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Where to Sue for Damages, Compulsory Attendance of Witnesses and Production of Papers.

384. Penalties for Violations of the Act.


385. Penalties for False Billing, False Classification, False Weighing, etc., by Carriers.


386. Penalties against Shippers for False Billing, etc. Penalties and Damages for Inducing Discriminations. Appointment and Term of Office of Commissioners. 389. Power and Duty of Commissioners.


390. Power of Courts to Punish for Disobedience, Witnesses Not

Excused Because Testimony May Incriminate.

391. Right to Take Testimony by Depositions and the Manner

Thereof Prescribed.

392. Persons Who May File Complaints with the Commission and Practice with Reference Thereto.


Commission May on Its Own Motion Institute Investigations. 393a. Procedure When State Rates Involved.

393b. Order of Commission Binding Notwithstanding State Laws. 394. Reports of Commission on Investigations, How Made and Published.

395. Power of Commission to Determine and Prescribe Just and Reasonable Rates, Regulations and Practices.

396. When Orders Take Effect and How Long Continue Unless

Modified or Set Aside by the Commission or a Court.

396a. Through Routes and Joint Rates May Be Established by the


396b. Limitations on the Power to Prescribe Through Routes.

396c. Delivery of Ordinary Live Stock.

397. Division of Joint Rates May Be Prescribed by Commission. 398. Right to Suspend Proposed Increases in Rates.

399. Burden of Proof to Justify Rates Increased after Jan. 1, 1910.

400. Shippers May Designate Routing.

401. Reciprocal Duties of Carriers as to Routing.

402. Rule As to Non Routed Traffic.


Unlawful to Give or Receive Information Relative to Shipments.

404. Charges for Instrumentalities Furnished by Shipper Must Be Reasonable.

Enumeration of Powers of Commission Not Exclusive.


405a. Meaning of Word "Rates" and "Carriers".

405b. Commission's Power to Initiate Rates-Fair Return.

405c. Percentage Constituting a Fair Return To Be Determined By


405d. Determination of Aggregate Value of Property.

405e. Income In Excess of Fair Return a Trust Fund.

405f. Disposition of Excess Over Six Per Centum.

405g. Carriers Use of Reserve Fund.

405h. Limit of Five Per Centum for Reserve Fund.

4051. Rules to be Prescribed for Recovery of Excess Income. 405j. Administration of This Trust Fund by Commission. 405k. Applications By Carriers for Loan of Trust Fund. 4051. Action by the Commission on Applications for Loans. 405m. Applications by Carriers for Lease of Facilities Controlled by the Commission.

405n. Procedure on Application for Lease.

4050. Commission May Purchase Equipment.

405p. Commission May Make Rules of Procedure.

405q. Section Not to Deprive Shippers of Right to Reparation. 405r. Rights of Carriers When Undertaking New Construction, 406. Award of Damages Shall Be Made by Commission after


407. Carrier Failing to Comply with Order for Reparation, Suit May Be Brought Thereon in United States and State Courts, the Order Being Prima Facie Evidence of the Right to Recover.

Limitation on Actions for Damages.

All Parties Jointly Awarded Damages May Sue as Plaintiffs
Against All Carriers Parties to the Award.

410. Service of Orders of Commission.


Commission May Suspend or Modify Its Orders.

412. Punishment for Knowingly Disobeying an Order Issued under

Section Fifteen.



413. Special Attorneys May Be Employed.


Courts May Enforce Obedience to Commission's Order, Mandatory or Otherwise.

415. Schedules, Contracts, etc., Must Be Filed with the Commission, and, When Filed, Original or Certified Copy Prima Facie Evidence.

416. Rehearings May Be Granted by Commission.


Procedure before the Commission.

417a. Division of the Commission.

417b. Function of Commission May Be Performed by Divisions. 417c. Procedure of Division-Rehearing by Whole Commission. 418. Salaries and Expenses of the Commission.

419. Principal Office of Commission in Washington, but May Prose

cute Inquiries Elsewhere.

The Commission Is Authorized to Investigate, Ascertain and


Report the Value of Railroad Property.

Method of Procedure to Be Prescribed by the Commission.

422. How Such Investigation Is Prosecuted.

423. Duty of Carriers to Aid the Investigation.
Valuations to Be Revised and Corrected.


425. Carrier to Make Reports.

426. Notice of Completion of Valuation.


Hearings Before Valuation Fixed.
Effect of Valuation as Evidence.


429. Applicable to Receivers-Penalty. Jurisdiction of Courts to Aid.


431. Requirements as to Transportation of Employees of the Commission with Supplies Therefor.

432. Annual Reports Required and What They Shall Contain Penalties for Failure to Make.

433. Commission May Prescribe Form of Keeping Accounts and Inspect Same.

434. Penalties for Failure to Keep Accounts and for Falsifying the Record.


The Commission May Permit the Destruction of Papers. 436. Penalty for an Examiner Divulging Information Received as


437. United States Circuit and District Courts May, Upon Application of Attorney-General at Request of Commission, Enforce Provisions of Act.

438. Commission May Employ Agents or Examiners.

439. Receiving Carrier Liable for Loss, Remedy Cumulative.

440. Carriers Liable for Full Value of Property Transported-Cum

mins Amendment.

440a. Bills of Lading.

440b. Bill of Lading Act-Transportation Included in Act.

440c. Straight Bill of Lading.

440d. Order Bill of Lading; Negotiable.

440e. Certain Order Bills.

440f. Indorsement on Order Bill.

440g. Indorsement on Straight Bill of Lading. 440h. Insertion of Name of Person to be Notified.

440i. Duty of Carrier to Deliver Goods on Demand. 440j. Person To Whom Carrier May Deliver Goods.

440k. Liability of Carrier in Case of Delivery of Goods to Wrong


4401. Liability of Carrier to Purchase of Order Bill.

440m. Liability in Case of Part of Goods.

440n. Alterations.

4400. Courts May Order Delivery of Goods on Loss of Order Bill

of Lading.

440p. Liability of Carrier on Bill of Lading Indorsed "Duplicate." 440q. Adverse Claim of Title.

440r. Requiring Conflicting Claimants to Interplead.

440s. Delivery By Carrier When Informed of Adverse Claim to


440t. Claim of Third Person Enforced by Legal Process.

440u. Shipper's Weight, Load and Count.

440v. Weight, Load and Count.

440w. Liability of Carrier on Bill of Lading Issued By Its Agent.

440x. Attachment by Garnishment.

440y. Remedies of Creditor.

440z. Lien of Carrier.

440aa. Liability of Carrier After Sale of Goods.

440bb. Negotiation of Order Bill by Delivery.

440cc. Transfer of Bill by Delivery.

440dd. Negotiation of Order Bill by Person in Possession. 440ee. Title and Rights Acquired by Transferee.

440ff. Rights of Transferee.

440gg. Compelling Indorsement of Order Bill.

440hh. Warranties Extend to Negotiation of Bill for Value.

440ii. Liability of Indorser for Acts of Carrier or Previous Indorsers.

440jj. Warranties by Mortgagee.

440kk. Bona Fide Purchaser of Bill Wrongly Negotiated.

44011. Negotiation of Order Bill by Mortgagor.

440mm. Superior Rights of Bona Fide Purchaser of Order Bill.

440nn. Lien Valid.

44000. Forgery or Counterfeiting Bill of Lading; Penalty. 440pp. Definitions.

440qq. Retroactive Effect.

440rr. Invalidity of Part of Act.

441. Carrier, As Used in This and Next Eleven Sections, Defined. 441a. Security Issues Regulated.

441b. Power of Commission Over Applications to Issue Securities. 441c. Commission To Prescribe Form of Applications.

441d. Notice of Sale of Securities Required.

441e. Notice of Applications-How Served.

441f. Exclusive and Plenary Jurisdiction Given Commission. 441g. No Guarantee by United States.

441h. Not Applicable to Notes-Rule as To No Pay Stock. 4411. Reports of Carriers Showing Security Issues Required. 441j. Securities Not Authorized Void-Penalties.

441k. Interlocking Railway Directorates Regulated.

4411. Annual Reports by Commission to Congress.


Circumstances under Which Reduced or Free Fares and Rates
May Be Given.

443. Existing Remedies Not Abridged or Altered.

Pending Liti

gation Not Affected.



Interchangeable Mileage Tickets, How Issued.

Discrimination May Be Prevented by Writ of Mandamus,
Remedy Cumulative.

446. Number, Terms, Qualification, Salary and Appointment of Com


446a. Certain Water Carriers to File Schedules.

446b. Information To Be Furnished By Water Carriers.

446c. Change of Schedules To Be Filed.

446d. Through Bills of Lading Required.

446e. Such Through Lading Not An Arrangement for Continuous


446f. Automatic Trains-Control Devices May Be Required.

446g. Title of Act.

447. Existing Laws as to Obtaining Testimony Applicable to Act. 448. Repealing Conflicting Laws Not to Affect Pending Suits. 449. Time of Taking Effect of Act.

450. Carriers Must Designate Agents in Washington.

451. Pending Cases Not Affected.

452. Commission to Investigate Questions Pertaining to Issuance

of Stocks and Bonds.

453. Injunctions against Operation of State Statutes.

454. When Act Effective.

455. Parties Defendant Other than Carriers in Suit to Enforce Provisions of Act.

456. Equitable Proceedings May Be Instituted by the Commission to Restrain Discrimination or Departures from Published Rates.

457. Immunity and Compulsory Attendance of Witnesses, Production of Books and Papers.

458. Expediting Act Applicable to Suits Brought under Direction of Attorney-General.

459. Repealing Clause Not Affecting Pending Suits or Accrued


460. Commerce Court.






Commerce Court Abolished.

Venue of Suits on Orders of Interstate Commerce Commission.
Procedure in the District Courts.

Temporary Restraining Orders.

An Appeal to the Supreme Court from Interlocutory Orders.
Appeals from Final Judgments.


467. Pending Causes Transferred to District Courts.

468. Certain Cases Given Precedence and Hearing Expedited. Hear.

ing Before Three Judges.

469. Direct Appeal to Supreme Court.

470. Government Aided Railroad and Telegraph Lines.

471. Connecting Telegraph Lines.

472. Duties Imposed on Interstate Commerce Commission.

473. Duty of the Attorney-General.


Penalties Provided.

475. Duty of Telegraph and Railroad Companies to File Contracts with and Make Reports to Interstate Commerce Commission.

476. Right of Congress to Alter or Annul Act.

477. Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal.

478. Parcel Post.

479. Compulsory Attendance of Witnesses and Production of Papers Provided for.

480. Amendment to Compulsory Attendance Act.

480a. Policy of Congress to Encourage Water Transportation. 480b. Effective Date Section Ten Clayton Act Extended.

480c. Part of Act Unconstitutional Not Invalidate Other Parts. 480d. Federal Control.

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