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My aim has been to bring together passages of appreciable length selected from Theodore Roosevelt's Autobiography and from his more significant writings in the fields of history, adventure, public questions, and natural history. It was in these diverse fields that his wide interests, his intensity and enthusiasm and his habits of clear thinking led him to write vigorously and with authority. In these selections, moreover, are revealed the characteristics of his mind and spirit.

Americanism can best be studied concretely through the careers of great Americans. For such a purpose few lives will be more useful than that of Roosevelt. If this book stimulates among the present and future generations of young Americans an interest in this great man's life and leadership and in his ideals for democracy practically applied, it will have fulfilled my purpose.

My especial thanks are due to Mrs. Edith Carow Roosevelt for permission to use generously material from Theodore Roosevelt, An Autobiography, without which this book would have been incomplete.




ROOSEVELT's career is so fully presented in the selections from his autobiography included in this book that it is needless to attempt here a sketch of his life. Nevertheless it may be helpful to give the landmarks of his career by the simple but convenient means of a table showing the notable dates.

Born in New York City, October 27, 1858.
Graduated from Harvard University, June 30, 1880.
Married Alice Hathaway Lee, October 27, 1880.
Served in New York State Legislature, 1882–1884.
His first wife died, February 14, 1884.
Spent several years on ranch in North Dakota, 1883–

Candidate for Mayor of New York City, 1886.
Married Edith Kermit Carow, December 2, 1886.
United States Civil Service Commissioner, 1889-1895.
President of the New York Police Board, 1895–1897.
Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1897–1898.

Lieutenant-Colonel First Volunteer Cavalry, United States Army (“Rough Riders”), May 6, 1898 (later became Colonel).

Elected Governor of New York State, November 8, 1898.

Elected Vice-President of the United States, November 4, 1900.

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