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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2006 - 485 pages
Kr is an historical novel that takes place in Russia in the 1860s. It was a time there when the peasants were being liberated from the bondage of serfdom. The centerpiece of the novel is a dysfunctional family. Each male member displays the extremes of several human emotions - unleashed passions, immoderate spirituality, cynical intelligence, world-class corruption, and cast-in-stone bitterness. The reader will be quick to recognize that such emotions are very alive in twenty-first century America and the rest of the world. The farming town in which the novel takes place has on its outskirts and Eastern Orthodox monastery, delivering to the story a strong religious and biblical tone amidst some horrendous cruelties. The women of the story are equal to the men when it comes to expressing extreme emotions. The novel is one with a large canvass. There are arguably a dozen major characters .Although a good bit of the novel is dominated by the dark, intemperate side of human emotions, it evolves into a champion of hope, light, and goodness. The novel has also been described as a praiseworthy, creative, artistic re-invention of the most celebrated European novel of the nineteenth century.

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