved at the Supreme Court of Victoria by experts to be an absolutely pure and scientifically standardized preparation.

3. It is honored by royal patronage.

4. It always produces definite therapeutic results.

Therefore, to safegaurd the physicians' interest and to protect their patients, we carnestly request you to specify "Sander's Eucalyptol” when prescribing eucalyptus.

The Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. Louis, Mo., agents, will forward one original package (1 oz.) on receipt on One Dollar.

The young lady across the way says some may like the table d'hote dinner but personally she prefers to order carte blanche and get what she wants.


oz. i

The following is an excellent formula for promptly relieving nasal colds :

Adrenalin (1-1000) m xx
Pond's Fxtract
Aq. destil qsad

oz. iv
M et Sig:-Spray into nostrils two or three

times a day. POND'S EXTRACT CO., New York and London


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Cardiac Dropsy
is a sign of venous stasis, and
demands removal of effused
Auid and strengthening of

overworked heart.
furdiac palpit
pre os

Chronic Brigh accompanied by tions, circulatory

Post-Scarlatinal Dropsy
calls for sustaining cardiac
action, overcoming circulatory
stasis, securing free diurezis
in order to wash away des.
quamative detritis in the kid.



action of the

Swed force

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batrolled and the

comfort promoted stimulate the cardiac motor ganglia. ANASARCIN treatment, TABLETS inhibit the pneumogastric cardiac fibres. ANASARCIN TABLETS promote diuresis and salt serous fluid in the

sults from stasis in excretion. ANASARCIN TABLETS act definitely and

portal vein, which without cumulative effect. ANASARCIN TABLETS

of disease of the by overcoming circulatory stasis and enfeebled heart

It may exist for action bring about resorption of effused serum.

And while in most Anasarcin Tablets for the relief of DROPSY of all sorts.

is is unfavorable Cscillipicridin active principles

ne by intellige
Anasarcin Tablets scillitoxin } of Squill

the patientom-
oxydendron arboreum

ving the liused
Sambucus Canadensis
Interesting literature and samples sent to any

diac dropsy, since
physician on request.

dependent upon
e most important
the use of hydro-

commended in so
Dooks, is not altogether

out danger. Such treatment S


Anasarcin Chemical Co., Winchester, Tenn.

acute mm
or poisoning pro

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When Writing to Our Advertisers, Please Mention The Medical Herald.



A combination of extracts from glands of the chromaffin system for the


Indications: Neurasthenia and all asthenic conditions; premature senility and the do bilities of old age; menstrual disorders and climacteric disturbances; chronic cardiac cases with hypotension, circulatory stasis and cold extremities; convalescent and postfebrile weakness.

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If you favor immediate repair, use Pruritus, Chafings, our especially chromicized catgut

prepared to hold seven and Irritations

to twelve days. Each

strand of this special are relieved by applying

"Van Horn, Obstetrical K-Y Lubricating Jelly

Suture, Chromic Catgut that we feel we owe it to our patrons to direct their attention to the usefulness of this product as a local application, as well as for surgical lubrication.

is threaded on a suitable needle, No claim is made that K-Y Lubricat

ready for instant use. Indispensing Jelly will act with equal efficiency in every case; but you will secure such

able for your surgical bag. One excellent results in the majority of

tube in each box. Price, 25 cents instances that we believe you will con each; $3.00 per dozen tubes. No tinue its use as a matter of course.


OBTAINABLE FROM YOUR DEALER Collapsible tubes, 25c. Samples on request. Johnson -Johnson



15 & 17 E. 40TH STREET, NEW YORK, U.S.A.

15 & 17 E. 40TH STREET, NEW YORK, U.S.A.

When Writing to Our Advertisers, Please Mention The Medical Herald.

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.......... Francis M. Pottenger...... 307


.........E. M. Perdue............. 314



The Reconstruction Period— Medical Demobilization-Lay Press Sarcasm-No More
Physicians to be Commissioned in the Medical Corps- Rehabilitation of Our Wounded
Buchanan County Medical Society Lunch-Public Health Expansion by State University
-Michigan Defective Law Unconstitutional-Owl Drug Company Adopts New Policy-
Keep the Windows Open.

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TO MEDICAL HERALD is the ONLY Independent Medical Magazine in KANSAS CITY and ST. JOSEPH, and

the OLDEST Medical Journal west of the Mississippi Riva. Thirty-seventh year in this territory.

Phospho - Muriate of Quinine Comp.

Phosphates, Muriate of Quinine, Iron and Strychnia.

With marked beneficial action upon the nervous system.


New York and London

Entered at the St. Joseph postoffice as second class matter.

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