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George W. Jacobs & Company

Published September, IQ14

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How Mark Twain Proved It

When Mark Twain was living in Hart ford, Connecticut, where Dr. Doane, now Bishop of Albany, was rector of an Episcopal church, he went to hear one of the clergyman's best sermons. After it was over Mark approached the Doctor and said politely:

"I have enjoyed your sermon this morning. I welcomed it as I would an old friend. I have a book at home that contains every word of it."

"Why, that can't be, Mr. Clemens," replied the rector.

"All the same, it is so," said Twain.

"Well, I certainly should like to see that book," rejoined the rector.

"All right," replied Mark, "you shall have it," and the next morning Dr. Doane received with Mark Twain's compliments a dictionary.

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