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Does not cause
the injurious effects on the stomach,

or the other disturbances of

salicylism produced by the sodium salicylate made from coal-tar.

Furthermore the uniformly good results from Tongaline are secured largely by the thorough and constant absorption of the salicylic acid it contains because this is made from the natural oil of wintergreen.

Samples by Express prepaid - Mellier Drug Company. St. Louis.

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Is Only





In the History of the
Digestive Ferments in Pharmacy


N issuing this new edition of our pamphlet, we desire to express our

obligations to our many friends in the profession whose recognition of the merits of our products has enabled us to persevere in our purpose

to offer preparations of the digestive ferments of absolute and unequivocal purity and value. We claim to have been the pioneers in the manufacture and introduction of unadulterated and undiluted peptic and pancreatic ferments. It was a matter of anxiety to us at the outset whether we should be able, in operating on a large scale, to maintain the same degree of activity as originally attained. But we are happy to state that this has not only been possible, but that, by experience and constant experiment, we have been able to make steady advances in the isolation of the ferments, as is evinced in their present activity and purity.

The Pepsine in Scales shows great improvement in elegance and agreeability, and is of almost double the digestive strength of one year ago, while we have been obliged to reduce the time first directed in which to subject the milk to the action of the Extractum Pancreatis. It was solely upon the strength of these claims of actual definite digestive properties that we placed these products before the profession, assuming that if we could only be permitted to demonstrate their truth, that their adoption and employment was certain to follow. Scepticism has been the greatest obstacle to contend against, a state of affairs due to the utter worthlessness of the “pancreatines” of the market and the disrepute of the saccharated pepsines and compounds.

Every intelligent practitioner knows that outside of the range of certain articles of the materia medica, whose physiological action is definite and clearly evidenced, nothing is more difficult to justly discriminate upon than the effects of remedies.

And we submit that the whole class of preparations of asserted mixtures of the digestive ferments—both saccharated and liquid-advertised as remedies for indigestion, under coined and fanciful titles, are positively useless for either practical or experimental purposes upon any and all alimentary substances.

All the digestive ferments have a definite and well-ascertained action upon the various food substances. It is possible to positively determine their presence in any preparation only by demonstrating their action. It is just as logical to expect to obtain the effect of quinine from milk sugar, because it might be labeled quinine, as to employ as digestive remedies articles which are so devoid of the very properties upon the possession of which must depend their sole claim to recognition from the profession.

To assume that they may have some peculiar occult remedial value is an empiricism, is a superstition which opposes a barrier to all progress in practical medicine and denies encouragement to the production of remedial agents upon a scientific basis.

Very respectfully,



New York

Preface to 2nd edition, April, 1884 (Fairchild's Hand-Book of the Digestive Ferments)

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